8:32 AM in the BB house & The Hgs are woken up.
Jerry announces he has lost 10 lbs, April kills a fly & Michelle bitches about having to go to the DR so dang early. ( ed: BB is calling Hgs to DR this morning .. unusual ) Renny cooks breakfast ( eggs benedict ) for Jerry, Memphis & Dan . Michelle, Renny & April brush Holly the poodle & give her a makeover. Talk of holding a trial for the abuse Holly has taken.
April & Ollie snuggle in the spa room. Renny cleaning the kitchen while yapping with Keesha. Keesha goes outside, Libra is laying in the hammock. Libra tells Keesha she has a tummy ache & thats why she isnt eating. Libra says she misses her kids & family & says "what was I thinking" ( coming into the bb house ) . They say its alot more harder than they expected. Meanwhile, in the spa room, April tells Ollie she was angry at him for snoring last night. They argue a bit , unsnuggle, roll over & go for a nap. Libra & Kessha still outside, random talk about being on TV, how they are portrayed & such.
( ED : No other Hgs on feeds anywhere.. i really wish i could make things more exciting for you readers but Oy Vey they dont make it easy ! lol)
Ooo exciting news.. Libra makes about 5 grand a month, pays about 2100 for daycare & 300 for medical & dental. ( ed: ok ok not very exciting but ahhhh sooo boring this morning ! )
Its 11:30 and still all 4 feeds on Keesha & Libra talking..they have discussed Disneyland, Racism & a little bit of game talk.

Noonish - Libra & Keesha head for the kitchen to make something to eat. April comes in & sits at the counter. Dan sleeping on the bathroom couch. April eats & does her dishes. Memphis wakes up & wanders thru. Jerry comes in, looks outside & April says she is going to go lay out. Hgs wonder why BB woke them so early.
Keesha, Libra & Renny in the hippie room. Renny just woke up. Says she is sluggish today & her legs hurt. Keesha puts her makeup on . Libra gets the tweezers & mirror out & starts plucking her facial hair. ( ed: all 4 feeds on this overly exciting action ! )
Renny, Michelle & Dan in HOH. Random chit chat. Talk of Libra wanting to DOR . Renny says she is glad its an easy choice this week on who to vote out. Michelle goes into the BR.. Renny asks dan if he thinks there is anything going on today . Dan says no, they ( BB) have enuf footage for now. Dan is worried about having his job when he leaves the bb house.. renny tells him its a game, & she will be his reference , the school can call her. ( Ed : that was cute )
Dan leaves HOh , Michelle & Renny talk about Michelles family in Portugal. Renny leaves, Michelle gets dressed.

Keesha is laying out on the lounger, Memphis is in the pool. Michelle is in the house showing Renny & Dan where her parents families are from in Portugal. They point out where Dan is from.
Renny puts sun lotion on Dan. Meanwhile outside..............
Memphis hops into the Jackshack to scare someone. ( Ed : Lmao do these Hgs not know what Howie did in there for 2 seasons ? ) Keesha goes in & asks Dan where the pool cleaner goes ...Dan heads outside. He pulls the pool cleaner out of the pool. ( Ed : Lmao ) Dan goes to put the pool cleaner into the jackshak & Memphis jumps out and says BOO ! Dan screams .. everyone starts laughing. ( Most excitement we have had all day !! ).
Memphis & Keesha in the pool, April & Michelle laying out. Talking about tanning and spray-on tans. Renny is inside ironing. Keesha out of the pool, Dan gets in to play with Memphis. Dan & memphis start plotting pranks to play on the girls. Dan & Memphis giggle, Keesha tells them to Stop It ! Lots of giggling going on. Dan gets out & Keesha says UhOh. Dan pulls the crap out of the pool filter and Keesha yells he is disgusting. Ollie now outside , says take it to Renny.
( ed: Geesh the things people do when they are bored ! haha )
Keesha heads inside & tells Libra about the trick they played on Dan. Keesha grabs ahot dog & takes it outside & shoves it in dans ear .. he tosses it at her.. she puts it under Michelles towel. Michelle comes outside & finds the hot dog & tosses it in the pool.

2-ish - Ollie , April, Libra & Michelle go inside. Memphis goes outside & talks to dan for aminute. They agree that Renny has to win HOH this week. Dan heads inside. Most Hgs eating.
Most Hgs outside now. Everyone in a good mood, chatting & laughing. ( ed : i would try to make it more exciting for ya's all but they do not make it easy for me ! LOL )

Keesha & Dan are playing.. Dan puts yogurt on Keesha so she chases him.. she runs into his room & puts yogurt on Dans pillowcase.. Dan takes the pillowcase & hides in Keeshas room. he hears Keesha coming, hides under the beenbag chair. Keesha & Renny are looking for him. They find him & he starts chasing keesha . Lots of laughing & yelling. ( ed: k i gotta say that was funny as heck ! )
Dan looks in the fridge for something to use.. Keesha runs outside & grabs the yogurt. Dan heads to storage room looking for ideas. Dan goes into Keeshas room & looks around. Opens a jar of honey .......as he is pouring it on his hand Keesha opens the door. Dan tries making keesha shake on a truce. She wont. They argue back & forth for a bit about having a truce. He pulls out her toy elephant ( its one of Gizmos toys ) and Gizmos scarf & says this is the last time u see this. Keesha chases him .. yells " thats the end of your bed ! " . Dan says they shook on it but he is holding Gizmo ransom for a few days. Dan says no pranking each other for 24 hours and if Keesha doesshe will not get Gizmo back. Keesha looking for something to take from Dans room to hold as ransom. Michelle comes in to see what they were doing. Asks Dan if he wants to see the dead fish . ( ed : another fish died..) . Dan says he has to clean the honey up first . Keesha heads outside. Memphis comes in & tells Dan he thinks Keesha has a suprise for him outside.
Dan goes outside , gives Keesha gizmos scarf back but keeps the toy & tells Keesha that at 9 pm tonite, she will get some clues & will have 1 hour to find Gizmo. He finds yogurt on his shoe so changes it to 30 minutes. Keesha tells Dan if he wants to play that way, fine but if she doesnt get Gizmo back, Dan wont get his underwear back. Keesha asks if she can have an assistant tonite & Dan tells her No. ( ed : They are calling it a Murder Mystery ) Hgs just laying out random chit chat.

3:ish - Outside Lockdown. Not much talk going on. Talk turns to genitalia. A playoff from last nights convo. Ld ends, Hgs clear away from Jerry & leave Keesha alone with him.
Renny, Michelle & Dan in livingroom playing the Alphabet game.( ed : no matter what topic they do, Renny answers Xavier for the X word.. haha ) Libra, Keesha & Memphis chatting outside about what they miss from the outside world. ( Ed : ha good thing we had a bit of excitement earlier cuz these Hgs are not giving me much to work with today !! lol )
Renny, Dan & Michelle playing the ' Would You Rather ' game. Renny asks Michelle "would you rather sleep with Jerry or the Kentucky Fried chicken Man ? " ( ed: Lmao ) Michelle picked the KFC guy. Memphis gets called to the DR, Renny hid & jumped out when he came by.

5:30 - Dan & Memphis play a game of chess..April & Jerry in the spa. Michelle cooking. April heads into the kitchen to eat. Dan gets called to the DR. Memphis heads downstairs. Jerry is outside walking laps. Memphis goes outside to work out with the weights.
We got fish & when feeds come back Hgs are talking BB telling them to get ready for a catered Italian dinner, cake & music in the backyard & how excited they are. Saying its the half way point in the game. Talking of maybe having a twist tonite. They do not have to dress up for it. Hgs get dressed & make themselves presentable .

7:04 - Feeds come back.. Hgs around the table, cutting & eating cake ( the cake has all the Hgs pictures on it ). Some HGs are drinking wine & beer. Random chatter . Everyone is eating a slice of cake with their own picture on it. Hgs disperse..some cleaning kitchen. Dan & Michelle in the rock room talking politics. Dan says he is against abortion. Talk touches on religious beliefs a bit.
Keesha, Memphis & Libra in spa. Laughing about Keeshas meltdown the other night. Wondering if BB will show Keesha as 'I'm the crazy girl' comments on the show. Libra wonders out loud if they would air Rennys little person act. memphis says No way ! Memphis goes to stick the salmon back in the freezer & renny takes his spot on the spa couch. Memphis back in the spa room.
More Michelle & dan talk. Michelle goes straight to Ollie & April to tell them about some of it. She thinks Libra still deserves to go and is hoping Libra doesnt vote personal for the end vote.
Jerry joins them, Michelle leaves .. ollie & April tell Jerry if they get Dan over, they can vote out Keesha . Michelle comes back & convo ends.
Keesha, Memphis , Renny & Libra in the spa room. They see Dan coming so Renny hides behind the door & jumps out to scare him when he comes in. All 4 sitting in spa room chatting .

9:00 - Dans Murder Mystery has begun. Renny, Michelle, Keesha, Memphis & Libra all looking for ellie the elephant. Keesha cant find it and Dan wont give it up so Keesha steals Dans underwear, wets em down & sticks em in the freezer. April & Ollie laying in pink room talking about keeping Libra. Keesha, Michelle, Dan, Memphis & Renny outside. They are telling embaressing stories about themselves. Talk turns to Sex ( ed : ha that happens alot with this group ). They talk about how they have to win HOH & put April up & out. Talk turns back to sex & sexual experiences. Lots of laughing going on.
April & Ollie still in the pink bed, start to argue over dumb stuff. ( ed: They are talking relationships & about their past )

11:30Ish- Other Hgs getting food b4 the midnight cut off. Sometime after midnight, Renny told the others she slipped up & accidently ate food. She admits after a bit she was joking. April & Ollie STILL arguing. Michelle & Dan talk a bit, Michelle confirms they are voting Libra out.
Hgs start going to bed. Ollie & April Still arguing about their past relationships. ( ed: Ollie has never had a monogomous relationship, April doesnt like that.).
Dan heads to bed & tells Ollie not to snore. Ollie heads to bed shortly after..
and all HGs are sleeping.

Ed : tune in tomorrow & watch Ollape try to convince Dan to swing over. Will Dan tell his side about it ? Will Ollape be able to pull it off ?