10:00 AM
After the late night POV comp, BB shows no mercy and wakes the houseguests on time. They are clearly tired and don’t speak much at all. Keesha and Michelle wonder if this is a fast forward week. They also think Jerry should be next in line after April is evicted.

Jerry makes the observation that prisoners at least get to watch TV. He also responds to Renny this is his fourth week on slop.

Dan says he will show the girls how to eat a good breakfast and that he will be eating a grapefruit for his breakfast. He then proceeds to have an English muffin.

In the HOH, Renny all but gets Michelle to promise a final two. Keesha and Dan join them and talk about voodoo dolls they had to make in the POV competition. Michelle said hers was dressed in a red leotard. They talk at length about Jerry and what he would do if he wins the next HOH.

Outside lockdown is called and then feeds are cut for over an hour. When they come back we learn they now have the eight seat dining room table. (ed. Come on BB, it takes an hour to replace a table?!)

2:00 PM
Memphis and Keesha try to figure out Michelle. They think she will vote with the house this week, but team up with Ollie after April is gone. They figure out they better get Ollie out next because the Ollie, Michelle, Renny connection would be strong.

April asks Ollie not to let the others talk bad about her after she’s gone.

Michelle and Memphis are proud of themselves for not raising suspicions that they are working together. At that very moment Renny and Keesha are discussing their suspicions of Memphis and that Michelle has a tendency to align with the guys and would take Memphis to the end. They think they could get Dan in with them and backdoor Memphis or Michelle in the future.

3:00 PM
Renny and Keesha conclude they need to get Michelle out before Jerry.

Later Dan takes a meeting with Renny in the HOH. He is wearing the POV and tells her production told him to wear it. He goes through some scenarios if he were to use the Veto. Renny isn’t too interested and makes it clear that April must go!

It takes about 60 seconds for Renny to tell Keesha that she doesn't trust Dan and got a bad feeling from the meeting.

4:30 PM
Lots of lounging and random chat. They hear someone over the wall and Dan yells "Talk to us please!! How are the ratings?” They talk about promoting a boxing match for Michelle vs. Libra. Renny should be a ring girl. She plays along and pretends to walk the ring. They discuss things they can do with this for BBAD tonight.

Michelle, Memphis, Dan and Renny make their way to the kitchen and seem to be preparing dinner. Dan gives a motivational shout out to one of his football players.

5:30 PM
Ollie is called to the DR and disappears for over an hour. Everyone else sits down for dinner except Jerry (on slop) and Keesha (still napping after Dan attempted to wake her). They get a chuckle when Renny says the prize for the Michelle/Libra boxing match should be a Hawaiian Vacation.

7:00 PM
Jerry comes in and makes some sloppy Joes using ketchup, salsa and slop as the main ingredient (ed. I hope it tastes better than it looks!)

Michelle and Ollie play pool and bond over some Libra bashing.

8:00 PM
April and Ollie try to come up with reasons that others should want to keep April in the house. April encourages Ollie to keep his head in the game if she is evicted. Ollie tells April he's in an advantageous position because nobody perceives him as a threat and before any of them realize it, he'll be in the top 4 or 3. Ollie asks if April will wear one of the new outfits for the wrap party. She says it depends on whether they let them shop. She said the outfits are nice but not really something she would wear. April goes into way too much detail about an operation she had until she mentions a name, and we are spared by the Fish.

Alcohol arrives just before BBAD. Almost everyone had been napping. Not anymore, everyone is excited and scurries to the storage room.

9:00 PM
ShoToo Crawl: Renny is the current HOH, The houseguests spent the day making more slop cookies while Renny along with her alliance were considering who to target this week, The nomination ceremony will air Sunday night (ed. Geez, even the crawl was boring today!)

All the girls sit and drink their wine around the counter while all the guys have gone out around the hot tub. The girls talk about Dan wearing the Veto around the house. Keesha explains that ‘they’ asked him to do that. They do some obligatory Libra bashing and note how much calmer things are with her gone.

Ollie takes his turn at making slop cakes. His looks much better than Jerry’s, but according to April, smells awful because he mixed in honey and garlic.

10:00 PM
April was right. Ollie took one bite of his slop and spit it out. He’s goes back to the stove to try again. Renny makes deviled eggs and Michelle makes an emergency call to BB into her microphone requesting more wine.

Renny does a round of houseguest impersonations that everyone seems to enjoy. She also gives Dan a hard time about ‘acting’ like a nice guy. Earlier today she refused to let him use the HOH bathroom ‘to teach him a life lesson’. Dan eventually quips back that the house breeds immaturity then tries to change the subject with a round of random questions to Renny.

Someone makes note that BB gave Michelle a new memory wall key. Something about markings on the one she had.

11:00 PM
April goes out to the Hammock by herself and has a good cry. She eventually curls up under a blanket and appears to fall asleep. Ollie comes out to check on her and it startles her. She starts crying again. Michelle comes out too and they try to console April.

Meanwhile back inside, Dan and Keesha wonder if Michelle and Ollie are trying to come up with a way to keep April in the house.

Everyone joins Keesha and Dan in the spa room for more random chatter.

1:00 AM
Keesha alone with Renny relays what Dan told her about his meeting with Renny earlier today. “All he said was that he isn’t going to use the Veto.” But, we had just heard him tell her everything that was discussed including asking if Ollie would be the replacement nom if Veto is used. Renny heads up to bed.

Ollie and April get some cuddle time in April’s bed.

Outside Memphis, Michelle and Dan discuss that Jerry will be next out unless he wins HOH or Veto.

2:00 AM
Ollie leaves April for his own bed.

Memphis and Dan do some serious strategizing. They think they are safe if Keesha or Michelle win HOH. They think Ollie and Jerry would put them up and they are not sure about Renny. Though at one point Memphis says he thinks Keesha would keep him over Renny. They head off to bed. All goes quiet.

2:35 AM
Keesha, Dan and Memphis are giggling because they realize none of them are sleeping. They start joking around. Dan gets up armed with a pillow, but the others see him. He leaves the room and Memphis turns his bed upside down. When Dan returns he suspects something, so he turns on the light and see his bed in disarray. They continue to joke around for about an hour before finally falling asleep.

With the better part of the week left, will April manage to pull off the impossible, or will she be Libra’s first roomie in sequester? Or will Jerry forget he’s on the block and begin to irritate the others again? And will Dan ever get to use the HOH bathroom this week?

All hail the updaters… even on the uneventful days!