934 All hgs are up. Michelle and Keesha are whispering in the kitchen. Michelle was filling Keesha in about Dan, Memphis and Jerry all sitting outside late last night. and about Dan coming in before Memphis.
9:40 Keesha asked Michelle if she had a deal with Memphis and she said "No, and when I was HOH I didn't make any deals with anyone" They also talk about how paranoid you get when you enter a room where people are talking, then they stop. Its obvious they are talking about you.
9:42 April is ironing in the storage room.
9:49 Renny asks when POV ceremony will be, Michelle says that bb said in about 45 minutes and that was about 9:30
9:54 Renny, Michelle, Keesha and Jerry talking about the J Cash movie, they all liked the moving and music, Now at 9:54 K says Dan and Memphis still sleeping. No one seems to be in a hurry to get ready. Jerry says no dressing up today for him.
9:59 BB says hgs, its time to get up for the day. Ollie, Dan and Memphis still sleeping. BB asks Ollie if he has changed his batts. They are not moving, Ren is in the kitchen eating by herself.
10:03 Dan up
10:06 Keesha said, "I think I'll skip on the alcohol if we get any today" Michelle replied "I am too"
10:06 Dan in by taking care of pool equipment. Jerry sitting on by couch joking with Dan acting like he is his best friend and say you hit me in the balls and hurt my neck now what are you going to do to me today and laughs, then fish.
10:13 Keesha, Memphis dan in bathroom. Keesha sitting on couch, Michelle enters. Memphis brushing teeth. Dan asks to use Memphis deodorant. Michelle and Keesha small talk. April, Michelle, keesha talking about how much foundation they have left. Keesha and April say they are almost out.
10:20 KMA all putting makeup on in bathroom, K and M making small talk about makeup, and clothes shopping. April not talking to anyone. sitting by herself on bathroom couch using compact mirror to put on makeup.
10:24 Ollie by hg picture board, Hes bending down and just staring at his picture about 2 inches away
10:35 Dan whispers to Keesha in BR that he told R he had talked to K about A offering him money. In case Renny asks keesha about it.
10:49 Keesha just told Memphis that this game is starting to get dirty. Memphis is knocking Jerry, he hates him.
10:51 Memphis telling Keesha that Renny would rather get rid of him than Ollie. Keesha agrees, says Renny has been acting weird. Memphis says he does not trust Renny, Keesh says she does not either. Memphis says he will not screw Keesha over.
10:52 Keesha and Memphis talking in BY on couch, Keesha says this game is getting ugly. M talks about making a deal with J but says he can't bc he can't trust him. R doesn't trust R. used to trust R and thought about her in final 4 but now can't trust her and thinks she will put him up. K says I don't trust her now. She asked R if she had a deal with O and R said no and K doesn't believe her. Memph says I do trust you but no longer Mich.
10:52 Memphis says he has a convo with Michelle and says to himself, what the heck you talking about? Kee is agreeing.
10:58 Jerry now joings Keesh and Mem on BY couch, April was called to DR Jerry says its too early to get called to DR. Now talking about if April will wear any of her new outfits today for POV. All saying she has a really good body.
11:07 Ollie is called to the diary room but come in the bathroom first to use Aprils mascara to cover blonde hairs he has coming out on his chin.
11:08 Keesha is mimicking Dan saying "My name is Dan and this is the POV ceremony. My name is Dan the Man, hehehe" Dan says yeah Keesha, thats what I'm going to day! (they are joking)
11:09 All feeds on hgs in the backyard, all are there except Ollie, April and Renny. All are sitting on the BY couches except Dan, he is wondering around the yard, seems nervous. Dan asks if its Monday, Jerry says yes, it the 42nd day.
11:12 General chit chat about former houseguests Janelle, Diane. Keesha says Diane is a very nice girl. Dan says Diane didn't like Janelle. Janelle took Diane out in All-Stars.
11:14 Keesha called to DR, Dan is still pacing
11:16 All feeds switch to Ollie and April in the kitchen at the table. April is eating, Ollie is saying he didn't sleep well cause Holly was on his back. Michelle put her there. April is whispering to Ollie that he needs to get in good with the guys and get the girls out. With Memphis everybody hates him. He won the car. Jerry is the biggest pervert in the house. Ollie you got it. If it comes down to Michelle you're not gonna win it. If it came down to you and Jerry, hands down you would win. People love Renny.

A - If it comes down to and Jerry is doing what I think he's doing by replacing you with Memphis. The guys versus girls. Kick the girls butt.

If you have to get in good with Dan. Say you're not p.o.'d about getting April out.

I can talk my a** off at the jury house which I will. April says since you are with me it always Jerry, Memphis, and dan. Jerry has been doing that since day one. Ollie doesn't think the guys will listen to Jerry, April says you'll be surprised. April says Dan and Memphis are taking Jerry to the end because they know they can beat him.
11:30 April gets up from the table and says "Please! I've watched every f'in season of this game"
11:33 Keesha walks through the kitchen and asks April if she's tried on her new clothes yet, April snaps NO! Im sure if I go to the jury house I'll still have connections to Big Brother. Ollie looks at her and says why did you say that? April says she asked me if I'd tried my clothes on yet so I said...(April rolled her eyes and said it in a snotty manner) Then turns to Ollie and smiles and says What?
11:36 Keesha walks through the kitchen again and April rolls her eyes and says Hmph! Ollie says "Dude laughed at me and said "you did not just put mascara on your face" April laughs then fish. April asks who is in the diary room, that wasn't anyones cough I recongnized. Ollie says that was behind the wall
11:39 Memphis, Keesha and Michelle enter kitchen. April and Ollie stop talking. Everyone is in the kitchen, Dan says he just noticed a camera behind the store room door.
11:48 most hgs hanging around kitchen area waiting for the POV ceremony to start, they think its been delayed because speakers are being fixed.
11:58 Fish, then trivia
12:43 Feeds back POV ceremony over, April and Ollie in kitchen, Renny putting sunscreen on Dans back with Keesha in Hippy room.
12:48 April and Dan in spa room with door closed
12:49 Memphis and Michelle discussing money being offered to use POV, (must have been in speech) Memphis leaves, Michelle and Keesha and Michelle saying April didn't offer the money.
12:49 Dan and April in spa room, April asking Dan if Jerry offered him money. April then offered Dan money for his vote and offered him complete safty with her and Ollie
12:54 April and Ollie talking if april dyes her hair he want to die a little patch on his chin.
12:54 Michelle told keesha that she walked throught the kitchen after the ceremony and heard Ollie asking April if she offered Dan money and she said no. (Michelle is making this up)
12:55 It appears that Dan didn't use the POV. April talked to Dan about keeping her and offered him money and safety. Asked if Mich had told him anything. Said not much. He doesn't think she wants to put herself out there. A asked if J offered him money.
1:02 Keesha and Renny talking in hoh room. Talking about mich in with memph and Dan and with A&O. Rennie says Mich is in with Memphis and Dan and doesn't trust either. And agrees Mich has something going with both sides. Keesh says mich wants J. K says Mich Keesha she is sure Michelle is in an alliance with Memphis and Dan. Keesha says she is definitely in with April and Ollie, says she is not sure about Memphis and Dan. Keesha says that Michelle doesn't really trust dan. April and Ollie are in the living room talking things out. ways for her to stay in the house. Ollie tells her she should talk to Keesha. F1 and F2 Keesha and Renny questioning Michelles loyalty. F3 and 4 April and Ollie doing the same thing. each side convinced Michelle is loyal to the other. April questioning why all of a sudden Jerry has decided to take a dip in the pool when he hasn't before. April telling Ollie that she just can't be fake to people, says she just can't do it. Ollie tells her just be herself.
1:05 April to Ollie: Sorry baby, I'm going home cause I;m me. You are going to hear snide comments. A lot of my thoughts that I normally think are going to be spoken now.
1:08 April telling Ollie that Michelle will hate Ollie the minute one of the other guys wins the HOH. April says she predicted everything that has happened in the game, the whole thing and how people will act.
1:08 Renny: She (Mich) would wanna get rid of us just so she could stick with the guys (dan and Mem) Renny says maybe she should go next. Ke: I know
R: What were you thinkin? (During POV)
Ke: I was like "Oh God, Please don't take one of them off. I didn't think he would...but I got nervous"
K: I asked Michelle today if her and Mem had something... Of course she wouldn't tell me... I just wanted a reaction from her...
R: What'd she say?
K: "NO!!"
R: mmmhmmm
Dan enters room
Renny says "I wonder who will win HOH" Keesha says "I heard its gonna be Dan" keesha: what did April say to you?

D: She said " I have some money that could be really nice for you and Monica"
K: She said it was Jerry that offered the money Keesha says to Dan, Michelle is on on Aprils side though, its ridiculous. K asks what A told him in spa. Dan says April asked if Jerry offered him any money. Dan says he's not telling anyone who offered him what. K says she would expect anyone to offer whatever they had. Asking him about Memphis and Michelle. He says he doesn't think they have anything going. Dan leaves. Renny says he doesn't give you too much when it comes to Memphis and Michelle
1:16 Keesha keeps bringing up Ollies weak gameplay, Renny keeps bringing up Memphis and his gameplay.
1:30 April and Ollie planning their lives after BB. April says she plans not to return to her job for
one or two months. After wrap party, they will stay in L.A. a day or two and fly to Vegas for a day or more. From there O says he will need to pick up his car from Iowa and drive it to Minn. A asks if they go together can they stop in Nebraska, so, he can meet A's dad. Later, mentions that her dad will be in AZ toward the end of October. Plans are in flux on the logistics, but O's goal seems to be to clear out his apt. and move to AZ.
1:48 When keesha came downstairs she went outside and joined Memphis. she told him that Michelle is definitly trying to get April to stay. Neither of them can understand WHY, Keesha wants to know WHY she wants April to stay. Michelle brought up the money being offered and who offered it, they say so what they both would have offered it to stay if they had it. Memphis tells Keesha he even told Michelle that he would offer his car toward the end of the game if it helped
2:12 Michelle talking about how she got picked on as a kid because her parents worked in a factory.
Dan says he can't stand bullies - watches out for that in school if kids are picking on others. Wants people to be able to speak freely Dan says its hard for kids to learn if they are worried about what others think of them.
Talks about one kid who would stutter whenever he would call on him. The other students would start laughing. One day he got mad and yelled at everyone to take out a piece of paper and write an essay on why it's rude to laugh at other people when they're talking. Dan says his job is very rewarding. He used to have a job that made a lot of money but didn't like it compared to what he is doing now. Michelle says her brothers goal was to be a coach.
2:43 Memphis and Dan in pool discussing Michelle. Asking why Michelle wants to know from dan who offered him money for pov. Dan says he wouldn't tell her and she got mad. They are confused. Memphis says even if she wanted April to stay what does that have to do with staying.
2:43 Keesha just told the boys that the rumor going around is they have a deal with Jerry Memphis says they don't and is very angry that anyone would say that. He hates the guy....Dan says call them out here...Keesha isnt saying who has been saying it.

Keesha says there is a lot of stuff going around (she is also referring to how the guys are all going to work together and take out the girls). They are getting angry (D/Mem) that Mi most likely A/O are saying all this...

Now Memph is saying it's probably renny saying some of it. Keesha is replying it's not just her, it's a lot of other people.

She still hasn't asked them or told them that Mi is telling her the guys are working all together to get the girls out.

Silence now in the pool...
Dan says "I wouldn't be surprised in the next few days that you'll hear everything and anything. Keesha agrees
2:46 Now Dan saying he is the seing vote and will be approached. They all agree that they all will. Keesha says she will not sway. Dan says I didn't take the money so you know I won't. Keesha says but I think that some people will listen. Dans says that he is open to listen. Keesh says yep. So they just keep talking and talking. Keesha says it doesn't matter what anybody tells me. No way, No how...I'd be an idiot
2:50 Dan thinks that now that pov cer is over, it won't be as bad, Keesha disagrees, says they will try anything. Now they are digussing Michelle. Memphis says she is spinning herself so bad. she is off the deep end. They don't get where she is coming from. Memphis says that someone needs to talk to her and tell her to chill out. she probably feels isolated. Keesha says she (Mich) is getting paranoid. Dan: Why would she get so upset about not knowing?
Mem:by we not telling her, she always freaks out, K: there is nothing to tell. K: Oh, about him (dan) not telling about the money? Mem: yeah. They can't understand why she has to know everything and why she has to know if anyone offered him money. Jerry just came out back. All feeds on BY Mem just went in to do something and said he would be back. feeds are quiet now
3:01 Dan finds a praying mantis by the pool, he is trying to get him in the shade. Dan watches it from under a plastic cup, then tries to set it free. The thing isn't flying away. Memphis says its cripled. Dan is called to the DR, he tells the others to get it out of the sun. Renny is there and wants to see it. Dan heads to DR and tells her the bug is tired. he wasted a lot of energy.
All four feeds on Ollie in the WC inspecting his bleached gotee. Renny says she likes it. Then Keesha comes in and says "Oh my god! that is halarious"
3:10 Everyone left the by but jerry.. They are all inside. K says to Ollie, "its very white" Michelle asks more questions about the bug. and keesha says he needs to just leave them alone...
K now asking Michelle if Jerry if he wiped the RAID off the kitchen counters. She says no. And now she is furious. Tells Renny what he did now. She was waiting to see if he ever wiped the counters off. Which he never did she says. Then she says she is going to go out and ask if he forgot to wipe off the kitchen counter. She now goes outside to ask...
Michelle tells Renny and dan that he was going to Raid the windows after she just cleaned them. Keesh is now outside wiping off the coffee table. Jerry says he spayed it down this morning and he forgot to do it. K says, ya I know. Keesha asks if the bug is alive. while she is wiping the table clean.
3:17 Dan out of Dr. Keesha tells him he needs to stop killing little bugs. He says they are there to observed. He says he will give the bug CPR. Michelle says she asked Jerry what he was doing with the bug. she says he is giving it some pool water. Now Michelle says its not a dog, and besides that it has chloringe in it. Isn't that what chlorine does? Kills bugs?
Now Dan says that will get the blood off my hands.
3:35 Feeds switch to April and Ollie in the bedroom. April says the girls said. "We're going outside" and she just got up and walked away. April is saying that if I wasn't gone Dan would have used the pov on me. Ollie disagrees because he doesn't want to upset Renny. April says her stomach is mad at her. She has only eated crackers and toast. Ollie says if you don't want me to ask for votes I won't. April says, no, its fine. April is saying that Jerry is now the new pool boy with Dan. So obviously pathetic. He out there in his swimming trunks. He's never ever done that even once. Ollie says I don't want to be that guy. April says What? Up someones a** April said a min ago that when she leaves or goes in the DR she is going to tell them to please not give Keesha anymore alcohol because she can't handle it. April and ollie start talking about Keesha and that she is talking sh*t about Jerry and then when I walk out shes like Ooooh Jerry! April says she's such a b*tch. Ollie agrees and says Keesha talks about everybody. Ollie says I cant stand that Ho. April says nothing like working at Hooters at 30.

They're discussing what Keesha said last night when she was drunk. Keesha said to Ollie you're going to put me up arent you. April says You should have said F*ck ya, B*tch, Im gonna.
April says that she told Michelle if Im leaving this week I would highly suggest not giving Keesha anymore alcohol, shes a drunk!
3:47 Jerry walks in room folds clothers, april and ollie talking about cars they want to buy. Jerry leaves and ollie says he usually stays and lays down. Maybe that a good sign. April says her backyard is going to be a mess with weeds. Ollie says you're going to do yardwork when you get out of here. April says no, she will hire someone to do it.. Ollie says they're are going to be running around like chickens with their heads cut off when they get out of the house. April thinks it will take 6 months to get everything back in order, especially with her job. Ollie says it'll be interesting to see what kind of things people say when they get out of here. April says "especially for me!" "Come on hollywood! Call me up" Ollie mentions Maxim.
3:50 Fees switch to the kitchen. Michelle and Renny are there talking about what time people went to bed. Renny is cooking, Michelle is giving a report of who is outside and who they are with. Michelle is helping dry dishes with renny. She is whispering about something isn't right. How Jerry is hanging out at the pool, never did that before. Renny asks her well you have something with memphis don't ya? And Michelle says we are just good friends. he doesn't even sleep in my room anymore. She is hinting that the boys are teaming up to renny.
3:58 Feeds switch to Keesh and Memphis talking about someone saying that she hopes Howie will be there

Oh, its April. Keesha says She says it right in front of Ollie! Memphis says "Isnt he gay?" Keesha says "No." She isnt sure who he is though.

Memphis thinks it'll be funny to see their Diary room sessions apart (April and Ollie
4:06 April and Michelle are in the kitchen talking about Jerry, april says he is so far up his butt that it makes her nauseous. Michelle agrees April says Good thing I have big boobs, it catches all my extra food.
4:24 Dan heads up to HOH with Renny

R: Michelle, she is pushing it.
D: Pushing what?
R: This is b/t you and I. Doesn't leave this room. What do you think about Mem/Jerr out there?
D: I don't know. Mem can't stand it.
R: I can't get a handle on memphis. Nobody seems to want to say anything about him.
D: I trust him in a group to get his vote to get someone out. But other than that...noway. As long as your interests are the same as his, yes.
He asks Ren what she thinks.
R: I think that Michelle will not say anything about memphis...I find that odd. She talks about everyone but Memphis.
D: Does she say anything about me?
R: IN a round a bout way...
D says that is strange.
R exactly.
D: She was mad when she asked me who offered me money and I wouldn't tell her.
R; She asked me as well..and I wouldn't tell her.
D: I feel that he's on the same page so far so I don't know.
R: He hasn't won anything
D that's the thing, when people don't win anything...they don't have to make any decsions.
R: Memphis would not take...First of all he has a car...(ed. she's all over the place).
D I still expect to be approached...
R your vote hugh?
D I'd be very surprised if I wasn't
D Have you ever talked to Memphis to get a read on him...
R: I've had my eye on him from the beginning
D Maybe you can get a commitment from him.
R I trust you more than him, that's all I want to tell you.
They jump up and leave....
4:47 April and Ollie now playing chess upstairs. Jerry and Keesha outside talking about the show and how DR knows all the backstabbing but they don't. Ollie is loosing at chess with april so he messes up the board. Jerry telling Keesha the worst thing to do is hold in your emotions. How he let Dan have it and he didn't care.
5:00 Ollie and April sharing secrets Ollie says he has a confession - had a girlfriend for 2 weeks in high school.
april asked him how old?
Ollie says, "I was 16. I didn't know what i was doing."
April asked him when he lost his virginity.
Ollie says in college - he was 20.
April asks why did he wait so long?
Ollie says he wanted to wait for marriage but it didn't work out
Ollie says 1 out of 6 kids in his family practice the Pentecostal religion. His parents are very strict. His sister still practices but is not as strict. Ollie asks April about her first. April says it was her high school sweetheart. Dated him from when she was 15 till after college. Their parents are good friends. She still talks to him but he's married now. Wife is really nice. Ollie telling April he wouldn't have a problem with her having a girls night out. Aprils says, "sweet" then says, I want you to come with me, Ollie says he would, but not all the time. April asks if he would pick her up after shes had a girls night out.
5:13 Keesha asking for a glass of wine. April wants to burp but Ollie doesn't like it. April says she's accepted that she is going home. Ollie says "why? We still have three days" April says today was the most fun she's had with Ollie. she feels free now that she know she is going home Ollie says "I felt that way from day one"
Ollie and April planning their future dates together

They want to go out to dinner, go to the movies, go to a football game, watch Sportscenter together.
Ollie says he wants to do things for April that he can't do in the house like give her flowers.
April says she's a note person - she loves getting notes. April tells Ollie that people would recognize them outside the house Ollie says "not like 50 percent" April "ok, not like that, But especially if we're together. they will notice us" Ollis still thinks they can live a normal life. April is grilling ollie about past girls he has dated. are any of them small? Ollie: What does that have to do with anything. April: are any of them small like me? Ollie says, my third latest, she was almost as petite as you. Except she didn't have big boobs like you. April asked if she was blonde, he said mixed. then fish, feeds come back, hgs at table eating dinner and start singing then fish again.
5:38 April told Ollie that if he chooses to go forward with this relationship they can fly his whole family out to AZ for Chrilstmas with her and him. Ollie talking about spending holidays with April, not just the big ones but the ones like Memorial day, etc. Ollie says when holidays come around he spends time with people who already have significant others or people who are just single. April says she got some sort of pet after spending 3 valentines days in a row by herself.
5:40 A bird just pooped on Ollie, he says how did they get me? I'm underneath the ledge. April says she can't have a dog because she is a clean freak Ollie says a cat is just as bad, april says no, her cat is short haired.
5:46 the other hgs are done eating and are cleaning up and fooling around. Ollie asks April if she watched the Amazing Race last season April says she wants to do that with Ollie after Big Brother. Ollie says he would do it.
5:52 Memphis is washing the dishes and Michelle is drying. Keesha just said I am going insane in this house
5:53 April thinks if they're sending someone back into the house America will send her back in to rejoin Ollie.
5:58 Dan and Keesh are in the bedroom

Dan saying how boring it was today. Listing the things that Keesha did today. Keesha, mmmm. hmmmm.

Talking about the praying mantis. Keesha asking if the female rips the head off of the male praying mantis.

Dan turns subject to asking if Keesha has broken any men's hearts. Trying to get a number from Keesha.

Dan, what do you tell them if its not working?

Kee, I usually do the whole friend stuff. We are friends, you are a cool person but I have no feelings for you.

Kee, I try to make something work when its not going to work. I do that a lot.

Dan, do you have any funny break up stories?

Kee, Ummm, now you got me thinking about all these past relationships. I don't know. They are usually not funny because by the time I end them, it gets emotionally.

Dan, when did you first thought things would work out with JJ?

Kee, I usually don't like a guy right away, but I liked him right away. A guy friend talked me into going out. I did not want to go. I wanted to go out at first but then did not want to go out. I went and it worked out. We had a blast, so much fun, one of the funniest dates in a long time. Went to Grove to have dinner, and um, but we just hit it off. He was just funny. Keesha says that is important to her cause she loves to laugh.

Talking about meeting JJ and their first date to Dan
Dan is asking Keesha a lot of questions about her past dating experiences

Kee, I think JJ is cute.

Dan, the top ten best guys you ever dated.

Kee, complaining about saying it and JJ hearing her.

Dan is pushing to get a number of the best guys that Kee has dated. He is not letting it go.

Kee, I'm not going to do that. You are trying to get me to rank JJ out of all the guys I've dated.

Renny in the room now, gets in on the convo.

Ren, she loved another guy that she loved that she worked with.

Kee, ya, usually I am the one who breaks up with the guys. I'm not being conceited, there was one guy who broke my heart. Off and on type of relationship, before JJ.

Dan, I think I know who it is. (Teasing voice)

Kee, it was one of those relationship when you really want to be with this person, but once you have him, you really don't want him. You know what I mean?

More Keesha relationship talk. I, I, I,


6:06 Memphis is now in the room, Saying he thinks he ate too much

Now Kee asked Dan a question and he does not answer. Dan asks her another question. Kee, Dan, I refuse to answer anymore of your questions. Renny bitching that Dan does not answer any questions.

FISH after Kee started talking about another guy she dated
he then finally answered and said yes, he did go back to a girl after they broke up:
6:10 April tells ollie that she could see Ollie, Memphis, Michelle Renny as the final 4. April also tells Ollie that if he is up against Dan, he had a great shot of staying in. She thinks the others or very skeptical of Dan. She says with her gone, she will be able to focus more attention on them....not that he's going to kiss their ass, just that he will be able to spend more time with them, once she is gone.

O-that's why Keesha came to me and said, when she is gone where are you going to go?

A-that would be the only thing that would disappoint me, if you took her side, cause that bitch is the only one after me. Not Michelle, not Renny//

O-thats why she came up to me..

A-why we should come up to you if she wasn't trying to push me out of the house?

April and Ollie are discussing ways that April could stay in the house. a twist of some sort. April tells ollie she should have just taken the $10,000 and said fk you fk you
6:18 fish
6:20 April and Ollie talking about past hgs April thinks Brian was the most level headed they both agree Steven was relatively level headed too. Ollie tells April if the next pov is money or something he is going straight for the prize.

A- what if you are up?

O-I am still going for the money, I ain't got nothing to lose.

A- your mind set will change

O-maybe you are right...we will see. I would be happy walking out of here with 10-20 grand. We will see...O- says when A leaves, he is going to play the game recklas

Ollie thinks that D K M R have an alliance...but Memp is holding onto Michelle just is case she gets hoh. Dan and Meph have an alliance...and renny and Keesha...so who really has who,s back? O says he is going to call them out

6:24 Renny to Keesha, you are a very beautiful girl you are

Kee, I will be the first to admit that I am very difficult when I am in a relationship.

Memphis disagrees.

Kee, really?

Joking all around.

Kee wants to know from Memp why he thinks the male would have to be patient with me. Why?!

Memp, you very much believe in what you think. You need someone who would be very patient. You are stuck in your ways.

Kee, I am, I am a very controlling person. Very strong. Strong person.

Memp, I can see it. Him and his g.f. are very easy going. You would be like, I want to eat here. He would be, no, I want to eat here. And you would be, NO, I want to eat here. I am not saying its bad. Memp thinks Kee is stuck in her ways and will want what she wants.

Hard to follow the convo. Talking over everyone else. All talking about Keesha being a very strong woman who needs an easy going guy.

6:24 April says if it were a choice between Ollie and Jerry, everyone would vote for Ollie. Jerry has a lot of money already. Ollie lives in a one bedroom apartment and doesn't have a job. Memphis has his own clothing line and has a high paying job. so does his girlfriend. Ollies says and he has a car. April wants Ollie to get Keesha out next week, then she would be happy. Aprils then says but if you have to use her, just don't take her to the final 2. the two are now discussing who they thingk would be best to take to the final. They decide it would probably be a buy, best choice would be memphis, counting the votes, they figure Ollie would win. they think Ollie could win 7 to nothing agains Jerry
6:29 Talking about Renny's husband

Renny says her husband is a very easy going guy until you push him to much and then you don't want to go there!

Memp, I am a very easy going guy, his g.f. gets whatever she wants.

Renny, my husband would do anything for me.

Dan, Monica is very shy.

Kee, not so much shy but Monica kinda wears the pants.

Dan disagrees.

Talking about who wears the pants in the family
6:40 Ollie off to make slop, asks if ape is going to eat anything. you like tired and weak ape. april said no thanks. April and Ollie in kitchen. April looking in fridge, asking Ollie what is he making?