9:38 - BB starts the music to wake the Hgs for the day. The black fishes seem to be wide awake while the spotted fish is o nm wrong update .. ( ed: haha ).
10:10 - Feeds come on and Hgs are up for the day. Jerry is told by BB to put his mic on.. michelle is told to Get up ! Keesha & Memphis outside quietly drinking their coffees. Renny in HOH making bed & tidying up. Dan using the toilet downstairs.
Jerry goes outside & sits beside Memphis.. Memphis heads inside. Ollie is out on the red couch as well.. Jerry talks about the weight he has lost. ( ed : looks like its gonna be another exciting Tuesday for us .. NOT ! haha )
Dan comes outside & invites Keesha and Michelle to his Pool Party. Says its gonna be the funnest thing in town. Michelle asks what time, and dDn says the whole neighbourhood will be there in an hour or so.. and to bring their sunscreen & floaties. he then invites Memphis but calls him Robert . ( ed: thats the first time I've heard any of them call Memphis, Robert )
Michelle and Keesha outside on couch talking about random stuff. April in bathroom curling her hair. Ollie is on outside couch as well. ( ed : Omgosh thats twice this morning that Ollie has been on the couch outside & i didnt notice him.. )
Renny & Keesha power walk in the backyard. They walk past Michelle, Renny says " I dont trust her" .. Keesha says she wants to talk to Renny .. they decide to head up to the HOH.

11:50ish - Keesha & Renny in the HOH. keesha tells Renny that memphis will not vote out Michelle if it comes to it. They are sure Memphis & Michelle are together. Keesha says if she gets HOH, she isnt putting up who everyone thinks she will. Keesha says she knows Memphis is stringin her along. They agree that M&M need to go. They talk about Dan trusting them and how they need Jerry around to take out Michelle .
Ollie & April talking outside... April says if it was down to Memphis & Dan in F2, she would give Memphis her vote.
Dan joined Renny & Keesha in the HOH. Asks if they are going in the pool. Renny says " we need you to stay with us here Dan" he says" I've never left ur side". Keesha asks Dan his feel on Michelle. She brings up how memphis keeps 'covering' for Michelle. Dan says he doesnt know if Michelle & Memphis have an alliance. he says he is with them ( Keesha & Renny ). Dan says he hopes renny trusts him, she says she does. Dan starts to leave to go to the pool. Keesha says she is going out too. Renny tosses in another " I need to trust u Dan" ( ed: LOL ) Dan leaves , Keesha & Renny sayS Dan isn't saying much cuz he is trying to keep himself safe . Renny says she wants to call Michelle up to the HOH. Keesha & Renny head outside.
Ollie & April had been walking laps in the backyard while the HO talk was going on.
Renny brings Michelle up to HOH to talk .. Michelle starts tossing Jerry under the bus right away. Says he is lying & telling stories. . Renny tells Michelle that she would not have put Michelle up if Dan had used the POV. Mostly talk of Jerry & how he talks to much.
Michelle & Renny finish their talk and head outside. Renny heads over to memphis who is in the pool. Keesha is laying on the lounger with Dan. Renny asks Memphis if he wants to talk. Renny says that Jerry told michelle , that Memphis told Jerry he is safe. Memphis says Jerry is lying. Keesha says she thinks people are just making stuff up.
Renny heads inside, Michelle laying on the single lounger. Dan joins Memphis in the pool. April & Ollie on by couch talking.( trash talking the others mostly.. )

1:00 - Memphis & Dan are playing some type of ball in the pool. Ollie & April talking smack about the other Hgs. April talks about calling Jerry out. She thinks he said something to Renny & thats why all the secret talks this morning.
Michelle sitting with Ollie & April. Says Jerry is telling alot of lies in the house. April tells Michelle to call jerry out over them . Says her & Ollie will confirm and back Michelle up. ( ED : April & Ollie want Michelle to call Jerry out for all his lies , hoping it will turn the house around & Jerry will be voted out. Thats about the jist of it anyhow. lol )
Keesha & Memphis talk on the lounger. Keesha says Michelle is nuts if she thinks Ollie & April will stick with her. Memphis joins Dan in the pool for some paddle ball.
Michelle leaves the couch & Ollie and Ape talk about her. Ollie says she pretends to be so dumb by saying she is so out of the loop.. April says she will call Michelle out on it.
Keesha & Jerry in the kitchen talking about slop, Ollie & April come in. Not much talk going on now. Keesha & Jerry leave the kitchen & April starts trashing Jerry.
Renny comes in the kitchen to do dishes. April making toast . Keesha sitting at kitchen counter. April takes her food to the table to eat. Renny & Keesha head up to HOH cuz Renny wants to talk. Michelle comes in the house and renny calls her upstairs too.

HOH Convo - Renny says that Jerry says Keesha & Renny told him he is safe. Michelle says she didn't say that, she just heard Jerry thinks he is safe. Keesha says Jerry isn't acting safe around her. Michelle says Jerry is even picking who he is putting up on the block next week. Says he hasnt asked Michelle for her vote yet. Keesha says Jerry told her he may be in the jury next week. Michelle says Jerry hasnt asked her about votes again. keesha says april hasnt asked her..
Michelle says she thinks Jerry is making up shit. Keesha asks who Jerry is saying this to. Michelle says she " heard' him say he is putting Michelle & Memphis up.
Keesha is sticking up for Jerry in a roundabout way .. says Jerry is always talking about going to the jury house, he is not thinking he is safe. Renny tells Michelle she is not voting Michelle out because they need the girls to stay. Renny says she didnt tell Jerry he was safe & not the target. Michelle keeps repeating that Jerry thinks he is safe because someone is telling him that. Keesha sticks up for Jerry again.. says she isnt going to pretend she doesnt like him.. she may not trust him but isn't going to pretend she hates him.
Michelle says when she was HOH, Jerry was throwing Keesha under the bus. She says Jerry is making stories up. Keesha saying it doesnt make any sense. ( ED : Michelle trying hard to keep April ! ) Keesha says she doesnt care what Jerry says, she knows his game of staying with the power. Michelle really bashing Jerry. Michelle brings up again how Jerry isnt asking for votes. Keesha points out that noone is.
Renny asks Michelle what she thinks about Ollie. Michelle says she doesnt know. and again, Michelle brings up Jerry saying Jerry is probably sucking up to Ollie in case Ollie gets hoh next week. Renny asks Michelle to leave so she can talk to Keesha alone.
Michelle leaves & Renny says " I dont trust that old bastard ". Renny starts ripping on memphis.. calls him arrogant. Keesha says memphis likes Renny, Renny says no he doesn't. Renny says Michelle got caught in so many lies & always protects Memphis. Renny is positive Michelle & memphis have soemthing going on. Keesha says Michelle is trying to make april sound so innocent. renny says she isnt worried about that , April is gone. Renny is more worried about M & M.. keesha says we cant worry about it yet, have to wait for HOH first. Keesha tells renny that Ollie screamed F all of you, to Dan, Memphis & Keesha. Renny says Good cuz Memphis needs to go.
Michelle goes straight to april & ollie. They talk about getting 1 more vote to keep April.

Jerry up in HOH with Keesha & Renny. He says he has not told anyone he is safe. Renny asks him who he thinks has an alliance. He says Michelle is playing both sides. Says watch Memphis & Michelle , they are each playing one side. . He says Michelle & Memphis are the strongest alliance but Dan is just on the outside of it. ( ED : Damn jerry knows more than we think he knows LOL ) . Jerry is spot on to what Michelle & Memphis game is. Michelle plays one side, Memphis plays other side & then they share info. Jerry says some hardcore sh*t has been talked about Keesha but he wont mention names. Jerry brings up the fact that Ollie has not even started to play the game yet . Renny & Keesha tell jerry they like him. he says if he goes home he has no hard feelings against those 2. Jerry tells K & R that April & ollie do not trust Michelle & know what she is up to. Jerry makes it clear he will not put K&R up or vote them out. They tell him he is not their target .

2:30ish - Michelle gets Dan alone and asks him if he would vote out Jerry. She says Ollie & April made her believe Dan would. Dan says it would be very difficult to do & doesnt give her a solid answer .
HOH convo breaks up , Keesha goes outside. Michelle in the kitchen cleaning. Dan fixing his hair in the bathroom. Jerry is walking laps outside. Memphis laying outside, Keesha laying in the sun. Not much talk going on. Renny & michelle come outside. Keesha says she think Dan took her shorts & shirt from outside. Renny is going to dye her roots. Michelle lays on the lounger with Keesha. BB calls an outside LD. Renny heads in to grab her glasses. April complains & heads outside with Ollie to lay down on the couch. Lots of nonsense talk goes on..hair colour, fake boobs, wonder bras.. etc..
LD over and Hgs head inside. Keesha gets changed. Renny sets up to colour her hair.

4:ish - Renny starts colouring her hair. Hgs random chitchat.. about twists coming next wek, if any of them would stay an extra 2 mos if needed .. Dan in LR reading out loud from the bible. Memphis sitting in chair listening. Renny in kitchen snacking while waiting for her colour to set. Keesha doing her dishes.
Keesha goes outside & lays on the hammock. Renny comes out & sits beside her. Talking about Memphis & how things are starting to make sense. As renny is walking past Jerry who is laying on the lounger, he asks if she is colouring her hair.. she says ya. Renny & Jerry talk about how Michelle thinks she is sitting pretty.. Renny says " Not just Michelle ". Jerry says he knows. Renny says we will need one another, Jerry agrees. says his word is good to Keesha & renny. They talk about how Memphis & Michelle are thinking they will be F2 and are playing both sides. Renny ends convo and goes into the house.
Renny goes back outside & sits with Keesha. They talk about splitting up Michelle & Memphis.. Renny says Dan is right up there with them. ( ed: can hear someone working out but cant see them on feed ) Renny says she caught on to memphis b4 he thought she would. They talk about how the little things people do speak volumes. Renny is still mad that earlier she asked memphis if he wanted to talk & he blew her off. Renny figures Memphis wants Renny out so when he decides to cut Keesha lose, Keesha wont have Rennys vote to save her. Renny ends convo & heads inside.
Keesha asks Jerry if he works out his legs. he says he doesnt need to other than walking. Keesha asks him if he wants to work out using his little contraption thingy ( ed: cant remember what its called & she called it his ' thing' LOL ) Keesha gets called to the DR so Jerry sits outside & waits for her.
Dan pokes his head out , Jerry tells himt o come see what he did. . Jerry tied the hot tub toys ( skimmer) to the side so they wouldnt get sucked into the filter all the time. Dan checks it out.. heads back inside. Jerry continues to wait. One of the strings came undone, Jerry says " that didnt last long " and walks over and takes the string off. He heads inside.
Dan & Michelle in pink room . Michelle laying down, Dan sitting up flipping thru the bible. Dan starts reading a part about Greed out loud to Michelle.

5:25ish - Keesha & jerry working out with those thingys. Jerry showing Keesha how to use them. They finish & sit & chat for a bit. Jerry thanks keesha for spending time with him. Keesha thanks Jerry for teaching her the excersices. They talk about Jerrys wife a bit and about what the BB fans think of the Hgs. Keesha says her biggest struggle in this game is how it brings out the worst side of people. Lots of small chit chat . Keesha goes in to turn the sauna on. Jerry tells her good workout & she thanks him.
Dan, Jerry & Keesha on the outside couch talking about Jerrys dog & how it follows his wife. He is glad she has him right now for company. Jerry has a golf cart he uses to get around the property and to tow soil & stuff around. Jerry started playing golf when he was 43ish. he has a 9 handicap. ( ED : other Hgs must be sleeping cuz all feeds on these 3 )
Keesha turns convo to the graveyard competition they had. Her & Dan say it is their favorite one . Keesha says Michelle was good as the host. They talk about all the different sets & props they use in the comps. Keesha leaves to go in the sauna. Dan & Jerry discuss their issues & Jerrys apology. Jerry says at least if he has a problem with someone, he tells them to their face. Jerry talks of how loyal he is and always has been. Ollie walks by and says nothing. Dan asks Jerry if he thought he would make it this far. Jerry says no because of the first HOH and how many people were mad at him that first week. They talk about Exxon mobile profit, McCain, foreign cars..
Michelle & Ollie outside talking about keeping April. Michelle says she wants april to stay. Michelle asks Ollie not to call her out if her plan to keep april doesnt work. She asks Ollie to go talk to April about it.
Ollie & April talking. Dan & Michelle playing pool. Dan and Michelle talking about pool. No game talk. April & Ollie talk aminute then april gets up & walks off. Ollie works out. Ollie & April walk, Dan & Michelle int he kitchen. Michelle tossing a pizza in the oven, Dan making tuna melts.

7:15ish - Dan, Renny & Memphis in the kitchen. Ollie & April jogging laps outside. Dan says to renny " Lets do soemthing fun tonite". renny asks what.dan says he doesnt know but they need to do something. Michelle comes in and talk turns to eggs. ( ed: seems like all the exciting he said she said game talk is done for awhile ) Michelle teaching Dan some Portugese. They talk aout rennys kids middle names. Renny says her daughter was concieved on the banks of the River Shanon and thats why her middle name is Shanon. Michelle says she has no middle name but Jerry gave her one, she tells the others & asks them for ideas. Jerry told her Michelle Gabrielle. The others say nah. Keesha yells out " I like Gabrielle" from somehwere. ( Spa room i think ). Memphis tells michelle if she is going to make up a middle name, make it something badass. Renny says Michelle- Badass.. Dan says Michelle Rhode Island.. ( Ed: LOL )Michelle says she has 3 cousins named Michelle and she wants a middle name. Dan says Michelle Isabelle.. MI for short. Talk continues about middle names.
Ollie & April get in the sauna. Dan at the counter eating. Memphis, Renny & Michelle hanging around the kitchen. Keesha joins the kitchen gang.
Keesha & Renny outside on the couch talking. Renny told Keesha to keep telling memphis that renny likes him, then when renny gets the chance she is going to cut his balls off. Memphis comes outside & gets in the hottub.
Michelle asked April & Ollie if they are going to play hide & seek tonite with everyone. April said she will pass.
Keesha & Renny talk about hiding spots for hide & seek.

8:00 - HGs get booze. Memphis & Michelle are going to do shots. Memphis beer & michelle wine. Renny & Jerry in the kitchen. Michelle, Memphis, Dan & Keesha outside on the couch. Memphis shotguns a bear. Renny joins the outside gang , they are laughing & having agood time.
Ollie & April in the sauna room talking about the other Hgs, and Ollie winning HOH next week and sending everyone to the Juryhouse as a gift to April. April complains about Michelle inviting them to play hide & seek with them. Ollie tells April he cant believe she told him to work with Memphis. April gets upset & leaves the room. goes to her bed & cries.
Jerry comes outside . The outside crew tease him about slop. he laughs with them all. Lots of talking & laughing. The Hgs tell Michelle about last night when Renny peed her pants. They explain the hide & seek rules to Jerry.
April & ollie go outside & get into the hot tub. They dont talk to the others at all.

9:00 - All Hgs except ollie & April head inside. Hide & Seek is going to start !!!
Keesha is counting first. She has to count to 100. Memphis, Dan, Michelle , Jerry & Renny run to find hiding spots. Jerry heads outside.. Dan & Memphis in the hippie room. They turn the bedroom lights on so BB calls em out for it.. they turn the lights on and go find new hiding spots.
Keesha yells out " Ready or not here I come " and starts searching. heads outside... yells it again. She finds & tags Jerry first . They head inside & keesha yells out she found jerry, he is It now. .Jerry heads into the storage room to count.. Keesha looks for a hiding spot & accidently finds Memphis, he scares her.. lol ... she runs outside & finds a new spot.
Jerry found Dan in the red bedroom.. Dan goes into storage to count. Jerry hides. ( ED: This is a good way to play hide & seek ! ) .
Jerry went to hide where keesha was.. April laffs, he runs to find a new spot.. behind the jackshack. Dan finishes counting...heads off to look for the others.. he goes into the spa room... talking to himself... stops for a second to listen... Finds Michelle ...
Michelle counts , dan rehides. Michelle in storage room counting out loud.. LOL now playing with some melons for the camera...
Dan helping Renny hide on the upstairs couch.. covering her with pillows. ( LMAO this is funny ! )
Michelle goes to look.... heads outside.. OMGosh... Michelle ran to the jackshack & Jerry thought he was busted.. she looked Inside as he popped his head up from behind & she didnt see him... he quickly ducked down... Michelle finds Keesha... Jerry gave himself up laughing at michelle..
keesha goes to count.. Michelle & Jerry re-hide. Jerry heads back outside. Dan is up & re-hiding. Keesha done counting... Keesha heads upstairs & starts giggling... finds renny.. they both laugh .. Renny says Dan didn't cover her up enuf..
Renny goes in to count... Renny finds memphis.. he says thank gosh cuz he couldnt hide here any longer. Memphis goes to count.. renny re-hides....Memphis starts seeking.... finds Dan, Keesha & Renny. They start looking for Jerry. They find Jerry. Everyone laughing & having fun. game ends for now.

Keesha & Renny eatinG lollipops. Hgs sittin around outside deciding what game to play next. they decide on wink murder & head inside. Ollie & April in the pool now. She grabs his crotch & he says semi..they talk about Ollie living with her. Relationship talk and such .
Renny won round one of wink murder. wink murder breaks up .. they decide to play Musical chairs but counting to a certain secret # instead of using music. renny is counting.
Keesha & Michelle go pee, Dan hides to scare them .... Dan scares Keesha..
They start musical chairs. Keesha sits prematurely.. Renny says stop after 11... Michelle doesnt get a chair. They remove a chair & start again... Renny tries playing & they kick her out.. ( ed: LOL ) Michelle starts counting.. says STOP after 15 .. Dan loses.. they remove another chair, Dan counts... says stop after 6.. Keesha is out... Keesha counts... 1 chair left... Jerry premature sits... Keesha yells stop after 13.. Jerry wins !!!!!
Keesha says she broke her bra.. Michelle says she wishes she could break a bra.. Keesha starts to go fix her bra & they all tell her to wait.. Renny sets the chairs up for another round.. they wait for keesha..
Memphis sits out this round of Count Chairs.. he starts counting in spanish.. Memphis gets up & starts wandering around.. the others yell c'mon Memphis.. he yells Stop... Dan is out first ..
Jerry out next... Keesha out next... Michelle wins !!!
Dan & michelle in living room on a couch playing foot war.. Dan beats Michelle with a pillow & runs.. Hgs trying to think what to play.. they decide on Hot Potato.
Renny & Michelle on the other couch now.. Michelle gets up on Rennys feet & pays superman... they both fall onto the floor ...Renny & Michelle do feet war... renny giggling like crazy. Memphis refs renny & Michelles feet war.. The Hgs are having a ton of laughs ( except for april and Ollie who are still outside in the hot tub )
memphis gets Michelle on his feet & does the superman. Memphis sucks at it and sends Michelle flyin .. Michelle goes to DR ..says ahh shit im in trouble... memphis gets on the coffee table & does some silly speach. he then grabs a silver vase & says " woooo the Stanley cup " .. ( ed : They are having alot of fun it seems )
DR calls Memphis.. ( Michelle hasnt come out yet ). Ollie & April make their way inside.. Jerry wanders through the living room. not much fun going on now. Ollie & April grab clothes & head for the shower.
Michelle & Memphis come out & say they got in trouble. That people could really get hurt... feeds cut to Fish ! ( ed: grrrr )

10:30 Now that BB has broken up the fun... Memphis & Dan in the hippie room giggling. Memphis turned Keeshas bed up to 100 .. they are giggling at the thought of her sweating as she sleeps. Michelle & Keesha join them in the hippie room. Lots of playing & teasing going on.
Jerry is in the spa room talking to April & Ollie about their relationship.
Keesha & Renny have a convo in HOH. Renny pretty much reminding Keesha that Memphis is playing her.

Jerry , Keesha & renny outside talking about random stuff. Renny goes in to take her makeup off & Jerry talks a it of game with keesha. Just tells her april hasnt talked to Jerry about Keesha lately. Ollie & April finish doing it & are trying to find their clothes b4 the other Hgs come thru their room.
Hgs in the kitchen now. ( except Ollie & April of course ). Renny teases Dan for abit. They talk about how they look on TV, general chit chat stuff. Everyone heads to bed. Dan showers, Keesha & memphis in hippie room getting into bed. Dan , Keesha & Memphis random chit chat while in bed. Dan says he tried out for Survivor but was in the middle of finals so he couldnt go. Keeshas fav meal is pizza. Dan hopes his school has no problems with him being on BB. They start role playing each others significant others. Lots of laughing going on. Lights are out.
Dan says " I never thought id be friends with a girl named Keesha".. Keesha says " I never thought id be friends with a private school teacher.
2:30 - Hgs wind down & drift off to sleep after a day filled with he said she said they said .. and a night of Fun !