10:00 AM
After a long turbulent night, BB allows our hamsters sleep in today. One by one, Renny, Libra, and then Memphis get up at different times and there is almost no talking.

We finally get the tell tale wake up Fish (ed. You can tell because one of the fish plays Revelie on a little fish bugle).

April and Memphis talk game in the back yard, but no deals are cut.

Back in the HOH, Libra and Keesha help April come to the realization that Ollie is working with Jessie. They bring Ollie up to talk about it, but Renny interrupts, and then Dan joins them too. Dan tells them all that he wouldn’t give Jessie his word last night and Jessie got upset. April says the DR keeps pointing out that she gave her word that Jessie wasn't the target this week and of course we get Fish (ed. It happens a lot today).

1:00 PM
April still in the HOH thinks Memphis needs to go because he already won a $50k car, but Jessie isn’t making it easy.

Memphis comes up with a plan to offer Jerry his slop pass if he takes him off the block. Meanwhile Jerry is in the Kitchen screaming to the house that “This is MY slop! Nobody better touch it! It's mine!" Being sarcastic, he wants to bring some home for his wife.

April, Keesha, and Libra try to mend some fences with each other from last night’s fights. They also think that Dan is America’s player because of all the trips up to the HOH lately.

Michelle and Jessie have been together. Michelle is still fired up about last night (ed. Still wearing the red unitard seems to punctuate her mood).

2:00 PM
Ollie vents to Dan that he can’t talk to anyone without someone thinking it’s an alliance.

Dan tells Memphis that everyone should have been given $10k when they came into the house so they could barter with each other.

Michelle complains that she is not allowed to take the unitard off (ed, She has begun to accessorize and is looking pretty good, reminds me of the actress on Californication).

3:00 PM
Renny and Keesha have an April bashing session. They think no one would vote for her in the end no matter what the final two.

Oh, and Michelle complains about having to wear the unitard some more.

4:00 PM
Michelle is in the backyard with Jessie. Jessie says that Jerry would be stupid if he didn’t use the Veto to save Jessie (ed. the boy does entertain, doesn’t he?!). Michelle thinks Libra is America's player.

Dan conducts swimming lessons for Renny and Ollie. He calls it Swim Club and makes them recite the rules. The first rule of swim club is; you do not talk about swim club. The second rule of swim club is; you do not talk about swim club!
Elsewhere Libra and Keesha bash on others including Jessie, Michelle and April.

5:00 PM
Libra is speculating that Dan might be America's Player again. Keesha asks what America’s Player is. After Libra explains it to her, she agrees that he is. They go through a laundry list of things that he does that are probably ‘tasks’ including giving speeches and trips to the HOH. They are half suspicious, half joking and they are going to watch how many times he is called to the DR.

6:00 PM
Libra and April playfully corner Dan about being America’s player. They run down their laundry list to him. He jokes with them and he suggests they should continue pretending to call him out about it. Libra and April get downright silly about what other twists might be going on:
April being a Triplet
April and Keesha are friends
Jerry and Renny are Ex's
Dan is Jerry’s grandson
Brian and Jessie are rivals
Brian and Dan are related
Ollie and Dan are long distant cousins
Jerry and Keesha have joined them and most of them still truly think the earthquake was staged as a build up to the HOH comp. Jerry announces he is not going to use the POV out of respect to the HOH’s wishes.

Memphis warns Keesha that she and Libra will be the targets next week, and they need to find out why Memphis is the target this week instead of Jessie.

A little later Memphis plants some seeds of doubt with Ollie about his alliance.

7:00 PM
Jerry and Dan are left alone. Jerry imparts his wisdom about how last night was mild compared to what it will be like when April, Keesha, and Libra have to turn on each other. They will need to pad the walls.
He also observes that they are running the alliance and that Dan, Jerry and Ollie get called up to the HOH once the girls figure out what they want.
He also talks at length about wanting a deck of cards in sequester.

Ollie goes up to the HOH with April and they have a long drawn out fight that occupies all four feeds. It was the kind where nobody hears the other person because they start yelling before the other person finishes. The two main reasons for the fight were; Ollie was upset because the girls accused him of working with Jessie and because Ollie cut April off when she was talking to Dan plus he was distant and short with her and it hurt her feelings.

8:00 PM
They get beer and wine and sit down for dinner. April doesn’t eat because she has an upset stomach.

April, Libra and Keesha go up to the HOH and April talks about her fight with Ollie. She doesn’t know if she could have a relationship with him outside the house. He is too sensitive about her going off about things.

Ollie talks to Dan about the fight as well. He too isn’t sure if he can have a relationship with her outside the house. She isn’t “classy” enough and he needs someone more reserved. (ed. Once again he’ll probably want to stay away from the end of this recap, cough*cough).

Michelle and Jessie have been practically inseparable all day. They discuss that his letter from home from the POV competition doesn’t sound like his family at all. Apparently the DR told Michelle that it really was.

9:00 PM
ShowToo Crawl: April is the current HOH, April and Ollie have been fighting all day while the rest of the houseguests continued fighting since last night, Due to the Veto competition Michelle has the privilege of wearing the red unitard, The nomination ceremony will air Sunday night.

Michelle and Jessie think the comps are rigged for other people to win. Jessie said he complained in the DR that the HOH comp was [bologna], only a 12-yr-old girl could have beat April. Michelle takes off her belt and puts it over one shoulder, like an old west ammo belt. She then proceeds to strap a little stuffed dog under the belt. She puts her microphone on the dog and walks around the house talking to it.

Everyone else except Jerry has gone to the hot tub. The girls seem to be feeling horny tonight. Renny tries to distract with a number of houseguest impersonations. Everyone is laughing and having a good time. They talk about the competitions this year and some they could remember from the All Stars season.

10:00 PM
Dan and April go up to the HOH so he can listen to her CD. This does not go unnoticed and America’s Player comments can be heard. He takes the opportunity to thank April for their alliance taking him in.

The hot tub crew has moved inside around the Kitchen counter. Jerry joins them too. They tease Ollie and April about their sexcapades and April is embarrassed. Libra likes to call her hubby, Daddy at ‘certain times’. Some think that’s odd. They ask Jerry. He has not heard of this, but he did say something about “Geronimo!” and “Charge!” He says, “Chaaaaarge!” a second time and everyone cracks up.

A shirtless Ollie has been wearing the apron. They talk about getting dressed up and using food during sex (ed, not all at the same time). Libra suggests that April should wear the apron to bed. This prompts April and Ollie to go to the shower so April can put on the apron. She got shirtless underneath too and let’s just say it was a tight fit. Dan is in the other shower, actually taking a shower. The rest of the crew decide to run back to open the door on Dan. Renny yells to the cameras, “Monica!”

April finds Jessie in the sauna room half asleep. She shows off her apron to him and he takes the opportunity to talk game with her. She tells him he was safe until he started all the drama yesterday. He says he’ll stay in his room and not talk to anyone if it will keep him safe.

Later Jessie shows Ollie his letter and tells him to substitute his own name at the beginning. He is apparently trying to see if the letter is really from Ollie’s family.

11:00 PM
Ollie and April have gone to a bed in the pink room. They alternate game talk and smooching. The rest of the house notes that they must like the smaller bed better.

Keesha, Libra, and Memphis tease Renny about a red teddy that she brought. She gets it out and shows them and they want her to put it on and go find Jerry. She says she can’t do that.

Jerry tries to tell Dan that it should be Dan, Ollie and April for final four. Jerry wants to knock out the girls because he says the girls have a plan to take over the house.

April has gone up to the HOH. Ollie goes up a little later but the door is locked. He is knocking and jumping up and down for the camera. He goes down to the kitchen and waves at that camera too. Michelle tries to help him out with some exaggerated sign language. We do see that April is lying on the bed with the head phones on. She eventually gets the hint and lets Ollie into the room saying she didn’t think the door was locked.

1:00 AM through morning
April and Ollie play some serious rounds of hide the salami with the lights out and under the covers. They vary things up a bit which results a blanket malfunction and a peek at April on all fours. (ed. If you haven’t quite got the picture, you can go to the Media forum to literally ‘get the picture’). They take some time to talk a little game. April says she thinks that Jessie and Michelle want her to do their dirty work and she hopes Ollie will help her out.

Though the feeds go to sleeping house guests often, Jessie and Michelle are up talking most of the night. We do see them a little in the Spa Room and later in the Bathroom. Lots of Fish anytime they are on camera.

So if I’ve got this straight, Libra, Keesha, April and Ollie are working toward final four. But, Jessie, Michelle, April and Ollie are working toward a final four. And, Jerry wants to take Dan, April and Ollie to the final four. April and Ollie seem to be sitting pretty. Or will it all blow up in their face?

Thanks to the Updaters for hanging in there!