Just about a month away from the end and alliance lines are getting blurry, while new competitors emerge on this Thursday.

Jerry is the first to awake at about 7:30 in the morning; slamming the door to the 80’s room after visiting the bathroom (he washed his hands). Ollie woke up and gave him a dirty look for doing so.

Today’s musical wake-up call at 9:40 includes Jungle Boogie and Hang on Susie, prompting the houseguests to guess that the HOH competition will be endurance. Typical morning routine ensues. Renny swears to Keesha that Memphis and Michelle are working together and that Michelle can’t win HOH. Jerry, Dan, April, Ollie, Keesha and Michelle do most of the cleaning while Memphis sleeps and Renny packs her stuff from the HOH room.

The HOH lockdown begins at 11 a.m. and as per usual, there is very little conversation and/or movement for the entire hour and fifteen minutes.

Michelle, April and Ollie have a bashing session in the sauna room for about a half an hour, talking about pretty much all the other houseguests. Michelle says if she gets HOH she’ll put Dan up and possibly Memphis. She has no real problems with Renny out of everyone, but you never know what she’s going to do. Ollie and April think it’d be awesome if they could get Jessie and April back into the game. April says she won’t talk to Libra in the jury house, that she’ll avoid her at all costs. The three are talking like Michelle’s got the HOH won already because they know it’s endurance.

April continues to downplay Memphis to Michelle, prompting Michelle to say that he’s done nothing to help her so far, and that he probably thinks she’s stupid. They think Jerry was sent to spy on them because he used the tissues in the bathroom and not the ones from the back room, where he was. Too bad everyone else is either sleeping or in bed. Keesha walks by with food and April says “that bitch shouldn’t be eating right now,” then continues to comment about her weight. (Ed: This prompted me to laugh at how April told Julie she doesn’t have anything bad to say about Keesha).

As the houseguests start to shower for the live show, trivia begins and lasts until 25 minutes after the live show. April is evicted 4 to 1. The HOH competition is endurance. There is a jungle theme set up in the backyard. The six competing houseguests must sit on small discs hung on ropes and are occasionally swung and bashed into a cushioned wall of “vines.” All the while, it is raining and monkeys are heard going “hehehe” after they crash into the walls.

Memphis has his bandana on, with a long sleeve blue shirt, jeans and sneakers. Next to him is Keesha in a sports top, sweatpants and sneakers. Beside her is Dan, in a rain jacket with hood, gloves, jeans and sneakers. Then Michelle in a tank top, shorts and sneakers. Ollie has on his red Iowa State athletic shirt and pants with black grip gloves, while Jerry has on his typical garb.

Once the feeds are back up we find out that the men are having a particular issue with the placement of the disc under them and what happens when they crash into the mats. They talk about losing feeling in their legs and what arteries they are affecting.

Jerry is the first to drop at 6:30, just about 45 minutes after the competition began. It takes him a while to get feeling back in his legs before he can walk down to the bench to sit with Renny. Renny said she would have liked to do this one. Throughout the night Jerry says he can’ believe how everyone is doing this competition so well, especially Memphis, because of his weight.

At 6:54, Keesha goes down after she screams out that she’s hurt after crashing into the mats. She’s been on for just over an hour. Ollie said to himself, “two down.” Jerry asks if they can get towels because of the rain, and does so for himself, Renny and Keesha.

There are some water balloons, so Memphis gets Jerry to throw him some so he can throw them around. He can also reach them from his position on the vines. There’s some intermittent trivia and at 7:34 the vines crash thirty times in quick to slow succession and at varying speeds. Michelle drops on the thirtieth crash, saying her foot got caught on the netting wall covering the mats. She is not happy, and goes with Keesha inside to shower. The rest go inside as well, so Dan says, “Everyone’s inside. Thanks for the support!” Michelle comments to Keesha about Dan’s raincoat, thinking it’s another clue that he’s America’s Player. Jerry, then Renny go back outside, later followed by Michelle. She says “good job guys!” the moment she’s out the door. Jerry keeps saying how he’s making a new pot of coffee, but Keesha tells Renny he’s also saving the old pot on the stove.

The three guys continue to duke it out in the rain with some crashing going on. At one point they show a female camera operator on the roof. Michelle says she’s going to make chicken nuggets for the guys. Renny calls Memphis a beast at about 8:41 for being up there so long, even though he looks like he’s struggling the most. At 9:04, after some trivia breaks, Memphis goes down pretty hard. He lies there for a bit. Later he says he actually was trying to fall for a while but couldn’t get himself off the disc, and then he fell directly on his legs and collapsed forwards “like I was paralyzed.” He tells the other guys to be careful about how they fall. Jerry goes over with a towel and tells Memphis he’ll help him up. At this point, Live Feeds go to trivia, but BBAfterDark stays on.

Memphis is apparently getting some medical attention because he’s shivering a lot. Once he’s down, Dan and Ollie turn to each other and start talking, with Michelle watching them from below. It looks like they are saying to each other that they won’t put the other up this week. Ollie is refusing to drop because he’s never been this close to winning anything, and Dan already has something in his pocket. Dan really wants to see Monica and is holding on for her. Ollie brings up how at one point Dan said he hoped he could earn Ollie’s trust back, and this would be a good time.

At 9:24, Memphis is out of the shower and done with the medical team. He staggers to the bench in the backyard but is ordered back inside to get his microphone.

Ollie says he won’t ever put Dan up, but Dan says he could go on forever, to which Ollie says “let’s do it!” Dan offers a two for one deal, but Ollie won’t name a second person to save. As trivia is on to tell Memphis to get his microphone, the feeds come back on just as Ollie has fallen and Dan is the new HOH!

Everyone goes to help the two guys, advising them as to how to warm up the way they told Memphis earlier. Michelle is helping Ollie more.

Ollie tells Michelle something about there being a deal, just doesn’t tell her everything just yet.

Dan and Ollie are brought into the bathroom to warm with blankets. Renny and Jerry help them both out of their wet shirts and into warm clothes. Michelle has to use Dan’s socks and puts them on Ollie. Keesha says she’s making Dan cookies like she promised.

At 10:10, Dan asks Ollie if he told Michelle she’s safe, he says he didn’t, and Dan says not to tell her. In another room Keesha tells Memphis she knows there was a deal but doesn’t know what it was.

Later, at 11:19, Keesha tells Renny she did actually hear part of the deal. She heard Dan offer to save a second person, and then if the POV were used Ollie could choose who goes up and then something about Memphis. She then tells Memphis this, and he thinks it’s basically giving Ollie the HOH without having the room.

Just about the same time, Ollie takes Michelle into the storage room, and tells her the deal:
1. Ollie and Michelle are safe and won’t be put up if POV is used
2. Ollie gets to choose one nominee
3. Ollie gets to choose POV replacement if necessary

Michelle is surprised by what Ollie tells her. Soon after, Memphis talks to her alone in the storage room, but she acts as though she doesn’t know anything when he says he heard Ollie tell Dan he could choose someone to go up and Ollie said Memphis’ name.

Michelle tells Ollie exactly what was just discussed between her and Memphis. They stay on the same page.

At about 11:30 Memphis still can’t catch his breath and doesn’t feel well. A little later he says he doesn’t like how he was put on the spot during the live show because he was asked who he would want to come back if one of the evictees did so. He had joked and said Brian because he didn’t think that would be possible.

Ollie is telling Jerry that he’s going to help him this week and Jerry says he’ll just stay with them. Dan just about catches them whisper as he comes out of the DR, but Ollie grabs a vase and pretends he was going to use it to play basketball with. At the kitchen table later, Ollie and Dan go over the three parts of the deal. Dan says that he gets to choose someone to be saved and Ollie points out he didn’t say that in the backyard.

About ten minutes later, at 12:10, Dan gets his HOH room. There are pictures of his family, Monica and friends. He got a bunch of food, cream soda, V8 Splash, a pillow he got on a scholarship trip to Italy, annnnd…. a black shirt with TAKEN written in white from Monica! The houseguests all joke about it, saying it’s cute but it’s obvious Monica hasn’t broken up with him. He reads his letter which is a two-parter from his family and then Monica. He gets a bit choked up reading Monica’s part. Talk is rather cordial for a while until Memphis is called to the DR. A little later, Keesha starts the exiting until Dan is left alone.

Once alone, Dan grabs the HOH camera clicker, and says, “That was all lovey-dovey, now it’s Game On…Let’s do this like Judas.” He sits on his bed and reads his letter again.

There were some audio complications because BB left trivia on one of the feeds for a few hours. However, Keesha went to use the HOH bathroom a little after 1 a.m. and then talks to Dan a bit. They hug before Keesha leaves at about 1:25.

Right after, Ollie goes up to the HOH to talk to Dan. However, audio does not come back on until about five minutes have passed.

Keesha is downstairs telling Renny that Dan wouldn’t say anything to her because they had an agreement. She’s a little scared about it all. Memphis gets into bed because he doesn’t want to wait around for Ollie to leave the HOH since he’s not feeling well.

Apparently, Ollie is pointing out to Dan that the deal isn’t what he had agreed to outside. Can’t hear the rest of what they’re saying because the audio is out again. However, Ollie does go downstairs at 1:47 and tells Michelle the deal is in place as it was earlier. He believes Dan was a plant because he saw Monica during early production rounds in a hallway, and now recognizes her from the pictures. He thinks Dan knew about the competition because he brought the raincoat to Southern California. Dan told Ollie the one person that couldn’t go up on the block was Keesha. They continue to talk about Dan, saying they’ve figured out this game was designed for him and Monica would be coming into the game as the 14th houseguest. They continue to make claims that all of Dan’s stories about home and the football team aren’t real. Michelle complains that Dan got more in his HOH refrigerator than she did.

Not much else goes on during the night and all are confirmed asleep by 4 a.m.