After a long, painful night of HOH competition the houseguests slowly begin to wake up at about 9am. Power is once again in the hands of Dan or is it?

Jerry is first to wake up at 7:15am and seems to be a fog as he wanders around the house. He goes back to bed. At 9am the HG’s begin to trickle out of bed to the sweet sounds of Marvin Gaye. Michelle makes sure to feed the fish after she wakes up. With a group microphone change at 9:30am the HG’s are ready for the day ahead.

Memphis and Keesha both feel as though they have been in a car accident due to last nights all out battle for HOH. Dan has been tending to the blisters on his hands from hanging on the rope. He won HOH last night after a tough competition. Michelle spent her morning in the massage chair trying to work out the aches and pains she received from the competition.

Jerry and Ollie were off slop as of midnight (a little bit before thanks to BB) and Jerry mentioned today that the food he ate last night (Pizza) didn’t sit well with him and he had a hard time sleeping because of it.

As Keesha and Michelle get ready in the bathroom they discuss how they are running out of makeup.

Dan and Memphis sit outside and there is awkward silence between them for a little bit. Memphis breaks the silence and asks Dan if Ollie was trying to put him up on the block last night. Dan says he made a deal with Ollie and ended up giving up a lot to him. Memphis asks what that means. Dan says he gave up a lot, deal-wise, which wasn't smart at the time. Memphis confirms that Dan is going to put up who Ollie wants. Memphis says Ollie should be HOH then.

Memphis goes inside to get coffee and comes back out complaining about getting dirty looks from Michelle. He says he is sick of it. He says at the end of this game, Michelle and Ollie are the two that he would not want to be up against. He says if Michelle wins HOH next week they are all screwed. Memphis continues to ask Dan about the deal that he made with Ollie but Dan tells him he will talk with him about it later. Dan does ask Memphis if Michelle were to be put up if he would vote to keep her. Memphis says he is thinking about the game ahead and says no he would not keep her in the house. Dan tells Memphis that he has to trust him this week. He advises Memphis not to talk to Ollie or anyone about their alliance.

At about 10:45am Keesha goes up to the HOH with Dan. Dan tells her he wants to make Memphis feel “uncomfortable” this week so he can see where his alliances are. Keesha doesn’t feel comfortable going after one of their own and points out to Dan that she doesn’t think Renny would vote to keep Memphis in the house if Dan put him up. Dan says he is willing to backdoor Michelle if the situation is right. Renny wanders up to the HOH at about 11am and the talk continues about Memphis. Dan tells them that they may not trust Memphis but they do need him in the game right now. Renny confirms that she would vote out Memphis over Michelle.

Dan is telling Keesha and Renny that he wants all four of them in the final four (this is to include Memphis). Renny asked Dan if he has a deal with Memphis and Dan lied saying he did not. Dan finally convinces Renny to vote to keep Memphis in and Renny says she will use Memphis just like he uses her, but she will do as Dan asks. Dan confirms that Ollie will not be going home this week.

At noon Ollie and Dan talk in the HOH. Ollie states he gets one nomination and Dan gets one. Ollie reminds Dan that was the deal they made on HOH competition night. Ollie says he wants Memphis to go up. An hour later the agreement is reached between the two. On the way out the door Dan tells Ollie that the others don’t know Ollie is safe or about the deal they have and asks Ollie to keep it between them for now.

At 2:15 pm Dan and Michelle head up to the HOH to talk game. Dan tells Michelle she was the only one to give him a hug after he won. Michelle tells Dan that he didn’t put him up after he had voted out her best friend (Jessie) and that she hoped Dan will stay honest and keep her and Ollie in this week like he promised. Michelle tells Dan it looks like he is in a foursome alliance and he denies that.

While talk is going on in the HOH, Jerry and Ollie talk outside about Memphis thinking he has control of both sides of the house. Jerry says that he is going to tell Memphis at the finale that “he dislikes him with a passion.”

At 245pm Memphis goes up to speak with Dan in the HOH. Memphis reminds Dan that the HOH belongs to him (Dan) and he needs to do what’s best for him. They talk about Renny being a wildcard and her probably voting Michelle out before she would vote Ollie out. Memphis thinks that if he (Memphis) is put up it can be explained it’s to make sure Jerry goes home. Memphis called to the DR and leaves saying “See you in the battlefield”

At 3pm Memphis and Keesha talking about Dan possibly putting Memphis up and if he goes up he needs to make sure Renny votes him to stay in. Keesha is surprised that Ollie and Michelle have teamed up. Renny comes out and the conversation stops. Renny goes back inside.

At 4pm Dan sits in the HOH by himself talking about what he should do. Nominations are coming soon and he has to make a decision. He talks to Monica’s picture. He puts his new “Taken” shirt on that Monica had sent to him.

At 430pm the fish come up and the nomination ceremony begins. (Feeds off)

At about 6pm the feeds come back on and Jerry and Memphis have been put on the block. Dan and Memphis head upstairs to talk about the ceremony. Memphis is angry about being put up and Dan tells him that he has no intentions of keeping his deal with Ollie in regards to the POV and if someone comes off the block he wants to put Michelle up.

Dinner is a 630pm.

After dinner talk includes Renny coming up with a new team name for Keesha, Renny and Dan- the Tenacious Trio.

830pm is bath time and Dan invites Keesha to come up and keep him company but reminding her that she cannot get in the tub with him. Keesha, Renny and Memphis are upstairs watching Dan take his bath. Ollie and Michelle talk about the POV in the massage room. Michelle says they will be so surprised to see Michelle take Jerry off if she wins POV.

Dan gets called in the DR at 10pm and the HG think that the POV maybe coming soon. They are all sitting in the kitchen talking about how Renny gave shout outs to “her peeps at Walgreens” during the first week. They all start talking about how many different ethnic races there are. Renny says there are three “Caucasian, Negroid” and she won’t say the third possibly because she couldn’t remember how to say it. Everyone laughs when she says Negroid and Ollie says he has never heard of that word. Jerry says there are five races “black, Caucasian, Asian, brown and red” The HG busts out in laughter again.

11pm Dan comes out of the DR with no info about the POV. The HG are talking about the O.J. Simpson trial and other past events that have happened in the United States.

Midnight- Dan asks Keesha if she wins POV who she would take off the block. She says probably Memphis. Memphis and Renny soon join in the HOH. Dan is called back to the DR at 1:30am. Memphis moves to sit on the corner of Dan’s bed and the corner of the bed breaks. Memphis and Keesha start laughing.

245am Dan is in his bed listening to his CD playing air drums. He realizes his bed is broken and just shakes his head.

At 3am all houseguests are asleep with minimal tossing and turning from several houseguests.