9:00 AM
The houseguests get an extended wake up call. We first see Keesha, Ollie and Renny. They are looking kind of pensive or maybe they’re just not awake yet. Time will tell.

We learn there were several wake up songs played. We later learn they played Star Wars, David Bowie’s "Space Oddity [Ground Control to Major Tom]" and Frank Sinatra, “Fly me to the Moon”.

10:00 AM
So much for the wake up call. It appears everyone except Michelle and Renny have gone back to bed.

Players for the POV are picked. Everyone but Ollie is playing and he is upset. Jerry got Houseguest Choice and picked Michelle. He tells Ollie that was better for their team since Ollie is definitely safe.

11:00 AM
Mostly speculation by everyone on when and what the POV competition will be. There is an ankle comparison between Keesha and Renny. Renny’s are smaller. Keesha asks some folks to help her tie a bandanna. Memphis says she’ll look like a pirate hooker.

Keesha is worried that her boy friend won’t take her back after the show.

Ollie goes up to the HOH with Dan and tries to convince him that Keesha has an alliance with everyone in the house. Dan counters by asking if Jerry and Michelle have a deal, since Jerry picked Michelle to play in the POV. Ollie makes the case that Keesha, Renny and Memphis were really upset with Dan’s nominations and that he is safe sticking with Ollie, Michelle and Jerry. During this chat Ollie tells Dan twice that he has not told anyone about the third part of the deal [picking the POV replacement].

Later Ollie gets advice from Jerry. Jerry wants him to tell Dan they will save him if he saves Jerry this week. If he doesn't, he won't have a chance at the big money once Jerry gets to the jury house.

Michelle tells Ollie that Keesha and Memphis may be a real couple in the house because Keesha didn't get a picture or letter from her boyfriend when she won HOH.

Ollie tells Michelle about telling Dan that Keesha has deals with everyone. They strategize about using the Veto, but decide to talk about more after the comp. Jerry comes in and Michelle thanks him for picking her. Michelle leaves and Ollie tells Jerry to meet him in the Spa room in a few minutes because Dan is watching the spycam.

Ollie advises Jerry to tell Dan anything to make Keesha look bad. Jerry says something about a story of overhearing Keesha and Memphis talking about meeting in Tahoe to celebrate when they win the money.

Feeds are cut about 12:30 for Veto competition.

4:00 PM
Feeds come back and it takes a few minutes to figure out that Memphis won the Veto. He and Dan are in the HOH celebrating and figuring out how to handle the replacement nominee as well as what to say to Ollie. They seem to settle on Michelle going up regardless of any deal with Ollie.
Keesha and then Renny show up. Dan lets them know there is a third part to the deal with Ollie; they can figure out what it was, but he is not going to honor it. The first two pieces had to go just right so that Ollie will feel comfortable about the third part happening too [until it’s too late]. They even go as far as discussing for Memphis to make a deal with Jerry for his $4k to take him off the block and they would split it four ways.

Meanwhile downstairs, Ollie is suspicious that Dan is going to renege. He wants to go up and call Dan out in front of everyone about the deal. Michelle tells him to wait but she is also concerned she will be back-doored. They separate but both are clearly not happy with how things are developing.

5:00 PM
It was like someone flipped a switch and everyone stopped talking game. Ollie does try to talk to Dan, but Dan is in the HOH shower and doesn’t answer the door. Ollie gives up and goes back downstairs.

6:00 PM
Renny cooks a salmon dinner. There is some talk of the POV comp. They were suspended by a harness and had to assemble a puzzle. Sounds like it may have been a two part competition. Michelle somehow ended up dropping some pieces.

Everyone sits down to eat except Keesha and Ollie.

Jerry offers to talk to everyone one on one in the event he ends up going to the jury this week.

7:00 PM
The game talk starts up again. In the backyard, Memphis and Keesha discuss the state of things. Memphis will be glad to see Michelle go because she has a bad attitude. Renny joins and mentions that Keesha almost won a TV in the Veto comp. They all bond over agreeing that Michelle has to go this week.

Ollie and Michelle are prepping for future conversations with Dan, stressing that Keesha has deals with everyone. Ollie is coming back around to thinking that Dan will keep the deal. Jerry joins them and talk continues of how to get Dan to nominate one of the others.
Keesha now in the Kitchen too and Jerry says to her it might be her vote that keeps him in the house this week. Keesha said "I don't know, Jerry. I may be up beside you this week. Ya never know!" Keesha walked away and Jerry, Michelle and Ollie just smiled at each other.

Ollie requests a meeting with Dan and they head upstairs. Ollie wants to know if their deal is still in place. Dan is noncommittal and says he is working on Memphis to not use the Veto. Ollie doesn’t think that is realistic, but if Dan can pull that off, he’ll tip his hat to Dan. Ollie wants Keesha to go up. If Dan can’t do that, then the only other person he can put up is Renny. If that is the case then Ollie wants to add to his side of the deal too. He wants Dan’s word that if the vote is a tie, he will keep Jerry. Dan wants to think about it and work on Memphis some more.

8:00 PM
Out back now, Keesha, Renny and Dan discuss making Jerry think he is leaving and at the last minute cut a deal to keep him as long as he agrees he will nominate Ollie if he wins HOH.

Feeds are cut for about 15 minutes. When they return, Michelle is shown crying. We find out the houseguests were just informed about the phone call one of them will get. Ollie tries to lift her spirits by telling her all about the conversation he had with Dan. Michelle asks, “He made a fact I'm not going up?” Ollie tells her, “Yep. He said it to me but make sure he tells you too.” Ollie is worried that Jerry will spill the beans about the 3rd part of the deal, because he's not supposed to know about it.

Dan, Renny, Memphis and Keesha are out back. Renny says if she gets the call, she'd tell her hubby that "He better be here when she gets out of this nuthouse with somewhere to go for a week!"

Ollie goes to the bedroom to talk to Jerry. Jerry has been crying and talks about the phone call. Ollie would be happy if Jerry gets the call. He'd be happy no matter who gets it. Ollie leaves without talking about the "deal". (ed. Props to Ollie for realizing it was not the right time).

9:00 PM
ShoToo Crawl: Dan is the current HOH, Dan is considering breaking his word to Ollie in order to keep his alliance safe, Ollie suspects Dan may break his word and plans to retaliate, The nomination ceremony will air Sunday night.

Keesha and Michelle scream for joy! They find 6 beers and a bottle of wine in the SR. Dan and Memphis start up a game of beer pong. Dan wants a bottle of apple juice on the table, thinking his students may be watching.

Ollie and Michelle play pool. Ollie says they need Jerry to stay. Michelle says, "We can do this! Even if Keesha or Renny stay, there is going to be an aftermath. Watch their faces when Dan doesn't put [me] up." They say they are there to avenge Jessie and April. Michelle talks about the phone call. She thinks that America will pick her because she had to wear the red unitard and for what she went through with Jessie leaving. They think whoever gets it is probably America's favorite. They go into full out delusion mode. Ollie thinks Keesha went into the DR and said, "Haha, I let Memphis win POV." and how funny it will be when Keesha or Renny gets put up on the block. They think the entire house thinks that Ollie, Michelle, and Jerry all hate each other and they believe they're really pulling one over on the rest of the house this week. Michelle finished a 2nd glass of wine and is now stealing Jerry's opened beer while he is in the DR.

Dan makes a point to tell Memphis and Renny, "You guys just need to watch out for team Menny. Team Deesha is doing fine."

10:00 PM
Keesha and Renny have joined in the beer pong game. Renny chugs one and "drinks" the ball too. Memphis says, "Not the ball!" Everyone is laughing as Renny makes a big production of spitting the ball out. Keesha wants a new ball.

Ollie wonders why Dan hasn't talked to Michelle much this week. Michelle says, "He's just laying low, we're fine. Either that, or he's going to backdoor me." She is feeling the effects of the wine and beer and goes full on into trash talk about if she goes up. She then goes in and takes Renny’s place at beer pong before the game breaks up.

Jerry is in the kitchen with Michelle and asks what happened to all of his beer. Michelle denies that she drank it. Michelle grills Jerry hard if he got the call. Jerry just sits at the bar with a smirk on his face, denying it.

Memphis, Renny, Keesha and Dan are out back with some general relationship chat and how they can be better when they get out. Dan says good night to everyone, and heads up to HOH room. Renny says she's coming up for an Almond Joy.

Memphis and Renny join Dan in the HOH. They examine the damage to the bed (ed. Memphis did something last night that collapsed a part of it). Renny has named the HOH bed, "the hump". (ed. It’s not what you’re thinking, it’s because there is a huge hump in the middle). They reaffirm the plan to make Jerry think he is leaving and then offer him a deal. Renny wants Dan to open some of his food. Dan says he needs something to get her to come up tomorrow so they should wait.

Dan says he's the most mature guy in the house. Renny says "Come on! You took a bath last night with two rubber duckies!" Renny gets highly offended and defensive when Dan says her husband works in maintenance. His point was that it wasn’t a desk job. Renny calms.

Michelle is shown lying on the bathroom couch, crying again.

Elsewhere Ollie tells Jerry about his HOH chat with Dan.

Memphis is called to the DR. He is not thrilled.

Michelle manages to pull it together and goes to talk to Dan in the HOH. She tells him not to trust Keesha and goes through all her ‘alliances’ in detail. She says she was told personally that Memphis and Keesha said they were going to the end, win the money, and go on a vacation together. She reminds about Renny asking everyone to be pawns last week. She says “You know I have your back. I had your back after everything. I'm not putting you up next week. That's all I have to tell you. It's tough because you know you can't win HOH, but I have your back, Ollie has your back. I don't know about Jerry.”

Michelle continues pouring on the fuel for quite a while. She’s making some good points but they are not quite communicated well. When she’s finished she wants to know where she stands and Dan tells her to talk to Ollie, he has all the info.

Michelle goes back and reports to Ollie. Dan looks at the camera and indicates that Michelle is crazy.

1:30 AM
Everyone appears to be restlessly settling in for the night. Dan says, “Good Night Monica, if you are watching.” All goes quiet.

So, who DID we vote for to get the call? And will the Dan plan pan out? And, will you sign up for the feeds just to see the post Veto meeting?

Thanks to the updaters! It sure makes these recaps so much easier with all your enthusiasm.