Big Brother Update August 24,2008

The phone call, meetings and speculations galore!

Big brother woke up the houseguests today at 9:00 am. After the morning routine, we get trivia and fish for awhile on the feeds and we find out that Jerry won the phone call. He talked to his grandson, granddaughter, and his daughter, Joanne. Jerry thanked America for the phone call. They said they were proud of him and not to worry they were taking care of Mom. All the houseguests congratulated him for winning the call. Michelle was upset that she didn’t get the call and went and cried on her bed (something new and different for Michelle, when is that girl not crying?) Renny started stressing out because she thinks America hates her now because of the way she treats Jerry.

It didn’t’ take Jerry long to revert to his old self and start trashing Keesha and Dan. He told Ollie and Michelle that Keesha lies to everyone and if Dan screws him he will make up lies and tell Libra and April not to vote for him. He didn’t care, that he will get Dan one way or another. Jerry then said he was America’s favorite so America must love Ollie and Michele too! Jerry said he almost self destructed when he called Dan Judas. He said he did that for a reason. He wanted to point out to his alliance that he wasn't trustworthy so they would turn on him. But it didn't work because they're too damn stupid.

Ollie and Michelle chat a bit and Ollie again got on his soapbox saying he is running the HOH this week. He told Michelle to still be nice to Dan because they will need his vote if the votes are a tie and he will be told to vote their way!!!!!!

Jerry and Michelle really put down Keesha and Keesha heard part of it. Keesha got real mad and refused to eat dinner. She sat on the hammock while the others ate. This caused some tension at the BB dinner. After Dan finished he told everyone that he wants everyone to come up and talk to him tonight so that they can have their say and that way they can talk one on one with him.

Michelle was the first one to take Dan up on his offer of the one and one meeting. Michelle plays dumb about knowing what the deals were. Dan keeps referring her to Ollie who will tell her the deals. Dan pretty wells dances around Michelle referring to Ollie and he is the one she should talk to. They chat about the phone call and how bad Michelle wanted it. Michelle finally left without any information saying she was going to talk to Ollie. Dan summoned Renny up to the palace.

Michelle chats with Ollie and repeats what Dan said to her, that he never said she was safe, he just said for her to talk to Ollie and he would let her know what the deal was and he was sticking to the deal. Michelle then said that she wanted to talk to Dan again after he talked to Ollie. They laugh and call Dan dumb about the deal and how they will control the house after this week. That Dan was the stupidest HOH yet. Ollie was really being full of himself.

Dan talked to Renny and they chatted about final 3 together. Dan asked her why she would go to final 3 with him since he drives her crazy. She said that she respects him more then Memphis. All lovey dovey and she left quickly.

Next up was Jerry. The first thing Jerry said to Dan was that he was his only hope in the game. Jerry then said he was attacked by Keesha outside calling him a liar. Jerry also talks bad about Renny. He then tells Dan that him (Dan) and Renny are pawns for Keesha and Memphis. He then tells Dan that Keesha has deals with everyone. Jerry pats himself on the back saying how honest and truthful he always is and how he walks away from confrontation. (This guys memory is as short as the sleeves on his T-Shirts! How easily he forgets the first weeks lies, the fights he has had with Libra and Keesha and just what happened earlier that day!) Jerry then said that if he saved him this week that he will keep him safe next week with Ollie and Michelle. He then told Dan that he overheard Keesha and Memphis talking about going to Tahoe with the money they win. Jerry then called Renny Keesha’s maid, and said she will never win she will just cook herself soon. Jerry then said he does not talk about anyone in the house it is just not his thing. (He better rewind the tape to about an hour ago!!!). Jerry then again told Dan that he saved his back and hopes he remembers that. Dan finally gets Jerry out and heads downstairs to find Ollie.

Dan starts his conversation with Ollie asking him if he told anyone about their deal. Ollie lies and denies telling anyone anything. Ollie said that they (him, Michelle and Jerry) will have his back when his alliance turns on him because of the actions this week. Ollie said that Renny asked him about the deal to keep Michelle safe and Ollie said that he denied it to Renny. He then leaves and said he was going to ask Renny about the deal.

Dan finds Renny brings her upstairs and she acted all paranoid and denied ever asking Ollie about anything. She was upset that Ollie was throwing her under the bus. ( I am so sick of hearing about being thrown under the damn bus, that bus should just move forward and never stop). They hug and Renny leaves saying these people are desperate.

Ollie immediately tells Michelle about his conversation with Dan. He tells him he is onboard and Dan will be part of their alliance. (Where he got that from their conversation is beyond me).

Keesha and Dan chat. Dan asked her about her fight with Jerry earlier. Keesha said that she freaked because Jerry talks down to women. She hates the way he treats women. Dan then asked her if she felt good about final 3 being her, him and Renny and she replied yes. Dan tells Keesha that he does not want her to confront anyone that she knows what is up. That Michelle told him that she had an all girl alliance with Renny and Michelle and even April. Keesha denied that. Dan tells Keesha that he does not want Renny to know that he favors Keesha over Renny. Keesha agrees not to tell her. Dan said that Ollie wants her on the block and even said he wants (Ollie) wants to break the tie if there is one in the voting. Dan said that once Michelle gets evicted Ollie will freak out and tell Renny that He (Dan) was protecting Keesha. Keesha said that they will just deny it. Keesha exited and Memphis entered with beer.

Dan tells Memphis everything that everyone said. They chat about Jerry and how to get Jerry to put up Ollie next week if he gets HOH. Dan ells him about how Jerry wants to protect him because Memphis is mad that he put him up, they both laugh about that. They both expect fireworks tomorrow after the POV meeting.

Once Dan finally got free of his palace he headed to the backyard to be immediately approached by Michelle. Here is there conversation:
Michelle said she found out from Ollie what's happening and goes "Oh sh*t!" she said it's going to get crazy tomorrow, Dan agrees. Michelle is lying saying that Ollie didn’t tell her who he chose, but she has his back and she thinks he's making a good decision.

She says personally she feels like if things don't go the way with michelle/ollie, things won’t work out for Dan.

Dan's saying he wants a break, hinting he needs some time away from the game talk. Michelle continues saying that Dan needs to take everything into consideration.

Michelle says that she feels like Dan is in the same boat that she was, because people were trying to make her do things that didn’t benefit her but them instead and that’s happening to Dan too.

She says she has Dan’s back and he says "okay thanks Michelle."

They get up to go inside and she says "see? That wasn't painful." (Meaning their talk)
Memphis talks with Renny and Keesha and he wants Renny to tell Jerry that she does not trust Dan and Memphis anymore and wants to go to final 3 with him. Then Memphis wants to approach Jerry and try to get him to buy his vote to stay this week. He wants to try to get Jerry’s money.
Not much more happened, they were all in bed and giggling themselves to sleep by 2:30 am. No doubt with visions of the VETO meeting dancing through their heads.
Will Dan really put up Michelle? Will Ollie hit Dan as he has said he would if he reneged on the deal? Will Dan ever leave the HOH room again? Will Memphis really con the money out of Jerry? Tomorrow should really be an active day in the BB compound!