9:30 AM - The Hgs are up for the day. Memphis & Dan sitting outside ont he red couch. Keesha is making coffee. Renny & Jerry wander in. Keesha tells Renny how Renny was sleeping last night but kept waking up half asleep & talk to Keesha & Memphis. Keesha said Renny was out of it. Renny doesnt remember eating an almond joy. Dan comes running in to grab bread for outside because he sees a bird on the wall. ( ed: guess he wants to lure it down for Ollie haha ) . Jerry is making eggs & not saying much.
Keesha gets her coffee & heads outside. Laughs with Memphis about how Renny was acting last night. No sightings of Ollie yet. Keesha tells dan she really wants to know what animal Jerry had compared her to. Dan told her she has 5 guesses today. Keesha guesses a Monkey but had already guessed it b4 so wasted a guess. she then guesses an anteater. She guesses a dolphin. ( ed: I thought that could be it because of her laugh but i really think its a Hyena.. I missed Jer saying this part so I am waiting like Keesha is to find out.. haha )
Memphis guesses tiger, lion, hippo & Dan says Memphis just said it. . Dan says Jerry called her a Sleeping Tiger. ( ed : Dang I was wrong ! LOL )
Michelle in red room talking to Ollie who is still in bed. Michelle talking about the wake up music. Says they were all love themed. They talk about how they slept last night. Michelle tells Ollie he was talking in his sleep.
Jerry goes outside but sits by himself at the back of the yard by the jackshack. Renny, Memphis, Keesha & Dan on red couches chit chatting.

11ish - Ollie gets out of bed , goes to the spa and gets Michelle to go outside with him. They go outside & sit with the others but kinda make the others move and sit in between them. Memphis & Dan get up and go inside. Memphis says its F'd up how Ollie did that.
Outside convo with Renny, Keesha, Michelle & Ollie talking about Princess Diana, Prince Charles and such. Random boring chit chat. Dan & Memphis in the pool.
Michelle & Ollie get Keesha & Renny alone in the kitchen & start bad mouthing Jerry. They talk about how much he lies. Michelle says Jerry is going to ride this game to the end. Convo breaks up because Dan comes in.

1ish- Dan & Memphis in the kitchen cooking & eating. Talk about the POV and how the fans will be seeing it on Tuesday & other random stuff.
Michelle & Ollie in the red room talking about Michelle getting Rennys vote. Michelle says she is going to work Renny hard.
Keesha tells Dan & Memphis about the convo with Ollie & Michelle earlier. They talk a bit about the jury house and Libra & April .. how much it would suck to be in there with those 2.
Ollie & Renny in bathroom area alone. Ollie really working Renny, trying to cast doubt on Dan & Memphis. Says why would Dan not put Ollie up . Ollie asks renny if she would ever vote Jerry out. Renny says yes. Ollie asks if they could get keesha to as well. ( ED: I didnt hear Rennies reply to that , sorry )
Ollie goes & tells Michelle that he thinks they are good & they have lots of time to work Renny still.
Renny goes outside & joins Keesha, Memphis & Dan.. says she is really getting worked by Ollie & Michelle. She confirms Michelle is going still but it does bug her how Jerry acts so arrogant.
Lots of random boring talk amongst the Hgs. Most outside by the pool .

3:50ish - Michelle really working hard on Renny. She tells Renny it is in Rennys best interest to keep Michelle. Says Renny has to worry about the numbers ( ed: Renny HAS the numbers duh LOL )
Dan, Keesha , Memphis talking. laughing about how Ollie said He was HOH this week . Dan asks Memphis if he thinks they could scale the wall. Convo moves to random chatter.
Renny is in the kitchen cooking ( ed: as usual ) and Keesha hangin out with her. Memphis comes in & say she just drank a bunch of ants. They were in his cup & he didnt realize it. Lots of singing going on int he kitchen with Dan & Renny & Memphis.
Michelle laying in her bed sulking. Jerry is wandering around, avoiding the kitchen crew. Ollie walks through the kitchen and ignores everyone. Him & Michelle lay in the red room talking about Michelles convos with Renny. Jerry comes in the room .. Michelle starts bashing Dan saying she is going to beat him up.. Ollie joins in. Jerry folds his laundry.
Hgs are on an inside lockdown. All 4 feeds on the red room with Jerry, Ollie & Michelle.

5:00 - Memphis & Keesha sleeping in the hippie room. Ollie, Michelle & Jerry in the living room. Renny cooking. They discuss Katrina , no game talk. Dan must be in HOH. Memphis gets up around 5:50 and heads to the kitchen . Memphis makes himself something to eat. Ollie, Jerry, Michelle & Renny discussing tornados and how crazy its been.
Hgs sit down to eat . Random chatter. Dan & Keesha are awake now also. Dinner done, Hgs start getting up from the table & going their ways. Michelle & Ollie do dishes and Michelle constantly bitching about the others. Renny is there also. Finally renny tells michelle they ( Dan & memphis ) were not talking aout her. Michelle gets angry, Renny sighs & goes outside.
Keesha, Dan, Memphis & Renny outside. Dan is washing his shirt. Renny tells him to wash his swim trunks too . Everything goes quiet & Memphis pipes up and says " Hey we're on a TV show guys ". He says he just has to remind himself sometimes.
Michelle, Ollie & Jerry go outside to play pool. After a few minutes, the other 4 head inside for various reasons. Talk of doing abs. Dan in the washroom talking to the mirrors. ( ed LOL )

7:30ish - Memphis, Renny, Keesha & Dan outside doing abs. Michelle & Ollie playing pool while Jerry watches. Abs is done. Memphis heads in to get a glass of water & sits in the living room. Michelle & Jerry now playing pool while Ollie watches. Memphis & Dan going to play chess. Keesha in the kitchen says someone ate all the M & Ms and it wasnt her. Renny & Keesha in the spa room.
The chess game ends , Dan & Memphis join Renny & keesha in the spa room. Random chat & giggles. Talking about nicknames their significant others call them. Dan's is babe, Memphis says his is Idiot. They all laugh.
Michelle, Ollie & Jerry still playing pool trash talking the others.

Its now 10:00 pm in the BB house and not much has changed since I typed last . The 4some is still in the spa room & the 3some is still outside.
Convo from the 4some is about serial killers & what causes them to do what they do. Renny says Serial killers were bed wetters.. ( ed LOL ) , Keesha says they were probably picked on. They talk about Ted Bundy, Scott Peterson and alot of sad murder stories. Talk turns to their families. No game talk. Just getting to know each other better.
The 3some convo.. revolves around the game & the other Hgs mostly. Michelle says she thinks the others were talking about her.. about keeping her maybe. She wants Ollie to talk to Renny & get a feel as to whats going on.
Jerry is going to make a Memphis voodoo doll when he gets home. They talk about the jury house & f2.. how Dan doesnt care about the jury house. They say if Renny makes f2, they will vote for her to win. Michelle complains because they didnt get alcohol tonite.

12midnight - the 4some gang has moved up to the HOH room. Lots of serious heart to heart convo about Dan's sister, Keesha's insecurities .
Outside crew still pretty much bashing on the others. They talk about conspiracy theories in the BB house & how they think Dan is a plant and working for BB.
Keesha & Renny tell the guys Gnite & head downstairs. Memphis & Dan talk a bit longer about HOH & how Michelle hasn't come to either of them for their votes. Memphis heads down to bed.
Outside crew still trash talking. Jerry says the BB house has turned him into an angry mean person.
Dan goes down to the hippie room where Renny, Keesha & Memphis are telling stories. He hops into bed with Renny. ( ed : LOL ) Dan hangs out with them for a bit more chit chat. He goes up to bed around 2 am.
Michelle & Ollie sit up trashing the other Hgs & talking about this BB plant thoery & such. They finally call it quits around 3 am.
and... all Hgs are sleeping.