No one seems to have gotten a good night’s sleep last night in anticipation of today’s eviction. Jerry is up briefly before the official wake up call at about 8:45 in the morning.
Soon after they’re awake, Dan starts moving out of the HOH room and back into the 80’s room. Keesha tells Michelle in the kitchen that she had a weird dream about JJ and how this game situation is really getting to her.
At 9:45 the houseguests go on lockdown in the HOH, but for about an hour no one really talks or does much of anything until 12:05 when they are allowed to emerge from the room. At this point, everyone starts to do the weekly cleaning.
At about one in the afternoon Michelle asks Keesha what she is going to do later at the eviction. Keesha says she doesn’t know because she hasn’t talked to Renny yet. Michelle offers to keep Keesha and Renny safe next week and probably the week after that, but no deal is set. Keesha then goes to discuss this with Renny, but just admits she feels bad that she can’t tell Michelle no straight-out.
Some game discussion goes on between the DKRM alliance but nothing crucial or new for a little while. Dan at one point mentions about how a double eviction happens in only one hour, which Keesha doesn’t believe.
At just about this time, it is 2 p.m., trivia begins, and feeds are not back on until after the live show on the east coast.
During the live show, Michelle is evicted 3-1, with Ollie as the one. Then, in BB Fast-Forward Fashion, Keesha wins a close HOH and puts Ollie and Jerry up for nomination. During the POV competition, the DKRM alliance smokes Ollie and Jerry, with Dan winning the veto. He chooses not to use it. Then, Ollie is voted out 3-0.
At 6:02, the houseguests are back on the feeds after the live show and all talk about how they had to jump into hay for the POV and the poll questions asked for the HOH competition. Memphis admits to having done flips into the hay.
Dan and Memphis retreat to the 70’s room for a moment to celebrate. Keesha and Renny follow with Renny jumping on Dan! Then Dan hops around himself. After Jerry is called into the diary room, Renny jumps up on the living room table too!
Keesha announces to the others that since she won that HOH, and since it’s down to five, the others shouldn’t put her up against Jerry, because they’ll be forced to put up one of their own.
Talk at 6:14 turns to how Ollie was basically a sore loser. He was still looking in the hay after the POV for a veto, possibly because he may have thought there wasn’t one in there for him. They all beg for a luxury competition, while Renny pleads to the others not to leave her alone around the house with Jerry. Memphis points out how Michelle never said good-bye to him, she just walked by him on her way out the door.
At this point, the houseguests don’t think there is another HOH competition until the following week. This is why they are very hopeful for a luxury competition. Some even think there’s a conspiracy because Jerry has been in the DR for a long time, that maybe he’ll come out as HOH or something. They all agree Michelle would have been awesome at the hay POV competition.
After Jerry comes out of the DR, Dan asks Jerry if BB has ever done a fast-forward like the one tonight, with it all happening within the hour. Jerry tells the rest that it’s usually over a day or so – ed. The hour-long fast-forward has happened in seasons 7 and 8, just for reference. Keesha thinks she is going to get an HOH room tonight…
Jerry says that Michelle was the most “needy” with the money. Keesha responds and says that all of them could use the half million for their families and other obligations, and no one is more “deserving” than others.
At about 7:20, the second HOH competition of the night begins. From what we can tell there was a target and points involved.
Jerry won the HOH competition - a “Jerry competition” according to Memphis.
Dan says he made a mental error and a physical error, and lost by only two points. Memphis for some reason thinks that Jerry can play in the following week’s HOH – ed. Not true as well, he is thinking of the transition from Final 4 to Final 3. Memphis, Dan, and Keesha say they don’t want to make any type of deal with Jerry, even though they are all vulnerable this week.
Jerry is at first acting all chummy with the rest of the houseguests, despite his seclusion from and comments said about them in the past week.
The adrenaline high from the double eviction has inevitably faded and flopped for the DKRM alliance, they are all bummed out because they know they aren’t going to make it to the final four together. Although Renny says Jerry won’t put Keesha up she points out how she just put him on the block about two hours prior.
In the kitchen, Jerry is saying that everyone should be proud of themselves.
Memphis and Keesha talk in the 60’s room at about 9:40. They agree that they both want to have each other in the house, as Memphis also admits that Keesha is probably one of the only ones he’d want to hang out with outside the house too.
In the other room, Jerry tells Renny and Dan he wants to talk to each of the houseguests to sort everything out for himself in anticipation of his nominations.
“Who wants to see my HOH storage room!”
Apparently BB is being nice this year and gives Keesha a gift bag for having won HOH. There is a letter from JJ, about how he is taking care of Gizmo, who watches BB with him. He tells her he’s talked to her father, who is doing well. JJ has been taking care of himself so she’ll come home to a healthy boyfriend! There is also a diamond bracelet in the basket!
Later, the houseguests get to talking about how much time they’ve spent together in the house. Dan has figured out he has spent more time with Memphis than he has with Monica! Michelle’s love of drinking and getting beer and wine comes up in conversation. Jerry tells the others that he had spoken to Michelle about her drinking a lot, but she said that no one should talk to her about that. Memphis thinks they won’t get much more if any alcohol in the jury house. While they wait for Jerry’s HOH room, Memphis admits that he thinks Libra would be the most normal person to talk to at the jury house.
Jerry finally gets his HOH room at about 12:30, but feeders only get some audio while he describes his family and pictures. Afterwards, at about 1, Keesha tells Renny she’s already noticed people hanging around Jerry, in order to get in with him to not be nominated. Dan was left up in the HOH alone with Jerry after he got his room. Jerry thinks that if they were in the final two together that Dan would have the votes to win. In another part of the house, Keesha doesn’t think she’ll have a chance at all to win, while Memphis thinks Jerry has the best chance. Dan is also talking to Jerry about how he needs someone stronger with him in final three in order to go against Renny.
Memphis and Keesha know they need each other, but neither knows how to approach Jerry. Memphis doesn’t want to throw anyone under the bus, but doesn’t know how.
At about 1:30 Renny goes up to talk to Jerry. Renny of course would like to see Dan and Memphis on the block, but Jerry is saying he wants to put up a guy and a girl. Renny thinks there’s an alliance between Dan and Memphis and tells him about it. Jerry goes on to tell Renny his thoughts about her being Keesha’s maid in the house.
Dan finds alcohol and a birthday cake for himself in the storage room (his birthday is Monday). Jerry says he’s going to stay up and get drunk, while the girls go to bed at about 2:15.
In the backyard, Memphis and Dan talk strategy. Memphis wants to tell Jerry that he doesn’t trust Dan since he nominated him, and then Dan would make some sort of deal to stay off the block himself. They think they must get Renny on the block, and then need to make sure that Keesha wouldn’t flip on them. Memphis tells Dan he’d take him off the block if he won POV.
Later, Jerry and Memphis talk in the backyard. Jerry actually tells Memphis he only puts down other people’s games and doesn’t talk crap about others (ed. Which we know is very not true). Memphis is telling Jerry he trusts Keesha the most, so maybe he, Jerry and Keesha should work together.
In the meantime, Dan’s DR session is leaked. He wants to make an alliance with the guys, take Renny out this week and Keesha out the next. Then, he wants to ensure that he and Memphis make it to the final two. He leaves and heads off to bed soon after.
Jerry and Memphis talk for a while, and all are in bed around 3:30 in the morning.