BB10 Daily Recap August 29, 2008
And then there were five...
By IamBigBrother

With five houseguests remaining, the day begins with a very appropriate song, “Staying Alive.” By 930am everyone is up and moving about the house. There seems to be an awkward silence among everyone as they get through their morning routines and breakfast. No one has brought up any game talk as of yet.

At 1045am Jerry asks Keesha to come to the HOH. Jerry asks Keesha to trust him, telling her that he may be putting her on the block this week. He tells her that she is not his target. They talk about different scenarios with Keesha stating she knew he would put a guy and a girl up. They both agree that the POV is going to be needed in order to keep their plan of Renny, Keesha and Jerry going to the final three. Jerry asks Keesha to keep their conversation between them and not talk with the others about this. The HOH meeting ends and Keesha heads to the Hippie room. She lays down on her bed, begins to cry, and Renny asks her what’s wrong. Keesha replies “it’s just stress.” Keesha tells Renny that she is going to need her this week.

At 1130am the HG’s are getting ready to spend some time outside by the pool and in the sun. Before Dan heads outside he sits at the kitchen table, memorizing the memory wall of pictures. BB seemed very playful today, at one point when Renny was asked to go to the DR, she told BB to “bite her” and BB replied back over the speakers “No”. The HG’s seemed to get a kick out of that.

At 1145am Memphis heads up to the HOH. Dan and Keesha remain outside on the couch talking about who they think could be safe this week. They both agree that this week will be tough on everyone. In the HOH Jerry tells Memphis that he wants to see Dan go home this week. Memphis agrees with Jerry’s plan reminding him how angry he was that Dan put him on the block last week. Jerry confirms that Keesha and Dan will be going up on the block and he asks Memphis to “fight like hell” to win the POV so the plan will stay as is. Memphis tells Jerry that he wants to take him to the final two. Jerry reminds Memphis that if he wins POV and takes Dan off the block everything will be screwed up. Memphis tells Jerry that if he wins HOH next week Jerry will be safe.

At 1215pm Dan heads up to the HOH. Jerry questions him as to why he backdoored Michelle. Dan reminds Jerry that it’s just a game. Dan says the only thing he can offer is to not put Jerry up if he wins HOH next week.

At 1230pm Renny heads up to the HOH. Jerry tells her that he won’t be putting her on the block this week but that he does want to control her vote. He tells her he wants Dan out this week. Renny is concerned that if Memphis wins the POV she will be going up because she believes he would take Dan off.

At 2pm everyone is outside enjoying the sun and the pool. At 3pm Renny goes inside and begins preparing a dinner consisting of mashed potatoes, shrimp and steak.

At 415pm BB announces an outside lockdown.

At 515pm the feeds are back up and it’s confirmed that Keesha and Dan have been put on the block. The HG’s are very quiet after the feeds come back on. Renny continues preparing dinner and Keesha and Dan talk in the Doom room about possible POV scenarios.

Dinner is served at about 530pm and everyone sits down to eat except Keesha who is napping.

At 7pm Renny and Dan get into a small verbal argument after Dan talks about how Renny disciplines her son worse than her daughter. Renny became upset that Dan was talking about her family. By 745pm all HG’s are napping. Keesha and Memphis in the Hippie room, Dan in the doom room, Jerry in HOH room and Renny in the spa room. At 830pm Jerry is called into the DR. At 930pm everyone is up and about. The inside lockdown continues and the HG’s wonder what BB is building due to all of the noise that is going on outside.

At 10pm BB announces that the POV competition will begin in two hours. Keesha, Renny and Memphis open a bottle of wine and begin drinking. They finish the first bottle and open a second bottle. At 1030pm BB reminds HG’s that the competition will begin in 90 mins. They continue drinking and Keesha and Renny seem to be very tipsy. Renny becomes very vocal and is running around the house, jumping on beds yelling curse words. Keesha and Memphis laugh as Renny acts wild.

At 1115pm Keesha makes some coffee to try to get rid of the buzz that she has. Renny continues to act wild throughout the house.

At midnight the FISH come on and the POV competition is under way. Who will come out the victor after this early morning competition? Stay tuned for tomorrows recap.