10:30 AM
We start the day with endurance. Not for the houseguests. For the feed watchers! We still hadn’t confirmed who won the Veto from the night before and no one says anything other than ‘Good Morning’ as they go through morning routines. People have breakfast. Memphis goes to the backyard by himself. Still no sign of who won Veto. The girls make fun of Jerry when he looks in the fridge for eggs and doesn’t see any. Renny looks and finds three dozen on the bottom shelf. Still no sign of who won Veto.

11:30 AM
Finally Dan goes out to the backyard with Memphis and it is confirmed that Memphis won the Veto (ed. elapsed time: 11 hours 26 minutes from the time the feeds were cut last night. Good job everyone! I’m proud of you). He makes Dan promise to vote out Renny if he saves him. He also tells Dan that he has to stop his antics (ed. Aw, no more replacement nominee roulette). They say Renny has the best chance of winning the money and she’s a loose cannon, so she has to go. Memphis doesn’t want Keesha to know right away so the others don’t get suspicious. They talk about a final two together.

Memphis chats with Jerry privately. Memphis tells Jerry that no matter what he does with the POV, he still plans to take Jerry to final two. Jerry makes a case that Dan has to go. Memphis makes a case that Renny has to go.

Jerry wishes BB could bring Keesha’s dog in for her, for even a half hour in one of the Bedrooms. Memphis notices another duck in the pool. This seems to be of great interest to them.

Memphis tells Keesha there is a mandatory psychological evaluation when they leave the house. Keesha is surprised to hear that. (ed. If it’s anything like the one they take to get in, it can’t be that strict).

The new duck’s name has gone from Betty to Howard to Harold.

Dan and Memphis wonder if the twist is that two people in the house had a kid together.

What we know about the Veto. It was some variation of the morph-o-matic, maybe with houseguests pictures jumbled in pairs. Renny took 23 minutes. Dan was 8 seconds behind Memphis.

1:30 PM
Renny corners the Colonel and pumps him for information. She’s worried about going up. Jerry tells her not to worry, Dan put Memphis on the block and that’s not something that Memphis will forget. Renny wants Jerry to put that in Memphis’ ear.

Renny pumps Keesha for information. Wants to know if Memphis will tell her what he is going to do. Keesha says, “Maybe”. But if she has to ask him it’s a bad sign. Renny tells her according to Jerry, Dan threw all of them under the bus. She wants Keesha to put that in Memphis’ ear. Keesha plans to put a bunch into Memphis’ ear. They bash on Dan a bit and talk about having to throw him under the bus to Memphis. Keesha thinks Memphis won’t forget that Dan put him up. (ed. What have we learned so far? Memphis has a good memory and his ears are going to be full of crap).

Keesha goes outside to talk to Memphis. She asks him directly what he’s going to do. He tells her he is planning for him and her in final two and wants to hear that from her to. She confirms. Memphis tells her his plan to take Dan off and vote Renny out. Keesha does not trust Dan.

Jerry comes out as Keesha has a slight breakdown crying. He tries to reassure her that from what he can see, she is safe this week.

Memphis is inside relaying to Dan that Keesha is afraid of what Dan might do if he comes off the block. Suggests the three of them talk later to reassure her.

3:00 PM
Keesha tells Renny she doesn’t think Memphis knows what he is going to do yet because he wouldn’t tell her. But she thinks one of the girls will be leaving this week. Keesha advises Renny to fight for herself right now and do whatever she needs to. Renny goes to lie down and Keesha follows. Renny thinks things don’t fit and asks Keesha again if she knows what Memphis is going to do. Keesha lies again and says she doesn’t know. Renny says she’s going to talk to Memphis and make sure he knows he can’t trust Dan.

Jerry comes in and talk changes to Woodstock and wars (They are in the Hippie room). Renny leaves in search of Memphis. She has a brief exchange with him and points out that, "I fought for you to stay here Memphis. I didn't put you up." He replies, "I know Renny." Then, Fish.

Renny is back with Keesha trying to figure out what’s goings on and why Memphis might want to take Dan to the end.

Jerry talks to Memphis again and reiterates a point he made earlier. That he has control of three jury votes and tries to convince Memphis not to use the Veto so that Dan can be the one evicted.

4:30 PM
Others nap while Memphis and Dan play chess. They talk about the Memphis/Renny conversation from earlier and then set up and start playing a game of marbles on the floor.

5:30 PM
The marble matches continue while Renny is up preparing dinner.

Memphis went to Keesha’s room to reassure her that she is safe. Memphis leaves and Dan goes back. Keesha says, "Just do me a favor and don't twist things this week. You always like to play games and have fun..." Dan responds, “I won't”. She asks and he tells her she is safe this week.

6:00 PM
Keesha and Dan talk about fan questions they get in the DR.
Keesha was asked if she thought she was the prettiest one in there. She was asked something about her body, but won’t tell exactly what the question was. She was also asked “What are your chances of winning?” She said one out of five.
Dan was asked “What is your best feature?” and "Why do you talk so loud in the DR?" He says he didn’t know he did that. And we get Fish (ed. Surprised they got through as many as they did before BB hit the button).

The camera kept showing a basket of goodies in the storage room (ed. Where was this cameraman last night!) It is full of games and alcohol. Looks like modeling clay, playing cards, arts and crafts, and "Taboo" questions. Jerry finds it and takes it to the others. They are excited and Memphis says they must be boring.

Everyone has a quiet dinner together then Dan and Keesha do the dishes. Jerry cleans the counter. Memphis gets a little upset when Jerry sprayed 409 all around his cup.

Renny, Keesha and Dan head out back and dive into the arts and crafts.

8:00 PM
Jerry talks to Keesha about all of the possible "scenarios" and how this week could have gone "88 different ways" and now it's all "water over the dam".

Memphis tells Keesha that he knows Renny will be brokenhearted when he and Dan vote her out. Keesha still doesn't trust Dan.

Renny tells Keesha, “I know that Memphis already knows what he's doing. I mean, really, can you see me trying to talk to his man?” Keesha advises, “You need to do what's best for you”. Renny says Michelle told her she'd be coming to the jury house next. But apparently she told Keesha the same thing. They also compare notes about what Jerry has said to both of them. Keesha thinks he puts things in your head to make you doubt others. She gets animated saying that Jerry is a liar. They think Jerry really wants to be final three with the guys.

9:00 PM
ShowToo Crawl: Today the Houseguests spent most of the day talking about possible scenarios, Jerry talks to Dan about not being able to trust him, Jerry approached Memphis about a possible final 3 together, Renny warns the houseguests to beware of Dan, HoH and nomination ceremony will air Sunday night.

There is talk that the POV comp was about mixing and matching baby pictures of houseguests. Renny says Memphis and Michelle were the ugliest. Keesha thinks hers and Stevens was pretty homely.

Dan and Jerry are playing Gin for M&Ms. Dan mentions Jerry has “a lot of M&Ms over there”. Jerry says, “54 to be exact”.

Keesha comes out of the DR a little teary-eyed and heads out back with Renny. They rehash their predicament and talk about the Veto comp.

10:00 PM
The houseguests play more games, but it appears the real game is avoiding Jerry.
Dan goes outside with the girls, followed closely by Jerry. Keesha leaves the backyard almost immediately. Renny follow shortly after. Next, Dan heads inside too "looking for more beer". They all meet in the hippie room with Memphis to complain about Jerry.

Jerry eventually comes back too. Renny wants to know how many times he said he is 75. He says it’s about the same as she’s said she is 54.

They play another round of avoiding Jerry and he eventually goes upstairs. They reconvene in the Hippie room and play the Taboo Trivia game.
One question was who would you trade places with for a month?
Renny – Bill Gates
Memphis – a pirate
Keesha – The Queen
Dan – The President or Director of CIA
The questions lead to talk of Poverty, Politics, Global Warming, Gun Control, Natural Resources, Technology, Egypt and the Pyramids, and a classic debate on Abe Lincoln’s birthplace (ed. He was born in Kentucky, but his boyhood home is in Illinois).

The trivia game continues in the Hippie room while Jerry sleeps in the HOH. We learn that Memphis doesn’t want to be buried or cremated. He wants to be put inside a statue standing up.

Renny tells Dan, “Those are some evil eyes there, Father Dan. Why you being so mean to me lately Dan? I’ve been good to you.” Dan says, “Oh Renny Roo, you know I love you”.

While Dan is in the shower, Renny says, “He's nuts! He's got this whole other side to him. He's mean.” Memphis laughs. Renny, “He hasn’t cried in 10 years. Doesn’t that mean something?” Keesha says, “He cried at the table that time.” Renny says, “That was fake. He's a good actor.” They bash on Jerry a little and get ready for bed.

1:00 AM
Dan comes in and says good night, then heads to his room. Everyone goes to bed except Dan. He reads the bible, reads his letter, keeps the light on as he stares into space (ed. What could he be planning?)

Memphis gets up and checks on Keesha. She says she’s ok. He goes back to bed.

Dan eventually turns out the lights and all goes quiet.

2:00 AM
Jerry is up and reads his letter. Mutters something and goes back to bed.
They are a fidgety bunch tonight.

Will anyone tell Renny straight up she’s going? Will she be able to turn it around? Will Memphis actually use the Veto? Who does he really want as his final two? Or does he really care as long as he makes the final two. So many questions, so little time!

As always, the updaters are appreciated. And those of you in Gustav evacuation areas, please head north an find a high and dry place to watch the show tonight.