Big Brother Update 08/31/08
Another boring Sunday in the compound

Before the houseguests were told to get up for the day it was observed on the feeds by a lot of feed watchers that a mouse was running around and he was not just running around the house but also all over Memphis as he slept. So there is now mousegate to deal with! Be on the lookout for the 14th houseguest not only is a bit hairy but bold as mustard and quick like Jerry’s mouth!

The houseguests were told to get up at 10:00 am. They were pretty boring, eating, swimming and Renny showed Keesha a card trick. Jerry was standing by the pool and was trying to read a banner plane (an advertisement) and fell backwards into the pool. He banged his leg and was embarrassed but seemed OK. Some showered while others read the Bible.

Renny and Keesha do talk a little game. Keesha said she is scared of what might happen. She told Rennyshe thinks Memphis and Jerry have a F2 deal. Keesha did lie to Renny when Renny asked her if she knew if Memphis was going to use it, she said he never said but she would if she was in his shoes. Renny then asked her if she thought he would use it on her and she said no probably Dan. Keesha said Jerry wants the two of us on the block so we can’t help each other or vote for each other. Renny said she is going to try to ask him what he is going to do with the VETO. Then Keesha and Renny have a moment where they exchange how important and good friends they are blah blah blah.

Renny then cornered Memphis and asked him if he has made a decision about the VETO, he replied no he hasn’t, she through in a little guilt by telling him that it was a big decision and that it could effect him for the rest of his life! She then told him that she admired him as a person and called him incredible. Memphis said he never thought he would get this far and was going to think this through well before making his decision.

Pretty boring Sunday as they lounge, nap and eat.

Renny did kill the boredom of the day by making Dan’s birthday cake, His birthday is Monday.

Keesha had a moment where she called Dan and Memphis FU*&** and wanted to know if they were voting her out. Both tried to reassure her that they weren’t.

Jerry asked Memphis what he was doing with the POV, Memphis replied that he was doing what was best for him in the game, that he was still keeping his word about bringing Jerry to F2 but he had to make a move for himself. He also told Jerry that he would have no problem convincing the other person (Dan) to bring him to F3 if he won VETO or HOH next week. Jerry still insists that he can play in VETO next week. Memphis just agrees with him but knows that Jerry can’t play.

Memphis chats and reassures Keesha that he will bring her to F2. They discuss how it is best to let Renny go now because everyone in the JH likes her and would vote for her to win in the game. They complain about Jerry and his stories and how they have to get rid of him.

After a little wine this evening Renny called Jerry out his smack talk about everyone. Jerry screamed at her and told her to go home. Renny then goes inside and starts talking smack about Jerry to Dan, then Keesha who entered the house.

At midnight (Jerry was in bed) the others all wished Dan a Happy Birthday. They played a round of those table questions. They had a pillow fight and all were sleeping by 3:02.

Will Memphis continue to drag Jerry around? Will Jerry ever stop yapping? When will Renny figure out she is the one leaving? Tomorrow will tell.