9:30 AM - BB wakes the Hgs up. Everyone is up getting ready for the day, random chit chat going on. Ollie lifts some weights while Keesha, Libra, Memphis & Jessie and Michelle sit on the backyard couch. Renny & April in the kitchen doing dishes and cooking. Jerry walks in and says he has lost 10 lbs. April wanders outside & announces that 'they' ( BB) are cleaning her HOH again.. she figures they are doing it because she is so clean. Backyard crew discussing what to do today.. talk of staring at the same stuff they stare at everyday. ( ed: sounds like they have an exciting day planned for us ! hah NOT )
Hgs move inside.. discusion turns to Hooters. Libra & Renny putting Hooters down & saying only men go there to ogle the women. Keesha being defensive saying families go there too, Ollie defending Keesha as well. Talk turns to sexual harassment at the workplace. April tells how men grab her ass at work all the time. Renny does a re-enactment of her meltdown from week 1.. lots of laughing & fun.

12:00 - Jessie up from his nap. Libra, Keesha & Renny move to the Hippie room talking about how much Jessie eats. Libra says he will eat them out of house & home.
Jerry is napping. Michelle & Ollie outside talking about their alliance of 4 ( Ollie, Michelle, Jessie & April ) They say they have to pretend to be nice & keep it a secret from the rest. ( ed : ha ha little do they know... )
April is laying on the lounger tanning. Memphis comes outside & lays on the lounger across the yard from April (near the pool ). Michelle on the lounger down from April ( ed: Michelle has her bathing suit on and her Uni tied like a bikini ) Dan is in the Pool. Renny goes outside & sits in a chair by the pool and starts talking with Dan & Memphis. April gets in the pool.... Random polie & fake chit chat .
Renny, Keesha & Libra in Hippie room trash talking April. They talk of how they have to play fake to her for now... make her think they are still voting Memphis out & are still on her side. ( ed: whole lota fakeness goin on in the BB house )
Dan laying in the livingroom. Jerry comes in and asks him if things are still ' ok' . Dan lies & says yes then changes the subject by asking Jerry about his wife. Jerry rambles on for abit, Dan looks like he is falling asleep.
Keesha gets her bikini on & goes to lay outside. Memphis sits on the lounger with her. Ollie in HOH having a shower & April in spa room by herself.

3:00 - Outside Lockdown . Most Hgs are sitting on the couch, some are eating. Idle chit chatter going on. Lots of fakeness and pretend smiles. Dan has a swim & lays out beside the pool.. starts singing & gets told to Stop by BB.
Dan, Ollie & Renny start swim club. Libra and April making small talk on the couch while Jessie dozes off close by. Jerry watching swim class . Keesha is laying out with Memphis. Michelle laying out by herself. Libra & April move closer to the pool to watch swim class. Dan gives Renny a warning she is close to detention. Lots of giggles & teasing going on.
3:41 - Lockdown ends. Jessie goes inside, into the spa room & lays down. Memphis, Libra, Jerry & Michelle all head inside. Swim Club continues. Keesha sits on steps of the pool & watches swim club. April still watching from the lounger. Renny serves detention by doing extra work on her swimming.. while Dan chants " do not mock the teacher " . They hug & swim club is over for the day. Ollie asks Renny to race.. she wins ! ( ed: they did good today.. huge improvement from when they first started )
Renny and Jessie in Bathroom, Renny giving Jessie a haircut.
Dan asks Keesha & Libra if they regret coming into the BB house. All three say no regrets .
Most Hgs inside now. Ollie & Dan doing dishes, Keesha & Libra in the spa room and Memphis wandering around waiting his turn for a haircut from Renny. When Memphis is done, the others tell Dan he needs his cut but he refuses. They speculate as to why he wont get a haircut.
( ed: April is wearing Jerrys hat.. she is in 1st place for being the fakest HG today ! )

6:00 - Dan has Libra wrap ice on his shoulder ( ed: the Hgs think Dan is faking his injury.. good fake move on Dan's part .. but April still tops the Fakism for the day so far .. )
Renny is in the kitchen cooking salmon for dinner. Jessie is laying in bed watching Michelle fix her Uni. Dan & Memphis play some chess. Ollie joins April in HOH where they discuss the game and trash talk Libra. Ollie says he cannot fake being nice anymore. April tells Ollie a story about Libra from earlier today but changes it a bit to make Libra look bad. They talk about getting Libra out next.
Dan comes up to HOH , April & Ollie ask him whats up with votes for Thursday ? he says the plan is still on track as far as he knows. ( ed : haha Dan is right up there with fakeness cuz he is doing well here at fakin' Ollie & April out ) April voices her fears of a few going against her. She says a couple people are strong-arming her to change her mind & let them vote Jessie out. Dan confirms the plan with the 7 is still going. April tells Dan she is going to pull the 7 together to make sure everyone is still voting Memphis out. April tells Dan that she has nothing going on with Jessie.. and only with Michelle for one week. Dinner is ready so Dan leaves. Michelle goes up to feed the fish. April fills her in a bit, they all go down to eat.

7:30 - Uncomfortable fake sit down dinner begins. Lots of fork to plate clatter & chewing sounds but not much chatter going on. Memphis is first done, thanks Renny and heads outside. Keesha finishes, does her dishes & heads outside. ( ed: April shoots daggers into Keeshas back as keesha passes by. ) Memphis & Keesha have a bitchfest about April.. hoping to get April out next week. Renny & Libra join them. Slight worry about what Dan was in HOH so long for. Dan comea out & fills them in. Warns them to get their game faces on for the HOH meeting.
Around 8:20ish, April calls a meeting for the 7 in the HOH. ( 7 consist of April, Ollie, Jerry, Keesha, Libra, Renny & Dan. ) April starts by apologizing to everyone for not having them up there sooner. Awkward silence.. renny says " everything is the same " . ( ed: OMFG The Fakeness !!!!! ) Libra & Keesha confirm they will do what April wants still. April does most of the talking, giving her reasons as to why Memphis needs to be voted out. Ollie & April play it up like they will still go after Jessie next if the house keeps Jessie in this week. Conversation goes around & around but back to the same thing.. the 5 assuring April & Ollie they will vote Jessie out. Memphis breaks the HOH pow-wow up by holding up abeer into the HOH Camera so the gang sees it....Hgs all thank April & go downstairs. ( ed : Thank You Memphis ! how awkkkkwaaaard ! )
Renny & Keesha walk while other Hgs sit on backyard couches. Michelle & Jessie talking alone.. Jessie says if Dan votes him out, he will crush Dans hand & make him squeal like a schoolgirl.

10:00 PM - Jerry showing the guys how to shoot pool. Plays against Dan using one hand. Libra, Renny, April on couch watching. Jessie, Michelle & Memphis in the kitchen talking cars. Renny wraps Keesha in saran wrap , Keesha is going to sit in the sauna wrapped in the plastic wrap. ( ed: this helps lose weight ? ) Dan advises not to. HGs give Keeshaa hard time about it. April, Jerry & Ollie talk game. Talk about voting Libra out next .
11ish- Dan on the hammock alone, talking to the cameras. He says he will get Libra out for Steven eventually. He asks America to please vote Jessie out to make it easier for him. He also tells us he will probably throw HOH this week.
Memphis joins Dan & they talk game. They figure after Thursday, others will be the targets so they shouldnt have to worry. They talk about needing to get April and Ollie out.
Ollie & April in HOH complaining about Libra. April says if Dan votes Jessie out she will get in his face.

Midnight - Hgs sing Happy Birthday to Libra . Lots of fakeness flying around. Hgs scatter thru-out the house. Libra & Keesha tell Renny tomorrow is her day to keep Jerry entertained. Libra & Keesha in Hippie room & Libra has a bit of a meltdown. Misses her kids & husband.
April & Ollie head to HOH room. And the sex show begins.
All Hgs asleep, Ollie & April get it on & if we were taking bets, I'd say April just won the Fake of the Day award !!!!!!!!