It might be safe to say this was one of the most game-changing days of the season thus far, with power changing sides quite quickly within the house.

Prior to the live show, the houseguests were woken up at about 9:45 in the morning after their late night getting wake-up calls from America. Not much really goes on before the live show aside from the weekly house-cleaning, some chess playing, eating and prepping for the live show. They do have a lockdown in the HOH until about noon, talking about Disney World, bed and breakfasts and a television show about ghost hungers among other random non-game-related things. From early afternoon on, the feeds show just a whole bunch of trivia!

During the live show, the tables turn and Jessie is evicted thanks to America’s vote, placing a major target on Dan. When Michelle wins the HOH competition regarding the wake-up calls from the night before, she is congratulated greatly by April, Ollie and Memphis, while Jerry goes straight to Libra and Keesha to tell them they are now targets.

When feeds come back at about 6:05, the house has officially blown up and arguments can be heard throughout the house. Michelle and Renny are heard fighting off camera, but what they are saying, we do not know at this point. While Libra is changing her shirt in the 70’s room in the presence of Keesha, the fighting ensues. She never gave her word to Jessie she says, and ends up having a fight with Jerry about how smart she is, but she points out she went to Rice and graduated magna cum laude – to which Jerry interrupts “with ‘low’ honors.” (ed. Seriously Jerry?) They fight about the jury house, Jerry clearly confused when Libra points out that the house is now 5 vs. 4, but not all get to vote in the end.

Apparently some nasty things were said to Dan, probably by Jerry as mentioned later (after the Libra fight he said “Dan is not worth my sweat” to Michelle). Libra wants Dan to stand up for himself, but he has gone to the 80’s room and covered his face with a pillow away from the action.

Michelle, April, Ollie and Jerry convene in the wash room while they are under an indoor lockdown and talk about everything changing. Michelle tells them about her suspicions of Dan being AP because of his story to Jessie about Monica. April feels bad Jessie is gone, while Jerry decides he’s going to show a sign of the cross with his fingers to Dan to make fun of him for using his religion and then not backing it up. In the other rooms Memphis goes to Dan to say he has his back and people shouldn’t be saying certain things to him, that April, Ollie and Jerry are now being arrogant. Michelle still swears she saw a banner about Libra lying. Jerry started to bring up Memphis but Michelle quickly says they need to worry about the others first.

Things kind of settle around 7 p.m., so Memphis points out to Michelle how Jerry has been following her around already. They confirm Michelle only gave word to Memphis and they will still work together, it’s what Jessie wanted them to do.

At about 7:25, Michelle goes to Dan and asks him flat out if Monica is real and if he is a teacher. He says yes, and then she repeatedly asks why? Why would he give his word and cry to Jessie and everything? Why? Dan responds and says he’s embarrassed but doesn’t know what to do and doesn’t really respond. Michelle wants to talk to him later.

At about 7:50, Michelle is found crying on her bed, and then Memphis consoles her. Apparently Jessie had said to him, “you and Michelle take this s**t” when he was leaving during the live show. Memphis points out to Michelle that when she won HOH he could hear the live audience cheering loudly for her over Libra. Michelle is called to the DR at 8:15.

Other feeds show how April is still against Memphis, now saying the car he won is worth $70,000. (Ed. Yesterday she was saying it was $60,000, and earlier, $50,000). We get fish and then are greeted by the HG’s in the HOH as Michelle is crying while reading her letter from home, from her brother, Stephen.

After a few minutes, Renny gives Michelle a kiss and leaves, crying. Dan is next out and goes to console her because she misses her family. Libra and Keesha leave too. The rest stay in the room while Michelle continues to talk about her family, the stuff from home and pictures. She seems to refuse to talk game with anyone just yet. At 9:20 she is called back to the DR.

After she is back at 9:45, she and Memphis go up to the HOH to share her wine and actually talk game. They toast to Angie and Jessie, “our alliance sucks” Memphis says sarcastically. They agree they need to work to get to the next week without being major targets. Michelle wants to ask everyone what she should do just to see what they say. Jerry meanwhile is venting to Ollie about Dan “turning” on him, and then goes on to tell Keesha about the ODJerry alliance.

At 10:10, April goes up to HOH while Jerry is called to the DR. They aren’t talking game yet at all. Keesha then goes to tell Libra about what Jerry said about O&D. Ollie is then called to the DR at 10:30, and Jerry comes up to the HOH at 10:45. He says he just got out of the DR, and because Ollie comes in five minutes, after having been the last one called to the DR – April points this out to Jerry to which he replies, “I shot a couple games of pool by myself.” April will think he is lying, as she tells Ollie this outside while getting laundry momentarily.

Memphis is then called to the DR, leaving Jerry with Michelle – so now he finally has the chance to change the conversation from her family to the game. April and Ollie join them after 11 p.m., telling them Memphis had said Libra had approached him about the vote switch. She wants to put Libra up, and will take on a 3 to 3 tie so she can tell Libra to leave.

They talk about how Dan is probably a plant, or the AP because he had said he and Monica were supposed to be in the house together, but she backed out. Jerry is irate, thinking BB is using religion and the AP twist in a way – Michelle is trying to tell him it would be Dan’s idea to use religion, not BB’s. He at some point in this conversation brings up again about making a cross with his fingers to Dan and then wants to tell him to “burn in hell.”

Memphis is back to the HOH quickly, and April addresses why she wanted him out (the cost-changing car), and it has nothing to do with him as a person. Michelle announces to all by saying to Memphis that she has no problems with him – at this point Memphis says it was actually his idea; he wants to take credit, for pointing out how the vote could change to the other side of the house. April says, “I knew Libra didn’t deserve that much credit.” Memphis says that Jessie told him April was after him, but this was somehow out of context so there shouldn’t have been bad blood b/t April and Memphis.

Jerry finally leaves, and midnight his time on slop and Michelle’s time in the unitard are over. Michelle goes downstairs. Ollie and Memphis talk briefly about how people are being harsh with Dan, because Memphis thinks people aren’t thinking about the kinds of things they say.

At 12:40, Memphis talks to Dan downstairs about how Libra and either he or Keesha are going up probably, but points out that Libra, Keesha and Renny aren’t an alliance, it’s essentially a pair between Keesha and Renny, while April and Ollie are another pair. He wants to break up any threesomes. Dan and Memphis both agree they need Keesha in the game, but neither could save her by winning POV.

Later, at 1:30, Keesha goes to the HOH to talk to Michelle. Michelle tells her the story about how she felt like a puppy looking in last week. Keesha says she wouldn’t go against Michelle. Keesha says if she were Michelle she’d put up her or Libra, and then either April or Ollie. Michelle says there was no deal between her, April, Ollie and Jerry.

Dan joins them in the HOH, but Keesha leaves to go talk to Memphis. She tells Memphis they know it’s up to the POV as to what happens. Dan understands Michelle being angry with him, but he chose to go with the numbers even though she had faith in him to do otherwise. He wouldn’t say who started the vote change, but knew that April was ineligible for HOH so he had a better chance odds-wise with the others.

Libra later talks to Michelle, saying if Jessie were here and she was HOH she’d put up Jessie and Michelle. She had no problems with Michelle until she announced the banner statement.

Downstairs, Jerry apparently didn’t say goodnight to Dan as he usually does.

Memphis, Michelle, Renny, Keesha, Libra and Dan are the last ones up talking in the backyard. Memphis says to Michelle jokingly, “funny how many more friends we have now.” LKR have deduced that April should have had Jerry use the POV, then she wouldn’t be on their bad side. Not much else happens, and the houseguests are in bed by 3:35.
Another late night!