Big Brother Recap August 8, 2008
Michelle’s Reign, Jessie’s Payback and a blast from the past

The houseguests were woken up early for the luxury/food competition. While everyone goes around with their morning routine, Jerry starts right in complaining about not having any food and how Dan had a nerve to say goodnight to him last night and from now on he is calling him Judas (because Dan did not vote the way Jerry wanted, Jerry is upset and has brought Dan’s religion into the mess). By 9:00 am all were dressed, fed and sequestered to the HOH room. The room was full of tension and no one talked except in whispers.

The food/luxury competition started around 9:15 and lasted until 1:30. We find out from the houseguests that they won 3 days of food. They won lobster and a feast and a grill. We immediately hear that they are on slop both today and tomorrow. Once they were freed from another HOH lockdown they started talking, Keesha and Libra commented on how pretty Janelle was and how she told them to keep fighting that everyone loves the drama. Renny commented that Jen (from season 8) told her she liked her. Renny and Keesha both said that Jun was very smart.

We figured out that the competition had the former houseguests ask them questions about current events that have happened since they have been in house and they had to answer true or false. They learned that the earthquake was real, that Bret Favre is now playing for the Jets and that gas price went over $5.00 a gallon. April commented on how cute Matty was (from season 9). Dan was glad that Brian (from this season) hosted the competition and commented on how he thanked them for voting him out first. Dan also said that he got some information from Dan and he would share it with them all later. A bit later we find out that Brian has not seen his girlfriend and he thinks Dan’s sister is hot.

While Michelle put away the week’s food (she is the only one allowed to eat until after Sunday) April joined her and started once again talking bad about Libra. She kept saying that America hates her (like how would she know).

Libra commented that she knew she was being nominated and she was not going to campaign against her friends, she just wants people t talk to her and not shun her like they did the other houseguests that were nominated. Keesha starts crying because of the earthquake and hopes her friends are all OK. Jerry keeps repeating himself about Dan being Judas all day, he told everyone several times that Dan was Judas because he did not vote the way he said he was going to vote ( wait till he finds out that Dan did not even vote that America voted for Dan.).

April and Ollie chat about Jerry. Seems Jerry told Ollie that he wanted to leave because he can’t stand the slop anymore, They both agree that they are tired of carrying his ass an and he should be more grateful, and he needs to shut up all he does is ramble about the same thing over and over. In walks Jerry and he again repeats the same story about Dan, April said he was not the only one that changed his vote, which Jerry replied that he told him he was voting Memphis out while holding his cross and he was going to now call him BAD for Benedict Arnold Dan. April said he had to forgive him and move on and Jerry replied, never he is an F(*&# assh*(e.

Michelle wants to take 1000 dollars from Libra (Libra would give it to her for not nominating her) then nominate her anyways. April wants her to take 1000 dollars from her because she is a Fu^&#*$ whore and she had her mind made up before the VETO ceremony so she didn’t even try for the VETO.

After extended Fish again today we find out that Libra and Keesha are nominated and that Michelle said that she was not telling anyone how to vote that they can vote anyway they want as long as one of them leave. She also said that Dan’s key was last out of the box for a reason (guess he might be the replacement nominee if either of them win or is saved with the VETO)

Once the feeds return we now here Jerry repeating that Dan is AP that he has never played n a VETO ceremony, that he has never won HOH and that he is never in any fights. He then said he gave the finger to Dan earlier and Dan and all he did was smile so he must be playing for money. He goes on and on about this.

After the nomination ceremony Dan follows Michelle up to the HOH. He thanked her for not nominating him. She was rather snippy and said why couldn’t you thank me downstairs? Were you afraid that your alliance might see you do it? He replied no, he just wanted to talk to her in private. She then said he was glad Libra was up and that it was about time the tides turned and one of them left. She told him that if he won the VETO she expects him to leave the nomination the same, she wanted Libra out. He thanked her again and left. IN walked Renny to the HOH room. Michelle tells Renny that the reason that she put Keesha up was to make sure that Libra left, that it was one less vote for Libra to stay.

Libra went around the house asking people if they won the POV if they would use it to save her. Everyone pretty much said no or that it would depend on who the replacement was. Keesha talked to Michelle and Michelle told her that she was not the target that all she wanted was Libra out. Michelle said that the reason she did not put up April is because a lot of people told her to do so and she was afraid that April would be voted out over Libra and she again said she wanted Libra gone. Keesha told Michelle that if she stays that Michelle was not her target, that she never was her target.

Pretty boring night in the compound. April stressed to Ollie that she expected and apology from Libra and Keesha because they went behind her back and voted out Jessie. (It is a game you playing little one). Olllie said that a waitress was not going to apologize.

When Dan got into bed he said goodnight to Jerry as he has done every night since he has been in the BB house. After a few seconds, Jerry croaked out a goodnight Dan.

Michelle had this conversation with her stuffed animal “Holly”. Holly is a stuffed sheep.
Ok i will tell you a story. (Michelle says to stuffed Holly)

IN Pov...someone won slop, trip to Hawaii, money and POV

Holly asks "in Michelle’s little kid voice" what did you win
Michelle well a really mean person took my trip from me.
Holly OMG why would she do that.
Michelle she will be taken care of
Holly How do you know she wont win the POV
Michelle- I am HOH this week....
Holly omg im just going crazy.
Michelle I put a girl named Libra up for eviction.
Holly I don’t like her I don’t even want her to touch me I hate her
Michelle she’s nominated so she has to play in the POV so I want you to give me good luck
for tomorrow
Holly OMG I want you to win. You know what would be cooler?
Michelle What Holly
Holly If Jessie came back in the game.
Michelle Holly have I ever told you how smart you are?
Michelle we have to go to bed so we can get rest for the POV tomorrow.
Michelle Tells Holly she is in the HOH room right now
Holly Where is everyone....
Michelle Everyone is sleeping its just me
Holly Well you have me....I will never turn my back on you. Ok I love you
Michelle I love you too awwwwww.

(Michelle says you know they are probably going to put that on TV)

The whole house is asleep by 2:15 am.

Who will that POV tomorrow? Will they use it? Will Michelle continue her revenge for Jessie? Will Dan stop feeling so guilty about his vote? Who can shut the Jerry up? What will the feast be tomorrow night? Will anyone talk to Libra tomorrow? Who knows?