9:20 AM
After several minutes a Fish, we see all the houseguests are up and getting ready for the day, leading us to believe that something is afoot. Very little talking, just lots of morning routine.

Michelle tells April about hearing low voices saying, ‘Jesssieeeeee’. Also, the Snoop Dog CD she has is not hers. She thinks the house may be haunted (ed. I think Michelle may be losing touch with reality).

Elsewhere, Libra says before she leaves, she's going to ask Ollie which one is it, "Am I scalawag or a ho?" (ed. Referencing something that Ollie said to her last night).

10:30 AM
Feed are cut for 20 minutes. When they return we find the reason for the early wake up was to pick players for the Veto. In addition to Michelle, Libra and Keesha, we learn that April, Memphis, and Jerry are playing too. We also learn that BB let Michelle verify that all the names were in the bag this time and later Michelle says there were 2 HG choice chips in the bag too.

Michelle and Keesha have an hour long chat in the HOH. Keesha is not Michelle’s target. Keesha's not mad at Michelle. They wonder what the comp will be and strategize of ways to make sure that Libra doesn’t win. Michelle says she might take Keesha off and put Dan up to shake things up. Lots of Libra bashing.

Somewhere during this time, Ollie and April are in one of the bedrooms questioning each other if they would pose nude for Playboy and the likes. (ed. And if I may, of ALL the people in the house, these two are the least in need of having this conversation).

11:30 AM
Mostly more conversation in the HOH. April has joined them. Conversation moves from family and to who should win the money and how they need the money more than others. Renny joins them too and mostly listens.

Once Michelle and April are alone, they jump with excitement about the names pulled for POV.

12:30 PM
April notes that Dan doesn’t even try in the competitions and alludes to him being America’s Player. Michelle says he really thinks he’s going to lose his job. April says, “Good I think he should lose his job. St Mary’s I think Dan should lose his job.” They demonize Libra a bit before they join the others downstairs.

Renny tells Keesha she’s worried people will come after them because they are friends. Libra is in the next room resting up for the Veto. Feeds are cut around 1:30 for the Veto competition

5:00 PM
Feeds are back and we are quick to learn that Jerry won the Veto.
The comp was called ‘Cry Me a Veto’ and had something to do with finding, carrying and maybe cutting onions. Prizes were involved.
Memphis has to wear a garland of onions for 24 hours.
April won a shopping spree of designer clothes.
Renny says she didn’t even win an acorn.

Jerry goes on a power tirade for several hours repeating the HE is going to take down Keesha and put up Dan to teach him a lesson. He makes sure to tell Michelle that he stuck with her and Jessie last week and he’ll respect her wishes though. He reminds people that they gave their word to vote Libra out.

Memphis points out to April that she won $10k and now the shopping spree and that makes them even, referring to his winning of the car.

7:00 pm
Houseguests are seen primping for the lobster feast that they won yesterday and go on a long HOH lockdown where they express that they are HUNGRY!

8:30 PM
Houseguests are finally allowed downstairs and they are impressed with how much food there is. There is also wine (ed. A key ingredient to events that follow). Renny says grace that includes a prayer for them all to take something special from everyone, “good OR bad” from their experience in the house.

Keesha leads them all in a love fest saying that everyone should say something positive about everyone else. All the sharing gets several of them to crying, most notably Libra. Dan tries to say some things but gets so choked up he has to stop and walk away. He gets through some nice things to say to Jerry and Jerry tells him gruffly that he is still a traitor, America’s player or not (ed. I’m paraphrasing).

Keesha makes an attempt to bring everyone back to the ‘love’ and that seems to work until they break up and go to different rooms.

9:30 PM
ShoToo Crawl: Michelle is the current HOH, Tensions are high in the house as the houseguests try to avoid each other, Until they are forced into the HOH to prepare for the feast, The nomination ceremony will air Sunday night

Libra takes Ollie to the storage room. She's sobbing and says she never thought he would ever say something so hurtful as to call her a scalawag and a ho. Ollie apologizes and hugs her. He says he was caught up in the moment after they switched the votes on April.
A calmer Libra takes the opportunity to inform Ollie that the vote switch was not her doing, it was Keesha. Ollie says that’s all he needed to hear.

Meanwhile Keesha has April in the Spa room and they are screaming at each other. Part of their yelling was because they agreed they don’t like Libra and she was at fault for many things. Some of the yelling was them saying how much they hurt each other’s feelings. Since their voices went ultrasonic (mostly Keesha), I couldn’t really tell if there were any legitimate arguments.

Libra listens at the Spa door a bit, then knocks and asks to speak with April when she has a chance. She closes the door and the girls go at it again. Much of it seemed to be Keesha doing preemptive damage control knowing that April would be talking with Libra.

10:00 PM
April and Keesha continue. Eventually April says that Keesha won’t be leaving, they hug it out and the room.

Michelle lets Dan know the only reason he is not up now is Michelle was afraid he would be the one to leave and she really wants Libra out.

Everyone switched rooms several times before the feeds settle in on Michelle and Keesha in the HOH. Michelle wanted to make the point that during dinner Libra said that Keesha would rather go home and get the designer clothes shopping spree. Keesha goes ultrasonic again and goes on an anti-Libra rant. Libra sticks her head into the HOH during this process to see if April is there. They agree they will talk later, but not right now.

Meanwhile April tells Dan that she absolutely loves Ollie, they will be together after the show and that she will marry Ollie.

10:30 PM
Michelle brings April to the HOH but won’t say why until they get to the room so that April could repeat the comments Libra made about Keesha wanting the designer clothes. Libra ends up in the room with them and she is confronted about it. She says she said that as a joke. Libra and Keesha have it out, which switched to Libra and Michelle having it out, which switched to Michelle, Keesha and April having it out with Libra, with some side arguments here and there. Anytime it sounds like Keesha was being blamed for anything, she would just yell louder and higher until she finally stormed out of the room.

The other three continue to argue until Michelle let’s April and Libra have the room to talk things out. She goes to find Keesha who is still hysterical. Michelle is trying to understand why, and the best she gets from Keesha is that Keesha is upset at how she has to act in the house and it is not like her to be this way. She manages to get in quips about April being the cause of everything, not Libra, and April always gets away with it.

Back in the HOH, Libra has calmed and goes into HR manager mode to convince April that Keesha is the reason for the vote switch.

11:00 PM
Michelle has left Keesha and goes into full melt down. She covers herself in pillows on the back yard couch and starts to cry. Then she gets up and starts yelling at everyone (ed. But no one is there).
She goes upstairs and starts throwing couch cushions around pretty forcefully all the while screaming that everyone put themselves in the position they are in and the only person she trusted is gone.

Libra and Keesha barely acknowledge the screaming going on outside the HOH room and Libra continues her point by point explanation of why she did what she did. This includes the reason she made April a cake was so that April wouldn’t suspect that things has changed about the vote (ed. April had given her a guilt trip about this earlier).

Keesha has made it out to the back yard where she continues her hysterics to Jerry and Dan. Jerry tries to calm her but it has no effect. She’s still ranting about not liking herself in the house.

Libra and April leave the HOH and Michelle pounces on Libra (ed. verbally). They end up in the living room going from chair to couch to standing to sitting all while screaming at each other. Michelle’s main point is that Libra orchestrated the evictions by convincing others they were the target if the evictions didn’t go the way they did. Libra’s main point is that she does not control anything more than her own vote and people give her too much credit for getting people evicted. One of the great quotes of the night, Libra turns to April and says, "If you don't vote me out, I'll never talk to you again." Michelle responded, “I guess you’ll be talking to her then”.

Ollie and Dan had been in the living room but have managed to slip away. Dan had gone into the shower and he is shown looking over the shower door. When Michelle comes back to the bathroom (still ranting), Dan quickly turns on the water. Michelle is undaunted and throws a volley of questions at Dan anyway. His responses (if any) are not heard.

11:30 PM
Libra wants in the DR but can’t get in because Keesha is already in there, so Libra and April go to the storage room to argue some more. Nothing really new except the price of the car Memphis won reached a momentary high of $100,000 when Libra called out April for starting at $50k then $60k then $70k.

Michelle and Keesha have made it back up to the HOH. Michelle says that Keesha is staying whether she likes it or not.

People still moving around a lot. Now Michele and Libra have gone to one of the bedrooms to talk some more. Libra trying the calm approach, but Michelle is still fired up and not listening, so Libra goes back to yelling too (ed. Aren’t these people exhausted yet?)

We get an extended Fish and come back to an outside lock down so BB can clean up from the feast. Everyone seems to be calmer and the drama has ceased.

1:00 AM
When the lockdown is over, most everyone makes their way to their beds. The exception being Libra. She had a late night DR session (ed. wouldn’t be surprised if the psychologist had been on stand-by for hours). She emerges around 3:00 AM and goes to bed too.

How will April and Ollie break this all down once they have a chance to talk? Will Keesha stay on the block? If she does, is she really safe? Will the price of the car reach $150k? I can’t wait to find out!

Updaters, you were amazing last night! Good job!