9 pm- Midnight

The feeds go live for the brand new season of BB promptly at 9 pm and the houseguests celebrate their new life with 24 hour internet supervision. Not surprisingly, Renny is the first person to get reprimanded by BB after we go live because she needs to check her microphone.

BB shows that Jerry’s picture has the veto next to it, revealing him as the POV holder. While dinner is being cooked inside by Ollie, Jessie, Keesha, Libra and April, the other houseguests are outside laughing at jokes provided by Brian. After the other HGs head inside, Brian and Dan have a strategizing session in the backyard. It seems as though Jerry broke his word to Brian and put him up. Brian wants to think that America is the “14th HG” and will have the chance to save him. The houseguests inside begin to realize the limitations that BB has in terms of giving them alcohol. They are all requesting it, but BB is being stingy.

Steven seems to have told everyone that he is gay since he is bummed there aren’t 2 gays. Classy April is determined to be in the dreams of all the boys in the house by happily announcing that she doesn’t wear panties.

Steven tells Brian that he thinks that Libra, Ollie and April are on a high horse and think they are running everything, but so far, it seems to be true. .

Keesha admits to getting drunk at 19 in Canada and Jerry confesses that he drove drunk into a cornfield and wrecked his Chevy convertible after coming back from Korea.

Brian coaches Steven by telling him to be wary of the Jessie/Memphis alliance but considering how things are faring for Brian, Steven should be a bit wary of what he believes. Brian says that if he gets voted out, he gets to see Gretchen’s fine (insert word for rumpus) and about being on Housecalls.

Inside houseguests talk and laugh about Renny giving shoutouts to Walmart and Walgreens, Firehouses, etc. They say that when they were running around the house, she wanted to “run gay” and wanted someone to run with her and no one did.

The slop eaters are counting down til midnight when they can eat real food again.

Jerry tells Dan that he felt betrayed by Brian because Brian admitted that Jerry and Ollie were going to be used as gophers and that Brian making multiple alliances put the three of the others in danger. Jerry seems to have trust in Dan, but definitely none in Brian.

The storage room is opened and the houseguests got alcohol, candy and Libra notices microwave popcorn but they don’t have a microwave- smart BB, smart! Libra also demands that the alcohol stay in the fridge until midnight when everyone can drink it. Keesha agrees. Steven tells Keesha that Libra is pissing him off being bossy like she is.

Michelle tells Angie that Renny is starting to annoy her.

Renny joins the kitchen crew in another costume. Libra, Keesha, Jerry and Ollie were discussing BB8s Slopgate when Jen ate when she was on slop. They then begin to make fun of Jen and how she wasn’t pretty and they didn’t like her. They joke with Keesha that Daniele (BB8) is her sister or cousin.

While Brian is in the washroom, he overhears Jerry in the kitchen say that Brian was the one that wanted to use the military to gain his trust. He says to himself that Jerry better hope that Brian doesn’t stay because he is lying. And he’s mad at Ollie.

Steven has figured out that when Jerry gets to talking like he knows everything, you just have to agree with him and tells Dan. Keesha and Steven have another run in with Libra being bossy and telling them to wipe down the front of the refrigerator outside.

The houseguests have learned to use random countries to mention people who did not sign the release for their names to be used. Steven realizes that Libra is the one that told everyone that he was gay. The stereotyped uber-conservative Dan and gay Steven have a nice conversation about Stevens coming out- good job BB, that casting twist has already gone bust.

Midnight- 4 am

All the restricted food houseguests are able to eat and eat they did! The houseguests split up the alcohol and toast that slop is over before filling their faces.

Memphis, Steven and Dan all chug theirs and Steven wins. The boys are out in the backyard and Steven goes on to talk about “that colored girl” has made a power move by being controlling and that she thinks she rules the house. Once Angie comes outside, the talk stops. Libra follows out the door and they start to talk about Renny and how she is a little cooky.

Libra starts to cry inside since she misses her family. Angie comforts her. Jerry joins in.

The first showmance of the season is shown with April and Ollie cuddling and kissing in bed. April tells him that she thinks Angie is prettier than Keesha because Keesha has bad teeth.

Meanwhile, outside, Dan and Brian are trying to plan for Brians escape from eviction before heading to bed.

Renny, Libra, Keesha and Steven lay in bed and talk about how sequester was lonely and how they cried and that they hope BB gives them a shopping spree before finally quieting and heading to bed.

Sweet dreams little ones.