8:50 am - Jerry is first up, wandering around the house. Soon after, Jessie joins. They go outside to work out. Jessie is giving jerry some pointers.(ED: Its almost cute. ) We learn that jessie eats a banana every morning when he works out.
Renny is up & in the bathroom. Renny putters around the house while Jessie helps Jerry work out. All other HGs still sleeping at this point.

9:36 - HGs are woken up for the day. April, Libra, Jerry & Keesha walk & workout a bt in the backyard. Jessie & Memphis play some chess & talk strategy . Keesha has a wee cry because she is bloated & hasnt gone #2 since she was on slop .. she also has a rash. Angie talks to Ollie alone, asks him to vouch for her that she is not 'with' Brian , that she is just enjoying his company while he is there.( ed note : I think Angie is getting a little worried .. as she should be.)

Some talk of the puppet show a few Hgs put on last night.( Can be viewed in Media ) Angie acts out parts of it. HGs comment they are glad they have Jessie as their personal trainer..( ED: his plan is working muahahaha ) . Steven says he is hoping to get materials to bake a cake today. Will BB grant his wish ? Read on to find out !
Michelle & Steven have a tiff over dishes with Libra playing the peacemaker. Renny pops in for a bit of it, nothing much came from it. Michelle & Steven make friends again.
A few Hgs in the pool. Others hanging out in the kitchen, munching & chilling. HGs talk of BB bringing in Pizza for them today... the highlight of their day it seems.. haha.

2:12 Outside Lockdown
HGs find Pizza waiting for them outside. Everyone except Jessie sitting around eating pizza. idle chit-chat, not much exciting. When the pizza eating is done, HGs disperse.. April & Ollie whispering & talking close. Memphis & Jessie working out & talking about their muscles. Michelle & keesha laying in the sun.. other HGs whereabouts unknown at this time but known to be outside. ( Hiding in the jackshack maybe ? haha ) Michelle flirts with Jessie a little as he works out. Renny dances around the yard a little bit while keesha takes a short dip in the pool. Some of the Hgs start a game of Bocce ball using the pool table balls , feeds go to Fish & when they come back, HGs are no longer playing. ( ED : BB must have told them to stop that ! )
Most Hgs sitting in or around the pool. Brian & Keesha sitting on the sofas talking about brian going home & Brians sisters wedding.

( 4:02 - BB comes on the speakers & tells the Hgs it wont be much longer & to be patient plz )

4:10 - Lockdown over, HGs go inside.
Michelle, Ollie, Keesha in kitchen talking about previous BB seasons, talk turns to Jen , Nick & Dani. They said Jen talked about herself alot when she interviewed them all. ( ED: Figures )

4:45ish - Jerry goes up to HOH to blog, gets his Camera. Michelle & Renny put makeup on & get ready for pictures. All the girls decide to primp for pictures... dressed up like it was a live show or something. ( You'll all see what i mean when you see the HOH Pics . lol )
The Hgs finally do the HOH Pictures.
Angie & Steven discuss trying to get enough votes to keep Brian. Steven says memphis told Brian there was no way its possible. Angie is worried her or steven will be the next target if Brian leaves this week. The term " Night Crew' was used.. a possible future alliance name ? Angie is going to talk to Memphis and Steven will talk to Keesha about keeping Brian.

6:45 - Renny is cooking everyone dinner. pasta & salad. While dinner is being prepared Michelle & Angie were outside talking and Angie told Michelle she wants to get Libra out. Michelle said stick to the plan of Brian, Renny, Steven & Jerry until week 4 and then they will all split up & rethink things. HGs have a sit down dinner together around 7:35.
Libra braids Keeshas hair, the HGs discover ants in the backyard, jerry explains to keesha how to use a suppository & ...

8:55 - They get Alcohol. Beer and 3 bottles of wine ( wow BB is looking for drama tonite ) .
HGs sitting outside , drinking their alcohol & chit chatting. They start up a game of Zooma Zooma . Everyone is getting along good.
Jessie & Memphis talk of taking Jerry far & gunning for Steven to go soon. Libra comes in & talk turns to renny & how she has changed and isnt as wierd as she was and how Renny thinks she is being evicted. Talk turns to Brian being scared of Jessie & Memphis.
Angie pulls keesha aside & tells her she wants to keep Brian & only needs 2 more votes. Libra, april & michelle talk of how Angie exluded them, they put hats on & go outside to play the Pole game .
( Pole game, they have to hold the pole to their head & spin 10 times, then run & grab a ball & put the ball in the basket ) . Libra wins the round 1 of pole game.
Angie comes out & whispers to Steven that keesha is on board to keep brian .
Steven and Brian make plans for Sac races. They use black garbage bags. Renny, Libra, Michelle, & April. Bags rip .. lol not such a great idea. Ollie & Brian VS Libra & April in a 3legged race.
Michelle cut her foot in the race , Dan & Jerry are giving her first aid in the storage room as
Brian & Ollie win the 3legged race ! Next is the wheelbarrow race with Brian & April vs Steven & Libra with Brian & April for the win !
Keeehsa hints to Libra and April about angies plan to keep Brian . April, Libra & Michelle in the spa trash talking Angie. Talk turns to the showmance between April and Ollie.
Big fight between Keesha & April. Something about Keesha being a backstabber & throwing water on April. Michelle & jerry got it calmed down . Keesha hates April now. April says Keesha has flipped.
Things calm down & Steven and Dan go for a game of chess ( and gossip LOL) Dan tells Steven he is the coolest guy in the house. HGs scattered through the house mainly gossiping .
After everything has settled, it looks like Brian is still the main target . Angie is not on most peoples good side at this point . Jerry gets Keesha her enema, she wanders off to do her thing while the rest of the Hgs chit chat through-out the house. Plan changes to get rid of Steven next.

12:41 - Keesha & April hug.. Hgs cheer. ( how sappy ! )
April and Steven outside talking strategy.. say they need to break up the other group. ( They better win HOH then . lol ) Ollie & April snuggle and talk.. others start going to bed .. night crew outside chatting about not much. All Hgs sleeping except brian & Jessie.. idle chit chat then Brian goes to bed.

3:38 - Jessie goes to bed .
LIghts out !

TV Show Recap

Brians Diary room first.. says he is exploiting jerry for brians good.Jessie & Renny hash it out for a bit while Brian sits back n loves it.
Brian talks to Ollie & Dan about him using jerry as his puppet.
All head up to HOH fo ra party with Jerrys HOH Treats.
Renny apologizes to jessie & the argument starts again that ends with Renny leaving the room.
Brian, Ollie & Michelle outside.. talk is about renny.. saying she will self destruct & they should vote out jessie with the others agreeing.
Brian talking to Angie .. asks if she will do a favour for him by voting a certain way & he will keep her off the block for another few weeks.
Brian tells Steven the same thing.
Brian tells Memphis the same thing.
Brian, Ollie & Dan talking.. brian saying how he has jerry as his puppet . Shows Brians DR saying he is calling the shots.
Comes back from commercial showing Ollie & April talking & flirting.
They pick players for Veto. Jerry, jessie, Renny.. Jerry pickes memphis, renny picks michelle & jessie picks april
HGs in POV comp are dressed in different colour Nightwear. Huge bed with coloured pillows. They have to find bears that match their colours . First to find 5bears wins. They have to slide under a bridge , thru a river of honey , jump onto the bed where they rip open pillows full of feathers to find their bears.
( HGs on the sidelines do the wave. )
Jessie wins POV by a bear....
Brians DR saying he can get jerry to put whoever brian wants up & out.
Comes back to Brian & Dan talking about memphis doing well in the POV.
Brian takes jerry up & says to put memphis up.. says memphis was so strong he needs to go.
Jerry agrees.
Ollie, Keesha, april & Libra talking .. brian comes in & tells them that memphis is going home.
Ollie & Brian left, the girls talk of how brian was acting pompous . The girls start to figure out the Brian/ollie/dan alliance.
Angie, Keesha & Michelle in spa.
Talk of how good much of a threat brian is.
Libra explains to april what brian/Ollie & Dans plan is. Libra figured it all out.
April confronts ollie about it.. Ollie says he is not against the girls.
Ollie tells Libra & april they were right. They hash it out abit. new plan is to get brian out.
( Ollie saved his butt good in that mess )
Ollie filling memphis in on the plan for brian to get memphis put up in jessies place.
memphis tells Jessie.
Libra, Ollie & keesha.. Libra & ollie tell keesha they wanna Backdoor brian. Plan to talk to jerry about it. They plan to get everyone except for brian & Dan to go talk to jerry in HOH.
Plan begins..
April gets Jerry up into HOH .. others head up as well. The ambush starts ! LOL Everyone except brian & dan in HOH explaining whats going on to jerry.
All 9 tell jerry he will not go up next week if he puts brian up.
and we get commercial . grrrrr
POV Ceremony - Jessie uses the veto & Brian gets put up in his place. ( Poor jerry )
Angie cries... ( ED: someone call the waaambulance ! )
Dans DR saying how shocked he is.
brians DR - The player got Played.
Who will be evicted fromt he BB house ? Find out Live wed at 8 !
Over & Out !