Food Competition puts many of the same on slop, Steven and Dan go on the block.

Quick Recap (The Important Stuff):

Food Comp: Food – Jessie (HOH), Dan, Angie, Michelle, Steven, Ollie
Slop – Keesha, Libra, Memphis, April, Renny, Jerry
Nominated: Steven and Dan
Target: Steven
- Libra will not stop talking about being “too weak” from slop already
- “Lil’ Johnny” the fish, dies in the HOH tank
- The bible makes its first significant appearance
- April and Ollie talk relationship beyond house reality

And now in a bit of detail:

The first day of a new week began bright and early with Renny at 7:06 in the morning. She fixed herself some breakfast amidst the cup-wreckage from everyone drinking the night before. After she finds the batteries haven’t arrived in the storage room she goes to refill toilet paper and is surprised by the voice of a producer directly telling her production only then was getting new batteries to the storage room.
Renny paused at the memory wall for several minutes, and spent time in each room looking around. Could she actually be preparing for future competitions?
At about 8:45 she sits down for a massage in the sauna room.
9:08 rolls around as the Saved By the Bell TV theme comes on for a few verses before the BubblesOTH. We find out later they played “I’m Too Sexy” for Jessie, an Amy Winehouse song and “Red Red Wine” to foreshadow the food competition.
For the good part of the morning there is little if any strategy talk because everyone is excited to have the first active group competition since Day 1.
Libra will talk about basically only two things today – no lie. She starts her first topic at 9:45, continuing to bring up the live show question about being away from her children for potentially so long. She repeats many times that being a mom won’t be her “soap box,” but she will have two children in college at once so this is worth it if she wins the money. (ED: Maybe she learned from Sheila’s ‘I’m a single mom’ mistake?)
Later, at about 10:40, Keesha discusses with roommate Renny about how Libra and April are actually the two biggest gamers in the house – pointing out how odd it was that April jumped all over Jessie after the HOH competition.
The Bible makes its first significant appearance because Steven gets Dan to explain a few things to him. Steven admits that BB stole his Bible – we then find out this is because he had taken the Gideon bible from the hotel thinking that is what they’re meant for. More interesting Steven & religion talk to come…

12:17 BubOTH for the Food Competition
1:36 – Feeds back
What we know about the food comp:
- 2 Teams: Red – Libra, Keesha, April, Renny, Memphis & Jerry
Green – Angie, Michelle, Jessie, Dan, Steven, Ollie
- Comp: Pouring “wine” (water w/ red dye) into buckets of some sort and in some order
- Libra kept pointing out how Michelle would stand by and pour everything in
(as if everyone on her team had done theirs individually).
- Libra also talked about how there were a lot of variables for things to go
- Red team lost, many of the same people on slop for week – mostly women
- April was putting loss on herself?

Libra’s second and just about only other topic of conversation for the day was about how unhappy she is to be on slop again. She tells Big Brother they’ll only get expletives in her DR session (they try to get her in their soon after the comp to no avail), and keeps telling Memphis, Jerry and Renny that they’ll definitely feel the effects by Saturday. She talks about this at multiple times for at least the next nine hours. When Keesha goes into the sauna later that night, she even refuses to join because she’ll be “too weak” – mind you, they’ve been on slop for less than one third of a day.
Steven finally goes to see Jessie’s room. Batman stuff – will they get a viewing of The Dark Knight?
At about 2:30 Memphis talks to Angie about his modeling which then turns into religion with Steven and Dan. Steven asks a lot of questions and says that people shouldn’t speak up and put down other religions. Dan points out how, as an example, the Koran says Muslims should strike down others that put down Islam. Steven says he thinks that’s crap while everyone else hushes him because they are going to be implemented in the conversation to America. As Steven continues, Angie even hides her head from the cameras.
April makes a rare appearance on the feeds at 3:05, almost in tears about how she thinks her sister is probably hurting for her because she’s on slop again. (ED: Oy)
At about 4 p.m. Dan almost gets caught looking at the spy screen in the HOH room but hides in the bathroom in time as Jessie comes in with Ollie. We have our first fish fatality when Jessie notices that “Lil’ Johnny” died in his tank.
Memphis and Angie have spent a good amount of time in conversation – he tells her his real name is Robert.
Dan told Jessie he wouldn’t put him on the block in the future, that he had to vote in favor of Brian because that’s who he was loyal to and it didn’t matter, he’d given his word. After Dan leaves, Jessie whispers “poor guy” to himself.

5:15 – BubOTH, then a brief interlude of Steven and Angie playing outside and getting yelled at by Big Brother, then BubOTH for Jessie’s nominations.

7:18 – Feeds back – Jessie nominated Dan and Steven, as planned.

Dan tells Jessie he definitely understands, and the worst potential situation is if Steven wins POV. As they talk, Steven confides to Angie that he needs to do some soul-searching and has basically accepted a Steven/Dan/Angie departure this week.
Apparently Jessie told Steven in his speech that he thought it was disrespectful he did not come to see his HOH room, that Steven had no excuse because he saw Dan tell Steven Jessie had his key by way of the spy screen at some point the night before.
8:07 – Memphis and Keesha talk in the sauna about how they are still unsure of Angie and it sucks that they have to veer from the plan to get Renny, Jerry and Dan out first.
8:46 – Big Brother randomly announces: “Most people don’t know that the world’s largest weathervane is located in Spain.” (Not the first time they’ve gotten weird facts a la BB).

For the majority of the rest of the night there is little to no strategy talk, and most people are tired and go to bed early.
8:55 – Keesha tells Angie being on slop isn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be (ED: Libra), it’s the fact that she can’t have other food that is worse.
9:27 – Michelle and Renny play and discuss pool for a while
9:36 – April and Ollie emerge from the house; talk with her in the hot tub – she once had a stalker “I swear on my sister’s life.” They later talk about their relationship and about the fact that this is a very different situation compared to outside of the house. He’s happy to have her there, while she dodges important questions. Although, when he says “we’ll just make the most of it,” she tells him not to say something like that.
10:08 -- Steven speculates that only Angie or Memphis would use the POV on him.
10:40 – Angie apologizes to Michelle because she’s now realizing she shouldn’t have been so integral in trying to get votes for Brian to stay. She promises to not use the POV if she gets it so that Michelle, Memphis and Jessie know they can trust her again.
11:52 – April and Ollie (now cuddling in bed) switch from her to his bed in the 80’s room. Later Dan and Michelle come in, she jumps on their bed. Dan talks to them about their relationship. Would Ollie give April a clock if they were on Flavor of Love? April and Ollie later go to the sauna to cuddle and talk before bed.
11:55 – Steven asks Renny if she’d use the POV on him. Even though she had to tell Jessie why he should use the POV on her in the last ceremony she says she thought you could only use the POV on yourself. She gives no real answer to Steven.
11:58 – Steven is drunk off of 5 ½ beers.
12:00 a.m. – Jerry gives some game advice to Angie, telling her to be more active. He points out how the girls think they’re running everything and their leader (Libra) thinks no one sees how much she is overplaying. He points out how the other girls are mean to Angie because they are jealous of her. He later talks about how people aren’t realizing how important the jurors are, especially the first one. And, reminding about how there’s the America’s Favorite vote again. (ED: I’ve been hearing about how Jerry is just here to experience the game and just wants to make the jury – maybe he thinks he’d win that vote?)
12:33 – Keesha admits to her 70’s room that she doesn’t want Steven to leave; she doesn’t really understand why he’s on the block.
1:50 – Those updating the feeds say that while Jerry, Michelle and Jessie were outside Jerry was on top of Michelle, touching and kissing her (I’m assuming playfully).
And, no real game talk ensues, nothing crazy happens, and everyone is in bed by 2:30 a.m. BigBrotherTime.

Things You May Not Know About the HG’s:
- Keesha has met Mr. Belding – Dennis Haskins, many times – “he’s a pervert”
- Michelle is a fan of wrestling, surrounds her at home
- Memphis was down to 165 lbs. while modeling, some pics still out there – but he wasn’t good for high fashion – now back to low 200’s
- Keesha’s younger sister, April, is 18 and has a baby named Braydon and lives with her boyfriend of four years at their parent’s house
- Memphis knows the Big Brother game well – discussed Dustin’s exit and how they win prizes, talking about S7 and S8
- April thought Remember the Titans was out 10 years ago – Ollie corrected her
- Ollie once got kicked out of a showing of Radio
- Steven got his balls crunched by a bull, went to the ER, then a day later managed to actually get on long enough to get into the ring with his swollen balls to win the competition and a buckle