July 18, 2008
He siad, she said blah blah blah......

The house guest were woken up at 9:30 am and started getting ready for the VETO competition. General chit chat and everyone seems anxious to get the VETO underway so they can decide who will go home.

Libra tells Michelle that Keesha was throwing her under the bus that she does not trust her and that Keesha said she was a floater.

Steven tells Angie that she is sinking her own ship by hanging out with him. That she should not hang with him so much since he is the target this week.

Steven tells Libra that he did what he was suppose to do and still got nominated. Libra asked him what was that and he replied that he voted Brian out. Libra said you voted him out but still hung out with him, that perception was everything. Steven said he hung out with him as a friend not playing the game. Libra then said that he should not have hung out with him and him and Angie hung themselves. (geez so once someone is nominated everyone should ignore them and not hang with them where are these people from?)

The VETO competition started at noon. Feeds return by 2:30 pm and we see Michele has won POV. Also they were talking about how Libra has passed up the slop pass offered in the competition. Libra said that she did not take the slop pass because she was part of the losing team and will suffer with them.

Steven asked Jessie why he was gunning for him this week. Of course Jessie said he did not respect him that he sided with Brian last week and he did not come up to his HOH room to talk. Steven said he was friends with Brian but he was not in an alliance with him. Jessie then told him he was not in his alliance so he must have been against him. Steven said then if that is the way it is going to be the nominated person should just go sit in the corner all week because anyone who socializes with them will be gunned for the next week.

Did you know it takes 19 ¼ laps around the backyard to make a mile?

The afternoon consisted of workouts, making meatballs for dinner and general chit chat, no real strategy sessions.

Keesha and April do chat about Libra. They feel that Libra is playing one against the other and they really start hating on her. They call her two faced and then want her to stop being the puppet master. Jerry and Renee also talk bad about Libra calling her a bi*&^ and Jerry is determined to get her out. Jerry said that she thinks she is running everything and needs to be brought down a peg or two.

The night consisted of talks about Libra and Steven. This group talks in circles and make no sense sometimes. They say one thing to someone then repeats it differently to someone else. All lights were out by 5:45 am.