BB wakes the hamsters up at 9:30 am on a lovely Sunday morning. Memphis, Steven and Jerry talk about their lifestyles outside the house and Jerry explains that his wife never had to work and he was lucky because of that. Steven trys to have Keesha help him appeal to Michelle to use the veto on him. She says no and to have Jessie help him. Jessie, Michelle and Steven end up in HOH and Steven pleads his case, but Jessie and Michelle tell him it would be a stupid move on their part to put Libra up. He continues trying to get them to change the nominations, but Michelle keeps saying that she needs to think about what would be best for her.

Dan heads up to HOH and tells michelle and Jessie that he would do whatever he could to remove himself from the block but he seems to be understanding to their situation. Michelle tells Dan that he is not the target and that whatever happens, she will not vote him out.

Meanwhile, Steven plays the Libra Nomination plan to Ollie and April, but Ollie says it’s a consensus of the house to get Steven out and he doesn’t want to jeopardize himself by playing along with it. April tells Steven that she didn’t like him a few days ago and he admits that he got in a huge fight with production. Before we hear anymore, the fish start swimming. Steven tries to explain why he went along with Brian in the first place and Libra says that when the chips were down, at least Dan stuck to his alliance and in the end, who knows what Steven would do if they were in alliance. They discuss that Angie and Memphis are always together and that they think that Jessie, Angie, Michelle and Memphis are an alliance and will just pick them off one by one.

The pot calls the kettle black when Libra gets upset because she thinks that Angie underhandedly told her to clean the kitchen when she asked “Do you think we should clean the kitchen for the POV ceremony?”

Jessie comes downstairs and tells Keesha, April, Libra and Ollie that Steven came up and said that he had a replacement for himself and could ensure the votes to get someone out. No one asked who it was and no one asked.


BB goes to fish for 30 minutes and when the feeds return, the POV was not used to save either Dan or Steven. Steven tells Libra that he tried to get her backdoored. He tells Dan that he doesn’t think he has the staying power for the game because of the people he misses. Michelle comes in from outside and breaks down crying and apologizes to Dan and Steven for not using the veto on them. Michelle heads up to HOH to talk to Jessie and tells him that it sucks to have someones fate in the game in her hands. Dan comes in and says that if either of them feel anyone wavering on keeping him, to let him know so that he can have the chance to sway them. Jessie tells him that he thinks Dan is going to be ok.

Libra asks Michelle to tell her about Stevens plan to backdoor her in the bedroom while April and Keesha are there. Michelle tells them that Steven said that both April and Keesha went up to him about wanting Libra out and both girls deny it. Keesha says she isn’t going to lie and she’s afraid Steven might come after her. April calls Steven worse than Brian and Michelle tells them Steven promised her everything if she used the veto on him. Libra tells Michelle that she owes her one later on in the afternoon.

Jessie and Jerry discuss Libra’s downfall and how her strong personality that is natural to her is the reason that she isn’t going to make it much farther.

Michelle wakes Angie up to tell her that Steven said that if Angie were to win the POV, she was going to use it on Dan. Angie can’t believe he said that because none of it is true. Michelle tells her that neither she or Jessie believed it.

Libra seems to talk and complain about Steven wanting to backdoor her to anyone that will listen. Despite the fact that they all seemed to have issues with her, they all deny that they said anything and Steven is looking worse and worse in Libra’s eyes.

Dan tells Michelle and Jessie that he thinks he has 5 votes and that he needs one more. They say that Steven is digging himself a hole because of Libra and it won’t be a problem.

The rest of the afternoon is full of napping, relaxing and working out hamsters. Libra, Keesha, April and Memphis say that Jerry is creepy because he talks about sex a lot. Jessie practices his muscle man poses for the girls.

Libra and April get upset because Angie made chicken strips and fries for dinner while they are on slop because she supposedly overheard that it was their favorite food. April then admits that she thinks Angie is flirting with Ollie to make her mad and Libra tells her to do “something” with Ollie to make him hers. They discuss how Angie will be the first one to go against the order they had set up. Memphis joins in and says that he doesn’t think anyone will put up one of the 8 of them because they can confront them similar to how they did with Brian. They all say that they don’t really want to be in sequester with Renny or Jerry. Memphis says he will nominate Dan and Jerry and if one of them comes off he will put up Renny, but he really wants Jerry gone.

The houseguests begin talking about their magic number of partners. Steven says his is over 500 and says that gays are very promiscuous. Keesha thinks that is an excuse. Steven explains that if you think about it, it’s less than 100 a year, and sometimes there were more than one guy at a time. Keesha says she lost her virginity at 17 and it is hard to remember back all those years to count her number. April says she made out with her twin sister once. Keesha says she wants to have a threesome, Steven wants to have one as well.

Renny begins talking about getting evacuated for Katrina. Steven didn’t go back to New Orleans after Katrina. Dan sees sparks between Michelle and Jessie and thinks they should get together. Michelle rebuts and says that it took Dan a year and a half to tell his girlfriend he loved her and yet she should take relationship advice from him. Jessie says that he takes the word girlfriend seriously, says only 4 girls have had the honor and starts listing the qualifications. He says that he’s been seeing the same girl for over a year but he doesn’t say they are dating. Boring discussion about dating and relationships continues. Afterward, Jessie thanks Michelle for helping him be strong and not get in trouble because he doesn’t want to hurt the girl he’s seeing. They talk about a drema that he had where he kissed Angie and Michelle asks if Angie wanted to kiss him, would he let her do it. He says probably, but it’s just a crush and that he needs to get over it.

Memphis and Angie discuss Jerry in the backyard. He complains that Jerrys comments aren’t worth anything to the group and that if Jerry won HOH, he would put up Jessie and Memphis. Angie disagrees. She says that it makes her skin crawl being nice to the girls in the house.

Libra and April get upset because Renny made a cake for the houseguests not on slop. Ollie says he is going to have a slice with ice cream and Libra tells him that he is not. April says that Ollie can eat anything he wants and Keesha agrees. All the houseguests except April and Jessie get up and start doing the electric slide. They talk April into it and Jessie is watching out the window. They want to throw Dan in the pool because he is eating cake in front of them and taunting them with it. Steven begins to do a lap dance on Renny and gets down to his underwear. Renny follows up with a shoutout to all the church ladies.

The houseguests again begin talking about sex and Renny won’t give up information on when she lost her virginity but admits that she has faked an orgasm. Dan comes out and gets asked when he lost his virginity but says he’d rather be an observer. When Keesha says for the men out there to not lick the butt, Dan gets up and leaves. Steven comes in because he overheard the butt talk.

Meanwhile in the other room, Ollie and April are cuddling and kissing.

Jessie and Michelle discuss the game in HOH. They talk about how by the time anyone figures out, they will have Angie and Memphis and a better chance at winning. They say that it’s easy to use Angie as a scapegoat and the other HGs go crazy when she wears that hat.

Renny and Libra think that there is something going on between Jessie and Michelle because they are always behind closed doors up in HOH. Michelle gets upset that people think there is something going on because she doesn’t want Jessie’s girlfriend to get upset. Steven is having a good time jumping into bed with Renny and making sexy motions. Renny is screaming and giggling. After all the commotion is over, everyone heads to bed at the ripe time of 2:45 am.