8:33 Wake up call to houseguests.
Angie and Memphis outside on couch, Jerry, Michele and Libra getting showered and dressed. Jerry trying to charm the ladies, tells Angie she looks cute this morning. Libra and April putting makeup on using compact mirrors, Angie using mirror above sinks, not a word is spoken.

9:37 Libra telling Memphis she had a bad night, woke up cursing.
Renny and Keesha in backyard talking about how they like Memphis but R concerned he is with the other guys. Renny says April and Libra think they are running the show. Angie joins them, general chit chat about slop and what you can make with it.

9:57 April says she heard Libra get up yelling at BB and goes to DR to yell at them.

10:58 Houseguests notice the water has been cut off. Michele checks with DR, not a twist just a problem with the water.

11:00 Angie and Jerry talking, we learned Jerry left school 10th grade, joined the Marines when he was 17 with his Grandmothers signature and never looked back.

11:16 Libra in bed, telling Keesha she is miserable due to no sleep and hungry.
Lots of talk about Ambien and how it affects people.

12:45 Angie, Memphis, Keesha and Steven in by talking about making a slip and slide.
Jessie telling Michele that HOH comes easy, just 9 questions and they will put up Jerry and Renny.

12:54 Ollie, Memphis and Angie are taping trash bags together to make slip and slide. They finish making the slip and slide and Steven goes first slidding on his belly, then Memphis slides. The girls are changing into bathing suits. Ollie goes next and gets soap in his eyes because they used dishwashing liquid to make it slippery. Angie goes next. After Angie, Dan slides and then Michele with swimming cap on slid down.
Next, Angie puts on a trash bag and goes down again as did steven after adding knee pads. April decides to try it also. They are having so much fun sliding and trying to outdue each other with their slip sliding forms. Short bubble breaks by BB to set rules so no one gets hurt. Libra comes outside in bikini, does not join in fun. Angie and Michele soap wrestle on the trash bags, the guys cheering and loving it.

2:05 After finishing slip and slide, they shower outside and Jessie and Dan play basketball in the pool.

2:44 Angie and Memphis are making weapons and armor out of tin foil to fight later.

3:36 Outside lockdown, everyone on couches except Angie and Steven. They are tanning. Steven warns Angie saying she is in danger and needs HOH. Steven says he wants to go out funny, Angie says she just wants to see the look on Libras face as she is handed her bag and shown the door.

4:02 Outdoor lockdown over. Steven asks Angie if she wants a modeling or acting career, she says no. April and Ollie going to take a nap in the punk room.

4:25 Memphis telling Angie about Libra complaining about them using so much dish liquid for the slip and slide. Memphis and Angie talk stragegy, Angie wants Libra out before Jerry and Renny. Memphis says he wouldn't mind Renny going to the sequester house.

4:39 Angie, Memphis, Renny outside talking about Bloody Marys. Keesha comes out, says they can't eat till 9:00pm Wednesday, and she is afraid to tell LIbra.

5:09 Libra is showing the finger (both hands) to the camara after finding out when they can eat.

5:15 Dan, Jessie, Angie, Ollie, Steven and Renny doing abs class in back yard.

5:45 Libra telling April that she wants Angie out next, she has a bad feeling about Angie. They wonder which side of house will attack first. April saying she and Ollie were in bed and in walks Jerry, she says Jerry is jealous.

6:14 Angie and Renny walking and talking about kids. Renny asks if Angie wants kids, she says yes and tells Renny about her ideal guy.

6:24 Angie and Renny done walking, go in kitchen with steven and Keesha. Steven making burgers, Renny planning on cutting Keeshas hair later. Steven stars singing "She's a maniac" about Angie. BB cuts to flames. Now Keesha is saying that Jerry has her scissors and said she hopes he isn't using them to trim nose hairs

6:36 All cams on Michelle cutting Jerry's hair. They remark how the house is a roller coaster ride and Michelle wants to win HOH to make her parents proud.

6:47 Keesha and steven still in kitchen talking about Jerry using her scissors, April running in BY, Jessie and Ollie working out as well as Angie.

7:19 Memphis and Ollie and Jessie talking. Memphis says if Jerry wins HOH he will put up two of them.

8:08 Houseguests get wine and beer. Renny is venting to Keesha saying she can't stand Libra. Keesha says Libra thinks if she lays in bed and pouts it will punish BB. They are talking about how Libra keeps complaining about slop. Keesha says she is one of the pickiest eaters in the world and if she can eat that stuff, so can Libra. Renny says it is not that fing bad.Renny says Jessie talks to Keesha differently, and that he likes her. Keesha agrees and says maybe they can get him on their side. Keesha says she likes Ollie and that LIbra was talking sh*t about him the other day. Renny now talking about Libra running back and telling things. LIbra walks in and says she has lost weight, from 179 to 167 and not happy about it, says its too much to loose in 2 weeks.

8:26 Bubbles
8:35 feeds back
8:35 bubbles again
8:37 Feeds back. Michele leaves HOH room. Memphis tells Jessie "dude we need to talk" then bubbles again.

8:39 feeds back, Memphis tells Jessie he doesn't trust Jerry, thinks he would put one of them up if he got HOH. Jessie thinks he will stay with plan and put Renny and Dan up, Memphis not so sure. They know he wants Libra out, but Jessie says Libra will do anything but make a deal with the devil to stay. now bubbles again.

8:42 Jessie saw and alien in the mirror, it had a big head and skinny body. Michelle thinks its a twist, since several have seen it.

9:00 Almost all outside, those who can drink are drinking. General chit chat. Angie suggest to Steven they get the puppets ready. Steven complaining about Jerry, Angie says he is just trying to fit in. Steven says shout out to Brain, saying he misses him but he f*ed him over. Angie wants puppet show to be at end of BBAD, Memphis says Fshowtime. he wants it to be later.

9:44 Renny and keesha in spa room talking about Libra. Keesha says she cracked a tooth before BB started and Libra had asked her why it was so gray and Keesha asked Libra "why are you so fat" she says Libra was taken aback and said she had lost 12 lbs.

9:50 Steven tells Angie that they are both outcasts and losers, Angie says she doesn't care. Memphis and Angie are making battle armor out of tin foil. Memphis is wearing a tin foil mask and a tin weapon and announces "I am Thor and I am going to go pillage" He busts in on the girls in the spa room and says "Are you not entertained?"

10:08 Steven making a cling wrap mask, Angie and Memphis are walking around like they are in the movies gladiator and Braveheart. Jessie and Steven are also making armor and weapons out of tin foil, Memphis is stomping around the back yard.They are now helping steven with his outfit, put a cone on his head Steven says"OMG, I look like KKK! That's not good" He is now jumping around backyard also "Let's Battle" Steven has a tin cobra and calling himself "Cobra Man" Angie wonders what Brian is thinking they say he thinks they have gone crazy. They are now chasing Dan around the house, Dan says he is from the future and has 409 and is spraying it at them, Angie says because the world isn't ready for 410.

10:19 Steven is laying out the slip and slide and is then called to DR. Ollie is playing pool with Jessie, they are having a good time, Memphis goes in to talk to Libra and April. they talk about how long BB lasts and how far it is to the end. They are all missing things from the real world. Libra and April think BB is more intense than Survivor, Libra says she could do Survivor, April tried out for Survivor.

10:27 Dan joins Ollie and Jessie at pool table, Ollie is trying trick shots. Keesha and Renny are sitting in kitchen, they ask Angie how the jousting was, angie says it was so funny, they all go outside to join, Ollie, Jessie, Dan and Michelle. Keesha says they have to keep LIbra off slop, she is driving her f^in crazy, she is making it worse on everyone. Angie says its what they signed up for and its mind over matter, Keesha agrees and says she is doing fine on slop, Conversation over, Libra joins them. Libra, Renny, Michelle, Keesha sitting with feet in HT, Angie on couch, rest around pool table. They are now talking about Steven doing naked slip and slide later, steven comes outside and Michelle leads cheer of Naked, Naked, Naked. Libra called to DR.

10:47 Angie trying to talk Keesha into slip slidding, Keesha doesn't want to bet hurt, Michelle goes to change into bikini, but only to hot tub, not slip and slide. They ask steven if he is going to do it naked, he said DR discouraged it saying don't you think you'll get hurt. Bubble, then back with girls still trying to get him to go naked. He said he would if one of the girls goes topless. They nominate Michelle since she isn't there at the moment. Steven slides twice, then showers off outside and screaming because its cold and runs and jumps in HOT, the girls all screaming and laughing.

11:17 Angie called to DR, Steven, Ollie, Memphis, Keesha in kitchen, steven making fun of Keesha laugh, April joins them and they talk about peoples laughs, keesha says "Whats that in the mirror"
Ollie asks April if she would do a music video, she says yes, he isn't happy with that answer. They then talk about how much extras in movies make, then move on to talking about Heath Ledgers death and Ollie wants to see Dark Knight.

Memphis says he can't sleep when people snore - even with light snoring.

Angie saying now that she wished she'd seen the alien. Memphis too.

Memphis asks if she wants to play porno password Angie says she's in. Angie goes inside. Memphis goes over and talks to Libra who is playing pool alone - talking about how late they stay up.

Memphis moves to game talk - wanting Jerry and Dan out still...not worried about Renny anymore. Memphis says he can't handle the idea of being stuck with jerry in the jury house.

Memphis is saying that everyone is still on the same page with their plan. Libra agreeing. Talk moves to how things will change when they get down to 8 people, but for now they have the #'s to influence whoever gets HOH.

Libra think if Jerry won HOH, Memphis and Jessie would be targets. Memphis they should strong arm Jerry or Memphis if either one gets HOH. Memphis says it sucks to do that and he doesn't want to do that to anybody, but he thinks they don't have a choice.

He says they will deal with it when it comes. Libra agrees.

convo ends when Jerry comes outside.

Memphis and Angie brushing teeth in bathroom.

Ollie is giving April a massage in the spa room.

Jessie jumps on Michelle back for a quick piggy back ride.

Memphis and Angie joking around in the bedroom about her taking up all the storage space.


Back and Michelle is talking to Jessie in the bathroom and is calling Angie an f'n idiot and f'n moron for asking her if she's mad she didn't see an alien. Michelle is cussing up a storm and sounds very annoyed with Angie over this.

Jessie points out that Michelle has sideburns. He says it's kinda sexy. She says she also has hair on her neck she has to shave....her mom made her, but it's grown back out. She shows it to him. He says it's no big deal.

12:17 Dan, Memphis, Angie, Jerry and steven laying down doing improv story telling.

12:48 All in bed except Michelle and Jessie in HOH.

1:07 All in their beds for the night.