Thanks to last night’s alcohol and shenanigans, none of the houseguests are up before their wake-up call at about 8:45 in the morning. Keesha admits to being a little hung-over while Michelle playfully says she may regret things she said. Apparently she had talked about wanting to make out with Jessie. On an even lighter note, Libra walks in on Angie in the bathroom and then proceeds to dance around while she waits.

Everyone is clearly anticipating the day’s nominations, because before the food competition begins, Jessie warns Dan that Keesha might put up him and Angie, and April already makes another appearance in the HOH. Keesha will definitely put up Angie, just not sure who else. They want to pull Dan into the alliance because Libra is almost assuredly the next out the door. April suggests Memphis, but Keesha keeps her word and says no.

10:41 to 12:47 – Food Competition
How it went down: Some sort of pairing (ex. Libra and Dan), and winning certain foods.

Foods won (That we know of):
Broccoli (which Jerry had never eaten until that night)
Sourdough Bread
Pig’s Feet (ed. Yum!)

After the food competition, Memphis talks to Keesha in the HOH again. He contends that Angie would put up April and Libra, not Keesha. However, Keesha still gave Libra and April her word in the beginning and can’t put them up. She also points out how her fight with April was a result of something Angie did. Memphis thinks they’ll be able to work well together later in the game. While she exits the HOH to go see April and Ollie, Memphis watches them on the spy screen, later telling Keesha their demeanor changed after she walked away. Keesha says she won’t put Memphis up if he agrees to not use the POV. He agrees, and then suggests Dan as a nominee, which Keesha says no to. And then Jessie makes the decision much easier for Keesha…

Jessie comes into the HOH with Memphis and Keesha still there and intensely pushes the idea of putting Libra and Dan up. At one point Keesha brings April in to discuss this plan, and she of course says No. Later, after Memphis and Jessie leave, we find out Keesha notices them laughing on the spy screen which she believes is them thinking they have gotten Keesha to choose the Libra/Dan route. However, as we will hear from Keesha a number of times throughout the rest of the day, she is “not stupid,” and tells April she is now putting up Angie and Jessie because he pushed so hard for his idea.

At about 2:15 Jerry tells the girls in the HOH (ed: assuming this is Kee, Lib, April), he will work with them all. The new alliance between LKAO and Dan, Renny and Jerry starts to form. Only a half hour later, Jerry finds Dan and tells him he is safe. Dan proceeds to do a little celebration dance for himself!

3:05 Renny also pledges her loyalty to Keesha over the others.

While LKAO discusses everything, they have figured out the JAMM alliance and decide to officially bring Dan into the mix. It isn’t long (about twenty minutes) before Michelle and Jessie notice Keesha and Ollie acting differently around them.

4:55 – Keesha called to DR, feeds break for Nomination Ceremony

6:03 – Angie and Jessie are up, Dan’s key was first, Michelle’s key was last.
-Jerry will not secure vote for Jessie and complains about Memphis

At 6:49, Michelle admits to Angie she should have gotten Libra backdoored last week. They continue to run laps in the backyard, cursing the other group with each count.

At about 7:45 Keesha and Memphis talk again, she still says she won’t backdoor him. He’s actually mad because Jerry has been calling him a “womanizer,” and points out it was actually Jerry who felt April’s boobs on the first day, and he’s the one with a wife and family.

Everyone separates at about 8:10 while Jessie conducts an abs class. Libra and Dan have a long talk in the 70’s room about a few things. They talk about JAMM and how Libra knows Memphis is the brain, referring back to Will and how no one thought to take him out soon enough. Libra points out how her name is always coming up when people hear negative things. Dan tells her it’s because she’s one of the strongest personalities, which she opposes. He then tells her well, she is the loudest. Later on that night, Memphis will tell her the same thing, which causes her to tear up.

Meanwhile, Keesha and Renny talk in the HOH about how Keesha isn’t stupid.

At 8:40, Jessie and Memphis talk in the backyard. April comes out to check on laundry and Jessie reminds Memphis about how she had said “**** the plan” last week, and that she’s all “smiles and double D’s.” Jessie wants to threaten Dan into helping them, Memphis calmly tells Jessie no.

At about 9:30 Michelle goes to talk to Keesha about the nominations, because Michelle isn’t happy with the fact that her key was last. During the conversation, Keesha finds out she was unaware of the group conversation last week where everyone was pressuring Jessie to put up Steven because of his competitiveness, and to not stick to the plan. Michelle is surprised Libra and April didn’t tell her. Turns out – this is why she didn’t understand them wanting Steven out and why she had thought she should save him. They agree they have been in the same spot, because this week Michelle had no idea that Jessie had pushed so hard for Libra, and that Keesha wanted Angie out, instead of the plan.

Late in this discussion, Keesha tells Michelle she won’t backdoor Michelle if she doesn’t use the veto. Michelle doesn’t point out the flaw in this statement, and leaves soon afterward. (Note: You can’t go up on the block if you win POV)

Michelle doesn’t mention the statement slip, but does tell JAMM about how Keesha didn’t know about how the plan was changed last week.

Keesha however, realizes the slip-up and tells members of her alliance that Michelle had tricked her.

There is little new game talk among the LKAO extended alliance for the rest of the night, however April and Renny have a small and short tiff about hearsay. They continue to laugh uncontrollably in the 70’s room.

Memphis and Angie talk in the backyard about how they are realizing $500,000 may not be worth it to be away from loved ones. Memphis really misses his girlfriend. It’s 11:30 and both are tired and want to sleep because the POV has been set for 10 a.m., but they can’t because of the loud laughing in the house.

Later, Memphis and Jessie talk about plans. Jessie tries to go talk to Keesha in HOH, but she doesn’t answer the door (Memphis thought she might be in the shower, but later we find out, as Keesha tells Renny, she didn’t let Jessie in because she didn’t want to allow him the confrontation).

At about 12:15, Memphis says he will talk to Keesha if he gets the veto. He will tell her she will be the target if she doesn’t backdoor Libra. Otherwise, she’s safe from them.

Renny sticks around in Keesha’s HOH room until she can ask if Keesha wants her to stay in there with her, and Keesha says she can.

Everyone is in bed and asleep at 1:45. Big POV competition tomorrow.

Today’s Notables:
- Libra still not happy with food situation, wants to ration food
- Angie thinks she doesn’t have a fan club outside the house
- The houseguests call the DR “Switzerland” because apparently Memphis walked in on Keesha while she was there
- Angie would have been with her ex-fiance for four years this July