10:20 AM
The HGs get their wake up call. No clue as to the wake up song. There’s very little talking until Libra opens a drawer in the bathroom and freaks out. There was a cockroach. April freaks too. Jerry comes and saves the day by stepping on it. He opens the door to flush it, but couldn’t because Jessie was in there with the light out.

They are put on an outside lockdown moments later apparently because of the burned out light in the Bathroom.

Jerry gives a shout out to his granddaughter. It’s her 20th birthday.
The Houseguests note that Tuesday is Renny’s birthday.

11:00 AM
Memphis gets Keesha alone to take up for Jessie. He makes a case for putting up Libra.
Keesha wants Jessie to stay but says he is not making it easy. Memphis says he will calm him down and leaves the HOH.

Apparently they did not cross paths, because we now see Jessie yelling at Keesha in the HOH. He aggressively tries to get her to put up Libra.
He is in jail
Falsely accused
Hasn’t slept
Has lost weight
And Keesha will go home next week if Jessie is evicted
Repeat –Summary- until Renny walks in.
Any good points he was making were more than wiped out by his yelling and whinning.

Memphis comes back up to HOH and tells Keesha that everybody is switching their votes already and Jerry told Angie she might have the votes to stay.

Keesha gets Dan, Renny, and Jerry in the HOH and Jerry denies saying anything. Keesha won’t tell him who said it. He says he will stick with Keesha’s wishes. He also tells her that Memphis is a womanizer and thinks he can come up and sway her.

Outside, Angie tells Jessie that Jerry did not tell her she nothing to worry about. Michelle chimes in that that's what she and Memphis heard. Michelle insists that she heard Jerry tell Angie that.

1:00 PM
Round 2 with Jessie in HOH. This time it’s mostly Jessie confronting April and April countering loudly while Dan and Keesha are there being very quiet. Jessie goes through his earlier ‘poor me’ talking points over and over again. He is upset that he went along with the plan to get Steven out last week, and now he is taking the fall for it. April assures him he is safe, but it’s like he doesn’t hear her and just keeps going on and on. He wanted Libra up there with them so he could show that she was the source of everyone’s woes.

2:00 PM
They finally break up, but Jessie continues astounding us with his exceptional people skills by trying to brow beat Dan into promising him safety. And if I heard it right, Dan eventually agreed he would not vote out Jessie this week.

Two steps later, Jessie, still fired up, tells Jerry that people are saying Jerry has lied. They have a screaming match. Jessie doesn’t let it go and Jerry eventually tells him now he does have someone in the house that doesn’t like him.

Keesha figures she can keep the peace by going to everyone in the house and announe that she is not putting up Libra. She gave her word to Libra and she is not going back on it.

Keesha asks Angie about what Jerry said. Angie says she asked Jerry where he stood and he told her “I don't know where my vote is going to go, I haven't made a decision. Don't give up.”

Jessie and Memphis talk. Jessie says he has Dan, Memphis, and Michelle’s vote for sure and that if Dan wins HoH, Jessie controls him and Dan will put up whomever Jessie wants.

Later Keesha tells Libra, “They see you as a threat. They are trying to convince me that you are going to turn on me, and I'm the biggest idiot.” Libra says, “You didn't have to go around the house saying that [she gave Libra her word].”

3:30 PM
Keesha, Libra, April, Ollie, and Dan assemble in the HOH room to hate on Jessie. They think he is getting too personal, referencing how Jessie tried to bring Dan’s girlfriend and Keesha’s parents into his earlier arguments. But, at this point they still prefer to vote out Angie.
During this session, Michelle rang the HOH doorbell and they ignored her.

Jessie and Michelle call Jerry out on being two-faced. Jerry calls Michelle a snake in the grass. They go back and forth about who said what and when. Finally Jerry says, "You aren't worth my comments, this conversation is over" and walks away giving Michelle the finger.

4:00 PM
Michelle is still quite aggravated in the backyard when Jessie spots a banner plane and an emergency inside lockdown is called.

Feeds are out for about 40 minutes and when they do came back, we learn that Memphis and Jerry got into it big time.

Michele wishes she would get a banner that says they love her, leading us to believe it was a banner in support of Libra, but inside Libra tells Keesha the banner said "Keesha, Libra is a liar! Love, Steven". She got that from Memphis.

5:00 PM
We hear Renny telling Dan that Memphis is not a womanizer. It would seem that was a major part of the Memphis/Jerry fight.

Jesse finally has an extended conversation with Libra. He hardly lets her get a word in, going through his talking points.

Elsewhere, Michelle tells April and Ollie about the argument between her and Jerry and Jerry was way out of line calling Memphis a womanizer. April thinks Memphis was out of line with the things he was saying to Jerry too.

Memphis goes upstairs to tell Libra he is apologizing to all the women for screaming and saying the things he said.

Memphis told Keesha that he couldn't make out the banner. All he saw was, "Something with an L and Libra and liars." He then goes and tells Angie he made up the story of the banner. He thinks it really says "We love Libra" .

Paranoia sets in as Keesha and April discuss how they are going to handle Libra after she is done talking with Jesse. They decide they should be honest with Libra and tell her that they did think she was trying to turn them against each other, but they are still loyal to each other, and Jesse is just trying to cause trouble. They are worried that Libra and Jesse may get some kind of an alliance going and come after April and Keesha.

Jerry tells Libra and Dan that Jessie needs to keep his cool. Dan says, "That's not gonna happen. He's been assured by everyone in the house that he's safe, and it's just not sinking in.

Michelle tells Jessie, Angie and Memphis that she for sure saw on the banner: "...LOVE STEVEN"

7:00 PM
Jessie, Angie, Memphis and Michelle are in the backyard venting about Jerry and others.
Jessie calls Jerry "father time". They scheme of having Angie say she was in an alliance with Jerry and Dan as she walks out the door.

Keesha is sitting in the spa room with foil in her hair (Renny was helping her color it earlier). She jokes with Memphis and Libra that she would never leave the house looking so bad and now she's on national TV looking awful. Rehashing the Jerry/Memphis fight, Libra tells Memphis she doesn't think that Jerry even understands the context of the word [womanizer].

8:00 PM
Michelle, Jessie and Angie are outside on the couches. Libra, April, Ollie and Keesha get in the Hot tub. Jessie falls asleep on the outside couch (ed. All that supposed lack of sleep has caught up to him).

Dan entertains us and Renny while making a sandwich by rhyming about how they lost all the food in the food comp.

Just before 9:00 PM, all the lights in the house go out, Renny shouts "Oh my god!" and the feeds are cut.

9:00 PM
ShoToo Crawl: Keesha is the current HOH, Tensions ran high as the house divides with Jerry being the odd man out, Michelle and Jerry had a fight which then moved to Memphis and Jerry exchanging insults leading to an explosive fight, The nomination ceremony will air Sunday night.

The Feeds stay out a little longer, but ShoToo shows everyone in the backyard. There is speculation by Keesha of thunderstorms causing a power outage. Everything is back to normal within 15 minutes.

In the hot tub, April tears up about missing her sister. She’s pregnant and April is upset she isn’t there for her.

Dan tells Renny jokingly, he thinks she is the twist.

Ollie, Dan, and Renny are playing with the keys on the memory wall to play a joke and BB tells them “Stop that”.

10:00 PM
Libra, Memphis and Keesha are in the kitchen talking about how Jessie has been acting. They wonder if he'll flip his lid whenever he’s nominated.

Dan continues to entertain by teasing Renny about being in the CIA; that she is secret agent and her code name is Sonja.

Memphis tells Angie in poodle room that he really only saw the words "Libra", "liar", and "love" on the banner. Angie says Libra thinks it said more than that, but Memphis is not going to correct her.

Jessie high-fives Michelle on all the fighting they started today. He says if he wins HOH, he'll NOM Keesha and tell her she’s not the target and if she doesn't get evicted he'll say they're even.

Renny tells Libra, Keesha, Dan, and Memphis the twist is that Jessie is a transvestite.

11:00 PM
Michelle wants to figure out why BB would put an empty frame on the memory wall with a key slot.

In the HOH, Ollie suggests to Keesha, Libra, and April that Jessie should be back doored next week so they don’t have to listen to him going nuts all week. Lots of talk about getting him out before Memphis so they don’t have to live with him in sequester. Dan joins them; then Jerry comes up and says he was lonely. He assures them, “I’ll support you guys to the end”. April is still crying on and off about missing her family and Jerry offers to give her a hug. They discuss names for their alliance.

Elsewhere Jessie and Michelle discuss the veto comp. It was some type of timed thing and Jessie wanted Michelle to tell him when to get out. Michelle says she was trying to give him eyeballs so he would know. It seems there was water running on them too and Jessie couldn’t see her.

Ollie and April go to the pink bedroom. April is still missing her sister. Jerry comes in, says “Good night” and gets in his bed.

Outside Jessie tells Michelle, “I just want you to know, I respect you.” She quips back, “YES! Just what I want to hear! You respect me.” She’s been flirty with him for awhile now. Not long after Michelle goes and puts on one of the green leotards. She eventually stuffs it with an oversized male appendage (ed. apparently channeling Crazy James). She runs through the house and the backyard crew are laughing.

With the lights out, we hear and see Ollie and April doing the hunka chunka under the blanket and they are none too subtle about it. When they finish, Jerry says, “You two are something else.” They laugh and say they were talking about Ollie's snoring, Jerry says there was no snoring going on in the room. Then he said that he loved them both.
Ollie waves to the camera and says "I hope they don't air that." April says "We can just say we were sleeping." They laugh.

1:00 AM
Keesha and Renny are chatting in the HOH bed getting ready to go to sleep. Jessie and Michelle turn in for the night too. The house is dark and quiet.

Will Jessie manage to get himself voted out? Will Michelle still be wearing the green leotard? Will Keesha decide to mix it all up and use the Veto?

Thanks to all the Updaters and I’ll light a candle for the media posters. Hang in there!