I got called away and didn't finish, I will try to finish when I find out how to find yesterdays updates.

9:21 Fish, BB must be waking them up for the day.
9:44 everyone doing the morning routine, very little talking going on
9:53 Small talk between HGs no game talk
9:54 Jessie talking to Ollie saying more of the same he was saying yesterday. Ollie telling Jessie he threw everybody under the bus including him. Jessie is trying to secure his safty next week, Ollie can't guarantee it.Jessie repeating how he is in jail for a crime he didn't commit. Ollie trying to tell Jessie he is safe this week and to work out his personal problems with Keesha.

10:03 Angie tells Jessie she is going "no holds barred" on her POV speach. Renny flossing, April doing makeup, Libra doing her hair.
10:09 Angie tells Jessie to promise her to make their lives miserable. Angie tells Jessie if he gets HOH he should put up Keesha and Libra, but pull Keesha down and put April up, He says he knows.
10:17 Fish
10:36 feeds are back. Michelle telling Jessie to give the evil eye to someone.

10:40 Keesha and LIbra in peace room. Libra saying Angie made her feel bad. Keesha reassuring Libra she is not putting Libra up. Libra confused why they all want her up on block. Libra tells Keesha she owes her big time for not putting her up. Keesha says Angie was low for laughing about something that had to do with LIbra. Libra is surprised, she expected Angie to throw Jessie under the bus.

10:46 Fish
10:48 All feeds on kitchen with Keesha, Libra and April. Keesha says she is keeping noms the same.

10:57 Angie telling Jessie and Memphis what she said to Keesha, basicall she would have suppot in getting rid of LIbra.
10:58 Jessie saying to the gang that if you had the mentality of a 10 year old you could understand why to BD LIbra.

11:02 Memphis telling Angie he thinks the house wants to BD him except for Keesha. Memphis says he can not trust Dan even though he wants to. He says Dan is playing both sides and not telling him what the others are saying. Angies says Dan told her he just sits back and listens and tells Memphis even if he can't trust him, Memphis needs Dan. She says the house brings out the bad in people.Angie says that keesha tries to see the good in people.

11:51 Jessie and Michelle talking about who they are going to nominate next week, Keesha, Libra April scenarios. Michelle tells Jessie whe planned to go back on her word to Keesha about not using POV if she had won it. Michelle planned to save Jessie the whole time

11:54 Keesha called to DR, HG go on OD lockdown
11:55 Fish
12:32, Still fish, must be POV ceremony

12:47 Feeds back, Angie tells Memphis "shoot me in the head"

Angie: It's so weird everyone formed alliances the 1st day.

Memphis: Well I still dont feel keisha's in that alliance. They're gonna just fall apart. There's too may people now. Three or four people maybe but not a big group.

Angie: It is what it is though. -sigh-

Memphis: Yeah

Angie: I was gonna say that respect is earned and I surround myself with people I respect. It's pretty funny Michelle hasn't come out to see if I'm ok.

[Note: they are both very despondent but sem to have excepted things.]
12:55 Libra tells Angie her speech was classy and she appreciates how she handled her nom. Renny tells Angie her speach was beautiful. Dan suggests Angie bikini time for her fan club and Keesha calls him the biggest pervert in the house sometimes.
Libra: I know it was emotional and I wouldn't know what you feel but I wanted you to know that I do respect your response to the nominations and let you know that your speech was very classy. [said very sincerely without apparaent condescension]

Angie: I just you know felt that my fate was in your hands and I knew that 90% I'm going home so just having peace in the house the next couple of days is gonna be good.

Libra: Yeah me and you both!

Angie: I think we can all keep our sanity that way.

Libra: Right. Yesterday was hard on everyone involved.

Angie: I think sometimes this house brings out the worst in people and we don't need for it to happen.

Libra: I'm definitely gonna give you respect I'm not gonna be rude or unkind to you. That's noy my nature. But at the same time yesterday I felt like I was being attacked. 11 o'clock to 5 it was put Libra up put Libra up. That's hard you know.

Angie: I'm gonna leave this house and when I leave it there won't be anything personal..

Libra: I dont have anything personal with you.

Angie: Alright, well I'm glad we had this talk.

Libra: Yeah. [smiling]

Angie: I think obviously us having a talk and getting rid of the awkwardness...

Libra: Yeah, yeah. I agree.

Angie: As long as we can keep the respect.

Libra: I definitely respect you.

Angie: Thanks Libra.
1:05 April tells Libra that Jessies speech was ridiculous.
1:07 Dan is telling Ollie swimming lessons start in an hour. Dan is going to teach Ollie how to swim.
1:08 Libra telling Keesha what she said to Angie. Jerry tells Libra not to forget how bad they attacked her. Jerrys granddaughter lives in the same neighborhood as Libra, but not as ritzy as Libras place. Keesha pays $2000. a month rent, Angie pays $900. a month for her condo.
1:41 Angie brings Ollie in storage room, tells him she pretty sure she is going home and want to clear the air. Ollie tells her she is a cool girl up to the point where he would hang out with her out of the house, but its a game and he respects how she has handled it.
1:47 Fish
1:52 Michelle in kitchen crunching up cornflakes for breading for dinner. Angie is breading chicken planks for dinner.
1:55 Fish again
1:56 Jerry telling dan that after he retired he worked for contract for $50. an hour buts its pretty much all gone now, because he had a son he had to bail out over and over again to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars.
2:12 Angie talking to Michelle in storage room, Michelle is crying and says her and Jessie are the only 2 she cares about. Michelle is upset she didn't use the veto and says both of them wouldn't be in this situation if she had. She promises to win HOH and payback. Michelle says the beast from the east is about to be unleashed.
2:27 Angie having her no hard feeling talk with April now.
2:30 Keesha is saying people from Texas are the best tippers. Jessie says he has no friends from California because he doesn't trust them, they have a killer instinct. He didn't trust Brian when he found out he was from Cal. Keesha says people know she is not from Ca because she opens her mouth and they think she is too nice.Jessie is now stereotyping all Californians followed bye stereotyping Jews saying the Jews own everything out there and FISH
3:18 Jerry and Ollie talking on patio alone, Ollie says at some point they are going to have to stick together because when they have to start picking each other off the girls are going after the men first.
3:34 Dinner prep.
3:37 Libra called to DR. Keesha and Jessie talking. Jessie still campaining tells keesha if he wins HOH next week, they should work together. He is acting as if he is with Keesha andd asking her who she thinks will go after her next week for keeping him safe. Jessie tells her he and Michelle will not come after her. Jessie tells keesha that "April wanted Memphis out and you defended him, thats huge" Jessie thinks he and Memphis will be put up next week. says he wants to mend things with Renny and that he went off on everyone yesterday