9:02 AM - Tuesday morning in the BB house and jerry wakes up first, uses the washroom & doesnt wash his hands. ( ED : April & fellow Hgs have been complaining of this alot lol ). BB wakes Hgs up at 9:35 ... BB yells at memphis & angie to get up at around 9:52. Keesha , Renny & Memphis in the kicthen, Jerry walks in & Memphis walks away. Memphis wonders out loud who would want to wake up to Marylin Manson.. Libra says it was probably to get the sleepy Hgs up & going quicker. Some awkward silence follows.
Memphis sits outside with Angie, Dan lays on the hammock , April, Libra, Keesha, Kerry & Renny in the kitchen , random talk.
Michelle & Jessie talk a bit, Michelle says she will win HOH .. and that her boobies are better than 'their' floppy ones. ( assuming she means other HGs ). Libra & April are doing facial masks in the bathroom.. more random chit chat. keesha & renny join them.
Memphis & Dan talking, memphis tells Dan he will put jerry up if he wins HOH. Not sure who else tho. Dan exits convo . Jessie, Michelle & Memphis discuss dan. They are saying they dont trust him but want to lure him to their side.
Dan joins the bathroom crew.. ollie is in there shaving his head, ladies are wearing green face masks. ( ed: EEK ! )

11:43 - Earthquake tremors !!!! Hgs say " Did u feel that?" and other comments, all head outside, feeds cut to fish .. even the fish are shaking..( ed: fish stopped shaking.. rest assured they are safe !! )
11:53 - Feeds come back. Libra says she never thought she would feel an earthquake. Girls are washing their facial masks off , small talk about the shaking & whatnot. Michelle, Memphis & Angie outside. Jerry in bathroom, says he thought a truck had hit the building. Angie comes in , jerry asks where she was when the earthquake hit, she says she was sleeping & didnt know what the heck was going on, woke up & heard " Earthquake!" . ( ed: i just got told by a friend it was a 5.8 ) Jerry had guessed it to be a 4 on the scale.
April, Keesha & Ollie sitting on couches outside.Michelle shaving Memphis' back for him. Other Hgs discuss this a bit.Dan says Monica( his GF) will never go for back hair. renny says dan doesnt have any so no worries. Dan replies that he is still young & will probably get some as he grows up. Renny shouts out to Monica . Dan tells Monica to send renny an email for her Bday. ( ed: those 2 are so cute . lol ) Angie in the kitchen making food. Elsewhere...Keesha & April complaining about Jerry, Ollie tells them he gave Jerry his word to never turn on him.
Jessie, Memphis, Angie & Keesha outside on the couch. Random chitchat. Renny, Ollie & Dan head to the pool for todays swimming lessons. (ed: Dan is teaching ollie & renny to swim ) Dan has them do their 10 headbobs to start with. Ollie swollowed water & dan tells him thats why the headbobs are done.. to teach how to breath proper when swimming. ( ed:Poor ollie just doesnt mesh well with water . lol ) Dan has them hold on to the side of the pool , body outstretched , floating & kicking . Then Dan gets the basketball & has renny hold it , float and kick across the pool. Ollie does it next . Dan gets them to float on their backs next. Back to the basketball swim across the pool. Ollie is improving !
Keesha & Libra in the HOH room, keesha plucking her eyebrows, talking about Survivors. Keesha says she could never be on survivors. Libra talking about James ( survivor all-star)& how good he was . Libra reveals that when she was young she wanted to be the first black woman country singer.
Swimming lessons end, Renny gets out of the pool , Dan & ollie play pool basketball.
( ed: Hgs havnt clued in that they have not got the HOH camera and Keesha hasnt done her blog yet, but they still talk as if Vote out is tomorrow. )
Michelle, Jessie, Memphis & Angie on BY Couch watching the guys play, random chit chat, pretty quiet. Dan & ollie join April, Libra & Keesha in the HOH. Ollie asks if its makeup day cuz the girls are getting all dolled up.. the girls say they have to for taking pictures. ( ed: LOL why hasnt BB told them yet ?? ) Convo moves to racism .. this goes on for abit & is actually interesting to listen to . Talk of how in different states, the level of racism varies.

3:00 pm - Keesha, Libra & April outside on the loungers. Dan laying on the ground beside the pool. Random chatter. jerry joins them. Tells keesha that angie is going to talk to keesha again so be prepared. Memphis, Michelle & Jessie outside on couches. Michelle says she cant stand talking to or looking at Libra. Dan goes up to the keesha crowd & tells them that angie approached him about votes. ( we didnt get to see angie/dan talk so no details )
Keesha & Memphis in the spa talking. Memphis tells keesha he still trusts her enough to help keep her off the block if her side doesnt get HOH. Keesha thinks she would still be put up & memphis says he has some say in it and wants her to stay in the house. He says Jessie & Michelle listen to him. Talk is over and Memphis leaves. Libra & April come in, Keesha confirms with them that they will not vote her out next week.
4:43 - Jessie & Michelle in spa whispering. jessie falls asleep. April , Ollie & jerry laying down in the 80's room.. Ollie & April in Ollies bed cuddling. Angie outside on couch smoking, dan playing ball in the backyard, Michelle joins Angie ( minus the smoke LOL ) Downtime in the BB house. Memphis & Dan play pool pong. Lots of laughing going on. Angie joins them.
5:12 pm - - Renny & keesha in HOH talking. Keesha says to Renny " they never gave me a camera " . ( ed: That is the first hint that the Hgs think something is different.)
BB Calls an indoor lockdown. Hgs move inside , Angie shaves the back of Dans neck for him while Michelle watches. Michelle speculates the possibility of BB setting up a party for rennys bday outside & thats why they are on lockdown.
Renny is puttering around the kitchen. Michelle in the kitchen as well, Libra wakes up & wanders through. Heads up by the chessboard where ollie is sleeping. Ollie wakes up, they talk about whats going on outside. Ollie wonders if they are setting up the comp for tomorrow. ( ed:haha they STILL havnt clued in ! )

6:00- lockdown is over. No party set up outside. Libra, April & jerry in the hippi room talking about old BB seasons. Memphis & Angie on backyard couches. Most Hgs sleeping.
Hgs wake up, most in the kitchen either cooking, prepping or sitting around chatting. Table gets set for a sit down dinner. Everyone sitting down to eat except for jessie & renny who are working out in the backyard. Keesha heads out to work out with jessie & Renny.
Dan, memphis, angie,michelle & ollie playing a new game. 4 of them pop up & down from behind the lounger matress ( layed up on its side )..the other has to throw the ball & try to hit them. Hgs are throwing apigs foot around, started by renny . April baked a cookie cake and while the Hgs kept renny busy, wrote on it Hapy Birthday renny in icing. The Hgs suprised Renny with it & sang happy birthday.
BTW ....The Hgs STILL have not clued in that they did not get the HOH camera and keesha did not Blog.

10:00ish - The guys ( Memphis, Ollie, jessie & dan) play Gladiator. Ollie, Jessie & memphis in green unitards.. Dan is trying to hit a moving Ollie with the ball. Tons of laffing. Gladiator names are : Ollie, Memphis, Turbo & Thor. The girls are planning a show for renny, getting dressed up.. ( april, Keesha & Libra ) . Girls got on wigs, sunglasses, Boas & fun stuff. The girls go outside & renny starts laughing & clapping. The girls climb onto rennys lap & tell her Happy Birthday ! Everyone is laughing & having a good time. The girls take turns giving renny half lap dances. Jerry is laying down on the couch , taking it all in. Renny puts the bushy wig on & starts dancing, angie joins in. Michelle & renny do a duo. Guys still playing Gladiator. Games end & Hgs scatter through the house.
Some talk amongst april & libra about not trusting Da & thinking maybe he is the twist.
Renny & keesha talk abit b4 bed. Keesha says its going to be abusy day tomorrow ( wed) so they best get to sleep. ( ed: haha they still think wed is live eviction ! ) .
Jessie, Michelle on outside couches, Memphis & Angie playing pool.
April & Ollie in bed, Ollie says they need to pick up the game & win HOH. Dan & Libra in ed talking about Dan hanging with the other side. Talk about sub-alliances between others ( keesha & renny ) ( april, keesha & ollie ). 2:13 and Libra & Dan go to sleep. 2:30 AM All Hgs asleep.

And the Hgs still have NO clue that wednesday is not vote out !
ed: I have got to say, the slowest Hgs yet ! LOL