Now that Thursdays are home to eviction and HOH night in the BB house, they are not as riveting as they used to be.

The houseguests were woken up promptly at 9 a.m. so they can get ready for the day and the do the usual cleaning of the house before the live show. No major game talk happens because it is pretty set in stone that Angie will be leaving the house per Keesha’s wishes. They do however talk about what the upcoming HOH competition could be.

April thinks that BB orchestrated the earthquake in order to have a theme for the HOH competition. Ollie and Libra agree with her, Libra is convinced of this idea.

At about 10 a.m. the houseguests begin their weekly lockdown in the HOH room. Some of them talk about how gross toe sucking is and how some people do it and others like it. Renny does some impersonations and at one point says she wants to see everyone in the house after thirty years – this prompts some laughing at the fact that Jerry would be 105 then. The HG’s are out of the HOH at about 12:30.

Jerry approaches Dan in the kitchen and tells him that he has figured out everyone’s strategy in the game, and that they should talk later. Dan then tells the girls in their alliance about this. He’ll talk to Jerry later just to see what he says. Renny says she thinks Jerry would put up her and Libra.

After another long wave of trivia the JAMM alliance hangs out in the spa room as everyone is getting ready. Angie shows off her talent of saying “girl girl girl” in a really funny voice. The others try to mimic her. In the 70’s room Dan is reading the bible, stopping to recite some lines to Libra who is there with him.

Feeds break at about 4:30 p.m. for the live show. During the show, Michelle still stays secretive about the banner when asked about what she saw (it had nothing to do with BB). Jerry forgot he had “had words” with Michelle, and doesn’t think he needed to apologize. Keesha pledges to be truer to Renny than to April. After Angie leaves, Michelle cries and everyone is silent as they await the HOH competition. We find out Dan is America’s chosen Player, and agrees to take on the challenge.

In the HOH competition the HG’s are placed on the ledge of the side of a building, holding on to a metal bar for support as the wall is tipped forward. Debris and dust go flying, and the wall shakes at times. Dan makes a lot of jokes and sings at first, making light of the situation everyone is in. Some of the houseguests choose to squat to give their legs a break.

Jerry is the first out after 27 minutes at 6:18. He continues to say he feels bad but his arms couldn’t hold up his weight. Libra follows closely at the 32 minute mark. She says that tall people should just forget it with this challenge.

A couple times throughout the HOH competition, April asks about how her hair looks. At about 6:33 she exclaims, “I knew I should have dressed better, this could be on Maxim!”

Dan jumps down at the 44 minute point, followed by a long stream of trivia. Production must have told the HG’s they could no longer squat because no one does from this point on. Michelle talks to herself to psych herself up.

Ollie is out next at 6:46, or the 55 minute mark. Renny is heard telling Jessie not to hurt himself. Then, Ollie is pointing out how Jessie has his arm wrapped around the bar. Keesha responds in a whisper “that’s not faiiiir.” The feeds then change to trivia for a while. When it returns at 6:57 Jessie is down because he was disqualified for wrapping his arm around. Memphis starts to grunt and talk of deal-making begins without any actual deals discussed. Memphis drops after an hour and 13 minutes and goes into the house to clean a cut he has on his hand from the bar. April again asks about her hair.

With Renny, April and Michelle still hanging, Dan begins motivational speeches for each of them, reciting Renny’s and then one for Michelle. No real conversations or talk besides words of encouragement happen for a while. Then, Renny drops after an hour and 56 minutes.

Michelle and April continue to hang, mostly bent over with their heads down, saying their legs and feet were numb and/or burning. No one talks for a while. At 8:14 April asks for her speech from Dan, which he gives emphatically. At the same time, Michelle really starts to struggle, asking April how she’s doing. They start to negotiate deals.

April at first says she won’t put Michelle up, even after the POV. When Michelle stays up, April later offers on the life of her nephew Boston (not too sure of his relation) that she won’t put up either Michelle or Jessie, even after the POV. Michelle also says she wouldn’t put up April or Ollie, and swears on her parents. Michelle cries because she wants to see pictures of her mom and family, but so does April. Then, as Michelle realizes she can’t stay up and April isn’t going anywhere, she sees if the next week if she’s in the opposite situation that April would give her the HOH. April agrees. Michelle finally drops after two hours and 49 minutes at 8:40. April waits a little and then drops.

Michelle can’t clasp her hands at all, saying it felt like her wrists were separated. Jessie and Ollie go to their respective allies, as Jessie tells the girls how to keep from cramping. Michelle continues to cry. Finally production comes over the intercom and tells them they did a fantastic job, and the feeds go to trivia.

Back in the house everyone is either eating or they’re cleaning themselves in the bathroom. Michelle still can’t clasp her hands and spends some time crying in the poodle room because she is thinking of her mother. Renny, Jessie and April console her.

Speculation begins now that a deal has been made about who will be nominated. Keesha thinks April wants Memphis up, and Jerry tries to convince April that JMM will lie and do anything possible to stay and he won’t speak to them, but April barely listens. Keesha and Memphis talk in the spa room about his girlfriend, their careers and the competition at about 10:15, which sparks April to tell Libra she doesn’t like how they are inseparable and doesn’t respect it. Jessie and Michelle later try to reassure Memphis that because of the deal, they just need to win POV, and hopefully April will put Jerry up to go home.

April gets her HOH room at about 11:45, she got Air Supply for her CD, some hair dye and Nebraska clothing among other things, including a letter. Later, April only really celebrates and dances when she’s alone with Ollie at 1 a.m. April complains again about how Keesha is “ignoring” her for Memphis since she spent some time in the spa room with him earlier. Apparently Renny had heard her saying this to Libra earlier, but even though she gave Keesha her word and everything last week, she doesn’t care. April wants to put up Jessie and Memphis despite her deal because she’s afraid Memphis would win the POV.

At about the same time, Renny tells Keesha about how April doesn’t like her talking to Memphis. Keesha says she should have put April up when she could have, calling her one of the most conceited girls she has ever met. She then wants to keep Memphis and decides that with the votes of her, Jessie, Michelle and Renny – he could stay.

At about 1:50, Keesha talks to Jessie and Michelle about how Jessie was surprised the vote was unanimous. Then, she hears April coming down from the HOH room and leaves the room as soon as she can.

Dan may have been told to put Jessie up because he tells April that she has to. April tells her alliance at 2:30 she wants to put Jessie and Memphis up and to have Memphis go out the door. She is preparing to have Michelle and Jessie yelling at her because she is going to go back on her word to Michelle.

Very little game talk ensues afterwards. Libra, Renny and Keesha stay up making some food and having a few laughs in the 70’s room, but other than that – it’s off to bed for the HG’s at about 3:30 in the morning.

Today we found out:
- Keesha dated Luke Walton, which was her #5 experience during her 20’s (which she listed because Friday is her 30th birthday)
- Jerry likes to pick his nose, and did so on the bench during the HOH
- Libra and Michelle insist to the others that the HOH competition is not shown on the live feeds (ed: little do they know…)