9:43 HGs up. Memphis drinking coffee in back yard. Keesha in kitchen
9:48 Keesha & Memphis in BY complaining about Jerry. M: would really like to see him go so..He's just so conceited.Just so he doesn't get any farther. You just weren't that good, old man.
9:49 Keesha complaining about Jerry spraying ant killer and leaving it. K&M are frustrated by Jerry, says a man his age should know better, M says yeah, cause its poison. Dan comes outside..Keesha says Happy Birthday to Dan, they continue to talk about Jerry.
9:50 Renny eating breakfast at KT counter, Keesha complaining to Memphis in BY again about needing hair color.
9:52 Keesha: I wonder how Renny is going to react. Memphis: I think she knows already. At this point in the game, someone has to go home...it sucks
9:56 Dan, Keesha, Memphis in BY talking about teachers, that some teachers just coast with the same lesson plans. D:those teachers cheat the kids
9:59 M:I had such a bad teacher that spoke to me in Spanish. He was so bad, I would fall asleep in class. He finally sent me to the prinipal. I told him shit, you try to stay asleep in that boring class. D: You did not say that. M: I did.
10:13 D: based on what she said last night, I think Renny is putting up the white flag. M:like, what is she gonna do? campaign against keesha? D: right
10:16 D: Have you figured out your speech?
M: I was gonna do some big speech, but I think the less said the better.
D: do you care what I say?
M: no, just keep it simple, and don't allude to what we have going on. I'd rather that it just be that I want Renny out. but I don't really want to do that either.
D: Do you mind if I say Ashley's name?
M: dude, no. don't do that (shakes head)
D: I was gonna say that I know you're used to just giving your girlfriend Ashley presents, but it's my birthday....
M: dude, no. I'm not cool with that.
D&M then talk about Jerry flipping his lid when he finds out he can't compete in the HOH
10:18 M: Keesha actually is a bit relieved, that she won't have to vote out Renny. If I were to take her off, she wouldn't be comfortable voting out Renny. Not saying that she wouldn't but this way she doesn't have to. she just wouldn't be comfortable with that...this way it's better for her..
10:21 D: dude, we've had One competition where there are prizes.
M: It's hard to believe that we didn't have luxury at this point.
D: maybe Julie will come out and say we haven't had a luxury since we're going to have a MILLLION dollar prize.
M: dude, that would be amaaaaazing. Is it gonna happen? ... I don't have any idea.
"Dan, please go to the diary room".
D: Here we go.
10:29 K: if they don't restock me on makeup, I don't know what I'm going to do.
R: there's not that much time left
K: but there's no way it's gonna last. I'm already not putting on Mascara to make sure I have enough for the live show. Michelle was completely out of everything by the time she left.

Memphis continues to perfect his fauxhawk in the mirror
Keesha & Renny putting on makeup
10:33 Keesha is worried about running out of makeup, Renny says don't you get to buy some at the jury house?
after a long pause, Keesha says I hope I'm not going to the JH any time soon. Then laughs, then says I'm sure they let you.
10:37 Keesha please go to the diary room. D&M now talking in KT
D: you're gonna have to do the veto meeting. when you do this (walking up to the memory wall) do you (didn't catch it) or do you just stand?
M: (chuckles) I just stand.
10:40 D: have you spent anytime in Northern California? Have you been to San Francisco?
M: No. Not yet. I was supposed to go up there with Ashley.
D: why didn't you?
M: Some dummy decided to go on national TV.
D: what is there to see up there?
M: Alcatraz.... Fisherman's Warf....
R: San Fransisco? I've been there.
M: I will go up there. My sisters's running a marathon up there, a half marathon.
10:42 M: dude, I don't know how she does it (sister doing marathon) I wouldn't be able to do it. I;d be like 1 mile and huffing and puffing.
10:46 Dan talking about doing a marathon..running through exhaustion.
M: did you train for it?
D: no, I decided 1 week ahead of time. My coach asked me to, I said "why not"?
D: I recommend everybody try it once. but dude, long term, it cannot be good for your body.

10:46 Dan hangs up his "taken" shirt and puts on another red St. Mary's shirt
10:56 Keesha out of DR. Memphis reading on LR couch. Renny laying on bed. Jerry to the DR
11:14 houseguests seem to be keeping to themselves. not a lot of talking.
11:23 Jerry & Keesha in BY. J: did you ever think somebody your grandfathers age would be in this game?
K: heh heh heh heh.... no.
J: the mind never stops in this game. the mind probably is the most tired muscle in this game.
K agrees.
J: I should have just stayed in bed today.
11:32 Jerry: did you guys go to sleep when I did: or did you stay up?
Keesha: we... uh. we stayed up a bit longer. did you hear, we got in trouble? Renny fell when we were running around.
Keesha: Dan likes to turn out the lights and creep around.
Jerry: Dan, you're 25.
Keesha: we were saying "do you think they ever had to deal with stuff like this before"? we were thinking ya (that we were playing around).
Jerry recounts the Jenn-Evel Dick cigarette smoke and water pouring incident
11:35 Memphis called to DR
11:35 Jerry: I'm surprised I didn't hear anything from them about the veterans (DR?)
J: I would have figured... you know.
J: what do you think your fan base is?
K: I have no idea. I think it's my friends and family
J: no no. It's 25-35. and aspiring girls.
11:37 :Houseguests...then fish
11:41 Trivia
12:20 feeds back
12:21 M to D: if we win hoh and Jerry wins veto, J will keep Keesha. Thats the worst case scenario
12:23 M: Jerry is gonna flip a lid
D:Why? did you tell him you were gonna use it?
M: I didn't tell him I would. I didn't tell him I wouldn't.
M: But I F***ed up his plan. He wanted you gone.

D: what do you and me do now? It's gonna be hard to dispute we have something going.
M: ya, I know.
12:23 Renny walks in the kitchen where Dan and Mem are and says " I'm not going to walk around here depressed" she is smiling and Dan briefly rubs her shoulders.
12:24 M: I'm just gonna say, It's not because of you. Thats all I can do, you know?
12:24 Memphis says he messed Jerry's plan up, that Jerry wanted Renny there for a reason. He and Dan are in front of the memory wall talking about scenarios for next week. It sounds like Memphis did use the veto on Dan. Dan just confirmed. He's wondering how they spin the fact Memphis took him Renny leaves. Memphis says he's going to play it off (using the veto) that it's more about getting Renny out than keeping Dan. (ed. they are discussing how to keep their alliance secret after this)
12:25 Jerry is sitting in the BY looking quited unhappy.
12:25 D: what should I say if they ask me? M: I would just say that I asked you for the vote.
12:26 Dan is throwing a ball around, says to himself "The kid survives one more week"
12:27 Jerry comes in, walking past Dan says "that's the game. Thats the game"
12:29 Dan is now sitting with Keesha on the By couches. they aren't talking. Jerry is heading up to HOH room.
12:29 Jerry alone in HOH "and the beat goes on" and gets in bed.
12:31 K to D "there's not a perfect scenario anymore. I don't know what to say"
12:31 Dan to Keesha: what are you thinking? K: nothing. It sucks! but it had to happen sooner or later. (pause) It sucks when you like all 4 people or 3 people ya know. I don't want to see any of us go. They ask you what is the perfect scenario. There isn't a perfect scenario anymore, ya know.
12:32 K to Dan: what are you thinking? Dan: I don't know.... you know. about Renny.
Memphis walks out and says "Well"
Dan: how do you think she's gonna be?
Memphis: she's doing well, I think.
12:33 Dan: what sucks is that there is somebody you really want out of the house. K: ya, and we have no control over it.
12:34 Jerry says to himself in hoh room, I gotta win HOH next week. I think I can play.
12:35 M: if they don't bring somebody back on this next show, I think it;s too late.
12:37 M: to K, is the colonel pissed. K: I dunno but I don't think he cares. M: I'm sure he hates all of us but he did want you (dan) to go. I f'ed up his plan.
12:38 Memphis: let's have a luxury challenge tomorooooow! cheer everybody up a bit.
12:40 M: I think he will (Jerry try to do deal with Keesh). but I don't thin K will do that. D: unless Renny says something like "get one of those guys out" when she leaves. D: ya
12:41 Renny to Keesh: why you looking at me like that? K: what are you thinking: R: I think I need to put my stuff together.
12:44 Renny to D&M: How are you guys doing? M: OK. but it sucks!
R: It's OK. (then leaves)
M: It's good she's ok with it, but I do feel bad.
D: I know she's popped off but I still like her ya know. She's been nothing but good to me, taking care of us, you know.
12:47 D: what are we gonna do about Jerry? M: I dunno. I'm just gonna say. it's not about Dan, ya know what I mean. M: We need to win, ya know.
M: Worse case scenario. Keesha wins HOH and Jerry wins POV, then one of us goes.
M: I don't think it matters who goes up.
D: wouldn't you be surprised if K puts us two up.
M: ya, but it doesn't matter, ya know.
M: that's the worst case scenario. but we just need to win HOH.
12:50 D: Jerry can't win Pov. M: that just can't happen. D: we have 3 to 1 chance. as long as Keesha doesn't do something with Jerry, ya know.
M: I wish that $hit was now.
D: I'm gonna be flipping out next Tuesday
D: Final four, dude.
M: I know man. I didn't think there was any way....
D: I know, me too.
D: there were some smart shifty people in this house.
M: I know that Keesha turned out a lot smarter than I was expecting.
12:52 D: Jerry is a better competitor than we thought. M: ya, physically no, but mentally. M: he's almost won a lot of competitions.
M: after all, he's got 60 years on us. anybody like that is gonna have more experience than, you know.
D: I was thinking Ollie did nothing until he needed to
12:54 M: as long both of us don't end up on the block in the end. D: what about if you win HOH and Jerry wins POV.
M: that's where I come into play. You gotta trust me to... ya know.
D: I know. M: we just need to seal it up Man, ya know, one hoh and one pov, thats all we need. D: I can see Keesha winning hoh. M: which is fine, you know what I mean. As long as any of the 3 of us win. it's gonna be ok. D: I still think we have one more thing coming, Ya know, maybe the center frame is $1m. what if we have the next hoh is $25k and a car
12:56 Renny: Dan could win this game. Keesha: I know.
12:58 Renny asked K if she knew waht was gonna happen (pov cer) and K said she had an idea, didn't know for sure.
12:59 D: I hope your're right about Jerry not being able to play in HOH. M: go ahead and ask. D: I keep forgetting to.D: it feels great, dude, coming off the block.
D: I bet Keesha will flip out on Thursday. She did before against Libra, you know. I can't believe we had ONE america's vote this season. I hope we get locked in today.
M: ya, that would be nice.
1:01 D: did you know that it used to be that if used the veto, you could go up on the block? M: that's stupid, nobody would ever use it. D: ya
1:02 M: Do you think they would ask the Renegades if we make it, goin on Survivor? D: I can see Amazing Race.
1:07 Memphis goes to spa and lays down. Dan puts gloves on to do dishes.
1:26 Dan washing dishes, Renny in kitchen too, talking about her fishing. Dan has fished a few times as a kid, would like to do it more. Dan is making halibut and zucchini tonight. Renny checks that Dan has taken the halibut out of the storage room to be defrosted already; Dan says yes. Renny would like to cook fish more at home after doing it here. She is eating some tuna. Dan asks if fish is about the same price as beef in New Orleans, and Renny says fish isn't that expensive because they go fishing down there. Renny goes fishing in the Gulf and at Lake Pontchartrain. She likes to fish for trout. Dan asks Renny if she knows how to gut fish; she says no. Dan and Renny would both like to learn how; Renny says it seems easy when others do it. Renny likes crabbing too.

Memphis comes in from the spa room. Dan asks Renny to tell Memphis a story about one time Renny and her dad went fishing and her dad didn't have a permit. Memphis tells his own fishing story. Renny says dungeness crabs in San Francisco don't have as much flavor as blue crabs from Louisiana.
1:35 Jerry has entered the kitchen and they are all still talking about fishing.
1:39 Jerry, Dan, Memphis still talking about fishing in kitchen. Renny has gone back to hippie room to sleep.
1:49 Memphis: Dan, Chess! Dan: dude, I wanna go outside, we're gonna get locked in.
1:51 Dan: damn, can't play basketball. M: why? D: cus Renny is using the cake cover.
1:53 Dan: is Ashley doing your myspace? Memphis: she might be. Matt was supposed to do it, but she's probably monitoring his dumb ass.
1:54 Dan mem talking about websites. Dan says you Can't have your own for a year b/c they want the traffic. BB says no talking about production.
1:55 M: he was supposed to set up a fan page. Cuz my personal one is all of my real friends. Dan: ya, you don't want your worlds to collide.

then explaining the whole thing again to Jerry.

Memphis: shoot, I probably won't have any fans anyway.
Jerry: oh, you will have fans. Dan is gonna have all of the younger fans.
Memphis: ya, the teeny bopper group
1:58 Dan: Memphis will have all of the 25 to 45 women. Jerry: Keesha will have a lot
Memphis: I bet Keesha will have lots of young girls.
Jerry: Me, I got all generations!
2:01 fish
2:02 Keesha and Renny sleeping, Jerry, Dan and Memphis talking about high schools in BY
2:04 M: if Arnold can be our governor, anybody can be. J: is he doing a good job? M: I guess
2:12 I wonder what they do with this house after the season. Do they remodel it every year? M: Ya, I don't know. I'd like to see previous seasons just to see the house.
J: Ya, I wonder if we can get the previous seasons.
2:18 Jerry goes inside. Dan: how did your little talk go with Jerry. Memphis: ya, thanks buddy. he gets on my nerves.It's like we were inside talking about fishing.... and I thought, here we go. (mocks Jerry talking on and on about catching fish, and adding stuff on). It makes me not want to talk with him
2:21 Dan: If Keesha were to come to you and say F2, what do you say? Memphis: I'm thinking we should both say, I don't wanna make any deals cuz that's the way Keesha has been playing all season.
M: If she does ask something like that?
D: ya, we need an answer
M: if we say we don't have a deal with each other, and don't want to do that, she won't believe us.
D: I want to know how she would've done in the earthquake competition
M: I don't think she would have done well.
D: I was suprised about the Vine Competition when she fell off
M: dude, ya, me too.... maybe she threw that competition.
2:25 Dan: what do you have Sprint? Memphis: no, Verizon. we both have blackberries. crucial to life man. Dan: I have a Krazr. M: you have to check yhour email on your computer? Dude, I get the email on my phone as soon as I get it. D: do you carry it with you at work? M: no. I don't have time. D: I'd be, like, I'm here. meet me at the kitchen door.
2:32 D: when I asked Keesha what happened in the Vine competition? She said that she hit the wall.... but then she said, I looked in Ollie and your eyes, and figured there's no way I can beat you. I'm thinking, which is it?

M: maybe it's a little of both.
D: I wonder how the next competitions will be. I'd hate it if they changed the competitions to favor a certain individual. Like look at the last HOH
M: ya, that was bull****
2:38 Dan: in your opinion who do you think is the worst player this season? Memphis: probably... Ollie, Angie, Steven, and Brian.
I think Brian... he just played way too fast. dude, he could have been here. you just don't open your mouth first week.
Steven... he was an automatic target for Libra since he put a target on her.
I think Angie played a pretty s***y game too. She was stuck in a bubble. She was a shy person at first... but this is a game. She was like, this is how I am. but it bit her in the ass.
Dan: Ollie just hung out with april.
Memphis: Ollie definitely shot himself in the foot.
2:40 Dan: who do you think was the best player evicted? Memphis: Libra, definitely. I know people don't like to hear that.

Jessie sent out Steven
Keesha sent out Angie.
(missed a couple)

and that was all what Libra wanted.
She told me, if there's a different way to have played it, it would have been like me. But that's me. Libra needed to play her own game.

Libra told me that she wished she had a secret alliance with me.
3:04 Memphis and keesha sleeping in hippie room, Renny sleeping on backyard couch
3:10 "Dan, please go to the Diary Room" then fish
3:17 Dan: whats up? Memphis: shrugs, they woke me up. D: shy? you're next? "Memphis, please go to the diary room"
3:28 Keesha joins renny in BY. K: I think the week is just really hard for me. I'm just trying to sleep it away. R: to think today's only monday
3:30 K: have you talked to either Memphis or dan? Did they say anything? R: shakes her head. What are they gonna tell me?
K: I dunno. I just know Memphis feels really bad. It's hard for them. It's not that they don't like us, or at least I hope not. It's getting down to that point, where... I just don't even know what to say. because there's nobody to pick off that you don't like, you know?
R: it's just the way it's going down. there's nothing you can do about it.
K: ya.
3:41 R: What, they said something about me? K: ya, that it was really hard to put you up.
R: Memphis?
K: ya.... it was like, right after, out here.
3:46 Renny to K: you could win a half million dollars. Keesha: I dunno Renny. I've always said, that if I even make it that far, then I'm not going to win. With the people in the jury house... except maybe against one. The odds are tough, 3 guys in this house.
Renny: they won't want to keep him (Jerry), but it depends on how they see the money. And only you know... if they've promised to take you to the end.
Keesha: There's way too much time left. You may be close, but you're still far away
3:49 Jerry joins K & R in BY. Jerry says: I can't compete in next hoh Only the last one (which they call an HOH) can you compete back to back.
Renny: Did you know?
Jerry: I wasn't sure... I know now!
Renny: (chuckles) Wow.... that's big.
Renny: when did you find out?
Jerry: just now.... I just asked.
3:52 R to K: that's good news for y'all. K: I bet he is pissed right now. R: Did you know that?
K: Ya.... Memphis asked. I thought you were here when he said.
R: No.
K: Crazy, huh. that's huge. Bad news on Jerry's part. whew.
3:58 Dan sleeping. Memphis sleeping in sauna room. Renny doing laundry. Jerry working out. Keesha in KT.
4:31 Jerry is now up in hoh napping. Dan snoozing in the doom room. renny and keesha are lazing on their beds in the 60's room chatting.
4:36 Renny and Keesha talking about the week being long, boring. They sometimes whisper so quiet it;s hard to hear. They hopr alcolhol... hope for a movie or some kind of luxury comp.
4:58 Keesha and Renny decide to get up and out of the 60's br. They went to the kitchen, then Keesha went out to the yard to get somethings and renny to the WC, BB called memphis to DR.
5:08 Keesha was in BR putting on her make-up. BB called an indoor LD.
5:16 K & R at the kitchen counter having fun with the playing cards..laughing and squealing.
5:17 Memphis out of the DR. asks k&R if they are on LD. BB voice calls keesha to DR
5:32 all but Jerry running for the store room looking for wine.
5:33 Keesha came out of DR. Looks out sliding glass doors and squeals!! Yells to Memphis that they got a grill. Memphis was in LR on couch and they run out to look at it. Then K goes to get Renny out of her bed so she can come see too. Dan then comes out (I think maybe Memphis told him). They are all pretty excited about the Grill. And even more fun...goodies in the storage room...food for backyard barbeque...Flag. HGs guess it is for Labor Day.
5:35 Jerry laying in bed in hoh. spying on the others via the spy screen, but doesn't come down to join (and no one has gone to tell him about the grell yet)
5:42 Jerry laying in the hoh room looking at the spy cam and says "at least one of them is going home"
5:45 Jerry comes out and Memphis tells him about the grill and food
5:50 Renny in kitchen cutting up a pineapple, while Jerry goes outside to join Memphis, Dan and Keesha. He did say something to Renny about having to win pov, that that there is trickery going on.
5:51 Jerry screams out that he's had enough of this sh*t to nobody in particular, Memphis inside says to ren. M: sounds like he has tourettes Dan gives a look to K as they sit out with Jerry.
5:52 Jerry first said his body is shutting down and it is saying enough of this sh*t then he just screamed it
5:54 Dan just went in to the kitchen to help get dinner ready. Leaving Keesha outside alone with Jerry. Dan back outside sits beside Jerry.
5:57 Dan sees that BB gave them a new hose, and is now filling up the HT. Keesha says Happy Labor day guys, and both J/D respond.
5:58 Dan called to the DR and asked K/J to keep an eye on the hose, so the HT doesn't over flow.
6:00 Keesha went inside to get clothers to wash. Feeds switched to R/M doing food prep. Keesha back outside with clother. not much talking.
6:04 Memphis asking Keesha if she wants him to cook some of those garden patties, she says yes at least one and Renny says she would like one too.
6:08 Renny telling Keesha something about Jerry, and he walked back in the house. Now he is sitting at the table and is playing with the cards.
6:14 Keesha said she like hot dogs on the grill, and her dad really blackens them for her.
6:20 Dan tells Memphis "I never heard the DR throw around the "R" word so much" (ed: I assume this is Renegades)
D/M outside, K/R inside, J in DR

Inside, Renny and Keesha talking about the game. K says she won't kiss ass for jury votes. R says J knew what he was doing to get rid of K/R.

K says why would Jerry help M/D - M/D can beat him physically. She doesn't understand.

R: I think it was a really dumb play
K: Are you kidding me, these guys aren't going to take Jerry... They won't burn their bridges. Memphis is in real good right now. He's good with everybody.

back outside

Dan says he does not want to think too far ahead. The DR was pushing for him to reveal his plans.
6:26 Renny warns Keesha about Jerry. Renny says that Jerry wants a guy to win. R: So watch out.

R: You have two strong competitors...two guys...and you're not going to take one out!?

K: I know!

R: Think about it!

R tells K as she goes to the WC: You're still in the running, kid!
6:32 HG are hoping that they get more b/w Jerry said they should each get a six pack
6:36 Jerry and Memphis outside. Jerry just admires the food. Says they have good appetizers inside. Says he told DR more beer.

J: They should give us a six pack each... (screams out) I'll pay for it!

Jerry talks about his stove at home. It has burners and a grill.
6:43 Jerry is trying to figure out how to set up tables so they can eat outside.
6:51 Jerry keeps pleading to the air (BB) for more beer.
6:53 Memphis rescued something from the oven that renny left in there before going to DR
6:57 everybody waiting for Renny to get out of DR so they can eat.
6:58 renny out of dr, its al fresco dinning time. everybody complementing Memphis on the food, mem says thanks, I miss grilling.
7:12 Dan cuts off the corn from the cob. M: you cut off your corn? D: dude I have to. I lost half my front teeth playing basketball. M: wow D: ya, I can't bite into apples, corn
7:16 Dan asks what do you guys do for Labor Day? Keesha and Jerry both say BBQ
7:18 they are all stuffed, Renny says save room for cake, Keesha says later. Dan to DR, Memphis putting BY back the right way.
7:27 Dan out of DR says: Jerry cannot compete in the next hoh. Memphis:dude I told yo. D: ya, but good to triple confirm
7:29 Keesha confirms with Memphis that Jerry told her he can't compete in hoh. Memphis smiles.
M: It's just us 3 for the HOH.
K: Jerry is being nice to me
M: ya, he's even being nice to Dan. I can't stand him.
7:32 M tells Keesha: best case scenario. Us two can't be on the block. M: if it happens, then it's all about POV, then we get to decide.
K: and HOH gets to stay.
M: if he somehow gets it (Jerry), I'd like to think he'd somehow keep us over Dan. I mean, he hates him and wants him out
7:55 Memphis telling a crazy story about a trip to Mexico to see a donkey show w/ a buddy. They go to a shady bar with a one eyed bartender who would always put the bottle of tequila in front of his bad eye whenever they'd take a picture.

They hitch a ride back across the border to a hotel. and then they go back across the next day and go to a bar where they filmed desperado.

They are determined to go see the Donkey show. They took a long taxi ride but end up in a nasty strip club, but no Donkey show.

(story continues)
eventually gives up on the Donkey show (too far away). Ends up hanging out with two girls who were hiding from their parents.

No donkey show, but eventually found his way back home.
7:55 Keesha talking about going to a male strip club, several times. Dan is shocked.
8:04 K: have you ever been to a strip club? Dan dnies at first. Dan: I felt dirty...We had a buddy's bachelor party and we went up to Windsor.... and we went in, and all I see is a bunch of dirty looking guys. And when they found out why we were there, they grabbed him and brought him up on stage. and I thought... why am I here?
Keesha: I know what happens, especially when they take you in back. for the private lap dances.
Dan: it's not my thing.
8:04 Jerry interjects that his wife got him a belly dancer for his 50th birthday.
8:07 Jerry says he's lived such a protected life. Keesha says, yeah right, thats why you bought a girl when you were 17 years old. Jerry says she was a prostitute he was 18 and he was lonely, young and virile. Keesha asks what's that mean. He said "needy, oversexed or something."
8:17 Memphis threw a moth into a spider web. Keesha said "No, stop it!" Memphis stomping around BY looking for another moth. Dan: Don't fall into the pool
8:27 Keesha and Renny go into the DR together saying "lets ask them together"
8:30 R: have you washed those shorts yet Dan? they're funky. D: they're clean, chlorine is better than bleach. R: you're gonna get a lot of flack from your family.
D: My Mom's gonna be mad I don't do my hair before the DR
Dan sings "spider web"
DR: "Dan, I said to knock it off"
8:39 Dan called to the DR. K: Dan has green mold growing on his bathing suit. I seen it. Renny says if he doesn't sleep in them, she's gonna take it and wash it. Memphis says he will be mad at you.
8:59 Dan out of DR, Memphis goes in DR
9:02 Jerry remarks "I wonder if I'll have a reputation left when I get out of here" Renny says "you're going to have a reputations alright. tense silence.
Dan & Keesha try to diffuse the situation: "Keesha Beesha." "Dan the maaaaan."
9:03 Dan is reading Keeshas letter from JJ. Dan and Renny check the SR again to see if they got any more alcohol. nothing there.
9:07 Now hgs are playing a card game "concentration" matching cards.
9:15 HGs (mem in DR) playing memory. Jerry "hand me that card" "Renny please?" Jerry "thank you" two times. Jerry isn't getting the hang of it Jerry not knowing that he has to put down the card where he got it.
Renny Keep turning the d*mn 6
Jerry picks his nose and then touches a card
Memphis comes out of dr "What are you playing? Memory? haha"
9: 36 Renny and Keesha just found wine in the SR, they are going to take it to their room and hide it from the others..Keesha to Renny about the wine "we deserve it, we are on the block.
9:44 Keesha telling Renny that Jerry told her that she better get hoh next week cos he can't play. Keesha said "that's if i'm here". Keesha doesn't understand why he wants to be her friend. Renny saying Keesha will be there. Keesha saying you never know.
9:46 Renny saying Jerry will never get her vote. they are both complaining that Jerry didn't protect them. Renny said that Jerry is so lucky. Keesha saying she believes in karma.
9:57 all in KT for Dan's birthday. Q tips instead of candles.
10:03 Keesha sneakily pours another glass of wine in the 60's room and says to the camera "please don't judge me"
10:10 K/D/R in hippie room complaining about jerry
10:17 M: they were supposed to give us more table topics. they didn't listen to me.
10:18 Jerry waltzed in and sat himself on the bean bag.
10:26 Memphis: I like my fans, all of you guys ROCK! Keesha: I love my fans! I LOVE you guys!!
10:32 Dan: Keesha tell me your most embarrassing story. Keesha: bite me Dan, you tell me yours.
just random chit chat. the hgs start humming and we get fish.
10:39 Dan to K: stop! tickling me does not make your story funny.
houseguests telling eachother jokes in the hippie room
10:46 Dan shispers in keeshas ear a joke to tell (this is what I remember of it)
"A guy walks into the bar, and orders five shots. The bartender asks him why he ordered 5 shots, he says it's cause he's celebrating his first BJ. So the man has five shots and asks the bartender for another shot. The bartender says, 'wasn't five enough?' and the man says 'No, because I can't get the taste out of my mouth.'"

They all groan and say the joke was gross.
10:50 Dan is telling riddles now.
10:54 Dan DR leak: "thanks for getting me out of there. he says "how awkward is this?" other hgs playing table topics
11:08 Memphis and Dan playing chess, Keesha stuck alone in hippie room listening to Jerry stories. not sure where renny is.
11:32 DKMR in bathroom. M in shower. D teasing k, who doesn't seem to be appreciating it.
11:50 boys finish their game. Memphis takes a shower.
D/K/R in bathroom.

Dan to Keesha and Renny: Can you guys get in to a pillow fight tonight?
R: A pillow fight? Wasn't last night enough? 54 years old running around the house like a crazy women, getting pounded.

Keesha returns the wine bottle to the storage room.

Jerry in bed.
11:52 Dan in the hot tub, Renny hunting around for a peanut butter cup in the freezer.
1202 Reeny to Keesha: its no fun being on the block with you by the way. K: You think you're leaving don't you?
R: Yeah, why would anyone keep me. Come on.
K: Why would they keep me?
R: What are you talking about you're probably gonna be in the final 3. They're voting his a$$ (Jerry) out.
12:06 Dan out of the hot tub, weighs himself, goes to WC, then shower. whispers and signals to M: final four.
12:11 Renny to M: why do you do that with your tongue? it's like a little kid. K: just a habit? M:ya
12:15 M/K/R discussing Jerry's habit of picking his nose.
Keesha says that she saw Jerry sitting on the beanbag chair in their room picking his nose and putting "them" on the chair.
Renny says its disgusting and that he rolls "them."

R: He probably doesn't wash his hands at home.
K: Does he here?
R: A little bit he just runs them under water.

Memphis says they won't show that on the show.
12:19 Dan sitting at dining table by himself, looking at memory wall
12:24 Keesha says that April took that toy poodle. Memphis: What a stupid b****.
Keesha: She'll probably try to make some money off it.
Memphis: Maybe she can buy some nice clothes.
12:32 Dan sits on the beanbag chair M/K/R laughing up a storm.
Dan is puzzled.
K: You might wanna get off the chair.

Dan throws the chair on Keeshas bed.

They explain what Jerry did on it. (Picked his nose.)

Tons of laughter.

Renny pushes the chair more into Keesha.

then FISH
12:50 M/D/K/R having general chit chat. dan and memphis start to sing then fish.
1:13 feeds are back. the four talking about Jerry. Dan to Renny: What if Julie Chen asked you how you really feel about Jerry? What would you say?
Renny: He sucks!
1:20 Dan playing word association with Renny, Keesha and Memphis.

Dan: Jessie
Keesha: Ugly (she later says she means his personality.)

Dan: Jerry
Keesha: Nasty

1:27 Now the four are playing password.
1:40 the four now start to play never ending story.
2:08 Dan is on the floor, Renny is putting the bean bag chair over top of him, they are all laughing, renny says "there it is!" (Jerrys bugger) and tries to put it on Dan .. Dan leaves and gets into his own bed .. lights are off ... all houseguests are settling down for the night
2:13 There is a rustling and memphis says "are you having chocolate?" Keesha laughs and says no, its orange juice. Keesha: Its so quiet in here. I like chocolate but not that bad.

Keesha takes a drink and they settle down again.

Keesha stirs and says ahhh geez, (she cant get comfortable) and says Good night guys.

No one responds.
2:13 all are in their own beds and trying to sleep.