It’s officially the last Thursday in the BB10 house, and two of the houseguests finally feel as though there’s a weight off their shoulders. The third and final part of the last HOH competition is tonight, and it’s almost set in stone who will be in the final two…

Although there’s not much to do today, the houseguests are woken up at about 9:15. Jerry’s already up and in the shower when we first see him, while Memphis and Dan change their batteries in the storage room. Dan says Happy Birthday to his mom, and makes sure she hears it because he says it repeatedly throughout the day. He also wishes Monica’s brother Brandon a Happy Birthday.

Memphis tells Dan that because they are in the final part of the HOH together, he was able to get the best sleep since entering the house. He had nothing to worry or be anxious about. He however had a weird dream where he and Ashley were on a hike together with attacking zebras, a tiger and lion. Dan attempts to throw other houseguests’ names in to represent the animals he mentions but Memphis doesn’t seem to think the animals represent anyone.

Jerry on the other hand had a difficult night. His back kept him up because it hurt so much. At about 10:15 he tries to give Memphis some “tips” to help him with the HOH competition. Just a little bit later he complains he doesn’t feel well and goes to throw up in the trash can out in the backyard. Later he blames the apple juice, but Memphis points out to Dan how he drank it too. Jerry then gets checked out by the BB medical team.

While Jerry is gone, Dan and Memphis talk about how crazy it is that they were able to survive together after becoming an alliance in week 4. Memphis starts to push on Dan that the decision to evict Keesha was both of theirs. Dan doesn’t say much in return on that topic.

Jerry comes back at about 11:15 and tells them his blood pressure was a little hypertensive, but he’ll be fine. Not much goes on for the next hour except regular chit chat.

It’s 12:15, and Memphis tells Dan he has his speech ready if he wins tonight. He motions that he’ll use some gun-slinging action but then jokes that it won’t really be like that. They agree that a gorilla-sized weight if off their backs and head out to the pool to discuss the rules of being a Renegade. Both really want to go see The Dark Knight when they get out. They later discuss how they will cement to each other that they will take each other to the finals. Dan gives Memphis his cross and both swear that they will or a sniper will get their girlfriends (ed: you’ve got to love to be Ashley and Monica right now!).

What the three remaining houseguests do from 2:07 and show time, we may never know…

During the live show, Dan wins the final HOH 4-2, and takes Memphis to the finals with him. They don’t reveal to Jerry that they’ve been working together though. The HOH was the same as it has always been, where they have jurors answer questions about their point of view from the game. After the live show, Dan and Memphis point out how none of the jurors looked very good on the television screen they had, and even Keesha didn’t look like herself.

Memphis admits that he doesn’t think Keesha will want to be friends with him anymore after the show after he evicted her. He hopes she could see it was strictly game strategy and not against her personally. They think Jerry would have won a sympathy vote against them had he stayed, rather than the jurors looking at game play to decide.

Dan and Memphis are pretty much quiet for a while. Memphis cleans dishes and then tells Dan it’s the last time he cleans “that old man’s greasy pan,” of course, referring to Jerry. Dan repeats $50,000, astonished that he’s won at least that amount (that is, without the other $20,000 Memphis doesn’t know about). He looks at the picture of Renny while Memphis is out of the room and says “you gotta come through for me, too.”

After both have done their post-show DR sessions, they are able to go outside and go over some more Renegade rules. Memphis tells Dan he’ll be annoyed if he brings up the fact that he won a car to the jury. They reveal that they know the jury question and answer session will be some time on Friday. Memphis thinks it’ll be an uncomfortable time for both of them. They continue to shout out to the cameras that the “Renegade moms and girlfriends” must take off work so that they can celebrate together after the show is over.

They talk about how the money affects their lives. They think it’s crazy that April paid off $11,000 worth of bills for her house and everything before she left. Memphis talks about how he always tells Ashley that if she doesn’t like her job she should just get out of it. They talk about how people shouldn’t work just to be able to live, that they should try and spend only the amount necessary and not necessarily as much as they could possibly spend with their salaries. Dan tells Memphis he knows he has a car but Memphis swears he doesn’t and he just shares Ashley’s Honda Civic. Dan rags on him for taking the Camaro over the Mustang, but Memphis didn’t think the baby blue color was for him at all.

They discuss post-show plans, where they will go and what places they can visit in CA and possibly in Las Vegas. They really want to drive Memphis’ new car on the open road to Las Vegas with their girlfriends. Whoever wins will pay for their hotel suite!

They talk about the possible twists in the game because they haven’t been able to figure any out. Apparently Craig Ferguson mentioned a law office in reference to Keesha for some reason so they think maybe she was a lawyer who also worked at Hooters, or formally worked at Hooters. They are right but don’t know it when they think Renny owned a salon and didn’t reveal that she wasn’t retired yet.

They go on to talk more about the game – how Memphis won the rock, paper, scissors battle with Steven (ed: did he?), how they both took the game week by week and didn’t think they could win with every move they made (unlike other houseguests), and how they might not be portrayed correctly because of Julie’s statement to Memphis that he had to choose between two “friends” – Jerry and Keesha. They hope that was just Julie playing along with their Renegade game. However, Dan points out how he could see people in the live audience smirk when Memphis made the “true Renegade” comment in his plea to Dan. They are definitely not sure if America likes them or not.

They rehash some other moments in their game. Dan asks Memphis when he knew he could trust him for the rest of the game. Memphis says it was when Dan genuinely thanked Memphis for pointing out how wrong Jerry’s Judas comment was. Before they get their celebratory dinner (which we don’t get to see), they talk about the money and what they can do with it, with their business.

Their dinner lasts from 7:20 until 9, when they’re finishing up some cake. They go outside and talk more about the game. Dan lies to Memphis and tells him he didn’t throw any competitions, but Memphis points out how in the Eliminator he had admitted he would throw it to Renny or Keesha. If we didn’t remember, they mention how they started to really work together after they realized Memphis would be staying instead of Jessie (ed: Memphis should really be thanking America!).

Apparently both Ashley and Monica were crying when Memphis and Dan left for “vacation” (their sequestered hotel rooms pre-show). They don’t think they’d be able to take off for All-Stars if they had the chance to go, especially if it were to be next summer. They want to get Robyn Kass a gift for getting them on the show in the first place. Ted is an honorary Renegade!

It’s now gotten to be 10 at night and they are still going back and forth between how the game is played and what they will do in Vegas. They agree that no one can get through the game alone, and that you need to have an understanding with your ally to be able to hang out and not hang out so as to stay low key without second-guessing each other. Memphis says that the reason Keesha is gone because they couldn’t figure out what her game was, if there really was a strategy to her game. They know they’ll need to stay away from Keesha after the show if she’s drinking – Memphis is afraid she’ll get all crazy and will yell at him. He doesn’t want that kind of awkward situation for them, Ashley and JJ.

They spend the rest of the night talking about all the things that go along with the game, what their first impressions of people were (Dan thought Jessie may have been gay, they think there’s more to Angie’s back-story). Dan even points out that people who watch the feeds will fell like they know them, and they probably do just because of how much of their lives they talk about while they’re in the house. Apparently Memphis has a friend whose father is friends with Mike Boogie – he really wants to start his own bar/restaurant. They both want to hang out with Brian afterwards because they think he was hilarious and could talk up a storm.

Both Dan and Memphis definitely don’t want to Google or YouTube search their names after the show because of what they could find. Dan really hopes he hasn’t been fired from St. Mary’s. At about 11:30 they decide they’re tired enough to go to sleep, so Memphis gives Dan his cross back. Dan showers while Memphis reads the bible and they go to sleep in separate rooms. Now, only five more days to go before they can be crowned winners!

(Ed: Just want to say it’s been fun recapping for this season’s Thursdays! I am very happy to see that people who are fun and respect this game are in the final, and that one of them has played it to make it fun not only in the house but for us viewers – Go Dan!)