At last we left them on Friday night, the Renegades had just gone through jury questioning and were trying to figure out who has who’s votes. Jerry was mad. Renny wanted to know what Memphis did for her in the game. Dan thinks if he gets Renny, he’ll win. Memphis thinks that the Replacement Nominee Roulette cost Dan the game, but Michelle going to the beach may have changed her vote. Keesha asked Dan if he threw the final four veto competition. Michelle thought Memphis was throwing everything. And we learned the jury members are being separated up until the final show.

12:45 PM
There is no wake up call from BB today. Dan finally wakes Memphis; they got tired of waiting for the music that never came. They get ready for the day and talk about their business ventures. Dan still wants to know what Ollie’s question was to Memphis and Memphis still can’t remember.

2:00 PM
BB has given them more toys. They thank BB for two remote control cars. There seems to be a frequency issue, as one controller can make both cars move. Dan has much more fun with them. He runs one off the counter onto a smaller table and then to the ground. He bangs it into pretty much everything in the house until BB issues a “Knock it off!”

Memphis thinks he made BB history by not winning a single HOH and making it to final two. Dan eventually remembers that Will did that too in season 2. Memphis speculates if Keisha had won luxury trip. Dan says then he would have no chance for a win; that was his chance with Michelle.

They play some paddle ball in the pool and remember fondly a time when Angie played games with them in the pool. Memphis wonders if they are the youngest finalists together. Dan says he can't really think of any alliance that made it together besides the Donato's. Memphis says those people (BB8) were stupid not to separate them.

They talk about a line of Renegade action figures. Keesha's action figure flips people off. Memphis' has a special power to disregard old men. Dan's action figure has pockets full of Angie Stars. Jerry's comes with a special Semper Fi hat that he can take off when he is lying. Renny's has a million different disguises. Brian has special action moves to whisper. Steven's has a special trapdoor in the back. Angie's is anatomically correct. April's has high heels and cutoff shorts. Ollie's says quotes like "This was my HOH" "You took my manhood away" "Suck my…". Michelle's is the only one that comes with real hair and says "I can't afford college". Jessie's says random nonsense.

Memphis asks Dan if he really had an alliance w/ Ollie and Jerry. Dan says he just nodded along with Jerry. Dan says he learned you can only align with one person. If it had just been him and Brian at the start it would have worked but they brought in Ollie.

Dan tells Memphis how all the houseguests could vote in BB2 and they could void one vote. Memphis says he would hate to do that because it would be horrible if he voided a vote for himself. Dan says he would be on a Memphis suicide watch if that happened.

Jerry asked Memphis what he would have done if he won the final HOH. Memphis told him he would have decided in the moment. They still can't remember what Ollie asked.
Memphis says: "All I remember is Jerry saying "HE SHOWED NO REMORSE!""
Dan eggs him on a bit, telling him Jerry called him a womanizer a lot.

4:00 PM
They're eating lunch and wondering if the Jury knows the name of their alliance. They don't think they do, but they crack up since they hinted so many times including Memphis talking about a Renegade tattoo he wanted to get.

They play a game where they flick cards into a hat for points. Memphis wins every round. Then they play chess. Dan wins.

They try to figure out 10 events for an Olympic Decathlon; chess, card toss, bocce, badminton, remote car obstacle course, clown school, dropping an egg from the balcony without cracking it.... (ed. apparently ADD kicks in, because that’s all the further they get before the subject changes).

They make a road course out of an entire roll of aluminum foil and drive a remote control car along the path. Afterwards Dan rolls a big ball with the aluminum foil. Dan wonders “How pissed would everyone [have been] if they used a week’s worth of foil when the others were still in the house. Memphis shapes the ball into a football and they play catch until it goes into the hot tub.

6:30 PM
Dan talks about his trip with Michelle. Michelle said April and Ollie spend all day together in their room, the Jury has a personal chef and all the beer and wine they want. Libra asked Michelle to share a room and Michelle said “hell no!” She also told Dan they have a basketball court, pool and tennis courts. (ed. Now I’m thinking about trying out next season just to get to the jury house!) They also got their remaining HOH baskets when they got to the jury house.

Dan asked Memphis what his first thought was when he heard about Michelle's trip. Memphis says he was confused at first, but then he realized why it could change the game (ed. Playing it nonchalant).

8:00 PM
Memphis makes some burgers and they have dinner at the counter. They talk about how they met their girlfriends.

They got 4 beers, Miller Genuine Drafts. Memphis says they must be scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Memphis tells Dan that the Libra banner was made up and that they all agreed to lie about it. Dan was impressed by the Dan-like move.

They talk about the love-fest during feast night. Dan says his crying was faked. Memphis says he knew. They talk about Renny crying when Michelle left even though she wanted her gone, thinking maybe her strategy was to be liked.

9:00 PM - ShoToo Crawl: Dan and Memphis are the final two houseguests, One will win $50,000, the other $500,000, Unseen footage and hilarious moments from Big Brother 10 will air Sunday night.

Dan just blurts out ", promoting the Renegades. Check it out.” Memphis looks at him kind of sideways, so Dan tells him “It's some random BB website".

They spend a considerable amount of time looking for moths to feed Ted and Debbie. They get Ted a sizable meal. They have several failed attempts to take care of Debbie. (ed. Though the footage of them trying to catch moths without a net would make a great montage).

11:00 PM
They’ve ramped up the card tossing game, going up to the balcony and trying to hit the hat on the coffee table below.

Now on to no limit Texas hold em using mini candy bars as chips. Dan wonders if anyone is even watching BBAD at this point. He dedicated his next hand to the one person that is watching (ed. That would be me. Thanks Dan!) Memphis wins and Dan wants to play chess.

Memphis says right before the live show he gave back the shirts that Jerry gave him because he wouldn’t wear those types of shirts. Offended, Jerry went out to the kitchen and was banging dishes as he washed them.

More remote control car play, more chess, and more bocce.

It seems the Diary Room has requested they ask each other off the wall questions about the season and other houseguests. Dan asks Memphis if he would stay in the house alone for another month for $1,000,000. Memphis says he can't do it. He thinks he literally would go insane. He says he has a genuine fear of being trapped by himself... and that he lied to Big Brother to get in... and the feeds are cut (ed. Well that question just backfired on BB).

Dan asks, “Would you rather have $100k and the title of Big Brother or just $500k? Memphis says, “$500k. I already have a title”. Dan corrects him that Will (season 2) didn't win an HOH. Memphis responds, “You think you know more than big brother?” Dan says “Yes!” and then asks Big Brother for a random fact so they can talk about it.

Memphis wants the Survivor casting director to give him a call. Dan thinks he's crazy for wanting to do that after this. Memphis thinks it's crazy that Julie said that Jerry was his friend. Dan said they could edit anything to make it work.

They finally settle into playing the "Which BB houseguest..." game. Mostly Dan asking Memphis:
Likely to be in playboy: Angie. Keesha maybe
First to get into a fist fight: me
First to be in a yelling match: Michelle (w/ Renny or Libra)
Will start a standup career: Brian
Will most likely never be heard from again: Jerry (Dan says that’s messed up)
Will be a millionaire first: me
Will wanna fight you: Keesha
Would you least likely call in an emergency: Jerry
Will have the most fans: You and me
Will send you email that you won't respond to: Jerry
Will you not give your phone number to: Jerry, Libra, April

1:00 AM
They talk about getting a good deal if they buy their wedding rings at the same time.

They find another large moth and give it to Ted. He was still pretty hungry because we watch as Ted devours it. As they mention and we are able to see, Debbie’s web is too torn up for her to get any more meals until it’s repaired.

BB gives a random fact, “Did you know that Bing cherries were first cultivated in Milwaukie Oregon?” Memphis says that was probably the weirdest one yet. Dan says, “Did you know that the Renegades were formed in Studio City, CA?” Big Brother comes back with, “Did you know that Neon is rare on earth but abundant in the universe?” Memphis says he did not know that.

The boys appear to be getting ready for bed, but Big Brother is on a roll, “Remember houseguests, if you win the half million dollar prize, you will never have to eat peanut butter again?!” Memphis says, “What if I like peanut butter? I want a cool fact, like how long a half million dollars would line up end to end.” Dan wants them to say how much it would be after taxes.

Memphis says, “I'm not saying you're gonna win, but I think you can win, easily. Dan asks, “If you had to give it to someone in the jury house, who you give it to?” Memphis says the person who played a good game, Libra or Keesha. Dan asks, “Who'd be the last person you'd give it to based on game play?” Memphis says Ollie. He also doesn’t think Jerry played a good game.

And another day comes to a close in the Big Brother House leaving us to wonder who will get that extra zero on their $50,000? Who will get the jury member $25,000? Should we expect to see Renegade Marmalade coming to a grocer near us? Will Renegade Lemonade be flying off the shelves too? Have I been drinking too much of the Renegade Kool-Aid? Maybe so, I’ll just leave you now with a few selections from the new Renegade Season 10 Soundtrack:

Renegade - Styx

Renegade Theme

Renegades of Funk - Rage Against the Machine

Renegade Instrumental - Jay-Z Eminem

Renegade Master - Fatboy Slim & Wildchild

Renegades – Beats and Styles

In my best Big Brother voice, “Have you thanked an updater today?” See you all next season!