Big Brother Recap September 14, 2008
Hurry up Tuesday get here all ready!

BB let the boys sleep in this morning; Memphis woke up at like noon while Dan slept till 1:45. Memphis lazily sat around and went swimming waiting for Dan to wake up.

The boys played cards, they flipped them into a hat again and played rummy, they gambled some using mini Hershey bars.

Memphis cooked dinner, which was some kind of meat wrapped in bacon and herbs, Dan cut the vegetables with a dull butter knife. Memphis commented that he thinks he will cut off his hand once he gets to use a real knife.

Memphis read the Bible out loud to Dan. Once they finished they played chess.

Big brother still announces useless facts all day.

They play flip cards again, they each won 3 games.

They got a bit mad because they didn’t get any beer so they played badminton inside they house. They called it couch badminton. Then finally they get six beers.

After Dan got disciplined for singing again (which he has done all season), they went outside, caught some moths and fed Ted the spider.

Dan mentions that if he won he would buy gifts for those that voted for him, Memphis said no way, if he won only Ashley and he (Dan) would get gifts. He could care less about any of the others,

The boys took showers (separately). Both go to bed at about 3:30 am.

A very exciting and riveting day in the compound, All they want is Tuesday to come and who could blame them. Who will win BB 10? Dan with his sneaky and in your face moves or Memphis the coaster behind the scenes guy! Good Luck boys. Thanks for a great season!

Thanks to Jokers recappers they are the best.