11:23 Memphis gets up, uses the wc, goes into kitchen to start coffee, then out to the BY couch, Dan still asleep.
11:58 Memphis tired of waiting for Dan to wake up. Goes into hippie room and tells Dan to get up. Memphis turns the lights on. asks for wakeup music.
As Dan gets out of bed, we get FISH
12:08 Dan feeds fish, pours himself some oj and says "thanks for the music big brother"
12:16 Dan joins Memphis in BY, and we get fish
12:23 D: it will probably take 3 hours to clean the place. M: ya, we destroyed it the last few days, but it will give us something to do tomorrow.
12:53 Memphis excited to see the people who were evicted a long time ago, but not the jurors. Dan excited to see people outside the context of the house.
Dan lays down in the hammock, and Memphis in lounger. chit chatting.
Dan is not wearing his mic.
1:00 BB keeps giving us fish as dan and memphis speculate about rennys past.
1:07 Memphis in the pool. Dan sets up bathketball but can't find the mini-basketball.Dan thinks it will be 30-50F in Dearborn and he'll have to wear his St. Mary's jacket when he gets on the plane. or the Members Only jacket that Memphis will give him. Memphis says he'd never wear it.
Dan decides to use paddle balls for bathketball. Memphis throws the ping pong bal
1:10 Dan thinks McCain is leading Obama 43-39 in the polls. Now playing badminton in the pool.
1:15 Memphis thinks its ridiculous that Dan hasn't seen Over the Top. M: that's a guys'guy movie. At least you must have seen Roadhouse
D: no.
M: what? that's like saying you've never seen Bloodsport.
D: I haven't seen that.
M: what? tell me you haven't seen urban cowboy
D: I haven't seen that either.
M: dude.
D: you haven't seen all the Star Wars movies
M: I've seen enough to know I don't want to see them
1:19 after Dan tells Memphis that M can't serve shuttlecock, but can only receive shuttlecock they start fencing with the badminton rackets, first with the racket heads, then with the handles. BB tells them to "stop that" after they start successfully hitting each other.
1:38 Dan: Internet people, Memphis is named after a lame Nicholas Cage movie. Memphis favorite actor is Nicholas Cage. Dan doesn't think he's been in any good movies. Memphis says that there was a character named "Memphis Raines" in "Gone in 60 seconds". Dan asks if that character was played by Nicholas Cage and that sets him off. "That's so weak!" Memphis denies it.
1:49 They are talking about The Hills again
2:06 M: Olympics will commence at 6pm, after dinner. Dan is attempting to make a tuna melt by stir frying tuna, onions and cheese. Memphis is boiling up some hot dogs. Memphis says he doesn't do karaoke very much but has done Johnny Cash and Hank Williams. They make fun of Jerrys salt habit again.
2:52 Dan recounts what some of the jury questions were Keesha: Memphis I wanna know if you have any remorse. (Memphis answered Yes, even thought he didn't)
Renny(?): Memphis what did you do for me in this game. (Dan says Memphis said he gave of himself. Memphis says he gave his honesy).
April: Memphis, you and I had no personal relationships, why should I give you $500k? (because he was honest about lieing)
Ollie: Dan, why did you honor the first two parts of the deal, and not the 3rd? and was it necessary to swear on monica's name? (he doesn't say how he answered).
Renny: Dan, I just want to know if you were that insensitive. because you showed no sensitivity at all. (Dan: I thought "oh $hit" but I didn't even know what I said, because that is even worse)
2:52 Dan and Memphis sitting outside on the couches doing nothing at all.
4:04 Dan naps on the couch in BY while Memphis plays badmitton by himself.
4:06 Dan is awake. Memphis sits on other side of the couch in BY
4:45 They are talking about football, feed 5 switches to LR then we get fish
4:57 Feeds back to Memphis blaming Dan for planting Jerry with the idea to give the shirts to him. Dan: what if it comes down to 3-3 and Jerry says you know what Memphis, I was gonna vote for you, but you threw those shirts in my face, Congratulations, Dan. You should have kept those shirts!
They get up and play netless badminton.
5:03 Dan: we must be getting outside lockdown soon, feed 3 switches beteen indoor shots, then fish
5:10 Dan: this would be funny to watch on YOutube, see how stupid we look, playing badmitton.
5:19 lockdown over. Dean noticed they cleaned up the LR. They play card toss.
5:41 Dan comes out of the DR. BB told them they shouldn't make their own dinner tonight.Dan says: we love big brother (in a sing song voice), so I'm not going to sing for the rest of the day.
BB: Thank you.
5:53 Dan: what if a banner flies over that says Memphis is a woman? Memphis laughs. Dan: maybe that's the twist this season. Memphis: we need a renegade banner.
Dan: I wonder how the stock market is doing? (ed., not good today, ugh).
5:53 Earlier, after the lockdown was over, Memphis said. "No Craig Furguson, that is unacceptable. Totally unacceptable"
6:13 Dan: do you think St. Mary's would fire me for anything I did? Memphis: No, I don't think so Dan: for me it was another incentive to not get into a fight in here.
Dan also talks about being a substitute teacher in public schools. awkward when high school girls thought he was a new student.
6:18Dan gets up to check if BB has delivered food then fish
6:25 Feeds return to Dan and memphis playing cards at the little round table
6:46 BB tells them to check the SR. It's Japanese food! edamame, miso soup, sushi, spicy tuna roll
Big Brother does love us. they didn't just use us like a pair of 2-bit... memphis says hookers. dan says pirates.
Dan doesn't know how to eat edamame (ed, lol)
7:10 Memphis: Olympics have been delayed due to overeating. Dan: Gluttony, Sloth, we have exhibited two deadly sins tonight
7:11 Now M & D laying on the LR couches so full that they are groaning about it!
7:18 Dan wonders if they are still taping. Memphis says you can - go in and check any time. Dan says know they would know. Memphis: Who?
Dan: Big Brothers, no Big Brother. There is only one. Like Santa Claus.
Memphis: Explain how he is like Santa.
Dan does not face the challenge and calls for Monica to bring his laptop instead.
7:17 D: We are going to see our girlfriends in less than 24 hours. M: I thought at times it was never gonna end
D: I wonder if this season's theme is gonna be Blast from The Past
M: Why?
D: Because everything is old, even Jerry was old
7:35 D&M Olympics begin! M: Let's do this Judas!
M shuffles cards
D snacks, looks at table, paces around kitchen, snacks some more, looks around
D: Oh this cookie dough is so fulfilling
M: Ok break the cards
D: Let's deal
M: weird humming
not sure what they are playing
D; How many points you score last time?
M: I dunno like 30 something
8:01 Not sure who won cards, now on to chess , not much talk
8:11 Get a marble b*tch. Dan wins chess. Memphis won cards. next bocce ball.
8:24 D/M now out back playing bocce ball
8:47 Now D&M are playing poker
8:48 BB Olympics Memphis won Rummy

Dan won Chess

Memphis won Bocce Ball

Texas Hold'em now being played

Card Toss in future events
9:06 Memphis is slowly pulling in the lead in texas hold-em poker game using Hershey miniatures as money.
9:13 House guests, please check the storage room. Guys run in & find 6 beers. They said its the last ones. They begin playing poker again for the olympics.
9:19 Dan now pulls ahead in the poker game. Dan says I got my chips back. come to papa.
9:50 Dan joking about how Memphis took the blame for Keesha's eviction and Dan's reaping all the benefits from it. Memphis did a fake "haha"
Dan "...sorry"
9:51 Memphis and Dan still playing poker. Dan was thanking the internet viewers for watching and he hopes they (D&M) entertained them. They then explain to the showtime viewers how the olympics are working. Dan tells Memphis he was smiling and giving away his poker hand. Dan then does on to quote Keesha saying Memphis is a bad liar " I know he was lying, why would he keep me?" Dan then tells Memphis how it cost Memphis a friend and a Jury House vote and he shouldnt be talking about it.
10:17 Memphis comes back and beats Dan in the final hand to win their texas hold_em round. Memphis made his hand on the turn. Memphis won despite some deliberate and admitted cheating on Dan's part. Dan calls Memphis (I think) a butt pirate.

Memphis wins the Olympics with 3 victories, but Dan insists on a card toss round for pride.
10:32 Dan salvages his pride 4-1 in Card toss, but Memphis still wins the BB10 Pentathalon 3-2 Memphis wins Rummy, Poker, and Bocce.
Dan wins Chess and Card Toss.
BB gives them a stack of cups in the storage room, so we continue the games straight into Beer pong, which for some inconceivable reason wasn't included in BB Olympics.
10:41 Memphis demolishes Dan in beer pong 6-0 and has to drink all of memphis's beer. Dan disappointed they didn't make another Man Loaf. Memphis says, that's ok, we had sushi.
Dan continues to rib Memphis about Keesha. Memphis thinks he needs to stop embarrassing himself on national tv.
10:51 Dan resorts to insults to compensate for his embarrassing performance in beer pong. "I hate you" "Fruitless Exit" "Jerry, this is your fault, you should be in here". making fun of Memphis (ed, corrected thx) for telling Julie they should bring Brian back for sh.. giggles.
Memphis wins again, and drinks some of his own beer to take pity on Dan, who is getting tipsy.
10:59 Dan asking Memphis if his family watches NASCAR after Memphis was quoting a movie. Memphis assumed Dan was making a assumption about the south and jokingly teased Dan that he pissed off everyone in the south. Memphis admits his brother watches NASCAR and they move onto the subject of Jerry calling Memphis a womanizer. Memphis then brings up Jerry buying a prostitute for 20 dollars.
11:03 Dan's drunk and keeps asking the internet to send good vibes for him to win beer pong.
11:12 Memphis now yells at the camera operator in the BY: Rookie! you gotta turn it the other way around.
Dan & Memphis now look for bugs in the backyard for Ted/Tedra. The grasshopper Dan trapped earlier is no more. Now they argue about grabbing a bee. Dan: you get it. Memphis: no you get it. Dan: it has a stinger, I'm not gonna get it. Memphis: it's because it's a bee, Mr. biology teacher
11:20 Memphis tells drunk Dan he's not gonna be ready for the LA nightlife. Memphis: what's gonna happen to you when you take a shot of Vodka?
Dan continues to hunt for Debbie. No more hunting for big Tedra.
He throws a bug into debbie's web and says "Dunzo".
Ted/Tedra is humungous.
11:23 Dan: if you had to put money on who's gonna win, who would you choose? Memphis: I think you're gonna win.
Dan: why?
Memphis: I dunno. I just think it.
Dan: whoever gets April or Ollie is gonna win.
Memphis: I think people would think one way and vote another way. but spending time in sequester might change their mind.
Memphis: the way I look at it is that I'm gonna expect to win $50k. That's what I've been thinking for the last 5 days, and it makes me feel good. I don't want to be disappointed. $50k, and a new car? That's what I'm thinking about.
Dan: I'm happy with the $50k, but then I think $500k is 10x that.
Memphis: I've never thought I needed a lot of money to do what I want to do (clothing company), and I can do that for less than $50k. This makes me happy.
11:32 Memphis: I know this sounds crazy. all I'm thinking about is hugging my girlfriend. I'm not thinking about the money. I just want to touch and see my girlfriend.
Dan: it's been a hell of a run
Memphis: we've made some history.
11:48 Memphis places a bee in Debbies' web. M: "it's bee v. spider" Debbie is tentative at first, and then checks out the bee, probing it for a while. Debbie eventually gives up and returns to its older meal, much to Dan and Memphis disappointment.
11:55 In the bathroom, Dan asks Memphis what size jacket he wears. M: 42 to 44. Dan: I'm trying to get Verne your measurements (smirks).
Dan disappointed that Ted didn't come out for a last meal.
Memphis: I'm over Ted. I'm over that F*king spider. Dan: you can't be.
Dan: This is it, the last night in the BB house. What are you thinking?
Memphis: Thank God.
Dan: Thank God for the opportunity, or thank God I'm getting out of the house.
Memphis: out of this house.
11:57 Dan: who do you think America's Choice? Jerry? Dan: (in jerry's voice) I told you that America loves me! Memphis: STFU Jerry
Dan: Libra is gonna vote for you. Jerry is gonna vote for you. Michelle is up in the air. April & Ollie are up in the air. Renny & Keesha are gonna vote for me.
Memphis: I'm not worrying about it Dan.
12:01 Dan: when did you tell Ashley you lover her? Memphis: I told her before we were even dating. is that weird? (they were friends before they dated)
Dan: I told Monica 15 minutes before I left to come here. I just knew when I wasn't going to see her for 3 months...
12:06 Dan keeps talking about potential votes. Memphis changes the topic to Vegas about the clubs they should go to. Memphis is down with staying at Bellagio. Dan says his favorite overall place is Caesar's Palace. Memphis says his pals are gonna make Sahara the hot spot when they're done. Dan thought the Ghost Bar at the Palms was weak.
12:12 Dan: I think it's gonna be a 5-2 vote. Memphis: why do you think that? Dan: I think that either I will just have Keesha & Renny, or you will just have Libra & Jerry.
Memphis: I dunno
12:20 Dan jumps into shower. Memphis laying on LR couch
12:35 Dan continues to shower. Memphis in kitchen, eating chips, heating something on the stove. Dan sings. fish
12:44 Memphis eating soup or chili in kitchen. Dan continues to manscape in the shower.
12:55 Dan turns off the shower at the 35 min. mark. Memphis eating grapes out of a bowl on the LR couch.
1:00 Dan tells Memphis he feels like a new man. Memphis can only say "dude" in a disgusted tone.
1:03 Memphis jumps into shower. Dan is shown going into the DR.
1:07 Dan in Doom room counting the days on his fingers, and then marking 70 days on the wall beside his bed. Dan tells the Internet viewers that this is his prison calendar. Big Brother tells him to stop. Dan says that he's been doing it for 70 days and he's not gonna stop now. BB tells him to stop again. He says he needs to make his mark that Dan was here, and that they can sell it on ebay
1:15 Dan tells memphis he is gonna sleep in the Doom room tonight for old times sake. One last hurrah.
1:19 Memphis grabs the box of tampons that Dan had left on his bed and throws it at Dan. Memphis tells Dan to look at Keesha's bed. Dan looks, and Memphis had covered the bed with tampons under the cover.
Dan goes back to his doom room bed and says Goodnight Homie.