8:20 - Its morning time in the BB house & all Hgs are sleeping. We get some Fish action & when feeds come back, Dan is stumbling out of bed. He whispers soemthing to Keesha about the DR then goes & sits on the floor outside the DR door. Keesha gets up & leaves the hippi room .. Renny gets up and we get FISH. Brief shots of the Hgs.. Keesha in the WC.. Renny getting back in bed. Fish action. All 4 feeds come on to Jerry sleeping in HOH. Keesh, Memphis & Renny asleep in the hippi room.
What that was all about, I have No idea !

10ish - BB gives us Fish. I guess its time for the Hgs to get up for the day.
When the feeds come back we see Renny outside on the red couch by herself, Memphis still in bed with lights off & the HOH bathroom with lights on. Jerry is in the HOH bathroom doing his hair & whatnot. ( ED: not enjoyable to watch .lol u arnt missing much ! haha )
BB comes over the speaker & says " Keesha, Dan, Memphis, I said it's time to get up for the day ! ".
Memphis is moving around & looks to be awake but not ready to get up yet . He finally drags himself out of bed & gets dressed in the dark. Keesha joins Renny outside with her coffee.
BB just came over the speaker again and said very sternly , " Dan, I said Its time to get up for the day" . O and again ! ( ed : Dans being stubborn this morning lol ) .
Memphis joins Keesha & Renny outside on the couch. Dan finally gets out of bed and heads right to the spa. Lays down and covers himself with pillows. Goes back to sleep. ( ed: haha that was funny.. he must be damn sleepy today )
Outside chatter is nothing exciting. Keesha says she had a crazy dream . Her dream - After the show was over, her aunt said " omgosh why do you go into the diary room looking like that ? ". Keesha said it was really wierd & she said back to her aunt " You dont understand, they call us in at such wierd hours". ( ed: seems like BB got keesha up at early to go into the DR this morning ) . Keesha says also in her dream was something about Libra in the jury house & Keeshas mom.
Memphis goes inside , grabs a coffee and heads back outside. Keesha heads inside , as she is getting up Renny mentions Dan still sleeping. Keesha says its 11 already . Memphis & Renny talk about how BB gets them up when they dont need to. We get Fish and when feeds come back we hear BB telling them they are not to talk about production. Keesha in the bathroom washing her face.. memphis & renny random chitchat outside. Keesha rejoins them. They talk about Hollywood, Beverly Hills, bungalos, waiters & a buncha other boring stuff.
Jerry heads outside & joins the couch convo. Keesha says she wants to see Alcatraz, Jerry says he already has. Renny gets up & heads inside. Dan is still sleeping in the spa room. ( ed: Booorrriiinnnggg ! )

Noonish - Renny outside with wax on her stache & brows, talking with Keesha & Memphis about how annoying Jerry is. They cant stand how Jerry thinks he knows everything & has done everything.
Jerry is inside at the counter eating and dan is still sleeping . Lots of laziness goin on in the BB house today. Girls head inside. memphis in brushing his teeth. Jerry wanders in, asks Keesha up to the HOH for a chat.
Jerry & Keesha in the HOH.. ( ed: haha keesha ! ) Jerry starts off the convo. he says he found where Memphis' loyalty lays when the POV was used on Dan. Jerry says Keesha can save him if she wins HOH by putting the 2 guys up. Jerry lets Keesha knows he cannot play in the next HOH. ( ed : the other Hgs knew this & were wondering when Jerry would find out. LOL ) He says he has been all alone through the whole time in the house but he has always been loyal to his word. Keesha stays non committal through it . They talk about what the next HOH is. Jerry thinks it is about the random facts BB plays for them . Jerry says he will help Keesha remember them all. They go over a few. Jerry says he can make Keesha a winner because he studies them . Jerry goes over the facts word for word & wants Keesha to memorize them. ( ed: lmao this is funny as heck.. ill die if jerry is right & Keesha wins HOH because of this ) They plan on Keesha going over the facts until she has them memorized word for word.
Memphis is topless in the kitchen eating. Blue cap on backwards, swim trunks & his mic. He finished eating & heads outside & lays on the double lounger.
Keeshas & Jerrys convo breaks up, he hugs her & tells her they are together wether they want to be or not. Keesha heads downstairs to use the WC.. Jerry wanders arouund the HOH room for a bit then sits down to read his letter from home.
Keesha goes into the hippi room where renny is laying down. Renny asks Keesha where she was. Keesh tells Renny a little bit about the convo with Jerry. Jerry stands outside the hippi room door listening in. he goes into the room & sits on Rennys bed to talk to them. Jerry asks Renny if she will cut his hair for him. he tells them he loves them & leves the room.
Renny & Keesha go into the wc to do their faces. Keesha gets her bathing suit on and joins Memphis outside laying in the sun. Memphis & Keesha complain about how long & boring this game is.

2-ish - Dan is finally awake. he goes outside & keesha says " Its Alive ! " Dan says BB woke him up early this morning for a DR session. Dan heads in to pee and hugs Renny on the way.
Keesha & Memphis are in the pool while Dan sits in a chair beside the pool. They talk about Jerry for a bit and how he trashes Keesha then wants her to buddy up with him. They start going over who won what comps & such so far..
and we get FISH .
Feeds come back to Jerry trimming his nose hairs, Keesh & Memphis outside talking about Jerry. Dan is making something to eat. Renny gets Jerry ready for his hair cut. lmao Jerry is pulling his face skin up & back in places to see where he needs plastic surgery on his face.
Dan heads back outside. Random chit chatter with Dan, Keesha & Memphis. Talk about maybe someone coming back. Keesha says it would upset her because they are almost done . Dan says he could see all the HGs coming back just to cause mass chaos. ( ed Damn I hope not ! )
Dan says he is going to regret the 4 pieces of cake he just ate. That made Memphis giggle.
Hgs just hang out, Renny finishes Jerrys haircut & he heads outside.
2:55 - BB calls an outside lockdown. Lots of boring chitchat . Talk about the duck in the pool, Dan asks if they are doing abs today, keesha eating chips , Jerry suprisingly quiet.
3:31 - Outside lockdown is over. Nothing exciting happened in the house . Dan heads inside & looks in all the rooms. Memphis heads into the kitchen. Keesha outside telling Renny how Jerry was sitting there picking his nose. Dan comes out & Keesha tells him. Memphis heads to the bbq grill . Keesha gets called in to exchange her mic. Dan walks over to Memphis & says jerry said to Dan that Jerry will control the jury house & to remember that. memphis says he doesnt even know what that is supposed to mean. Jerry never makes sense.
Dan heads over to Keesha on the red couch, she says she doesnt even know where to sit anymore because Jerry wipes his boogers everywhere. Memphis is bbq'n Hot dogs & Jerry is cutting onions for them, Memphis says no way he is eating them. Jerry comes outside, Keesha goes in to grab laundry.
Hot dogs are ready. Renny, Dan, Jerry & Memphis head inside. Renny goes into the hippi room & lays down. Keesha sortng laundry & such. The guys are in the kitchen eating. Keesha lays in bed. Jerry goes up to HOH for a nap. Renny & Keesha fall asleep.
Dan & Memphis outside talking about scenarios to get them to the final 2. They talk about when Ollie was saying Dan was a plant. Memphis asks Dan if Memphis wins the final HOH, will Dan jump on him? Dan says he doesnt know & laughs.

5ish - Dan & Memphis outside chatting, Renny & Keesha are still sleeping & jerry is still in HOH presumably asleep. Dan & Memphis head in to play a game of chess. Renny, Jerry & Keesha wake up. Renny folds her laundry.
Keesha and Memphis oustide discussing Jerry , again. Jerry come soutside. Memphis gets up & goes inside. Dan laughs & Memphis says he didnt do that on purpose. Memphis goes for a nap. Keesha heads inside . Her & Dan sitting on the couches in the living room. Jerry is outside playing pool alone, he then joins Keesha & Dan in the living room. Renny is in the kitchen preparing dinner.
Memphis is up & in the kitchen now. ( ed : Guess he wasnt very tired.) Jerry goes up to HOH to feed the fish. Keesha is in the kitchen with Renny. Dan is wandering.. to the WC, back thru the kitchen, down to the bedrooms.. etc.
Keesha , Memphis & Dan are outside. Dan gets in the pool. Memphis is laying on alounger & Keesha is pacing the yard. Jerry up in HOH laying on his bed.. possibly napping.
Dan asks Memphis if he wants to stay in the pool for 8 hours straight. He asks Keesha if she would bring them food. Memphis says No way dude. Dan asks if they think their IQs have gone up or down since they have been in the house.. Memphis says Down! They talk about stuff that could be happening in the outside world. ( ed: Keesha is pacing like a caged animal.. the boredom is getting to her ) Renny comes outside.. starts singing & we get Fish . Feeds come back after a minute.. Renny asks Keesha what she is doing. She replies that she doesnt know, she is going insane. Renny lays on the hammock & says " When does the wine come ?" Keesh tells her probably around 9. Keesha asks Renny where Jerry is.. Renny says " Who Cares" . ( ed: LOL ) Keesha sits down in the middle of the yard .. they joke about being insane from the boredom. Dan is out of the pool and in a towel.
Renny yells " Wheres the Luxury challenge ? I havent got to play in one luxury challenge " .
Keesha starts giving Dan a hard time about his swim trunks turning green. More complaining & jokes about the boredom.

7:00- Jerry is playing pool by himself. Memphis is in the hot tub, Keesha is sitting with her feet in the hot tub & Dan is sitting near by. Random chit chatter. Keesha has never flown first class, Dan has once. Dan won a trip to Italy through a scholarship once. Talk turns to the final 3 comps & what they consist of. Renny is in the hippi room.. looks like she is starting to get organized to start packing for Thursday .
Memphis & Keesha alone outside .. Memphis asks Keesh why she looks so worried. She says she isnt so much worried, it just sucks in there now. Memphis tells her not to think about the boredom and how long they have left so it isnt as hard. They sit and watching the spiders spin a web. ( ed : hows that for excitment ! LOL )
Dan is in the storage room looking for recipes on the back of soup cans. Renny goes outside & tells Memphis & Keesha this. She laughs & says Dan is AP. Memphis says he is definatly a strange one. ( ed: i was wrong earlier, i guess Renny was making herself soemthing to eat, not dinner for all. ) Lots of spider talk going on . ( ed : camera man showing us clos eup of the spiders )
Hgs move inside. Dan & Memphis in the storage room , Dan knocks over a box of oatmeal & oatmeal goes flying everywhere. Keesha & Renny in the hippi room , mention about getting in trouble for hiding the wine last night. Keesha leaves the hippi room & sweeps up the mess dan didnt clean up from the oatmeal .
Keesha finds alcohol in the storage room. Takes it out to the kitchen. Dan, Memphis & Jerry are eating soup that Dan made. Renny opens the wine, and the beer gets handed out & away we go ! Jerry starts talking .. Renny & Keesha head outside. Jerry tells Dan that there is not 1 HG who has not betrayed him. he lectures Dan about the JH .. again. Keesha gets called to the DR.
Jerry, Renny, Memphis & Dan outside on the couches chit chattering. Talk turns to family stuff. Dan gets up & goes inside , lays on the living room couch. Keesha comes out of DR.. she asks Dan if he is ok, he says ya. Memphis comes in and yells " Lets get this party started !! " to Dan.

9:ish - All 5 of them are sitting outside on the red couches. Lots of laughing .. Renny beats Jerry with a pillow, lots of teasing & such. Memphis sneaks into the diary room & pours some beer into his cup from a beer he stashed in the storage room fridge & heads back outside. Random chit chatter, Renny inside making some kind of chocolate treats. Others are in & out of the kitchen bugging . Keesha & Dan in the Storage room, Dan shares some of the stashed beer with Keesha. They talk abit about the final 3, Keesha confirms to dan she is not going to side with Jerry. Memphis comes in, they go over the same thing again.. Keesha heads outside, the guys head to the hippi room. They hang all of Keeshas bras in the room. One on the lava lamp, nother on one of the street signs. Keesha doesn't come into the room so they go outside looking for her.
Dan & Memphis are outside looking for moths to feed to their pet spider. They names the spider Ted btw. LOL they cant find any moths tonite. Memphis does his Aussie accent as he commentaries.
The 4some end up in the Hippi room.. Jerry slowly wanders in .. a huge pillow /wrestle match breaks out. They all dogpile on Memphis.. Jerry jumps on top. ( ed: Jerry is trying sooo hard to join in ). Sooo much laughing & playing around. Dan & Keehsa leave Hippi room & continue the play fighting in the living room/kitchen.

11ish - Hgs settle down. Dan & Memphis outside chatting abit. They talk about Jerry. Memphis talks about his Gf. he describes Ashley to Dan. Keesha joins them. They discuss the 9/11 and where they were when it happened. Dan heads in for a shower. Keesha & Renny get ready for bed.
By 12:15 All HGs are sound asleep. Thank gosh for the pillow fight.. or this would have been the most boring day in the BB house for season 10!