11:00 AM – Wake up Fish
Everyone does their morning routine. Dan finds a large pool net in the backyard and informs BB that it is really for catching moths. Keesha announces she is out of makeup.

Mostly small talk all day today in between long periods of silence, though the camera folks do a good job of playing throughout the day to keep us from getting too bored. Talk of how late the beaches are open. Memphis used to work at an upscale place called Montana’s.

Jerry was glad the Veto comp wasn’t standing on something for four hours (ed. Friday night the feeds were only out about an hour and Memphis came out the winner).

Jerry has an electric fence around his garden to keep the deer out.
Keesha has other dogs come over for slumber parties for her dog.
Memphis thinks kittens are no fun and creepy (ed. We can be pretty sure they aren’t on his Capital One Credit Card).

Jerry goes to make some eggs and somehow squishes them in the carton. He pours them in a pan and salvages the unsquished ones.

Dan and Memphis talk about things that are missing in the house. We also learn the wake up music was "Renegades of Funk" by Rage Against The Machine.

They get an inside lockdown and Dan leaves the HOH key outside.

There is a DR leak of Dan saying, "...a lot of trouble because that means the Renegades alliance is busted, but...”

3:00 PM still on inside lockdown.
Keesha says she almost joined the army. She went through the paper work and had the recruiter at her house several times.

Dan finds that BB returned his HOH key to the storage room. He goes to the Hippie room and fashions a big tape ‘21’ to his Taken T-shirt. (ed. 21 months with Monica). He talks with Memphis about making appearances as the Renegades after the show. They speculate what the final competitions will be.

4:30 PM
Dan and Memphis are in the HOH weighing the pros and cons of keeping Jerry over Keesha. They seem to decide that Jerry would be easier to beat in the final comps. They wonder if people are wearing Renegade t-shirts around. Memphis wants to have it put on his license plate and tells Big Brother to hook him up.

Jerry gives a very loud whistle from downstairs signaling dinner is ready. Dan, Memphis, and Jerry sit down to eat, while Keesha is back curling her hair.

As they are finishing dinner, the inside lockdown ends. They note that the grill has not returned. Dan, Memphis and Keesha continue talking. There is just a hint of April and Ollie bashing and Dan wants to know what Keesha thought of all the guys when she came into the house. She thinks they all looked cute and young. She talks about Stephen. (ed. And she misses a perfect opportunity to feed Memphis’ ego.)

With Memphis now out of ear shot Keesha asks Dan if Memphis has changed his mind. She says he's not exactly reassuring. Dan tries to convince her that everything is fine.

6:00 PM
They go outside and Jerry and Keesha tease Dan about being bowlegged. He is not amused and says no one has ever told him that before.

Keesha finally takes the direct approach saying to Memphis, "You're especially quiet today, are you thinking a lot?" She does not get anything out of him though.

7:00 PM another inside lockdown.
Memphis references the Luxury Comp that Dan won saying, “The ride in the helicopter to a private beach is going to be nuts; just the helicopter ride alone is nuts.” (ed. I don’t know all the details, but apparently Dan got the second clue from a gorilla that was in the house yesterday. He guessed the right answer and won a trip out of the house. He chose not to take anyone with him and said to himself something about getting Michelle to vote for him.)

Jerry goes on safari with the net and tries to catch some moths for the spiders named Ted and Debbie.

Jerry gets a moment with Memphis and wants to talk game. Memphis tells him there is time, they’ll talk tomorrow. Jerry is undaunted and continues to remind Memphis of all the reasons he should keep Jerry and get rid of Dan. Memphis says at least two more times they’ll talk later, but Jerry keeps making points (ed. Can’t say as I blame him though; gotta take those opportunities when they arise). They settle into small talk.

8:00 PM
Dan realizes that Jerry was around when television was invented and then teases, “he was friends with Alexander Gram Bell. Jerry calls him a brat (joking). Dan states they've spent 1,200 hours in the house (ed. Way to give Jerry the answer to a tie-breaker question there, Dan).

BB announces, "Did you know that 7 inch records were typically played at 45 revolutions per minute?"

Dan takes a turn at safari and catches a moth for Ted. He teases Keesha with it first though. Keesha screams and heads inside.

9:00 PM
ShowToo Crawl: Dan is the HOH, The POV was played very early this morning with the winner possibly becoming the lone voter this week, Memphis still has final two deals with each of the houseguests, Dan and Memphis have hatched a plan to target Keesha, Jerry still believes that he and Memphis will take each other to the final two, The results of the nomination ceremony and results of the luxury comp that comes with a big twist both air tomorrow night.

Memphis says to Dan, "I can't believe you get to leave tomorrow." He says that Jerry still thinks Dan is bringing someone back. Keesha tells Dan, "Don’t get eaten by a shark!"

Dan and Memphis go up to the HOH room and they determine that Memphis will let Keesha know if he is going to evict her. They scheme again to work it so they get Jerry’s 4k from him.

They find three beers and a bottle of wine in the storage room. All but Jerry end up in the HOH with the bottle of wine. They let Jerry know there was beer before they go upstairs.

10:00 PM
Everyone goes to the backyard. Keesha talks about a ‘crazy’ customer and we even get fish on ShoToo. Dan goes back on safari. They all go to feed the spiders and watch intently as it spins a web around a moth.

Back to the HOH, everyone gets in some serious Jerry bashing while he wanders around downstairs. They watch him on the spy screen.

They talk about what they would be wearing (or not wearing) if they weren’t on camera. Keesha says she sometimes wraps herself in Saran Wrap and goes in the sauna at her apartment building. Dan emphatically tells her that is not good for her.

Dan and Memphis tell Keesha they are going to do a National Geographic show and also a show where they switch places when they get out of the house. They joke about things they would do.

They can’t find Jerry on the spy screen and exclaim, “We’ve lost him!” (ed. He has gone back to get ready for bed).

Keesha gives Dan a really hard time about how he liked April more than her in the beginning.

Keesha talks bout going to the final three. This morphs into talk of who would get which jury votes. Dan won’t get Michelle, Keesha won’t get April. Dan thinks Ollie would vote for Keesha. Keesha doesn’t think so and Memphis agrees saying Ollie and April will be “tied together like peas and carrots”.

Dan asks Memphis to shave his neck. Memphis wisely advises they wait til morning, but Dan thinks he will be leaving in the morning, so they go get set up to do it now.

Keesha asked Memphis if he would vote her out. He told her, "No."
Keesha said, "I had to ask. You're like a little brother to me and I love you guys." Keesha asks for a hug and gets one.

Diary Room Leak, we hear a voice ask, “Hey Keesha, what's up?” She says, “I just want to thank you for being so nice to us tonight. I know I've had a little bit of wine to drink but...” and we get Fish.

When she’s out she is buttering up Memphis about final three, but he goes to take a shower and Dan runs interference by asking her about her boyfriend.

Memphis finished his shower and goes to bed with the lights on. Meanwhile Keesha and Dan are going strong in the HOH talking about family now.

Keesha goes to change and heads for bed.
Dan putters around a bit and then goes to bed as well.
All goes quiet.

So, is Dan really going to the beach? Will the twist involve someone coming back into the house, maybe just while Dan is away? Will Memphis tell Keesha she is leaving, or will the Renegades have a change of heart? So many possibilities, so little time!

Thanks to the updaters for toughing it out!