Big Brother Recap September 7,2008
Sleeping, beaches and sleeping!

Well why the houseguests bothered getting up at 9:30 is beyond me. They all got up and got dressed. BB must have told them they had to say good-bye to Dan when he left on his beach vacation because that was enough to piss Jerry off. He went into the storage room and mumbled in his raspy morning voice that they better not make him say good bye to that sh*& because he didn’t want to.

Jerry did sit with his marine shirt on outside with his marine hat and his marine flag and was crying for no apparent reason. Maybe he is homesick or maybe it was a senior moment and he was like thinking he was still in the Marines. Nobody saw him (except probably us next week on the show) because this is about as riveting as the day gets.

They all ate breakfast in silence. They all napped in different parts of the house most of the day. No one really said anything to anyone. It was so quiet it was eerie.

Dan left at about 11:00 am. The house was quiet. I could tell you where they slept (Jerry on the inside couch, Keesha in her bed and Memphis outside. Memphis was the most restless. He got up and down all day but resumed the same position after a few bathroom breaks and walks.

Jerry did cook pasta for lunch, Memphis thanked him.

Memphis made an omelet for a snack.

Dan returned at 6:15 PM. He must have walked in from the DR and had to wake everyone up. Finally they start talking.

Dan said he was blindfolded in the car, but did get to see that gas was 3.89 a gallon. He talked about getting a pill for motion sickness and going on a couple of copters. Said he saw houses, pools and stuff from the helicopter and was real impressed with the ride. He told them he couldn’t wait to get back, that he is afraid to go into the real world again. He said the guy who owns Wrigley park also owned the private beach he went to. He snuck back some sand, rocks and seaweed. Dan also told them of a new CBS starting soon called Gary unmarried. He told them he had a feast and then hung out on the beach. (He never mentioned Michelle). There was a lot of feed blockage as Dan was speaking so he told them more then we know. He did say the people were all nice.

Dan went for a nap at like 7 PM. Memphis and Keesha discussed Jerry and how he is playing his sore neck up. Jerry hung out by himself. They woke Dan up for dinner. When Dan was in the HOH room by himself, he looked into the camera and said another win for the good guy. So I would assume that he was successful in getting Michelle’s vote after his day away. Memphis and Dan talk about the final 3 like Keesha is already gone. Looks like they are still evicting Keesha. Memphis also commented to Dan that “the people that write down everything they say and do on the internet, must have been bored today because they didn’t’ talk or hardly move all day”.

Keesha got stuck with Jerry at night. Jerry told her people would not play him in pool because he always wins, He also said that he wonders how many first time HOH people made it as far as he did in the game. He told her that he is the oldest person to ever be on a reality show (Is that true, I doubt it). He also said Dan’s trip did not change the outcome of the game, maybe it would have if he had brought someone (wait till he finds out). He even started retelling his life story again to Keesha who just sat there and said umhum….

Keesha and Memphis went to bed early. Dan stayed up in the HOH. Jerry wandered around the house and got some type of medicine for his sore neck. Dan woke up at some point and went down to the Hippie room and woke up Keesha and Memphis and said he had a dream that Keesha won the last HOH and evicted Memphis, but Memphis was naked and left the house naked.

All were fast asleep by 2 am.

When will the houseguests figure out the VETO is live on Tuesday? Will Memphis have the guts to evict Keesha? Will they even get out of bed tomorrow? Who knows!