BB10 Tuesday Sept 9, 2008
The Veto, The Vote & The Victory !

Its 8:35 am, on what could be Keeshas final day in the BB house. All 4 Hgs are still sleeping but every so often, Dan wakes up & peeks over the pillow wall to see if Keesha is still sleeping.

9:53am - Wakeup time for Keesha, Dan , Memphis & Jerry.
Feeds come back from fish .. Dan & Keesha are in the spa room talking about tonites show. Memphis is in the living room. Dan gets called to change his batteries. Jerry sits in the living room on one of the green chairs. Everyone is very quiet. Keesha is doing her nails in the spa room & Dan gets called into the DR.

11:00 - HOH Lockdown. Dan is sleeping on his side of the pillow wall. Keesha laying on her side, listening to the CD and crying . ( ed: this is so hard to watch :( ). Memphis is in the chair closest to the fishtank and is staring at the fish. Jerry in other chair at the table with blanket on & eyes closed. You can only hear Keeshas sniffling. ( ed: its going to make me cry she looks so sad ) . Memphis moves to the floor beside the fishtank.. Keesha sneezes.
Keesha asks dan if she can read his letter from home, he says yes. Memphis hits the bathroom and right back to watching the fish. ( ed: Memphis will not look at keesha )

12ish- Lockdown is over. Keesha heads to the hippi room to pack her stuff. Dan eats a bowl of cereal. Memphis & Dan start cleaning the bathroom, discuss what noises they have heard outside as to what the HOH comp will be. The guys move to the kitchen & start cleaning it. Jerry must be vacuuming off cam cuz the vacuum can be heard but not seen & keesha is still packing in the hippi room. Not alot of talk going on at all. Memphis heads to the storage room, Dan goes into the hippi room, asks keesh how she is doing. She says ok. he says she sure has alot of shirts. Before he walks out of the room he says he wants to talk to her alone upstairs. Keesh says alrite & continues packing.
Dan passes Memphis in the kitchen & asks what else they have to clean. They decide just the dusting & Memphis will do that so Dan heads up to the HOH. ( ed: No talk of keeping keesha between them at all :( )
Jerry washes the kitchen floor while memphis dusts the house with the feather duster. Keesha is still packing.

1ish - Memphis is laying down in the spa room, Jerry is laying down in his bed. Dan is in the hippi room with Keesha. Keesha says she hopes she doesnt cry on air tonite. She tells Dan that it has been a blast in the house & she has done things she wont ever do again.. ex: hide & seek, musical chairs. They talk about what a fun time they have had & what they will miss. Dan will miss keeshas shreeking, Keesha will miss the slumber parties. Talk turns to who would vote for who in the jury house. Keesha thinks Dan & herself were on even ground with people not liking them. Keesha says noone will beat Jerry in the final 2. ( ed: im glad keesh found out she was leaving so her & Dan could have these moments.. and cuz i didnt want her to be shocked on air.. lol but i really wish Memphis would change his dang mind !! )
Dan wanders to the spa room & tells memphis they need a code for tonite. If Dan brings up the Lions football team, it means he is in trouble & needs memphis to drop ( ed. guess they are throwing 1st part o the HOH comp to Dan ) .
Dan heads back in with Keesha. Keesha asks Dan what it was he was going to tell her.
aaaaand we get Trivia !
feeds come back for a moment & Dan is telling Keesha he will tell her last minute & to hide her facial expresion when he does. He says she will be smiling.
aaaaaaand Trivia !

Feeds come back after the live show ends around 6:10pm. Keesha is gone.
The first part of the final HOH is in progress. Dan & memphis are standing on airplanes that are suspended in the air and they are holding ropes to keep their balance. The planes move up and down & they tilt.
Jerry is the first off b4 feeds came on & is sitting on the sidelines.. BB turns a strong foggish wind on Dan & Memphis. ( ed: very loud )
When the wind stops, dan says " i tell my football players if it aint rough it aint right.. so ya know what memphis? Its gonna be a long night". All goes quiet.
Dan yells out " I love you guys ! " ( ed: not sure but maybe he heard soemthing over the wall ? ).. he then yells " Call me after the show" .
6:23 - the wind starts again. The planes are rocking & tilting. Dan yells to memphis " I bet you wish you had on Jerrys windbreaker !" . ( ed: Jerry had given memphis a rainjacket a few days ago to wear tonite ).. he yells " Yeah ! Yeaaaah !". Jerry & memphis stay quiet. ( It looks liek it is a wet mist wind now. ) The wind stops. Dan says " If it aint rough it aint right" .
6:31 the wind starts again. Dan tells himself over & over to focus on the nose of the plane. ( ed: Dan gets airsick ! LOL ) wind stops at 6:35. Dan looks a little wobbly for a second then gains his balance. The planes are moving alot now. Both concentrating on staying balanced. The planes stop moving for a minute & Memphis rearanges his grip on the ropes. Dan has his game face on ( same face he had during the last endurance comp. lol ). Memphis looks comfortable up there. Jerry wandering around, sitting then standing and wandering some more. keesha .. o wait she is gone isnt she :( waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... guess memphis didnt change his mind..
and now back to the comp..
Planes are still motionless as memphis & Dan stand steady. No talking going on. After a few minutes the planes slowly start to move again. At 6:42 the wind & mist start up again. Dan talking to himself , giving himself a pep talk.

6:45 memphis falls ! Dan wins the first part of the final HOH !!!!
Dan gets tilted off/jumps off. Both guys get up.. jerry shakes Dans hand. Guys just walking around the back yard. Dan & Memphis shake hands. Jerry sticking close to memphis. memphis heads inside. Dan is kneeling down in the back yard. gets up & stares at the plane setup.
Memphis runs into the poodle room, smiling & points at the camera on his way by. Dan and Jerry in the back yard talking about how they were holding the ropes during the comp.
Memphis in the storage room, grabs his bags & back into the poodle room. gets some dry clothes. Jerry heads inside.
Dan is still outside in 'think' mode. he says to himself "One more to go" .
Mike comes over the speakers & says tot he guys " Thanks Guys, see ya next time , you can head inside now".
Dan heads to the bathroom for a shower. Jerry & Memphis in the kitchen talking about when memphis fell. he says the plane was tilting forward so much there was no way he could do it. . Jerry keeps saying he( jerry) didnt wrap the rope around his hands and thats why he fell so fast.
memphis saying dan got a little nasty b4 the comp started. jerry says ya & Memphis says he didnt have to be that way. ( ed. LOL ).
Jerry asks memphis what he wants to eat. They decide on burgers. Jerry asks Dan if he wants one & Dan says no thank you. Jerry starts preparing the burgers.
Dan is lying in keeshas bed in deep thought. Jerry & Memphis in kitchen eating.
memphis goes into the hippi room tolay down after eating & Dan is in there laying in keeshas bed. They say they cant even discuss things until after the 2nd part of HOH. Dan tells memphis to get jerry to throw the comp to him. Dan leaves the room & heads to the kitchen to make tacos.
Jerry unpacks, Dan & Memphis eat. Not alot of talking going on. Jerry gets called to the DR.. memphis & Dan yack a bit about their fake fight & how to make it believable. Dan says he was going to razz memphis for eating the tacos he made. Memphis asks Dan what he told Keesha b4 she left. Dan lies & says he told Keesha to check where Rennys vote is cuz he knows he wont get jerrys. Dan cleans the kitchen & Memphis lays in his bed.

8:45ish - Dan is playing with a toy airplane. Flies it around the house and into the spa room where it crashes & he says " Eject Eject". He calls it Jerry Plane. ( ed: LOL )He has the ping pong balls & puts em on the planes wings.. as they fall he calls them Jerry & Memphis. He stops playing & just lays there quietly. Dan gets called to the DR. Comes out & heads back to the spa room. Jerry is laying in the living room, Memphis called to the DR.
Extremely quiet house tonite !

10ish - Jerry is called to the DR so memphis & Dan take the opportunity to talk abit. They go ober some of the facts of the game. They hear jerry coming so memphis leaves quick & Dan lays back down . ( ed. they were in the spa room ).
Jerry asks memphis is he can sleep in th ehippi room with memphis now. Memphis says sure. Memphis & Jerry talk about the game for abit, about other Hgs ( april).
Dan breaks his toy plane.. he then calls out to Jokers Updates !!!!! ( ed. yay Jokers ! )

12midnightish - Dan in the doom room reading the bible. Jerry & Memphis talk about some facts that may be in the next part of the comp. Memphis heads to bed. Jerry soon follows.
All 3 guys are sleeping .. Dan woke up & took his clothes off, rolled over & went back to sleep. ( ed. that was rather odd. lol ).

And that concludes another Tuesday in the Big Brother House. (ed. next season im picking amore exciting day to Cap ! haha )