I got there a half hour early, and I didn't know until I got there that they needed a head-shot, full-body shot, and a copy of your driver's license, ALONG WITH your application. Luckily, I had my digital camera, and we ran to Target quick to print out some last-minute pictures. I'll post those. :P

There were at least 100 people there, maybe 200, and it seemed like everyone was done by at least 1. I'm not sure if any stragglers came by.

I met a lot of interesting people there. Some guy dressed up like a Star Wars character.

They took us in groups of 5. My group went in at about noon-ish. There was someone with a video camera there that was recording everything, and I started doing my nervous happy butt-dance when he was pointed away, and I didn't realize he'd turned back and had the camera trained right on us. lol! So I kind of covered my butt, but then I was like, 'Oh well,' and butt-danced for the camera again. :P

Everyone in my group would be great on the show. One guy did a Sean Connery impression, and a REALLY fantastic Walken impression. Like, super good. Unfair. But anyway, yeah, I guess the executive producers of the show were there, it was two older gentlemen. I thought Allison Grodner was exec. producer? Oh well. Anyway. When they asked me why I thought I should be on big brother, I was giving my answer, and somewhere (I can't even remember where, I blacked out), I dropped the F-bomb, and they were like, mock-shocked, they were like 'Oh my God, she dropped the F bomb, did you hear that? You know you can't say that on TV right?' I was like 'OMIGOSH I'M SO SORRY!' and then I was like, 'Wait, Dick was on BB8 wasn't he? Okay, just asking.'
All in all, it was super fun. I hope to get a call back, but I have this feeling in the pit of my stomach that I won't. Oh well, there's always next year, right?

Oh, someone said that if your full name gets posted in the media, you're disqualified? Some guy from the Des Moines Register came by and took pictures of EVERYONE and got all our full names. I wish I'd have known that or I'd have only given him my first name. Hopefully he won't use my picture. >.<