BB 11 Show Recap

Julie Chen, "The in crowd, the out crowd, the rumors and the romance. Playing the big brother game is just like going to High School. This summer big brother is going back to school like never before with a twist that will take the game to a whole new level. So what clique were you a part of in high school? Weather you are expecting the unexpected or [glances down at her pregnant baby bump] just expecting, get ready because another crazy summer is about to begin".

Announcer begins by tell us about the big brother game and the 12 houseguests that will enter the house tonight. He concludes by telling us "Tonight a new twist will rock the house and a mysterious 13th houseguest will be revealed".

Julie Chen, "Good evening, who are the athletics, who are the brains, who are the popular kids and who are the off beats? See if you can figure it out".

We are shown each houseguest receiving their key for the first time.
First we meet Ronnie the gamer, next Natalie the taekwondo medallist, Jeff the football player, Jordan the southern waitress, Kevin the graphic designer, Chima the freelance journalist, Braden the surfer, Michele the Neuroscientist, Russell the MMA fighter, Laura the bikini model, Lydia the special effects make-up artist, Casey the teacher/dj.

The houseguests say goodbye to their loved ones and head to the big brother house.

Julie Chen, "So who's in what clique and how will it effect the game?
As the houseguests enter, they have been instructed that they are not allowed to speak to one another. Julie welcomes them and tells them to take a good look around them. She tells them the person you are looking at could be your best friend or they might just stab you in the back.

Julie, "Are you ready to enter the game"?
Houseguests in unison, "Oh yea"!

The first four to enter are: Ronnie, Laura, Russell & Kevin.
They are excited. Ronnie enters the poolroom and says it is a spa like room then runs to another room. He enters a room that he claims is kind of posh. It's brown walls, beige and brown floor with red beds & black dressers. Russell takes the first bed in the posh room and says, "done". Ronnie takes the bed at the other end of the room. Ronnie shakes Russell's hand and introduces himself. They are excited. Kevin enters the next bedroom that has purple and pink beds with a purple couch. There's lights hanging from the ceiling that look like snowflakes. He takes the bed in the middle while Laura takes the bed on the end.

Kevin is next shown in the diary room talking about Ronnie. He says Ronnie is a geek and that he speaks geekineeze so he can relate to him.

The next group to enter is: Chima, Braden, Natalie & Cassie. The walk in the house and see the others waiting on them. Braden runs for the bedrooms with Casey right behind him. They both go to the brown & red bedroom where Russell and Ronnie's beds are and claim the last two beds. They high five each other. Chima takes the first bed in the purple room and Natalie takes

Casey is in the DR talking about Braden, he says that Braden is an interesting cat, He's real surfer dully like that Spakolie dude.

The final group to enter the big brother house is Jordan, Jeff, Michele & Lydia. They all realize all the beds are taken and are left with the swim room. There are only 3 beds so Jordan & Lydia take a bed together so that Jeff can have his own bed.

Jeff is in the DR talking about sharing a bedroom with 3 other girls, then he smiles.

The houseguests go to the living room as they crack open the champagne. One of the HG suggests that they all sit down and give their names and a little bit about themselves.

Kevin goes first. He's fabtabulus.
In the DR Lydia is talking about Kevin being a character but totally loveable and amazing.

Ronnie tells his everyone he is a video game geek
In the DR Russell says that Ronnie is someone he is going to have to grow to like, that he's not someone he would call up and ask to go have a beer with.

Chima tells everyone she's a freelance journalist and that no one needs to know how old she is. Then she laughs the most annoying laugh.

In the DR Cassie is saying that Chema likes to laugh at her own jokes, and then he mocks her.

Michele tells everyone she works in a lab as a research assistant. She down plays how smart she is and does not let them know she has a PHD.

Natalie tells everyone she's 18 and just graduated from high school. The whole room freaks out and claims she is the youngest to ever play big brother while Kevin just stares at her. She said in her DR that she is really 24 but she wanted the HG to think she is a young naive girl. She talks in the DR about winning the bronze medal in the JR Olympics and she also plays poker.

Kevin speaks up and says, "Natalie we can talk a little bit later about your real age". The room laughs

In the DR Kevin says "You're 18? You look like your 25, like stop, your trying to pull something, something’s wrong". [lol]

Laura tells everyone she's 21 and a Georgia peach.
Kevin looks at her and says "Now can we get to your boobs". [They are hugh]
In the DR Kevin says Laura is boob city. He claims he vomited in his mouth over it. Jeff says in the DR that he can't remember her name but he made a gesture with his hands in the shape of hugh boobs and said he could just do this and we'd know who he was talking about.

Braden says his name and said it's like a braid in your hair, easy name to remember. He tells them he's surfed all over the world. Lydia said to him, "ok, we need to switch rooms cuz you can go in the splish-splash room. Braden asks if she's going with him. They all laugh.

Jeff tells everyone he's in advertising.
In the DR first Chima says Jeff is hot, next Michele said he has a cute little Chicago accent, Jordan says he's really days of our life cute like a model type of a guy.

Jordan tells them she works at a hair salon and she serves at night and loves it.

Casey tells them he's a teacher by day and a dj by night. He says "I'm 40, please don't vote the old guy out first". They laugh

Lydia gets a big rise out of everyone when she tells them she is a special effects makeup artist.

Russell tells everyone he is a commercial real estate broker and a pro mixed martial arts fighter. Kevin said dam. Michele looked scared and said in her DR that he is a intimidating guy.

Julie Chen, "How will the houseguests react when they find out they will be playing in cliques". Julie tells us later a 13th houseguest will go into the game and it's someone the HG already know.

Julie starts talking to the HG and tells them the motto of expect the unexpected. He said she is sure some have been judging their peers while others have been working hard just to fit in. She tells them about the cliques and that the cliques will rule the game. They are still competing as individuals and evicted as individuals however it's never been more important to be a part of the in crowd. She tells them that if a member of their clique becomes HOH then everyone in their clique is exempt from eviction for that week.

Julie names the cliques; the athletics to the brains to the popular crowd to the off beat. Where will you fit in. She then proclaims, "Class dismissed".

Kevin claims he hated high school and didn't want to go back. Braden said he loved high school.

Julie shows sillohouettes of the previous season houseguests that could possibly be the 13th HG.

Now’s it's time for Julie to reveal who is in which clique. She tells them to make their way to the back yard, find their name and say hello to their classmates. Standing in the backyard is a big metal frame with chains dangling down and at the end of each chain is a toilet seat. Another chain hangs right behind this and resembles a giant diaper.

The cliques are:
The Athletics: Russell, Natalie & Jeff
The Popular: Laura, Braden & Jorden
The Brains: Michele, Ronnie & Chime
The Offbeats: Lydia, Cassie & Kevin

Julie speaks up and tells them they are in the hoh locker room. They step into the underwear and grab a hold of the toilet seat.

Julie said this competition is called The Wedgies.

They are to hang on to the toilet seat and not let go. If they let go they are out of the competition. If all their clique mates let go then their clique is out. Whoever wins the competition will not be hoh, in fact Julie states, no one here will be hoh. Julie said she will explain later but for now the locker room lifts up and the underwear becomes one major wedgies.

Julie leaves the HG hanging while she explains that the mysterious HG from season's past have a chance to re-enter the big brother house. Each one represents a clique and whichever clique wins the competition will enable the past HG to become HOH.

First we have Cowboy from BB5 as a Offbeat, next is Jessica from BB8 as a Popular, Brian from BB10 as the Brains and last is Jessie from BB10 as the Athletes.

Julie tells all 4 this is their shot at redemption. If their clique they've been assigned to wins this competition, not only will they move back into the big brother house but they will also get to be the first HOH.

Julie switches to the outside and asks if everyone is enjoying their wedgies. She tells them that as they know they will not be the first hoh but there is a 13th HG that will be entering the game. We hear several say "I knew it". Julie said in the studio with me are four potential HG, 1 representing each cliques so if your clique wins you will have an advantage because that person will be joining your clique and will become the first hoh. They all get excited and say lets do this.

Julie says the power is up for grab and the competition begins now. Suddenly they are lifted off the ground by the underwear, which creates giant wedgies.

The first to let go and fall was Michele from the brains followed by Ronnie also from the brains. Julie announces the 4 potential hg will be allowed to give a super wedgies for the group of their choice for 30 seconds. They voted and the athletics go 2 votes, the popular got 1 vote and the offbeat got 1. Brain's got zero votes. The wedgies machine lifted the hg higher and began to bounce. The HG were complaining how much it hurt. Next was Lydia from the off beats to fall, then Jordan from the popular. Kevin from the off beats dropped, Jeff from the athletics dropped. Another super wedgies vote, the athletics got 3 votes, and the brains got 1 vote. Chima drops out and the off beats along with Brian from BB10 are out of the completion. Julie tells Brian good-bye. Casey said he's done it hurts too badly. Julie tells Cowboy she is sorry but the off beats are eliminated and he will not be entering the BB house. It's down to 2 popular & 2 athletes. Natalie is being real cocky hanging and taunting. Chima said you be cocky and you lose honey. Laura is the next to go down. Natalie tells Braden to save his strength because there is two of her group left. Braden falls and Julie tells Jessica BB10 the popular clique has been eliminated and congratulates Jessie for making back into the Big Brother house.

Julie announces the new HG is no stranger to the bb house. She tells the HG to go back into the house and wait for their new housemate. Jessie walks in the door and we hear "oh my god".

BB11 Feeds Recap:

The feeds kick off with Lydia putting on her makeup and saying she is so upset. Chima is in the doom room with Ronnie talking about having to win HOH next week. Ronnie is planning to celebrate in the DR. Russell, Laura & Natalie are in the kitchen talking about someone playing both sides and if they keep her she will continue to play all sides the entire game.

The camera pans to the memory wall where Chima & Lydia have their keys missing. From the quick observation of all the conversations in each room it's easy to see that Lydia & Chima are nominated and the nominations had just happened prior to the feeds turning on. We also learn that there had been a food competition and Chima is in the "have nots" room labeled the “doom room” where she claims BB is blasting freezing air into the room at night with them only having 1 blanket to keep warm and it feels like an insane asylum.

Lydia and Jordan decided since they were now LIVE to us feed watchers to give us a show. Lydia had brought lingerie with her so both girls dressed up in skimpy lingerie and high heals. Jordan was in pink while Lydia wore purple. They call themselves the playmate girls. They both go outside and begin to play volleyball with a beach ball for your viewing pleasure.

This season is not a shy cast.

Lydia tells Jordan "You know they are talking s--t about us".
Jordan: Seriously, I don't care
Lydia: We should go up to the HOH and be like, do you want to play ball?
Jordan: Production crew is like, what are these girls doing?
Lydia: They're like, these girls are awesome!

While Lydia & Jordan are outside giving viewers something to look at, some of the HG are in the kitchen. Chima and Natalie are talking about the lingerie girls. One of the guys (either Ronnie or Russell) call them America's favorite sluts. One of the guys says, "Who brings lingerie"?

We finally see Braden, Jeff and Ronnie in the hot tub. Jordan & Lydia have gone back indoors and complain that no one wants to have fun. Lydia tells Jordan if she doesn't want to talk to her because of the way other people are acting towards her she would understand. She's referring to her being on the block. Jordan tells her not to be ridiculous. They laugh and proclaim they are BFF. Jordan says that she's Lydia since she's dressed in her lingerie. Lydia thinks Jordan should draw a fake tattoo to really look like her.

We finally see Jessie for the first time as he comes out of the diary room. He's being quiet. Russell opens the oven and removes a cookie sheet with several filets of fish. Jessie has made a salad. Jessie makes his plate then bows his head for a long prayer. I thought he fell a sleep. Natalie is eating while Casey cooks while Laura is watching. Laura and Casey talk about gaining weight as they get older.

Outside at the hot tub are Kevin, Michele, Ronnie and Jordan. They are talking about a competition they referred to as the Neon comp. The brains lost and Kevin fell down during the comp.

Lydia tells Braden that everything is divided now with the HG. Braden ask her how and she says Russell and Jessie are avoiding her. Braden says to just talk to them. Kevin tells her to wait and talk to them later. Jeff thinks if POV isn't used, Chima will go home. (Apparently they haven't played for pov yet). Jeff thinks whoever wins the pov shouldn't use it and that Lydia has the votes. Lydia starts joking around and said she was Jordan and said Jeff, Lydia and Jordan are the threesome of the house.

In the kitchen, Chima and Natalie are talking about how the "Have Nots" don't have hot water and how difficult it is to shave in cold water. Natalie has never shaved but only waxed. Chima offers to show her how to do it correctly so that she doesn't hurt herself. [they are talking bikini wax]

Jordan and Lydia are wonder if the others are making fun of them for wearing their lingerie. Lydia finally says she doesn't care "there's nothing else to do so why not be sexy and girly?" Both wonder why people are acting different and they both think it is because they are now live and BBAD is running. Lydia said Chima doesn't want to do anything fun now.

Several gather in the kitchen and they begin to talk about their first impressions of each other. Laura thought everyone would think she is a bitch. Casey said he didn't think people like Braden exist. He is joking about how laid back and surfer dude Braden is.
Casey: "Braden does 11 4 minute workouts a day." He does a funny impersonation of Braden working out.

Jordan calls Braden over to the patio furniture and he sings a made up song to her. BB tells him to stop singing. Braden tells BB he can sing stuff he makes up. Then we get FISH. lol

Ronnie tells everyone when he gets off slop he wants brownies. He says he makes brownies that legends are written about.

Lydia tells Ronnie that being nominated is hard.
Ronnie laughs and says, "Chima is nominated, on slop and in the doom room". [Ouch]

Casey is now in the backyard with Ronnie, Lydia, Michele and Jordan. They are wondering if they will get alcohol. They said if they did get it they were going to give it all to one person to get them drunk and think it would be funny.

In the kitchen is Russell & Jessie. Russell says when Jessie came into the house he hoped that he would be on the same page as him. He was worried because sometimes "other big dudes are like..." Jessie was talking about how Natalie was barking out orders when he first came in. He was laughing. He said, "This is a new opportunity, he got his legs back".

Russell leaves the kitchen and Braden enters to make the craziest shake ever using every fruit, muscle milk, ice cream and no telling what else he could find. Jessie asks Braden who he wants to stay. Braden says Lydia because she has a good spirit. The talk about how important their spirituality is.

The houseguests get alcohol.

Outside Jordan tells Lydia that she doesn't trust Laura. She then says that she wants to be a playboy girl next door. Kevin tells her she should totally do it. In the hot tub is Jessie, Laura, Michele, Natalie and Russell. Lydia looks over at the hot tub crew and says she hopes everyone of them drown right now. Kevin, Casey, Jordan & Lydia are sitting on the patio couch.

Inside, Jessie & Chima talk about nominations. Jess tells her he has the votes to keep her "no worries, no worries. Chima says to Jessie "he's going against the team"? [she's talking about Jeff] Jessie tells her no worries.

Lydia said to Kevin she finds Jessie attractive. She normally likes guys the same size as her so they can share her cloths, muscles don't usually do it for her but Jessie's story about using "two fingers to make a girl squirt" got her attention and she needed to check that out.

Lydia: "It's on like donkey kong"
Kevin" "are you really going to go up there [hoh] tonight?
Lydia: "It's operation sex bomb".

Russell comes into the room where Lydia is and she tells him she was so sad when she got nominated that she had to go to the other room and cry. He hugs her and with the 3 inch heals she's wearing she is way taller than her. She tells him she has no intention of putting him, Jessie or Jeff up. [she didn't mention their other team mate Natalie] She tells him that Chima said she wanted to go home because she didn't sign up to be in the "have nots". Russell is very interested. He tells her she has nothing to worry about, that he wasn't the one that put her on the block.

Chima and Natalie are talking about the vote in the hoh room. Natalie says there is nothing to worry about and counts off who they got. Chima worries about not having Jeff's vote. Nat tells her that it's going to be up to the rest of the house to get hoh next week and nominate Jeff [her team mate]. She said if Jeff does vote to keep Lydia then it will be a tie and Jessie will vote to keep Chima.

Lydia is downstairs talking to Ronnie that she is ready to kick some butt in the veto competition. She said she wants a "good person" to win the game.

Lydia grabs Jessie and pulls him into the workout room. They lay down on the bench and start talking about her being on the block. She's got her flirt game on very strong with Jessie.

Jessie: "I know you’re a bomb ass chick but you scare me as a competitor"

Lydia tells Jessie she wants him around. She says it's ok that he picks on her since she's the alternative girl. She said she would be coming up to the hoh later on and smiles. Lydia has Jessie smiling at her as she says they will be cuddle buddies.

Jessie: "If you want to know what my life is like, walk 5 feet behind me when I have my shirt off"

Jessie tells Lydia that he tweeted for the first time ever in the DR. He's excited because it's something new to him and to the HOH.

Jessie asks Lydia why she didn't talk to him before nominations to let him know how she really felt about him. Lydia is flirting big time with him and has his total attention. He has his hand on her waist while she strokes his head.

Lydia tells Jessie that Chima made it very clear that she was ready to go because of the living conditions, that she did not sign up for the "have nots". Jessie said nominating Chima was easy. Lydia said laura thought she was going to be nominated.

Natalie walks by the spa room where Jessie & Lydia are talking and listens to them then quietly walks away.

Lydia tells Jessie she wants to cuddle. He keeps trying to dodge it and said he did not want to be put into this position. She starts walking about but he stopped her. [she's working him but I also think she's liking him] Jessie ask her if this is how she always handles things, just walks away. Lydia said that she ran away a lot as a child and now has a braclett to with her name and address on it so they would know where to take her.

Jessie: "Did they put a tracker behind your ear? A transmitter"? [lol]

Jessie tells Lydia his dream is to be a WWE superstar. Lydia laughs and he says that's no way to crush a man's dreams. They hug and leave the room.

The majority of the HG's are outside chit chatting while some are still drinking. Natalie goes to Russell and tells him that Lydia had Jessie in the spa room with the door shut for over 30 minutes. [she's acting really jealous]

Kevin is talking to Jessie and mentions that he should really look to the "oddballs" for an alliance outside his clique. Jessie tells Kevin he thinks he's gone if the Athletes don't win HOH. Kevin says that he needs somebody other than the athletes to have his back and should look to team up with him, Casey & Lydia. Jessie said he had to make a decision in his nominations by who was strong competitors and the "offbeats" had done very well in the food competition.

In the bathroom Lydia is telling Jeff & Jordan she suspects a Jessie, Russell, Laura & Natalie alliance.
Jeff:” I need to get closer to Jessie"
Lydia: "yes you do! I want to see Natalie and Laura out. They are good game players. They are super conniving."
Jeff: "I can get on Jessie's good side. He seems like a good guy I just never really talked to him"

Lydia says she's going to cuddle with Jessie and says that Jordan is going to cuddle with Jeff and they'll all wake up early and get back to their own beds before anybody knows what’s going on. Jeff: "ok" [lol]

Jessie walked outside where everyone was not gathered and announced that this season the HOH gets to tweet the fans from the DR. Ronnie starts telling a story about his wife's myspace. He said he had never had a myspace but had seen his wife had one when he looked at her work myspace page. He clicked on it then saw she had 2 friends. Her sister and this guy from CA named Tom. He got mad and called her up all dramatic saying "I love you, how could you do this to me"! She started laughing and told him that Tom owned myspace and was everyone's friend. He was like "ok, talk to you later honey". [lol]

Casey showed us his true skills when the HG had a fashion show. He is the announcer and you can tell he's done this before. [like a wet tee-shirt conest] Each one of the HG get up and struts their stuff like they are on the catwalk as Casey tells us about them. [it's long & funny. look in youtube for the clips cuz it's worth the laugh]

Natalie is the only one who refuses to play in the fashion show game. [boo] Lydia says Natalie screams "dyke-a-delic".

Lydia, Jordan & Russell in the lawn chairs away from the rest of the HG talking. Lydia asks him if he's in an alliance with Jessie, Natalie & Laura.

Lydia: "Look in my eyes and tell me the truth"!
Russell: "We are not an alliance, we're on a team"
Lydia: "But Laura's not on your team. You told me all I need to know there. You betrayed me".
Russell: "I betrayed you? How?"
Lydia: "You're in an alliance".

Lydia places Russell's hand on her and Jordan's legs.
Lydia: "Feel that? You're going against that"
Russell: "Is this the strategy of the leg"?
Lydia: "We thought we could trust you".

Lydia & Jordan are now talking game alone.

Jordan: "You think [Natalie's] going to try and get us out of here"?
Lydia: "I don't know. If you were to leave I would lose it. You're my best friend in the house. Michele is a floater. Natalie's going to stay with the guys. You can't trust her. She's a gamer [So it's just us]. They'll target us because we're blonde and one of us has amazing boobs and the other one has little ones but whatever".
Jordan: "I don't want him to get HOH again because he'll try to get me out"
L: "Yeah [Lydia is basically running down who she can count on and who are threats. Ronnie and Michele are easy to get out.] I love Kevin but he's insecure. He'll break. The strongest players here are me, you, Braden, Jeff, Casey, Russell. Those four girls against means something. You can tell Natalie has a crush on Jessie. Are you kidding me? She was bent out of shape when she found out we slept in his bed. ***** grow up, you're 18 and have a boyfriend. Get a real bra".
Jordan: "Kevin and Michele are good to have in the long run because they are sweet"
Lydia: "They will probably keep Chima because they are in her group"
Jordan: "If you win POV he has to put up Kevin or Casey"
Lydia: "Or someone from your group"
Jordan: "If Natalie were to go"
Lydia: "It would be so cool. We would have so much fun"
Jordan: "You're not going home you have nothing to worry about"

Lydia & Jordan agree they can't tell Russell anything because he goes back and forth. Lydia tells Jordan that Russell said Chima called them sluts when they were dressed in their lingerie. She says she wants Natalie on the block. She wants her or Jordan to win HOH and put Natalie up.

Lydia goes up to the HOH room where Jessie is about to take a shower.
Lydia: "You think of me while you're in the shower".
Jessie tells Lydia to leave the hoh because he can't shower with her in there.

Natalie comes to the HOH to listen to music while Jessie is in the shower. [the watch dog]

Many of the HG are now in the bike room (spa) chit chatting while Chima gets ready for bed.

Jeff goes up to the HOH and talks with Jessie.

Jeff says that he needs to start talking to his team. He says they need to stick together first and foremost.

Jessie tells Jeff what it's like being an HOH with people talking to the HOH.

Jeff says he didn't want to be a bother to him because everyone was talking to him already. Jessie says that he's cool with everyone. Jeff says he's working with people on different teams. Jessie says they need to talk to people outside the cliques to protect themselves.

Jeff says he hardly talks about the game. Jessie says in HOH they talk only about the game with Natalie and Russell.

Jessie tells Jeff he needs to make sure he talks to Natalie and Russell and make sure they are on the same page as he is.

Jessie asks Jeff about Kevin. Jeff says that Kevin is very level-headed. His best friends are nominated. Jessie tells Jeff that Lydia and Jordan were having ulterior motives sleeping in his bed yesterday. Jeff says Lydia was upset at getting nominated, but he advised her to talk to Jessie for his reasons before she exploded.

Jessie: "She didn't blow up. She's awesome. You know that".

Jessie & Jeff went downstairs so Jessie could make a protein shake.
Jeff asks Jessie if the HG stayed up late in BB10.
Jessie says what Jordan and Lydia do is nothing compared to Keesha, Libra, and Renny. He said he had to go to sleep early before it started.

He does an imitation of Keesha's laugh and said it was a horrible cackle.

Jessie goes to the Bathroom and starts shaving his leg and shows Chima how close of a cut it gets.

After Jessie is done shaving he starts rubbing lotion on his arms & legs while Natalie rubs some on his back.

Jessie goes back to the HOH room with Ronnie and Natalie. Ronnie tells them he thinks that it is you two and Russell and Laura till the end. Ronnie says that everyone wants him in their alliance.

Natalie says Laura barely made it.

Ronnie says someone called him Americas player like three times already and says it is his f'n glasses man.

Chima and Michelle come up to HOH room and are talking about the fashion show. Chima says can you imagine him being your teacher? [Casey]So much fun. Chima says he is tall and older and has commanding authority and the kids probably really listen to him...she says it is hard to get kids to listen to a woman, especially a small woman. She says she used to sub.

Natalie says she is going to stay up all night and wake everyone up and Chima says that is why she is always so miserable in the morning. Talking about pina colada song and then FISH

Ronnie and says something about at least we can talk about God. Natalie says she is very spiritual...Chima says you have your sinners and Natalie says you are one of them. Chima says she is so good outside the of the girls asks her if the house makes her this way. Chima says she cusses alot.

Ronnie asks Jessie if they had sharp knives last year and Jessie says no and Chima tells Ronnie that he cannot believe everything he reads on the internet.

Chima asks Jessie if they want him to leave - Chima says she knows when she is not wanted. Chima and Michelle hug Jessie and they get ready to leave the room. Ronnie and Jessie hug and the three of them leave the room.

Natalie still on the chair and asks if they will still play music in the morning. Natalie says she wanted to hear smack-talk.

She says Lydia and Ronnie were talking smack talk. Jessie asks what did he say and Natalie says he didn’t say anything because THEY (Chima and Michelle) came in. Jessie says that is good.

Natalie says that Braden is a loose cannon and Jordan has him wrapped around her fingers. Jessie said, she has his donk. Natalie says she feels bad for Lydia. Jessie says it doesn’t matter because she is leaving. Natalie says worse comes to worse it is a tie. Jessie says well than i will stick the knife in her back and kick her out. Natalie says Michelle is a smart girl...Jessie says she is still in her shell and is waiting to open up. Natalie says she works in a research lab with rats and feeds them cocaine and researches animals and is a lab analysis - she is a smart cookie and a nice girl.

Jessie says he is glad that she in on their side. Says he put her name first and she was really appreciative.

Natalie says she forgot the order except for Michelle and Casey and Jessie says BC they were first and last...

Natalie says everyone knew Chima was going up and even Chima knew that and Chima says she was going to go off and cuss Jessie and call him a racist and that he didn’t like Libra and didn’t like her...

Nat says they suspect us and Laura and Jessie says good - we can put her up.

Jessie hopes the brains win and they don’t let the power go to their heads

Nat says if she wins next week she wants to put up Jeff and Jordan and Jessie says you cant you dork, he is in our group. Jessie says the chair Natalie is sitting in is really comfortable - enough to fall asleep in. Jessie asks her if she has anything that needs to be washed. He reads the instructions and she says something about a couple of dresses that need to be cleaned.

She jokes that Jessie is going to wear it at the next veto comp. He tells her to shut up.

Nat says she will lose Jeff and he is her teammate - she doesn’t care.

Jessie in bed putting on cam.