Another BB season comes to an end. It’s over, finished, completed, done. Then why is there more people talking on the boards now then when it was just Maggie and Ivette in the house? Are they waiting for the big twist or the big secret? Wasn’t that the promise at the beginning of the season?

We sat down to watch and waited for the secrets. The HGs figured out the partner thing right away. Since that was so easy we knew there were more. Couldn’t be that simple. We waited for the rest of the secrets as we watched a season that had a house divided. The opinion of the viewers (as well as this writer) quickly formed as we chose sides. The friendship and the Sovereign 6. The friendship was anything but a friendship. If you watched the live feeds or read the boards you found out exactly what does not constitute a friendship. The Sovereign 6, although a strange name, ended up being a great group of people who stuck together and actually had fun in the house. The other team, well friendship did not exactly fit them.

But here is where I have figure out the secrets. I can’t believe it took me this long. I should have seen it the first week. So here it is, editing of BB6 to make the friendship look better then they were. The live feeds told a whole different story. Was the conduct of the one group so bad that they couldn’t show as much of that team?

Go to the boards and check. People are still talking about the winner. Still talking about the S6 and how that group is still the winners no matter what. Did the secrets have to be changed because of how rude the other group was? How disrespectful they were to the camera crew and anyone who told them what had to be done during the day. Editing a summer of secrets