Welcome to a scorching hot Tuesday morning, at least it is here where I live. Hopefully you are all staying cool. I don't know about the rest of you, but I am really enjoying this BB season, but then I am a glutton for punishment sometimes.

A slow morning today, like everyday I guess. Dani and Erika are the first ones up. When James wakes up, he and Danielle talk game. Dani tells James that Will wants to talk to him. James is salivating at the idea of his evil alliance plans to screw over Janie. He says her moves this week are just like Howie last year and says she is the worst player of all time. James tells Dani that Janie cheated on HoH competition. Talks about April going after Sarah last year. Will joins them outside, Dani goes inside for more coffee. James tells Will that Diane knows she is the one going home. Will and James talk as if their agreement between James/Dani/Will/Boogie has been the plan since moving in.

James continues to rant about Janie, about her diary rooms last year, about their relationships outside the house, etc. Dani says Howie isn't going to get away with his sexual harassment stuff this year. James agrees the women this year are to strong to put up with that. Dani tells Will that the idea to nominate Diane was Janie's, this seems to amuse Will. BB calls an outside lockdown.

Janie and Howie are by the pool. Will and the group work on a movie script. Marci tells Dani that Howie and Janie are bullies and their bashing of George made him uncomfortable. BB gives the hamsters a checkers game. Erika and CG are playing. Will says after the premiere of their movie, when they are counting their money, Jan and Howie won't be there because they didn't help with the idea. James asks "Where is the week long competition?" James and Dani talk about the feeds, James saying you have to watch the feeds to follow the show, Dani says she never watched the feeds. James goes to talk to Diane, talks more about season six. James, Diane and Marci continue on about Janie. Diane wonders where they will send her after the show.

Dani talks to Boogie about how S6 had three times to get CT out of the house. Will and Howie are playing footsies in their sleep in the BY. James was whining about the food situation. Boogie says he spoke with BB in diary room about the food, that people have food restrictions and religious restrictions and that they don't want anymore pork because no one eats it. He thinks it went well. Dani talks about Alf [tv show] and Kay says he didn't like stuffed animals as a kid, didn't like muppets. Talk in the kitchen focuses on the best places to get sandwiches. [subway, quiznos, etc]

Will and Boogie whisper by the pool, Will feels the only people that might put them up are Kay and Marci. Will says he has no rapport with Kay and doesn't know how to approach him. They talk about making a deal with Kay to keep themselves safe another week. Boogie talks to CG, tells him that he is safe with CT, that those people are not his friends. CG says they [CT] are the last people that he would nominate.

Hamsters in the BY. Will talks about it being strange there was only one former winner in Allstars, he wanted more than one so he would be less of a target. They wonder if the prize will be raised to a million dollars. Will thinks not, because the show isn't that popular. Marci thinks if it is popular, they will get bigger prizes. Marci says he wants a boyfriend his own age, no young trainables. Diane says she dated a forty year old for a short time.

Kay and Janie playing chess. Kay tells Janie that Diane was a smart move. He says the floaters are mad because they wanted S6 to take out CT so that when they won HoH they could come after S6. Janie worries that James is still mad at her and will put her up if given the chance. Kay doesn't think James will nominate her, Howie says yes, he thinks James will and that he is still mad at her. Howie keeps farting and Janie says she wants a Mr. Fart doll. Laughing and teasing going on with them and CG who is downstairs, they are talking over the railing to him. CG says Howie is not even on slop, no excuse for farting so much, he comes upstairs and sits with Janie, Kay and Howie. CG says he would love a food eating competition, like hotdogs, he could eat 10-15 hotdogs, anything but slop.

Feeds switch to Will asking who is grosser, CG or Howie. The consensus seems to be Howie. Will says he refuses to believe the S6 can win five HoH in a row. Will talks about his plans if he wins HoH, making the five who have not been nominated pick the nominees from among themselves. Janie and Howie practice trivia in the HoH. Will, James, Dani and CG on couches. James and Marci talk about feeling like they both got sold out. Marci makes it clear he would keep James over any of the other S6. Boogie wants alcohol, he says the only time Janie will have a conversation with anyone is when she is drunk.

James, Marci and Dani talk about McDonalds... wanting something from there but then about how they exploit blacks and hispanics of lower socio-economic status. They advertise to these folks but their food is killing them. Will and Boogie get Howie and James to rehash stuff from season six, it gets a bit tense and the subject changes. HT talk about the movie and how it sucked. Will says those who watch housecalls are losers, not with just a capital L, but all letters capitalized. He says if people are watching the feeds now there is something wrong with them. James chimes in and calls us internet nerds.

Will, Erika and Kay talking about diary room questions and get scolded by BB for it. Talk about how BB needs to CG and apple or something. Boogie talks about Hugh Hefner coming to his restaurant. Boogie doing lots of name dropping. James and Erika talk in kitchen about Janie's deal with CT to vote out Diane. Marc complains that the producers are against him this time, talk of how this is so different from their first seasons. Kay and Janie want to get on a regular schedule, talk of how they feel jetlagged due to irregular and oversleeping. Will and Boogie talking about how much they dislike bunky.

Kay talks to James about strategy. [Not realizing James has completely jumped ship.] When Kay leaves, James mutters under his breath "dumba$$". Erika talks about some guy she dated and how she walked in on him having sex with a fifty year old fat woman. Will seems very into the story, says it might be a great scene for their movie. [personally I think Will just loves seeing people tell embarrassing stories about themselves] Will continues the dating talk, wants to know what would families think if Kay brought Janie home, or Janie brought Kay home, or if Janie brought Erika home. Will getting Janie and Erika to talk about their own dating and preferences. Janie talks about a birthday party for one of her friends that was sponsored by some rich guy, this seems very curious to CT.

James and Dani talk in the kitchen about James talk with Kay. James wonders if Marci will really nom an S6 if he wins HoH. Will talks about the mistakes that CBS makes, i.e. the website, top twenty list, people getting the wrong phone calls or itineraries, etc. BY talk about life after the house, weird decompression, talk of food restrictions and such. Will has a brilliant plan to solve traffic in LA, more people need to be gay, therefore less children, less children growing up to drive, less traffic, then he gets to work faster. [plz, someone shoot me now!]

Howie talks about selling his underwear on ebay for 14 dollars. The talk then turns to Howie giving people blowjobs for money. At first Howie says he would do it to different houseguests for smaller amounts [5-20 grand] then says he wouldn't do it for less than 20k and Dani suggests he put that on ebay. Everyone laughs. [ed. Someone needs to slap that guy] Will talks about producers on his season and how they tried to talk him into not throwing a competition late in his season which switches the feeds to flames.

Janie and Kay have a talk in the BY about who would put up them if they got HoH. They think Dani will go after Janie. Lots of talk back and forth, wondering about James. They talk about how they have screwed up the feeder schedules, staying up etc. They give a shoutout to Jokers and in particular Taylor. :D Janie and Kay decide to just stay up and make some waffles. They have coffee and waffles in the BY then decide to do sprints back and forth across the yard.

Ending this recap as of 7:50am since there never went to sleep.

Wow, this has been a fairly boring day but Will has demonstrated his abilities to manipulate people to an amazing degree. Sadly I think all of them are delusional to varying degrees and about different things. CT is deluded into thinking they have this all sewn up. James and the floaters are deluded into thinking they have it all sewn up. S6 is deluded into thinking James is still with them. This place has more delusions than an asylum.