Big Brother Recap August 10, 2006
Take 2 for the HOH Competition, James back with S6 while a sheep roams the compound!

Danni was the first up this morning and washed her hair in the sink at 10:00 am. Flames soon followed for the normal wake up call at 10:10. The song this morning was I wanna Rock with You.

At about 1:00 they were on a outside lockdown. Howie entertains the crew explaining why he wants to be a meteorologist. Here is the recap of the conversation (too funny)
Howie-When you are an accountant and mess up the numbers you get fired
When you're a garbage man and miss your routes you get fired. When you're a meteorologist and say there is a 50% chance of rain and it doesn't rain, your fine. Like you Doctor, when you say you have a malignant, benignment or cortisonment you'd better be right!

Will- When you're right you're right Howie
Danielle-Is he gonna reproduce?
Howie- Yeah why you wanna reproduce with me?

Moat of the day in flames when the feeds were on we get the houseguests eating or primping for the live show. Will gives out yet another prize code off the coke bottle (he claims he is trying to make the house the most interactive season yet by giving out the codes).

James does tell Janelle that he is nullifying her vote.

We get flames till the live show starting at like 6:15.

Here is a quick recap of the live show. We meet Wills and Boogie’s Mom’s. Let’s just say Will gets his hair from his mother’s side of the family, and she claims Will is shy but his flirting with Janelle is all strategy. Boogie’s Mom is like his friend, they grew up together, (she was 19 when she had him), she claims he is very loyal to Will and he is always a flirt.

Kaysar was evicted with a 5 to 1 vote (Janelle’s vote was nullified).Once he was with Julie in the studio Julie called James out and Kaysar looked really hurt by it. She then showed him the good-bye messages where Will told Kaysar about James selling him out and turning on their alliance, James had his tirade about how it was all Janelle’s fault (of course!). and Kaysar had tears in his eyes poor guy, Happy Birthday!

The HoH competition was held and clearly there were some technical difficulties. The houseguests were asked questions about the ghosts of the houseguests past that they saw. Typical BB HOH where they had to buzz in the answer true or false and if you guessed the wrong answer you would be eliminated, or if everyone guessed the right answer the last one to buzz in would be eliminated. The first few rounds went fine, but but on round 4 Boogie’s button didn’t work at all and Julue either didn’t notice or chose to ignore it because Janelle had the wrong answer she was eliminated. On the next round, Howie was clearly seen hitting the button but his light never came on and Julie had to prompt him to hit the button again and again. Once his light finally did come on he was eliminated because he was last to buzz in. He was clearly upset. It came down to Erika and James and Erika won. Of course the float herd was ecstatic.

Julie then announces a new twist that puts the game on a whole new level: the Coup d’Etat. Whoever wins this power will have the ability to overthrow the HoH and replace their nominations on the spot at any of the next three evictions. The Coup d’Etat has an added twist, though, as only the winning HouseGuest will know what they have won, and the power will remain secret until it is used.

We then get the first clue as the houseguests enter the house. There was a sheep in the house. Of course Howie likes the sheep and starts patting it (wonder what he was thinking of doing to that sheep…oops).

Once the feeds return

It does not take Danni long to verbalize that she thinks she got the answer. (is this girl OCD or what, does she have to be first with everything?)! Her guess was Do not assume (now why someone would think this cute sheep sporting a big pink ribbon represents an ass is beyond me, why would they not put a mule in there for that clue, are sheep cheaper to rent in LA?) No one knows for sure if she guessed that in the DR but that was her guess and the houseguests agreed. Janelle said she was waiting for more clues to guess (good girl don’t jump to conclusions when more clues are coming. Personally… I believe the sheep is a female (she was sporting a big pink ribbon and the first word of the clue is “EWE” or “You”.

Of course Chicken George immediately said that sheep take large dumps while Marcellas complained that he wanted the sheep gone before the pizza arrived. Erika is excited because she gets to eat and starts eating anything in sight.

Marcellas said that he knows the twist. That the winner can evict someone right then and there. That it will be a double eviction week. Close Marcellas, only thing is that they can use this power once over the next three weeks to evict someone.

Howie then starts complaining (rightly so) about how his button didn’t work. James of course said it happened to him first and that you had to know how to work the button and keep hitting it (he is always right you know). Mike and the others agree that the buzzers were not working right. Howie said it was rigged and that he wanted to just go home, that if competitions were rigged then he didn’t want to play. He went on and on.

Danni and James meet in the bathroom; James immediately said he wanted Janelle fu@#$ing gone!

James then proceeds to tell Will that “they” want Janelle this week then “They” are coming after them.

Howie wanted to protest the HOH competition but they won’t let him the DR. Will encouraged him to. Danni responded that Howie was a “desperate liar” and that his protest will mean nothing. James (not the “desperate liar”) decides to get his piece of the Howie action and say he thinks he won HOH and buzzed in faster then Erika.

At about 8:00 BB time (2 hours after the live show ended) we get flames for approximately 30 minutes. When the feeds return we see Danielle with the HOH key again around her neck. We get confirmation that there will be a new HOH competition, a retake! (How could CBS not! With Janelle getting ousted on her questions she did have wrong answer but Boogie had no answer) and then the next question Howie’s buzzer did not work right they had to do a new HOH or it would look like they were trying to oust S6)

The news of the new HOH competition gets mixed reactions. It calms Howie down and gets him excited. Pisses Marcellas off. Makes Erika cry and Danni mad. James of course goes up to Janelle and said the reason he was still there was because he didn’t sit in the HOH room for 3 weeks that he made friends (and alliances) with others. He also said that the ones that voted for him to stay were not all stars that they did not have a clue how to play the game.

Pizza arrives and all start to eat. Will confirms that the new HOH will be that night at 10:30 pm. James makes fun of Kaysar being evicted three times before sequester (nice friend).

Erika and Danni went to the DR and said that Janelle shouldn’t be able to be in the new HOH because she went out on a wrong answer not because she was slow. Boogie of course had to tell Janelle that they did this! This fired her and Howie up and Janelle wanted to really win this and then go nuts on the float herd.

At 11:00 pm they started the HOH again. They show the new HOH competition on the live feeds. We hear Julie say that “due to technical difficulties earlier the power is up for grabs again.” The competition was the same as the first with 10 questions based on the ghosts. Here is the competition recap thanks to calgarygal.

Question1 In the chant to summon former houseguests, what were the houseguests called? A. spirits or B. ghosts

Answer A everyone got it right

Question 2 What was the predominant color of the wall that the shirt was stolen from?
A. red or B) black

Answer B George & Will eliminated

Question3 of the following spirits who appeared 1st? A. Allison or B. Holly
B. Answer A Allison, everyone got it

Question 4 What did Allison say the mime did ?
A. drove her insane or B. drove her crazy

Answer A Erika, Howie & Marci out

Question 5 In which hand was Bunky holding the spider A. right or B. left?
Answer B left, everyone got it

Question 6- Why did Erik say he was back? A) revenge or B) so you never forget him
Answer B James out (Boogie & Janelle left)

Question 7 Did the spirit that mentioned bagels appear before or after the spirit that said meow A before or B. after
Answer B both got it right

Question 8 Which spirit used the phrase on the other side? A) Josh or B) Bunky?


Howie starts yelling What’s up Kaysar! He yells payback whooooo! He is really excited!

Boogie was asked by Janelle if he threw it and Boogie said yes.

Danni gets Boogie in the exercise room and puts guilt on him. She told him that he should have listened to her wheel turning; Boogie apologized and said they will have the votes to keep her.

James of course starts kissing Janelle’s ass, telling her she did a good job. James starts pitching for Marcellas to go but Janelle said no way, Danni. James pouts and starts rattling but Janelle is not budging. James freaks and asks her why she is protecting Marcellas, Janelle responds that Marcellas does not win competitions and Danni and Erika do. Howie chimed in and asked James what he has going with Danni? James ignored it, back peddled out of the room saying they do win competitions.

Danni and Erika were pissed saying it was unfair and that they don’t want to play anymore. Danni said she is mentally done and Erika suggests they all walk out.

Will suggested to Janelle for her to put up Marcellas, she flatly refused. She said she was not cutting any deals this week with anyone.

James and Boogie have a conversation about nominations in the gym. Here is the conversation. James is telling Boogie that Janie is going to put up Erika and Danni. James swears to Boogie that Janie only wants to go after girls since she thinks she can manipulate guys. James is trying to get Mar nominated but she won't and that's why she nominated Diane because she was a girl. We know a lot of girls like that. James says that Boogie works with 100s of girls like that. Boogie asks if James has tried to get Janie to change her nom to Mar. James says that he keeps trying but Janie will only go after girls. She thinks she can manipulate men and women are threats so she will go after them. James is telling Boogie that Janie thinks she has Will and Mike wrapped around her finger. If Erika and Danni go up they have to be careful with their votes if they want Erika to stay. Their votes will expose their alliance. Basically, Boogie is close to Erica and Janie sees that. James was becoming friends with Diane so that's why Janie got rid of her. Janie is not smart with her noms, she only goes after the girls.

James is saying that he can't wait until there are physical challenges. Boogie and James will win over the rest of them. Boogie says that Kay was the only other competition. James bashes Kay by saying that he wouldn't have been good because he has no eye hand coordination.

James is worried that Will doesn't trust him. Boogie says that it's not true and adds that they showed their loyalty to James by voting out Kay. James also says that he is loyal.

They plan for the food comp tomorrow and want to be on the same team. They decide to go sit on the same couch and get Danni and Will there too because the others are not strong.

Erika freaks out with Marcellas saying it was not fair and she was not eating slop and she was not getting up at 7 for a food competition it was not fair. Marcellas tries to calm her down by telling her that she made it to sequester and she had a final vote.

Janelle invites everyone up to her HOH room. It is blue not pink. Danni and Erika go up to the room, take a glass of her wine and leave. They are still mumbling. Boogie mumbles to Marcellas that Janelle must have been born under a lucky moon or something.

Howie and Janelle talk after everyone leaves. They still believe James is on their side. They think CT is too. Janelle knows everyone is gunning to get her out. Howie wants her to call everyone out this week and lay it all on the table. They even want to call Chicken George out because they caught him spying on them again and he lied to Kaysar about voting for him. They still have no clue about James; they talk about how he wants to save Danni and can’t seem to figure out why! They talked about the sheep and how Danni guessed on the first clue.. they both agreed not to guess until they are sure they got it or until they are sure Danni got it with her guess of Do not assume. Howie feels bad that Kaysar is gone and wished he held on to the web a bit longer. Janelle told Howie that Marcellas is dead to her. Janelle feels sorry that they got paranoid about James and wants to tell him they were paranoid that he had a alliance with Danni! They want Danni out so that they can have James back (wishful thinking guys James is gone!)

Will and Boogie whisper in bed, they agree that Janelle will have a huge target on he r back next week so they both should throw HOH. Boogie said Erika wants Boogie to fake a proposal to her, and Will said he will screw around with Janelle and ask her to go to Aruba with him.

Will went up to the HOH to try to convince Janelle not to put up Danni. Here is his masterful conversation with Janelle.
Will: everyone is freaking out. Jan says she's not letting the FH in.

W says not to start a war. Jan says a war is already started.

W says Erika jumps back and forth. and Marci is a cancer in the house.

Jan and How aren't listening.

How says E and Marc talk a lot, but suck.

W says she likes Marc/E going up and backdooring Danni.

Janie says no way.

Will keeps pushing for Marci.

How says it's about who can you beat in next week's HOH. W agrees that Danni is the strongest.

W- back on the backdoor plan. How likes the idea, but Jan isn't going for it...she says it's too dangerous.

W asks if M will go up if one comes off. jan says no, CG...she wants one of those bithces gone.

W pushing for M..says he'll float to the end...floats the idea of a deal w/ Danni.

Janie says she wants the bitch gone. "She needs to get out of the house. She's a dangerous player."

(ed. Will's puppetmaster routine isn't working on Janie right now. She is dead-set on Dani going.)

W back on pushing for a deal...throws out that Danni might have the sheep thing.

Jan: I'd rather leave with her taking me out w/ a special power, than her staying this week, then putting me out next.

Jan: I have to get rid of her.

W is pushing VERY hard for a deal w/ Danni...keeps saying Danni is honest...How seems to be going for it now.

Jan says they have to include James...W says not to tell James. Jan says he's in their alliance. W: Barely!
Will is pushing for a deal for CT. Told her not to tell anyone about their deal. Howie chips in with he wants a cool name and Will ignores him. He asked her to pull their keys out last. He said don’t let Ct or FH up in her room. To ignore them and not tell them anything. He said Boogie would go anyway he suggests. He ends this conversation with a huge lets keep the communication lines open, lets all agree to talk everything out, that they could go to him with anything, too funny. After he left Howie asked if they should believe him, and Janelle said some of it(what’s that a half lie)They discuss James and how they think he is with Danni and Erika. Janelle wonders why personal or strategic?

Meanwhile Marcellas and Erika chat, and Erika cries some more about how unfair it was, that Janelle should never have been able to recompete. Marcellas tells her she can leave but lose her stipend. She said it was not fair over and over. They talk about getting lawyers after the show. Marcellas summed it up nicely by telling her at the end she has a mortgage to pay and he has to buy shoes! LOL (RE to collecting their stipends.) Marcellas said tonight kicked the show that moral is down etc (sore sport)

James tells Danni that Janelle wants her gone so they are going to come up with ways to get her the votes to stay.

All were in bed and asleep by 5:00 am with a wake up call for 7 am and a food comp!

So tomorrow should be great, Janelle is planning on calling people out at the nomination ceremony, Howie will support her (lol), James will float both ways, Danni will be scared and her eyes will bug out again, Erika will continue to cry and Marcellas will complain and think of new shoes he is buying with his stipend, all awhile Will and Boogie will be laughing their way to putting another zero on their check! Hope they get food this week because on top of this that could nasty with a bunch of people on slop! It never ends in that compound!