8:00 AM
The HG’s are all up this morning and appear to be outside on lock down. Some of them are gathered on the couches; Janelle is sleeping alone on a lounge chair and a couple others are sleeping scattered about the BY. The talk was general talk about jobs; Dani is mostly talking about her job as a leasing agent. There is a porta-potty outside too, so it seems they will be out there a while, that or they don’t want to see Boogie pee in a cup anymore…lol.

Dani and Marc are talking on the couches and Marc says “My goal this week is to not go upstairs.” Dani: “I thought she invited you?” Marc: “She did and I declined. Now I am just an f'ing floater. I will say this though. They will be paying Erika more money at the end of this.” Dani: “You think so?” Marc: “She has a lawsuit.” (This is in reference to the HOH competition and the HOH being taken away from Erika who he says rightfully won it.) Marc also says the HOH competition thing must be hot topic with the internet peeps; as he and Dani continue to drone on and on about how it was rigged and un-fair etc.

Marc tells Dani he is sure that Janelle must be hated now by the viewers. Dani disagrees and thinks America still loves her. Marc argues that America loves the underdog because everyone gangs up on them. Dani isn’t ‘co-signing’ that one. Dani says she thinks America hates her for taking out the all loved Kaysar. Marc says “No they don't, he has fans and they see him the way he is.”

10:00 AM
Still outside on lock down, Will and Boogie discuss the coup d’etat. Will thinks they have at least four days of clues before anyone can figure it out. They discussed giving each other a signal; if the other won it and making sure not to let anyone else know. Boogie says he is going to get up early everyday and look for clues.

On the couches, Dani gets up to move and Mac says “where are you going?” She says “I can’t hear them talk (referring to Will and Boogie).”

Boogie and Will are still talking about the coup and when they think they have the answer to go to the DR inconspicuously; then if the DR tells them they are right they should not tell anyone. Boogie seems concerned that they will be seen as breaking trust if they keep it a secret. Dani walks up and they very smoothly move the conversation into talking about what the coup may be.

11:00 AM Food Competition – The Big Brother Cook-off!
Each HG has to each create a slop meal. There will be a total of seven different slop dishes; each dish will represent one day of the week. They will have one hour. They need to come up with a name for their dish and present it to the 3 special guest judges. The food will be judged on its presentation & flavor. The judges then judge it and give it a ranking between 1 and 5. If they get 3 5's the get a BBQ with all the fixins’, if they score under 9, they will get slop for that day. George (already on slop) and Marc (has the slop pass) do not have to participate, but they can assist the other 7 HG’s.

Everyone scrambles to the kitchen and they all seem to be giving input to one another about what ingredients they could use to make their dish. Chicken G is helping Will with dessert and making a ‘chocolate slop’ cupcake. but we do know that Chicken G and Will are talking about making a cupcake for dessert. Janelle is making slop ‘waffle batter’. Dani says she is making slop ‘cakes’ (in place of crab cakes). Erika says she is going to make a pasta sauce out of the slop.

Will trying to be the team player, says someone needs to help Janie with her dish and Dani countered that, saying “we all need to stick to doing our own dishes.” Someone is making a noodle dish. Janelle is says her waffles are really good!

So far some of the foods being made are Alfredo sauce, garlic pasta, cupcakes, waffles
and pudding. Boogie comments about all the junk Will puts on his cupcakes saying “you know the judges aren’t 8 years old right?” LOL! Poor Howie is lost. He just doesn’t know what to do or make. He is talking a lot as usual…we’ll see what he comes up with, he is working on it. All in all Will was really having the most fun decorating his clop cake and carefully placing decorations on it.

The HG’s start to talk about names for their dishes and James’ card reads "A Sloppy Tart Like Your Mama Is" with the "Is" crossed out and replaced by "makes" LOL! Erika’s is ‘Slopfredo’. Will's announces his cupcakes are "Back by popular demand, the All Star Cupcake Medley!” Chicken G is walking around like a little taste tester, just picking and eating at all the ‘sloppy’ stuff being made.

Once the food prep is done and everything has been plated (well that and when they ran out of time), everyone headed outside with their dish. They have made too many dishes so they have to decide what to leave out. Jan and Marc wanted to leave out Dani's burrito, but she's not happy about that, so she brings it outside anyway!

Outside our panel of guest judges awaits! They are Jun, Marvin and Nicole! They all look fabulous! Once the HG’s took their plate out, they headed back inside and are watching the judging from the LR. They can hear each other as well.

The judges start to taste and they say they didn’t think Erika’s pasta has enough slop in it. Marvin says Dani’s ‘slopcakes’ taste like ‘low grade dog food’. Marvin says one of them is good. On to Will’s slopcakes; Jun complains about it. And Will yells “What's wrong with you Jun? You don't like anything!” There is lots of yelling back and forth. Will keeps yelling for them to try another cupcake. Marvin really like one of them and Nicole isn’t liking the cupcakes at all. They all said they liked Janelle’s waffle dish, but said there wasn’t enough slop in it. They all liked Dani’s burrito a lot.

Nicole says “I just want to say you all look great! Except Will you really need a haircut.” Will says “you are dressed like a lesbian wrestler…” Nicole says ok what should I put in my notes here, ‘Will goes on slop everyday or Will is the reason everyone is on slop all week?’ At this point Will was still talking but BB had cut the sound on his mic, then we got flames! The competition continued and ended while we had flames.

One thing we know for sure is that there will only be one slop day.

2:30 PM The beds are back!
When the feeds return Will and James are talking in one of the bedrooms. James says “nominations are today...” Will says Danielle needs to be here and send Janelle home. James says “there are certain members of S6 I need to go soon.” Will: “We gotta get rid of Marcellas, the problem is with the POV is if Erika and Dani are in the block, we can’t win and use POV or else Boogie will go up. I'd rather get rid of Erika or Marcellas.” James agrees completely. (Erika enters room)

With Erika in the room, talk turns to the food competition. Apparently Wills slopcakes got a score of 11. Will said his cupcakes scored the 2nd highest.

Up in HOH, Boogie, Howie and Janelle are talking. Howie says to Boogie “You can't afford to be throwing HOH's, you'll be next.” Janie says “the floaters will try to get James to their side.” Howie says “Erika or Dani are gone this week.” Janie: “We need to get Dani out because of James. Dani leads them, she has to go. When Will was here last night, we talked about the five of us, what do you think of that?” Boogie says “I’m all for it.” Janelle: “Me, you, James, Howie and Will. I was kind of nervous about James but I said to Will ‘look you are fricking throwing the competitions and it’s not fair to James, me and Howie’.” Boogie lies and says “I don't think he threw any competitions.”

Janelle says she wants an alliance with the S6 and Chill T, but that she heard from Chill T earlier that they did not want to include James. Now she tells Boogie that James has to be included. She tells Boogie she told Will the dame thing last night. They want to get out the floaters, Dani first, and George last. Boogie says he agrees to it. Boogie leaves to take a nap.

Janie says to Howie: “Erika makes my stomach turn.” Howie: “Me too.” Janie is mocking Erika saying she had their backs. Janie: "I was like, shut up bitch! I'm gonna call her out on her game play.” Howie: “Betray us like that, I take it personally. I will insult you and your family and your dog, as well as your ancestors. Don't mess with BB6 people. We get aggressive. It was great last year getting rid of them. BUSSSTO!! Pack your f'n bags you f'n bitch! Gimmie that f'n key! Not one person stuck up for Busto, they just let the hurricane batter her. I miss those days!”

Chicken G is telling Erika that he thought Jun was kind of rude in the food competition. Erika says she never was a nice person and doesn’t know how she won BB. George tells Erika that he thinks he and Dani will go on the block. Erika thinks it may be her that goes on the block. She looks all sad and is complaining about how things are not fair.

3:00 PM
There are lots of naps right now. James, Boogie, Will, Marcellas to name a few are sleeping. Dani is outside by herself playing cards singing “I’m being nominated today!”

George and Erika are playing cards. He tells her “Your color is better today.” Erika says “because I am wearing make up, a little goes a long way.” Erika gets called to the DR so George heads outside.

George is outside now with Dani. Dani claims she's tired and is playing the game the best she can. She asks for CG's help with being nominated, he replies with "I'll do what I can." Dani also spills what her guess to the Coup was to him (DNA). He questioned her, "How did you get that out of a sheep?!" He tells her that he thinks that's the right answer. She asks for his vote if she's nominated this week and he answered with, "Dani, who brought me along in the beginning? Of course I will." George hopes it is Dani and Marcellas on the block, because he is sure Marc will go home. Dani says she knows Janelle could not play for veto if she did not win HOH and how lucky Janelle got.

Erika comes outside now and BB calls George to the DR…Dani asked them to wait and they then called Howie in. Erika says to George and Dani that she will now look at every HOH as a joke from now on even after this season…then we got flames! We come back to Erika talking about Jun solving the riddle to win the trip to the MTV music awards. She said they didn’t really miss her until after about an hour. Then after a few hours they were getting really worried and the DR started calling them in….They'd ask "Where is Jun?" and the DR would reply "Where's who?" then eventually were told she would be away for awhile.

4:00 PM
Marcellas comes outside now to join Dani, George and Erika. He talks about Kaysar “he thought he could pick us off one by one. George, I hope you win the whole damn thing.” Marc says he will not talk to Janelle, his goal for the week “is to stay his ass downstairs, which sucks because I like the HOH bathroom better.”

Dani talks about the ice cream comment that Nicole made to Janelle during the Food Comp (Nicole teased Janelle about getting fat -eating ice cream). Dani mentions a phone conversation she had with Marvin, and how he is really funny. Erika talks about all the people she called before the show started. Marc says “they should bring back past houseguests since this is All Stars, but it would be nice if they didn't bring back HG’s that current HG’s have beefs with.” They laugh about the comment Will made to Nicole about her looking like a lesbian wrestler. Erika says it was nasty but it didn't have to be. Erika says “With Jun, I was like ‘don't even start with me, I could go off on about 20 things about you at this very moment’. Just the sight of Jun makes me sick; she is a disgusting human being.” Marc says that is how he feels about Josh.

Dani says to Marc and Erika “Let's just have a good time between us. Let's rolls the dice, whatever happens, happens. I'm not going to talk about the comp and the voting in the finals anymore.” Marc says he hasn’t smiled but twice in the house; this house just doesn’t bring any joy. Marc is burnt out; he says he can’t jump through hoops anymore for BB. Marc says he said in the DR “All I have left is regrets, recriminations and hope - hope that I can live through this until Sept. 20th!” Marc thinks he is going up with Dani. He says he doesn't understand why Kaysar was mad at him and wouldn't talk to him.

Up in HOH, Howie tells Janie that Hardy should have made it in the house. Janie says he would probably win it if he was and made it to F2. Howie says “If it wasn’t for Will.” Janie says she really didn't mind seeing Cappy, considering their past and all. She would rather have him here than the FH.

5:00 PM
Marc is telling Dani his biggest nightmare is Janie and Howie being in the F2. Dani says “Then Howie wins.” Marc: “Yeah, he does, but not before getting raped during the question and answer thing.” Marc says Howie and Janie getting to the end is almost as bad a Cowboy getting to the end, actually it's worse because CB wanted to be liked and was gracious, and he needed the money. Dani says she loves CB “he's a good man.” Marc: “and when he didn't get picked…..” Dani interrupts this thought and says in her best snotty voice mimicking the fans on the internet ‘I can't believe Dani loved cowboy' she says “I loved cowboy, you guys can say what you want but I loved him.” Marc now with his snotty voice says we are saying ‘I can't believe Marcellas is saying he likes Cowboy when all through Housecalls he disliked him.’

Erika is telling Boogie “I have to find out; since Janelle can't play for veto if she gets to pick a player to play for her anyway. I have to pick Marcellas.” Boogie says “You could be in trouble.” James enters and apologizes for coming in on the conversation. Erika tells him “it's ok; we are just talking about the veto.” James says “There will be six people playing I'm sure. All the competitions are geared towards six people. This is an advantage for the rest of the house.” Boogie: “That's the way it's supposed to be.” James: “I think there will be six players, maybe even the entire house. I think it's going to be luck of the draw tomorrow.” James: “It was so perfect yesterday when we won.” Erika: “I know I'm sorry.” James: “It's not your fault.”

Janelle calls George up to HOH. She tells George that she feels they have a mutual friendship with each other. George agrees and says he really likes the S6. Janie tells him that when James was going after George, that he did that because it was the consensus of the house. George says he doesn't play that way; he would never run up to HOH and push for a certain person to go. He says he's let it go and isn't mad at them (S6), "Do I look like a guy who's mad at anything? I have no beefs." Janie asks him if Dani put him up to voting out Kaysar and Janie told him he did not have to answer. He said he would prefer not to answer, so Howie did it for him and said “she did.” Janelle now asks him if he will always vote with the others. George says he has to be very careful; he had no one to help him along…then flames.

Back in HOH Janie tells George that she is not nominating him, but if the POV is used, “there aren't that many people left." Janie says if Marc uses the veto, that George may have to go up, but they don't want to do that and they think that if he does go up, they have the votes to save him. Janie and Howie tell George that they want to keep him safe this week. George says he appreciates that. Janie tells George that the floaters were always pushing to get George out and that Chill T did not. Howie tells George that his biggest friend in the house could be his biggest adversary. Janie says “Yeah, be careful with that.”

James is now in HOH with Janie (George has left). Dhe is distraught that George didn’t tell the truth and it further let’s her know that Dani is calling the shots and telling Marc and George what to do.

6:00 PM Nominations Preparation
Everyone is on lock down outside. Erika is telling George that the key order will go “Howie, James, Will, Marc, Boogie, and George…..” Meanwhile you can hear Will and Howie with their normal child like bantering…lol. Will is telling BB to end the lock down because Howie is full of shit and things of that nature. Will is on another small tirade about how the internet viewers are so self-centered, they think everything is about them. Will tries to tell some story and although the feeds stayed on, they switched the audio to music.

7:00 PM Dani and Erika are on the block!
Erika is telling Will and Boogie “she (Janie) hates my game play? Wait until she finds out I’m with Chill T!” Boogie doesn’t seem to warm to the idea of Erika telling Janie that. LOL, Erika says to Dani “So Dani how does it feel to be nominated?” Dani says “Oh, I’m getting the hang of it.”

Up in HOH, Howie and Janie are laughing about her telling Erika “I like you, but I don’t like your game play.” They both tell Kaysar Happy Birthday and say they love him.

Downstairs now, Janie offers the HOH bed to Dani and Erika. They both decline, but say thank you.

9:00 PM
Things are quiet in the house and the kitchen is a MESS from the food competition. James is in the kitchen eating a bowl of something at the round table; Erika is staring off into space. George comes in says something smells good, Erika says it’s the chicken. George goes upstairs to HOH to find Howie who is listening to music to see what he wants to eat. George says he will call him when it’s ready.

Will and Janie are outside talking about the food competition and seeing the old HG’s. Will is talking about the producers, so we get intermittent flames. Will is talking about how he hates the producers of the show and so does one of the female judges of the food competition. He says the producers probably told the judges to be hard on judging the food and to crack down on them in every way they could. Will talks about how Marc says the producers of the show want Janie to win, so they should go ahead and cut the check for her now so no one has to go to sequester. Janie says “he's such a bitter bitch, it's not fixed. James and I weren't even friends on our seasons, whatever.”

Boogie is with Will and Janie now. Will says if Marc gets HOH, he (Will) won’t go to the ceremony because Marc will just pontificate about how rude they (Chill T) are. Janie calls Marcy a dick. Boogie says “you should do something about it while you can.” Then he says “man, some things can really set her (Erika) off, huh?” I bet both Erika and Dani are shit talking you in the DR, are you getting them good in the DR?” Janelle shrugs and says "nah, I don't really shit talk them."

Janie says to boogie and Will that she talked to James and he is cool with them being an alliance of 5. Janie confirms she can't play for Veto. Will says he will to not use Veto if he wins it. Will says Marcellas wouldn't use it either. Janie says one of those 2 girls is leaving, “if one of the girls wins, I'll have to use a pawn. If one of you win the POV, don't use it, and say that I threatened to put the other one of you up if you used it." Will says “And James, do you feel like he's pretty trustworthy?” Janelle: “Yeah.”

Marc and Erika were talking in one of the rooms; she is telling him that she will choose him to play veto for her if she can. He says he will use it to take her off if he wins it. They start to Janie hate...talking about her weight, Erika says “She put on all the weight I lost!” Marc says he is going to talk to Janelle and see who her intended target is. Erika said not to worry about it as it will probably change anyway. Marc says if nom's stay the same she can beat Dani. Erika says “you think?” Marc says she would have James, Chill T, Chicken G and himself. Erika asks “are you sure?” Marc “yeah, James is not as forgiving as he wants us to think for Dani putting him on the block. I think he wants Dani out and wants us to do his dirty work in getting Chill T out.” Erika asks him “who would you put up if you win next week James and Howie?” Marc: “Yeah and if someone wins she goes up.” Erika mentions something about her seeing the Dr. today, then we got flames.

10:00 PM
Erika and Marc are laughing so hard about the fact that the fly they thought was part of the clue, was not and they were working on trying to figure it out for 5 hours before they were told it wasn’t a clue. Erika is talking about Janie (big surprise huh?), she says “Janie isn’t that smart, but she makes good TV, she’s just not a good player.”

Eventually all of the HG’s gather in the kitchen for food and drink. Dani has cooked Chicken, carrots and potatoes. They all seem to be having some fun; Boogie says Kaysar is laughing at them at home right now. Howie says “What up, Kaysar?!?” The other HGs say 'Hey Kaysar!' etc. and chime in with Howie. Will asks if Kaysar would get on the computer and James says “yes.” Will says “Kaysar don't get offended when you see where Howie said you didn't belong here!” Dani seems to be tipsy, and Will is very chatty. They rehash the food competition; laughing about Will telling Nicole she was dressed like a lesbian wrestler. Will talking about them yelling at the judges saying f*** you!

Still around the table Dani guesses that maybe the sheep was a clue for 'Friendsheep' and maybe it's a clue that Ivette's coming back. Will says “I hope they bring that chick back that gave like 30 blow jobs.” They talk about alliance names, someone mentions the NH, the Friendsheep and then Erika says, 'Float Herd, or whatever you call us!' Things get quiet. Then Erika says ‘there's the Misfits....” Howie says “I've heard that.” Erika says “and Chill Town, and ‘The Three’. Will says “I thought there WAS no Chill Town!” (LOL!) Dani says “My motto is, L-O-D (gasp!) ‘Love One Day!’ (WHEW!) Will and Boogie and James nearly fall over (thinking Dani was going to give up their Alliance name ‘Legion of Doom’) and Will says, NO MORE WINE FOR DANI! Oh no! She's had quite enough, oh yeah! That's it!

Will asks Erika about the guy whose race she insulted on her season of BB. She says “OMG, that was Jee.” Boogie mentions it is a sensitive subject and that he already told Will what happened. But the HG’s prodded anyway and Erika said she would rather not talk about it, that she apologized on national TV and she does not want to discuss it. Boogie says he thought it was an offhand remark the internet ran with. Erika says “Noooooo, it was on the show!” She says the ironic thing is that she is part Asian, so....Will says what part? Erika says Filipino. Will says how much? Erika says my grandfather was Filipino. Will says he's full cracker. Dani says she's 100% Negro. Erika says, “what?! You are? I am FRIENDS with a Negro?! Seeing how I'm racist? You hear that, internet? Eat a dick.” Boogie: “Anything the internet says does not matter, guys.”

11:00 PM
Chicken G and James are talking about family and George asked James when he met Sarah. George told James he met his wife when he was 17 and they married a year later on September 2. James says September 2 was his eviction date last year. George says “life goes by so fast.” James says “you have to just sit back and enjoy it. People get so wrapped up in there youth that time just passes by.”

Dani joins George and James and she is a little tipsy. She says she is hearing all kinds of stories from the other HG’s that she hasn’t heard before. She says to George “George, do you know this man (James) dragged a mother of two down the hall?" James changes the subject by asking Dani “what does that LOD thing stand for?" Dani says “it's just a thing.” James “so it's just innocuous? Something you threw out into the cosmos?" Dani: “Down with LOD, yea you know me!" James: "Don't you have something to do in the morning, like play for POV?" Dani: "I'm going to bed soon, relax."

Howie is in with James, CG and Dani. They are talking about the nominations. Dani says she never sits in those chairs unless she absolutely has to. Dani says “Do you think I’m a floater?” Howie says “No, you make bold aggressive moves.” Dani: “I'm not a floater.” Howie: “George is a floater.” CG cackles. Howie says “James is a floater. He threw two consecutive HOHs….I'm calling you out.” James is playing watchdog over Danielle, and trying to get her to go to bed without being obvious. James tries again to change the subject to his old days on the basketball team at Mercer.

Outside Will, Boogie, Janelle and Erika are in or by the hot tub. Boogie is flirting with Erika while being egged on by Will. Janie is not participating much. In Wills’ attempt at getting Erika into a showmance with Boogie he says Boogie won’t have a mid-life crisis. Boogie responds “I am an open book, like the bible, come on over and read it!” LOL!! In the middle of conversation, Janelle abruptly gets up and goes inside. Once Janie is inside and the door closes, Will says “Shall I say it? Okay I'll say it; let's vote that bitch out as soon as we can. I'm tired of this show it's so boring and f'd up.” Then Will says “Hey internet, you want to know what? Erika and Boogie have been dating for 6 months! How about that f’ers! They've lived together for 6 months and are getting engaged this summer. Bet you didn't know that! That's the real twist this summer, internet f’ers. You think Erika sat around smoking the hookah with Kaysar for nothing? She was using that mother f'er." (Ed: Will keeps on in this fashion and finally we get flames!)

When the feeds come back to the hot tub, Will is still talking about the internet and what we must think, mimicking the internet Will says ‘Oh my god Erika and Boogie for 6 months?’ Then he says “You know what? Not even the producers know. Hey producers, you aren't producing this show. I AM."

Boogie claims they only bash the internet for their benefit, in front of the S6 gang. Boogie says they really love the internet and the fans and they know full well the internet people are what drives the show. Wills says he is really infatuated with the internet, but to save face, he can not say that. Boogie says “we love you; we just pretend we hate you.” Will: “I make more money not being here, we are doing it for you.”

Up in HOH Howie asks Janie if Dani has approached James with a deal. Janie says “yes to save her with the veto.” Howie: “How did the FH know I call them the FH?” Janelle: “What?!” Howie: “When Erika and Dani said that at the table, James got up and walked away right after.” Janie thinks Chill T must have told Erika and Dani, but Howie wonders if James could have told them. Jan says “no.” Howie and Janie are mad at Chill T now; they think they're leaking info. Howie tells Janie not to tell them anything any more. Janie thinks they should go confront Boogie right now. They leave HOH.

Howie and Janie went outside but decided it wasn’t convenient to approach Boogie right yet, so they head back inside to HOH. Janelle wonders who said something to FH, Will or Boogie. Howie says “we'll find out, we'll ask Will.” Howie asks if Janie misses Michael. She says no. Howie "You're hot Janie! You're my cupcake, Janie!" Janie: "Oh Howie! You're my beefcake!"

1:00 AM
Will heads up to HOH. Right away Howie says “let me ask you a question, how do the floaters know we call them the float herd?” Will quickly responds “I don't know, maybe because we call them that in front of them? Honestly I may have called them that, I didn’t think it was any secret thing.” Howie says “I couldn’t care less if they know that, but if you are giving them information.....” Will interjects and says that the name is ‘common knowledge’. Janelle says “you think so?” Will: “Of course! Doesn't every single person realize that?” Janie: “Realize what?” Will: “That there are three groups!”

Will tries to change the subject. He says he doesn’t trust James as much. Janie says “So, if Dani goes them James has nowhere else to go. Will says it’s kind of weird that you have to worry about him leaving the alliance. Wills says “let me ask you this, did Kaysar definitely ask Chicken George for his vote and Chicken George said yes?” Janie and Howie both said “yes.” Will: “Is there any chance that Kaysar made that up?” Janie says “Kaysar doesn't lie.” Will says “Don’t let Boogies flirting with Erika bother you because he is ready to cut her.” Will basically tells Howie and Janie that he is loyal to them after Boogie. He says if he and Boogie are nominated together they have an understanding that he (Will) will step aside and leave. He says that if Howie and Janelle are nominated together he will wait for orders from them on who to vote for.

In the red room, Erika and Boogie are messing around under the covers, and then they move apart from each other. Erika says “Boogie, I miss you.” Boogie says “I know, why do we have to sleep on this 10 foot bed (as he moves closer again)?” Erika laughs and tells him to move over so she won't get evicted this week. Boogie moves, but then says "Are we going to keep up this charade?" Erika: “What charade?” Boogie: “That we aren't madly in love.” Erika laughs. Marc entered and left, but is expected to return. Boogie tried to kiss Erika, just a quick one before Marc comes back, but Erika says “no.”

Erika kisses Boogie's hand and then they hold hands for a while. Boogie says “I love your nose.” He says he wants them to have this room to themselves. Erika jokes that it's because this isn't their apartment, they're on a TV show. Boogie kisses her. Erika tells him that everything they're doing right now is gonna be on TV. Boogie loudly kisses her hand and Erika tells him to stop because it's too loud. Boogie moves closer, goes all the way under the covers. There are kissing noises, a little heavy breathing, lots of movement under the covers. After a couple minutes, Erika tells him he has to go back to his side. He does, but he is obviously frustrated.

Back in HOH Will and Janie are still at it. Will says he trust James the least out of the five. He says that he thinks James doesn't have Janelle's back and if he doesn't have Janelle's back then he definitely doesn't have his back. Janelle says she thinks James has her back. Will says “I'd hate to see James stab you in the back at this point in the game.” Will: “Here is something to think about. James may have stabbed Kaysar in the back.” Janie: “It would be stupid of James to work with Danielle right now.” Will: “But he could keep her in his hip pocket and see what happens.” Will leaves shortly after this.

In HOH Janelle goes into the bathroom and Howie is in there showering. Janie says to Howie “As long as we get rid of Danielle, James is forced to work with us. I think we can trust James.” They go back to who said Float Herd (Janie’s wheel are turning now that she knows that Danielle knows that the term Float Herd is being used). Howie asks if Janie thinks Danielle is trying to work James to get in with her. Janie says “of course! But it wouldn't make sense for James to join a sinking ship.” Howie says “Do they control the votes this week? No they do not. We control the votes, even without George.” Jan asks how. Howie says “6 votes, 3 and 3 with you the tiebreaker. So that is me and Chill T, we don't even need George, we have it.”

How tells Janie how he said to Dani that she wasn’t a floater but jokingly said that George is. He says he said it jokingly so they don't really know if he meant it or not. Janie says “I can’t believe George lied like that to Kaysar, it pisses me off. James knew he was safe, bottom line. Do you think James just tried to win prizes? Because he was giving up points.” Howiw says “YES!” Janelle “James knew he was safe the whole time, it’s so risky though, that is what I don't understand!” Howie says “With Marcellas, George, nullify vote, it was 100% sure he would be safe.” Janie: “But still, it’s risky to be on the block.” Howie: “But she would feel worse if she put up you and Kaysar, then one of you got off the block and she had to put up James and she couldn't save him.” After this Janelle still seems to think that it is Danielle's plot and it doesn't make a whole lot of sense for James, but that James was in on it with full knowledge.

Back in the red room, Boogie tells Erika that hopefully he can throw the veto her way so she can save herself. They both agree that George is useless, but will go to final 5. Enter Marc, he is going to bed. Boogie and Erika stop talking.

Back to HOH, Howie and Janie have the whole Dani and James thing worked out. Howie wonders “when do you think Dani brought James up here?” Janie: “Before she nominated him.” Howie: “So they have been acting?” Jani: “Yeah, just play it off though.”

2:00 AM
Janelle tells Howie that James knows that Dani is working with Marcellas; they are all working together. Howie says “so the whole house is playing each other?” Janie says “yes.” Jane and Howie have a very nonchalant attitude about all of this enlightenment of the past 15 minutes. Janie is solely focused on getting out Danielle right now.

Shortly thereafter all the HG’s are asleep, or with all the developments of this evening they are thinking with their eyes closed!