Big Brother Recap 8/12/06

James gives Danielle POV, and Will plays both sides hard! Clue#2 revealed

The house woke up at 9:00 am with an announcement that theVeto ceremony would take place in 90 minutes. The wake up song was ”Ring of Fire” which Danielle thought was a clue to the Veto competition.

James and Danni have that first conversation and James tells Danni that he likes Erika but she lies like a mother F#$%er and the same about Chicken George. He then proceed to make pancakes.

Will and Boogie conspire in the Storage room. Will told Boogie that he was going to tell people that he knew what the clue meant and see if he can swap that information for some good information. Boogie responds he is down with that.

After some brief flames we learn that Erika, Danni, James, Marcellas and Will will compete in the Veto competition. Marcellas told Erika that if he wins Veto he will save her. James, Boogie and Will all agreed to throw the competition so that Erika or Danni will win it.
At Noon Marcellas and Janelle have a fight in the HOH room. Janelle called him out for not trying for Veto the week before and for talking smack about her. He stumbled on the smack talk and said everyone does it.
Janelle: but Marc you are in an alliance w/Danni and Erika.
Marc: I had to be you guys turned on me.
Janelle: No I didn't I never did.
M: You expect me to believe that you didn't turn on me then you need to believe that I didn't turn on you, when you asked me for something I gave you what you wanted. If everybody continues in this house to think that were in bed together they gonna come after us. Part of the reason why I started staying away from you and I told you this to was because I didn't want people to think something was going on.
Janelle: What about all the sh*t talking?
Marcellas: THERE HAS BEEN NO SH*T TALKING! And everybody is going to talk sh*t. everyone is going to talk sh*t. You expect me not to believe that you didn't come up here and ask me and say throw me under the bus.
Janelle: No I didn't.
Marcellas: Then I need you to believe that the only thing you can say about sh*t talking, don't even say anything to me about Boogie and Will because I never have conversations with them. Last night Will was up here talking to you for over 2 hours and Boogie was in the bedroom talking to Erika. You guys seem to believe everything they say selectively, we have a relationship and I intend to honor that relationship. And I hope you do the same.
Janelle: Well Marcellas I just feel like your attitude towards me has really changed.
Marcellas: How could it have change Janelle?
Janelle: Cause your trying to act like you hate me.
Marcellas: I was in the kitchen yesterday and I hugged you.
anelleJ: I know but I just feel like you were a lot different before Kaysar left and before Danielle won hoh.
Marcellas: Everyone in this house told me that the moment Kaysar went up that YOU turned on me. I chose not to believe that and I could give a sh*t cause I understand it. But I am telling you now and to your face that the one deal I have is with you to go to the end.
Janelle: You don't have a deal w/Erika?
Marcellas: Erika isn't even smart enough to even ask me that. Erika and I have been what are you gonna do how you gonna vote blah blah blah. Thats not a deal he would tell her no if she did ask for a deal.
Janelle: but your mad that I won HOH I don't understand?
Marcellas: I am mad at the way it went down, I'm mad that that girls HOH was taken from her. I never said and I'll say this in front of the whole house, I never said you don't get to play or it's not fair that it was taken from you even when Erika has been saying that even when Danni has said that. But I do think it was unfair that her HOH was taken from her and if I was sitting on house calls I would say that.
Janelle: So you haven't been working with Danielle?
Marcellas: I've been working with her to the point where I've been trying to get boys out of this house. I told you to your face I didn't want any more girls leaving. You seem to want every girl to leave. And I told you that's not gonna work.
Janelle: But the girls are the only ones coming after me.
Marcellas: Whatever
Janelle: That's what I feel like. Especially Danielle.
Marcellas: You keep saying you feel things... (Gets up from the bed and heads to the door. Stands there with his arms crossed)
Janelle: I do feel things! Danni wants me outta this house. And I want her GONE.
Marcellas: OK. But you told me yesterday you wanted Erika out.
Janelle: Well only if Danni comes off the block then she has to go.
Marcellas: I don't care which one goes, either Erika or Danni.
Janelle: Well if one of them comes off then CG goes up.
Marcellas: Oh well that makes me feel somewhat better. (ed note: Smug look on his face since he can rest his fears that she would put him up if Erika/Dan were to come off the block)
Janelle: Oh good Marci I still love you.
Marcellas: I still love you. I never stopped loving you.
(They hug)
Marcellas: You can not let.... People are going to come to me and say things and people are going to u and say things. And that's the stuff that could break us up. What happens in this house cannot effect what goes on outside this house. I would hate to think that because people are working their own separate agendas against us, because they don't want to see us together anyways that that would take us out of our deal which could win this game for us and second take us out of our friendship.
Janelle: All right (Marci gives her a kiss on the cheek)
Marcellas: Now I'm not going to act like I hate you cuz I don't hate you. I never acted like I hated you. Jesus!!!
Janelle: It's ok you can still do that if you want.
Marcellas: If I come running up to the HOH and hang out every week it makes me look like I'm floating or I'm running up here and cutting deals with everyone. I'm not cutting deals with people. In that aspect I'm like Kaysar! NO DEALS! That's what so wonderful about being in this position with Erika and Danni. It wasn't about cutting deals and taking people to the end. It was just about survival. Cuz we were under attack.
Janelle: You were never under attack Marcellas.
Marcellas: I might not have ever been under attack from you but I feet like I was under attack from the people around you. And I still feel like that. Bye.
Janelle: Bye Marcellas

We then get flames for 3 hours while the VETO competition takes place. Once the feeds return we see Danielle with the Veto necklace and Janelle and James having a huge fight.

First what we know about the Veto competition. Former houseguests that took part in the competition were Jack, April, Scotty, Hardy and Nicole. The present house guests had to compete against these houseguests. They had different competitions. We know there was a simulated bull riding machine, eating sushi and carrying champagne on a tray. It is believed that they had to bid how long it would take them to complete the task.

So the fight between James and Janelle was how James threw his section to Danielle. He not only guessed the wrong time but also performed sub par in his competition.

Here is their fight. James who called others liars earlier had to really back peddle. Janelle called him out on why he gave the competition to Danielle and how he is protecting her. He said he wasn’t that he thought Janelle wanted to get Erika out (complete lie). He also tried to blame it on Janelle saying she told him what to write down, but Janelle called him out on that too. James said he fu$%d up and made a mistake (lie #2). He yelled that he can’t believe that she thinks he threw the competition. He asked her why he would throw it if he was in her alliance (lie#3). He actually said “your in my alliance why would I lie to you!”(lie#4). Janelle was real angry and James tried to make her see that he didn’t throw the competition and that he was still aligned with her. He also wanted to know who the replacement nominee would be. James calls out Janelle for giving information to people outside the alliance.(like he doesn’t). He tells Janelle he can’t trust her because she lies to him(Pot calling kettle black here). James then told her that Boogie and Erika are hooking up and that he spends nights sucking her fingers and rubbing her boobies. That others think their alliance is crumbling(thanks to who James).

They discuss how happy Erika was that Danni won Veto. It wasn’t her and she is still on the block. Janelle and Howie find that weird.

Howie difussed the situation and started talking about replacement nominees. Howie wants Marcellas, Janelle said Chicken George or Chilltown. This was fine with James.(of course it was not him) Janelle really wants to assure that Erika goes.

James leaves and goes directly to Will and Boogie and tell them that Janelle is going to put them up. He then heads to Erika and Danni to tell them what took place. (he doesn’t share information though). He tells them that she is putting up Chicken George and that he promised her that he would not vote him out, Danni then asked if he was lying to her and he said Fu%^ ya since day 1. She said good because she saved him last week. (saved him she nominated him!)

Will and Boogie then enter the HOH. Janelle asked Boogie straight out why he eliminated Marcellas instead of Danni in HOH competition. Will chimes in about how James threw the competition. How untrustworthy he is. Boogie then said that Marcellas is in an alliance with Danielle so he thought he should get him out. Boogie then tried telling Janelle that he wanted Erika gone that she is more dangerous then Danielle, and could be considered the leader. Howie then asked why would they get rid of Marcellas when there are more powerful people in the house. Both Will and Boogie agree. Janelle then tells them that maybe one of them like Boogie would have to be the pawn. They don’t like that idea so Will at first suggests why not Howie or James. Saying no one trusts James put him up. Howie said can’t do that it would be just like last year!. Will then said fine he will go up to show his loyalty to the alliance. Janelle backs down and said she will put up Chicken George. Will really pushing to put up James. He brings up the Veto competition last wek and how James bought a phone call and a margarita party. Janelle said James did this last year too. James ears must have been burning because he walked into the HOH. He (not feeling guilty or anything) tells them all that he didn’t talk to the girls, he couldn’t find them (oh so many places to hide in the BB compound maybe they went shopping James)(lie #6). They then talk of putting up Marcellas and to make them believe that they are voting out Marcellas and change the vote at the last minute. That it would make a good show with Marcellas crying all week then they save him. Janelle wants a guarantee that Erika is leaving the house this week. They all agree.

After Will and Boogie leave they briefly discuss voting out Erika. Boogie said that would make a good show, they could show him going down on her all week then voting her out.
They agree to tell James that S6 does not trust him and Danni that Erika has to go.

Will then stirs the pot some more by returning to the HOH and telling Janelle, Howie and James that Danielle was gloating a bit about her POV( Danni does not gloat she plays the game) and that Erika hopes Marcellas goes up because everyone will vote out him.

Will and James leave and meet up with Boogie. They have the following conversation;
Will tells James that Jan thinks they all threw the POV. W also says that Janelle thinks James has a deal w/ Danni.

Will says they have to agree to get rid of Erika and tell Danni that. James is fine w/ that...says they agreed to keep Danni, not E.

Will says he told them that Danni was James' backup...but played it off they all have backup.

James says Janelle has to go next week! CT agrees. James says the order has to be Janie, Marci, and then Howie to CG.

Will and Boogie again return to HOH. They again discuss nominations and now they want Marcellas up for the drama. Howie asked them if they told the float herd that he called them the float herd. Will went off saying who really cares you have James stabbing you in the back and you want to know how the nerd herd found out that you call them the float herd be real. Janelle said after she saw the competition she wanted to put up James, but Howie said no it would be like last year.

Will and Boogie leave saying they will tell them Marcellas is going up so that the drama can began and he can start crying. Once they left the room they said this is so good.. Danni has no clue and Janelle has no clue (that they are aligned with everyone.) Will said he could have won the competition today and that they have to start to win some. Boogie said as long as they are not sitting next to each other on those chairs they are fine.

Meanwhile plotting in the red room was Danielle, Marcellas and Erika. They make plans to offer Janelle & Howie safety next week if they keep Erika. Danni says she will offer safety to Janelle, but then throw the competition to Erika so Erika can nominate her. Marci says he will tell Janie that if Erika goes there will be too many boys and that they will come after her. Erika doesn’t want to offer anything to Janie.

Will again returns to the HOH and starts his flirting with Janelle since she is alone. He tells her how good she is and that she can talk to him about anything and that he hopes they are friends etc. Janelle flirts back too. He vowed that she is second in his alliance right under Boogie. She tells him that it is hard for her to enjoy this HOH since everyone telling her she does not deserve it.

The lockdown was over and they go to the back yard and see another clue. It is a large spool of thread or yarn with a huge needle and a knot in the thread through the needle. All look at it. A poster summed up what we know so far about this competition thanksuhookednsoami.

What Julie said to the Audience
Julie then announces a new twist that puts the game on a whole new level: the Coup d’Etat. Whoever wins this power will have the ability to overthrow the HoH and replace their nominations on the spot at any of the next three evictions. The Coup d’Etat has an added twist, though, as only the winning House Guest will know what they have won, and the power will remain secret until it is used.

This is what she said to the houseguests:
"Beginning tonight, there is a *new* power up for grabs that could completely change the course of the game. But, only the person who wins it will know what it is and it will remain a secret to everyone until it is used.
Here's how you can win this power:
Over the next few days, you'll be given clues to a well-known phrase that applies to the Big Brother game. Once you think you know what the phrase is, you will disclose your answer in the privacy of the Diary Room. The first person to answer correctly will win this power and could make Big Brother history by shaking up the game like never before.
But, be careful. You will only have one chance to give your answer so please be 100% sure. The winner will find out who they are and just exactly what this special power is one week from tonight."

The Clues so far
1: A Sheep (ewe) with a Pink flower eating from a dish of Dried food
2: A Large white spool with a large needle threaded with Yarn sitting on a purple piece of cloth

This is who guessed what so far
Danni: Do Not Assume
James: Pull the wool over their Eyes
Erika: Do Not Assume
Howie: A wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
George: Expect the Unexpected

Will, Boogie, Marci & Janie no Guess Yet!

Janelle a bit later have a chat and she tells him she might have to put him up and that she is rallying votes to get Erika out.

Will enters Chicken George leaves and the flirting begins again. This time they talk about how nervous they are around each other and how they make each other blush. They talk about America’s choice and say to the camera please give it to Will or Janie not Marcellas. Will tells her not to let Howie yell at her and to just sleep on her decision, he doesn’t like to se her all stressed!. He tells her to relax and leaves to work out. While leaving he passes James and James asks him if he know what Howie picked for hs guess in the competition, Will responded no(he does know).

Howie Talking to Erika. He says that James is in the James and Danni alliance.. That is why he threw the pov today and the HOH's the other night.. And that he went on the block last week because he knew he had the numbers.. Saying that Danni is protecting James and visa versa.. and he repeated a few times "Ultimate Betrayal" and then said that James is sticking to his pre-game alliance..

George cooked steaks and ribs on the new BBQ. Of course people complained. Here is a guy eating slop and cooking all this food and no one appreciates it, he deserves a week in sequester alone away from these loonies if you ask me.

The house guests get alcohol and the fun begins again. More flirting! Erika tells Danni about her conversation with Howie about James and Danni again said James owes them.
Erika wonders if Janelle would take a truce and Danielle said she didn’t think so. James takes the alcohol moment to discuss and diss Janelle again calling her a liar and saying the downfall was all her fault. Danielle keeps calling her a liar. They said she can’t win the game that they have the numbers in the sequester house and she will never win. They said Kaysar’s eviction was her fault and that she won’t own up to it. Danni told James that she does not trust him and he said he didn’t care she was a liar. Danielle said she is only strong because of Howie(who wins the competitions, not Howie sister!).

James and Will meet in the storage room and Will said to James that they had to get Janelle out because she is flirting with him big time and going to get him in trouble. (who started that???)

As the liquor poured so did the flirting. Boogie was making out with Erika and Janelle was trying to kiss Will. Will calls for more alcohol saying that this was about to explode!. Will and Boogie talk in the storage room. They laugh at how they are playing everyone in the house, they said next week when Danni has HOH they will save Janelle and the following week they will save Danni when Janelle has HOH and keep that up till the end. Then they will take each other out and Chilltown will be sitting at the end.

Danni gets Will in the bathroom and he tells her they might have to sacrifice Erika this week, Danni said she was OK with that and then commented on James’s bad acting job during the POV.

Will, Boogie, Erika and Janelle get into the hot tub. Danielle lurks around the hot tub to make sure no one talks about anything. They request more wine from BB and Bb said no one was there tonight to approve that so Erika offers to flash her boobs in the DR for more wine. Erika nd Janelle gang up on Will and try to gt him to take off his shorts in the hot tub. They offer to take off their tops if he does it. Will fights them off when they touch him. He asks for a minute alone. He really looked like he didn’t know what to do, and he wanted Boogie to come back, Janelle really won’t stop and Will is trying to fend her off. The girls offer a shower and Will asked if they would be offended if he said no. He tells them to go and he will meet them there. He goes to find Boogie take to the shower.

Janelle goes up to HOH and throws Howie and James out. Howie listens at the door and goes in, Janelle and Erika leave HOH and Howie asks Boogie and Will what is going on sex or something? The four of them get in the HOH shower, Boogie started to strip and Erika said no way. They shut off the lights. We get brief flames and return to the shower with the lights on. Will keeps trying to escape and they keep pulling him back in. They seemed ot have had some edible cream and are licking it off each other, Janelle was licking it off Will. We heard Boogie say something like I read about this in the Penthouse Forum. Janelle tried to get Will to lick the cream off her but he refused. Erika is still eating it off Boogie and Boogie loving it. Janelle then tries to get Will to take off his shorts, he refuses. Will also refuses to kiss Janelle even after Erika said she would kiss Janelle if he did. Janelle is determined and said you’re going to kiss me and like it! Boogie and Erika leave, Will tries to leave and Janelle pulls him back in. Janelle finally leaves poor Will in the shower alone. After he gets out Will said to Janelle that it was an awkward moment because he would love to hook up with her but he has someone at home that cares a lot about him. Janelle said they didn’t do anything in the shower he agreed but he was afraid that she would get hurt.

Will leaves and gets Boogie to go to the DR with him; here is another phone call routine for sure!

Janelle went downstairs and James said to her “We heard about the shower alliance and now Will is single”. Janelle said we didn’t do anything. Erika confirms it. Janelle said there was no camera in there. Howie said didn’t you see the little camera in the corner Will said oh no he was FU$*&^d!.

Boogie and Erika go to bed in the big yellow room bed. They chat a bit and worry about going up against each other. Erika said that whoever she goes up against will leave. Janelle enters and puts on the light. She apologized then asked them what they were doing (lol) and they said talking. She said she was trying to find something. Janelle leaves and they start kissing, The funny camera man thought it was cute showing us Boogies naked butt as they kissed! What a card! She leaves after a bit and he said he would see her poolside tomorrow around noon.

Meanwhile out back Howie is giving Will a hard time, calling him MR. Dreamy and Mr. Single, Will said please don’t joke about this, Janelle tell them what we did. Janelle said it was no big deal four people in a shower all with clothes on. They then talk about calling their alliance (Will, Janelle and Howie) the perfect storm.

Will, Howie and Janelle talk about James and Danielle. Here is that conversation
Janelle: Do you think Danielle and James have a deal?
Will: (sighs) I don't know. I don't know...
Howie: Why is he protecting her?
Will: (stammers) It would not surprise me. Clearly their actions have been suspect.
Janie & Howie: Yah.
Howie: Absolutely.
W: I mean, if you said to me, "Who am I with?" I mean, it's sooo obvious who I am with! If you said, "Who are you two with?" It's obvious who you're with. If you said who is James with? Well...(makes scrunched up face)Isn't it kinda obvious who he's with? I don't know. (using loud whisper)
Howie: He probably feels left out. I mean, I am closer to you and maybe he feels Danielle is his partner. I dunno.
Janelle: He's not trustworthy!
Howie: James isn't? (more of a clarifying question than a serious question)
Janelle: It's a fact.
Howie: exactly.
Howie: I mean he takes Erika out of the competition. I was so mad.
Janelle: I am so pissed about that.
Will heads to bed and Janelle heads to take another shower. Howie heads to the jack shack (Don’t ask).

When Howie and Janelle finally get a moment before bed to talk they talk about James and how he threw the POV competition and he must be protecting Danni. They talk about how smart Danni is and how she needs to go. Howie asked her if she had a deal to bring Marcellas to the end and Janelle said no. He also asked her if Erika asked her for a deal and she said no. Janelle said she likes Erika just hates her game play. Howie is convinced that if James gets HOH next week he will target Chicken George and Marcellas. He thinks that Danni will finish them off. Janelle said that he was the pawn last week and that Danni protected him. Howie said he is trying hard to trust James but he can’t. Howie thinks that James will throw the HOH again next week. Janelle is really mad at James. Janelle asked if he wanted her to put up James, but Howie concedes and said no that he was part of their alliance (wake up you 2). Janelle said that Danni can’t take them down alone that they have to split them up! She said that she wants to put him up and vote him off just to prove a point that she realizes she won’t win this game. Howie said he is probably bragging in the Dr How he saved Danni and making them look like jerks. They back down and decide once again to take out Erika that her leaving will cripple their alliance. Howie is disgusted with James said it insults his intelligence. Howie then asks Janelle if she told Chicken George that Danielle sold him out, she said no I told him that Danielle was going to campaign against you. Howie called Chicken George ruthless and evil because he never votes the way he said he was going to.

By 5 am everyone is finally asleep.

Wow what a day. Will sure played his game today! Sometime I wonder if Will is really playing the house guests or us the viewers (we know how much he loves us)! Tomorrow should be great hopefully Howie and Janelle will finally see the light about James. Will and Boogie will play their cards and Danielle will keep digging herself a grave! Marcellas is still floating and Erika will take the hit soon. Could be fun!