Danielle is up and starts her day with juice, a shower, and getting her laundry together.


Janelle is up now. Danielle wanders here and there and seems unsure what to do with her self or has a lot on her mind.


Howie is up now and in the HOH bathroom. Danielle seems to have fallen asleep on one of the red couches outside. A few minutes later she gets up and does her laundry.
Janelle is off back to bed as Danielle cleans the kitchen and makes her breakfast.
Chicken George is up now.
James is the next HG up and goes to talk to Danielle in the kitchen while she cleans out the fridge. He soon goes to lie down on the living room couch.


Will is up and talking with Danielle. Danielle tells him she can’t vote out George so she has to vote to evict Erika. Will agrees and says Erika will be the one going. George comes by and says “Dr. Delicious”
Erika is up now, walks through on her way to the bathroom and greets Danielle.
Will talks to Erika and asks her to do some damage control in the diary room for him regarding the shower party they had last night. (Will is worried about his girlfriend Erin Brody getting wind of it and not being very happy about it)
A few minutes later Danielle and Will are talking in the storage room. Will tells her that before the shower thing last night Janelle was putting up Boogie, but now she is putting up George or Marcellas. He says he is pushing for Marcellas. Danielle says okay, and they leave. At 11:56a.m.BBT we get flames (Wake up call).


When we come back from flames Will Janelle, and Howie are in the HOH room and Will is working on getting James nominated.
Will: "James is in an alliance, in essence, with Danielle". Janelle is still wavering and leaning to getting Danielle out first (next week).
Meanwhile George and Danielle are outside. George asks when are the others (S6er’s) going to go after Chill Town.
Back in the HOH room Howie says that James should go because he (James) tried to F@ck them, and he will do it again. Janelle says it wouldn’t help them right now to get him out.
Will tells Janelle she should make a deal with Erika this week and next week for safety between the two of them. He is still trying to encourage her to put James up. Will leaves HOH and comes back a few minutes later and tells them that James is outside in the backyard with Danielle plotting.
Will tells Janelle to get rid of James now or they all will regret it. He tells her she has to strike quickly.
Janelle says James is keeping people in the game in order to take out Janelle and Howie. She says that it would be better to rid of James when he can’t play veto.
Will tells her James is nervous. He says James will stick around until the end and laugh to their faces afterwards. They continue to debate the Erika deal and putting James up. During this Howie admits that he told the producers that he didn’t want James to be put in the house. (Before the show started)
We get flames for approximately 8 minutes. When we come back Will is telling Janelle and Howie that Boogie said to keep James around for numbers purposes. We are not sure if there was a Chill Town pow wow or what during flames, but Will has now changed his tune. Howie leaves.
Janelle tells Will that they should have tried to get James out last week. (When Kaysar left) Will says they tried but they didn’t have the votes.
Will goes down to talk to Boogie. Boogie tells Will he has to get rid of the James idea.
Will goes to find Danielle and James to fill them in on what’s happening and Boogie complains that this is too much work.
Janelle tells Howie in the HOH room that James is a piece of garbage, and other terms of endearment. She says if they got rid of James right now, it would be like taking a step backwards.
During all of this strategizing, back stabbing and plotting George has been busy vacuuming the storage room.
Boogie has made his way up to the HOH room. He continues to work the angle of not putting James up right now. Boogie says that Erika is a snake. He says Erika is bugging the hell out of him and says: “At least Danielle isn't trying to crawl into bed with me!” Janelle says that they need to put James and Danielle up next week.
Danielle, Erika and Will are outside talking about the Coup D'etat.


James and Will are talking. James calls Janelle a “dirty bitch”
Will and Boogie go upstairs to the HOH room.
Janelle tells them that she has a little crush on Will. He blushes and says he doesn’t think it is a “little” crush.
Will says Howie is a good looking guy, but fat as a cow.
Boogie goes outside to talk to Danielle and James.
Boogie: Here's the deal they’re not putting you up. I convinced them of that. Howie is doing his...rah rah rah. They want to call you up and threaten you on behalf of 4 of us if you work with Danielle to throw a competition, you will lose sequester votes. I said be calm, be cool. That thing is harder than it looks. (Veto competition)
James: Howie’s dumb, Janelle’s not. Janelle told me to put 10 seconds and I doubled the time because it looked harder than that. If that's how you guys feel I'll do anything it takes to prove I am part of this alliance. Who’s going up?
Boogie: Chicken George. I feel bad but its time to make some moves.
James: I have a nomination speech already prepared. If she wanted to back door me after Jase and Diane then I have an amazing speech prepared for her next week when I'm HOH.
Boogie: Here's what we were going to do. Plan was to come down and get you to come up there.
James: I need to wait a minute.
Danielle: You guys just tell her I can't vote to keep Erika because of my deal with Chicken George.
Boogie: She knows that.
James: Janelle does not forget anything.

Boogie and James go up to talk to Janelle, Will, and Howie in the HOH.
Howie says that James throwing competitions is going to get them sent home. He asks if James is with them. James tells him he needs to settle down. He says nominations have to be made as a group.
Will says that Erika has to go this week, Danielle next week, and George the next week. They all agree. Janelle again questions James about being with Danielle and he denies it.
They discuss who to put up and Janelle says she doesn’t want to put Marcellas up because he will bitch and cry all week, and say he doesn’t want to be there anyway. (In the BB house) The others are pushing her really hard to put Marcellas up. Boogie tells Janelle that Marcellas said the HOH game was rigged for her. Will tells her that putting up Marcellas will split up the float alliance because Erika and Marcellas both will be trying to get Danielle’s vote. They said 2 weeks ago Marcellas would have started a bitch fight, but now he will just go to the red room and cry. They say they need to take Erika out when she least expects it. (This week) They take a vote as to whether to put up Marcellas.
Howie says he wants someone to personally attack him; he wants some drama so he can crush their dreams.
Boogie say that Erika will be the biggest whore in America and he will be in the Diary room saying “What up Now?”
They want her to nominate Marcellas thinking he is going, but in fact they will vote Erika out. Janelle says she will think about it, but Howie tells her she is out voted 4-1. Boogie says he is going to leave the HOH acting mad, pretending that he is going up as a nominee.
Janelle says that Danielle has been acting cocky, like she has JAMES ON HER SIDE. Janelle also tells James that the Diary room people told her that Danielle is a lot like Maggie (BB6). James looks shocked by this information. Janelle and Howie shout out to Kaysar. Howie tells James not to sell them (Janelle and Howie) out to Danielle.

Boogie and Will are in the Gym. Boogie says Danielle is very loyal. They also discuss the amount of airtime they are getting. James comes in and they all 3 discuss how they have Janelle and Howie believing everything they say.
James is going to tell Erika that she is safe and that Boogie is going up.
James has left and Will says that next week they (Boogie and Will) will have to save Janelle from eviction in the Veto competition. Will says he is in with Janelle (alliance) for the long term. They also discuss the “Coup”, Danielle telling Will to romance Janelle, and Will sings a song about the needle and thread clue.
Janelle and Marcellas plot. Marcellas: “If we can just get past these next two weeks, we can work together openly and not have top pretend any more.”


James and Danielle discuss Janelle again.
James: Next week I am going to bury that bitch and dance on her grave! The thing is, I don’t think I could bury her. I’d have to recycle her because she is all plastic. She is so damn fake. Danielle replies: Oh, that's harsh (with a bit of a grin)
A few minutes later James calls Howie an F’ing retard to Will and Boogie.

Erika is at the pool watching Boogie and Will lift weights. Boogie tells George he should dress up like a Geisha for Thursdays live show.
Marcellas yells that he wants a personal chef to cook him a good meal right now. Then he yells that he wants a hot, naked PA in the red room “right now!”

Howie is picking his nose hairs and asks Marcellas if he likes a well groomed man.
Howie then starts talking about sinners and forgiving. James says if you know you are sinning you are supposed to stop. He says he not only just swears on the bible, he actually reads it as well.
George shouts out “What up Kaysar!!” James says he isn’t watching right now, he is with his harem of 30 women.
Will makes fun of Howie running. Will: “Look at Howie running quick! Look, look, if he was running any slower or gayer, he’d be skipping!”(Howie is running laps in the yard.)

Marcellas, Erika, and Marcellas are talking about a cockroach Danielle found in her bed earlier. Erika also is asking them if she has their votes. Erika seems to think she is safe. Erika tells Danielle that if the “coup” answer is “reap what you sew” she is going to argue it out with BB, because that phrase is not common in BB.

Boogie and Will are eating chicken Will grilled. Will says he dropped a piece of chicken on the ground while cooking it. He says to pretend it is oregano.

Howie joins Erika and Danielle on the couch.
Howie: Well, I can't win an HOH or a VETO competition so I won't be winning this. show.
Erika: So when will you step up and win something?
Danielle: Maybe that is your strategy.
Howie: I've been told that I can't win anything. I've played in one competition so far this year.
Erika: Who told you that you couldn’t win competitions?
Howie: A little birdie told me. Its okay, I’m worthless, I shouldn't have come back.
Danielle: I think you are smarter than you are letting on.
Howie: No I really am.
Danielle: spool of lies!
Howie: Well, Erica is the baddest gamer of all time, she even gives the same answer as Danielle in the DR. wow, good strategy.
Erika: How do you know I gave the same answer?
Howie: They told me in the diary room.
Howie asks Danielle to explain to him what LOD means. This makes her a bit uncomfortable and she says “Love One Day…love one day at a time”
Danielle tells Howie that if he wants to know something to come ask her. She says no one speaks for her on her behalf. (She says you can tell Janelle that too)

Janelle and Will are making a shell necklace while James and Boogie are in the HOH room.
James tell Boogie that if he gets HOH next week he will put up Marcellas and (someone else, not sure) and backdoor Janelle. He says she is a selfish bitch for bossing Howie around. James says: “Howie is so dumb about his reality fame”
We get flames.


Danielle and Will are in the back yard. Danielle tells Will about her and Erika’s conversation with Howie. Howie and Janelle walk outside and join them before she can finish telling Will all the details.
A few minutes later Danielle , Erika, George, Marcellas and Howie are in the back yard. Howie says “I’m having a great time hanging out here with the true four!”
Danielle and Erika seem bothered by Howie’s presence.
Erika whistles and George sings a bit.

James and Janelle are in the living room talking about the sheep and the “coup” answers.
Janelle is excited and runs up to HOH and tells Boogie she thinks his answer is right. They speculate what the “power” is. They think maybe it might being able to change the nominations. Janelle also think Will could be right. That it is maybe immunity.
Janelle tells Boogie about a deal Marcellas tried to make with her. He tried to get her to nominate someone from her alliance, and then he (Marcellas) would go after two others from her alliance again next week. They laugh at this because it is just a horrible deal to “offer”. Boogie says Marcellas is such a “Fing snake”
Will comes in and tells them about his Diary room session. He says someone in the diary room told him that Will is their personal hero because of the 4some shower last night. Janelle is worried that “Big Daddy”(her un-named boyfriend) will break up with her for sure. Will has also been worried all day that the 4some shower will not go over well with his girlfriend (Erin Brody- from “For love or money”) will dump him. Janelle then tells Will about the “deal” Marcellas tried to make with her.


Marcellas about Kaysar: “So when does a Muslim get to have more designer labels than I do?” More: “If Kaysar was this good and pious person, he wouldn’t be doing a reality show. He would be working in the slums of Calcutta.” “We put a stake in the heart of a gay vampire.”
Marcellas tells Erika and Danielle that they (the 3 of them) are the only ones playing a “clean game”. The 3 of them go on to discuss Howie, calling him a “fat ass”. Danielle trying to convince Marcellas she is not working with James. Danielle says they are 3 ¾, the ¾ being George. They then start making fun of Cowboy (season 5). They talk about the 4some shower last night. Marcellas asks if he is ever going to get called to the diary room today? Danielle says no, because he wasn’t involved in the shower last night. Marcellas says he walked around for about an hour today without his mic on.

Boogie and Will chatting about various topics to include the “coup” and diary room. They think the bigger deal; the more they talk about the “coup” the more the houseguests will be afraid of it.
James and Janelle are talking. Janelle says George is upset because he isn’t in an alliance. James says: “Yes he is, it’s the misfits, or do you want to take a shower with him too?”
Janelle joins Will and Boogie. Will says the power (coup) has to be monumentally big because the game is so boring. They continue to talk about the “coup”.
Every time they start talking about “coup” clue the camera focuses on the bell. Janelle says the camera has been focused on the bell all day.
Janelle says that her boyfriend is really jealous and she is worried about what Julie will ask her Thursday. Will says probably about the shower, and just tell her it was innocent. (The shower) James says that Janelle will need a new “sponsor”.


Most houseguests are in the kitchen making dinner. Various chatting going on. Nothing significant.
Janelle in the backyard with Erika whispered about the shower last night. Saying that Will licked body butter off her breasts. (With bathing suit on)
Boogie and Will are in the hot tub. They shout out to Joe Vance to call Will’s girlfriend to tell her nothing happened in the shower last night.
A few minutes later James and Janelle join Boogie and Will. They again start pressuring her to nominate Marcellas. Boogie says that everyone on the jury will be bitter.
Outside lockdown is called.

Various HG’s are chatting, nothing significant. Danielle and Marcellas discuss Janelle’s nominations. They seem to think Janelle’s only options are George or Boogie.


We get flames.
When we come back from flames, Boogie is ringing the bell excitedly. By listening to the HG’s, it sounds as if a “grim reaper” was in the house. Boogie says it was creepy and it supposedly pointed at Danielle. Marcellas and Danielle are talking about the clues and seem bewildered at how Boogie got it. Danielle seems a bit offended that the reaper pointed at her. Boogie’s answer to the coup is “You reap what you sow”

Most HG’s are outside talking about the “coup” and discussing what the possible power will be. Janelle went to the diary room and gave her answer as “You sow what you reap” incase Boogie said his answer wrong.
Danielle thinks the power will be that the coup winner will get to bring back an evicted HG. James doesn’t like that and says it would be stupid. James and Danielle are in the kitchen. James smiles and says, “bye bye bitches”(in reference to Boogie winning the coup). Danielle laughs.(ed. Note We do not officially know that Boogie has won the coup. The HG’s are acting as though Boogie has won it.)

Erika and Danielle are both beating themselves up for not waiting for more clues before giving their answers. They also say that Janelle won’t put Boogie up now because he won it. They continue to speculate what the “power” actually is.
Danielle walks in on Janelle and Marcellas whispering. Janelle is telling Marcellas that the others are questioning why she won’t put Marcellas up and they want him up as a pawn. He tells Janelle that if she puts him up, he will be the one evicted. She says no, he will not. He repeats he will go if she puts him up. After a bit more discussion about it, she says then she will just stick with the plan. (To put George up as a pawn) Janelle tells Marcellas to tell Danielle she was talking to him about being a pawn (because she walked in on their discussion.)

James trashes Janelle a bit more. How she celebrates when she wins HOH, calling people bitches (he sure liked that last year), saying she is the buxom blonde etc.

Boogie and Will talk about the “coup” again. Trying to remember the “wording” Julie Chen used when revealing it to them. “Change the FACE of the game forever, or course of the game, and what does it actually mean.”
Marcellas and Danielle are wondering why Janelle would tell Marcellas her strategy. They say maybe she wants his vote in the jury. Danielle tells Marcellas to threaten Janelle that if he walks out that door (if he is evicted) than Janelle will not get his vote.

Howie, Janelle, and Boogie discuss past seasons and their own seasons.
Marcellas, Erika, and Marcellas talk about sequester and they decide that if one of them makes it to the end, they will vote for each other and not S6er’s to win. Marcellas says that the worst possible scenario happened that Chill Town won the coup. There is no way Janelle will nominate them now.

Boogie whispers to George.
Boogie: "When this goes down, you have to bare with us. I’ll keep you filled in but we've got your back."
George: "Alright, I get it, I’ll do what I can."
Boogie: "Hang in there, we're going to give you this money"


Janelle and Will are in the storage room, sitting on the floor whispering. Will is trying again to convince Janelle to nominate Marcellas. Janelle says that it doesn’t benefit her to nominate Marcellas. Will tells her that Marcellas will put her up next week if he gets HOH. He puts doubt into Janelle’s mind about Marcellas’ loyalty towards her and says that Marcellas is a master manipulator. Will says if she knows Marcellas is coming after her she has top put him up. Will says that 2 days ago she was saying she was going to nominate Marcellas, now she isn’t. He wants to scare the hell out of Marcellas. He says that Janelle will be sad next week because she will be on the block and Will will be sad for her but will say “I told you so” because she didn’t nominate Marcellas. Will tells her this is not a nice game and you have to be a robot with your emotions. He says that Marcellas is not her friend. He says when things calm down they need to discuss the “coup” with Boogie. Will says they need to get rid of Erika this week, Marcellas next week, and the only one after that that can hurt them is Danielle. But that Marcellas has to go. Will tells Janelle she is very pretty, and she replies that he is attractive. Janelle says she feels bad for Marcellas and Will reminds her that Marcellas does not have her back.

Will is with James and Boogie in the gym discussing Janelle putting up Marcellas. James says that if Janelle puts Marcellas up they could “flip the sh!t”.(meaning vote out Marcellas instead of Erika as originally planned) Boogie tells them that he will be called to the diary room during Thursdays show, to be asked if he wants to use the power during the show.(and told what it is) James seems surprised that he doesn’t already know(what the power is) They decide that if the power is to evict someone on the spot for him to come out of the diary room with his hat off. (James says to evict Janelle, Boogie said it would be Erika)

In the backyard Janelle is once again wavering on whether to put up Marcellas to Boogie.
Boogie saying Marcellas will be too emotional after going up to be worth anything. Janelle doesn't want to put him up since he won't be leaving, thinks it will just piss him off and make him come after her. "I'm just giving them more and more excuses to come after me"
Boogie: "Who cares? You're the #1 player in this game. You've won 3 HOH's and 2 veto's." Continues saying Marcellas will quit in his mind and be worthless.
Janelle says Marcellas said if he gets put up he'd leave.
We get flames.


Boogie offers James a job at one of his restaurants. They go on to discuss the “coup” power.
Will is grilling food and Janelle is walking around the backyard.
A few minutes later James tells Janelle that no one deserves to win the money more than her. The 3 of them continue to pressure Janelle to put up Marcellas.

Danielle and Erika discuss votes depending on nominations. Danielle says that Erika would stay if Marcellas was nominated but would be evicted if she was up against George.
Erika replies don’t be so sure about that, she has something up her sleeves Danielle does not know about (implying she has Chill Town in her back pocket). She says to expect something like her season (Implying Michele's eviction).

Janelle tells will his eyes are always glossy. Will tells her he is now self-conscious, what does she mean? Janelle: “I don’t know. They twinkle when you look at me.”
Will tells her that he is shocked that she is hesitating to make big game decisions. (Nominating Marcellas) James tells her that at the end of the day she has to make decisions that make her feel comfortable. Will said nominating George would be a poor decision. George is by himself and the only alliance he has is with the blow flex machine.
Will says to Janelle that if she can’t put Marcellas put now, then she cannot win this game. He continues that Janelle is taking Marcellas’ side over her whole alliance. “How do you think James feels?”
Janelle says she was pissed off that Danielle won the POV. James: “ Oh, you’re going to bring that up again?”


Erika tells Danielle that they have liquor/booze. Danielle tells her not to tell anyone.
James and Will are chatting about getting Janelle to nominate Marcellas, the “coup” power, and James saying how great of a strategist he is. James says that if Janelle doesn’t put up Marcellas, it sets them up for next week. (Basically an excuse for him to go after Janelle next week) Will says that if Boogie can immediately evict someone, James jumps in with “It has to be Janelle!”
Meanwhile Boogie has told Janelle to bring her body butter down. When Will see’s her come out with it he laughs and says “Don’t even bring that out!” She also has a bottle of wine. They go to the hot tub. They have talked Danielle into getting in the hot tub. Danielle says if they get raunchy, she is getting out.

The hot tub party begins.
James, Marcellas, George and Howie are inside talking about Marcellas’ season. Marcellas talking about Amy.
Erika tells Boogie to grab the whipped cream from the fridge. Will tells them the girls are much cooler drunk.
Will starts to say that if “you are on the internet watching this right now, there is something inherently wrong…” flames…
We come back and they are wishing they had gotten more alcohol. (They got 2 bottles of wine and 9 beers.) Erika wishes they had gotten tequila. Boogie keeps wanting to play clothing removal games. Danielle says she will pick a number and whoever is closest has to remove an article of clothing. She will not participate any other way though. Will says he will not do it because of his girlfriend. Will and Boogie encourage Howie to kiss Erika, he doesn’t. Howie says he isn’t playing the game. It doesn’t seem as though that game is a go. Will asks if Boogie and Erika can have the HOH room to themselves tonight. Erika says no, that she and boogie are just friends. Boogie suggests Janelle and Will take the red room tonight.


They are now playing spin the bottle in the hot tub.
Erika has to kiss Boogie. She climbs on him, bends him back and kisses him. Next Erika again has to kiss someone, this time Janelle. She gives her a peck.
Boogie has to kiss Janelle, she doesn’t want too. Howie tells her come on, be an All-Star. She says okay, just a peck.
Next Janelle spins and lands on Howie. Howie chooses to kiss Will. (lol) Will says “No tongue!!”
Howie kisses Will on the cheek and Will makes a joke about “The crying game”.
Howie spins and it lands on Will. Will chooses to kiss Danielle. He kisses her on the cheek.
Danielle spins and lands on Janelle. Janelle chooses to kiss Will.
Will spins and it lands on Janelle again. She kisses Will again.
Janelle spins, it lands on Erika. Erika chooses to kiss Will
The game continues…Boogie and Erika are going to ask for more alcohol. Erika says she will flash BB for it.

Meanwhile James and Marcellas have been away from the hot tub people talking. James asks Marcellas who he would put up if he were HOH. Marcellas says James or Janelle.
James talks about the veto and how people were mad at him for taking Erika out of it.
James says he wanted Boogie out instead of Jase and he is still mad at her for it. Also angry that she did not target Chill Town instead of Diane.
Marcellas tells James that he hates the words floaters. He also says that he wanted Diane to stay in the game because she needed the money. James says had Janelle not gone after Danielle that she would not have come after S6er’s. Marcellas saying he did not bring info from S6er’s to the “floaters”. Marcellas and James both say Janelle is not playing a good game. Marcellas can’t believe that Chill Town is still there. They say Janelle is not thinking about jury votes in her game.

Back at the hot tub Will is saying he is reluctant to play their game because he would be jealous if his girlfriend was playing spin the bottle. He again is trying to get Boogie and Erika to sleep in the HOH room tonight.
Danielle has gotten Howie to take off his underwear by telling him if he did she would take her top off. He takes them off and she grabs them and puts them on. So Howie is in the hot tub nude. Danielle is walking around imitating Howie while wearing his underwear over her clothes. The others are encouraging Howie to walk around naked with a bucket or something over his private area. Will tells him that it will make the Internet crowd happy. Howie is not thrilled with their idea.
He then covers it with a wine glass. Everyone is huddled on the opposite side of the hot tub from Howie, the girls yelling they don’t want to see it even though Danielle is the one who took the slop bucket away from him.
Will is making fun of James calling him a nerd, because on his website it says he is the “Veto King”.
Will tells the Internet people if they are watching right now “You may be cool”
Danielle tells Janelle and Howie that it is better to be her friend than her enemy. Janelle tells her the same goes for her and Howie. Danielle says “Bring it on Janelle!”
Boogie and Erika decide to go up to the HOH room. Boogie tells James he is the worst guy on TV for going up to fool around with Erika when he is voting her off Thursday. James says don’t worry no one watches this show.
They both make their way up to the HOH room finally. They climb in and some heavy kissing, smacking noises. Erika climbs on top of Boogie and can hear heavy breathing, kissing. Erika worries it will be on TV. Boogie says, no it won’t. (Encouraging her to move on)

Down at the hot tub, Will listens and says nothing as Danielle, Howie and Janelle talk smack to each other.
Danielle:” The truth WILL set me free” Danielle also says she doesn’t nominate decoys.
Danielle: “My word is gold! BB3, no. But here, it is. Neither of you (she points to Howie and Janelle) came to me to form a deal or ask for my word. You guys need to learn to play the game by yourself. Think about that.”
As she starts to get out of the hot tub Janelle replies “We don’t cut deals Danielle”
Danielle says you do, you have too to protect your alliance. But remember, I have no alliance. You figure it out.
Howie (on Danielle) “Last week it was her and Erika and she put a line in the sand and now she cut her alliance free?
Danielle: “Well, now you are 3. If I was aligned with James I would have said 3 but I said 4. You don’t have me figured out. You think you do, but you don’t. You’ll see when you watch the tapes…you’ll have egg on your face” (as she motions to Janelle and Howie. Will has said nothing the whole time. Danielle has gone inside.
Janelle and Howie get out, with Howie covering himself with a towel, but you can still see his behind.
Howie goes into the bathroom. Danielle laughs that he is naked. Howie says he better hurry and go up to the HOH room before Boogie bangs Erika. Danielle tells him where his underwear are, and Howie gets them, holds them up to the camera and says “EBay!”

Danielle goes and talks to Marcellas, she tells him she would vote to keep him for “redemption”. They hug.
Howie and Janelle go up to HOH to interrupt Erika and Boogie (Howie has clothes on now) They talk to the 2 of them, then Janelle grabs the blanket, bolting from the room saying “Come on Howie”. But Howie stays in the room. Howie finally leaves and Erika and Boogie get back to business, making out.
Back to Danielle and Marcellas. She tells him that she will win HOH next week. Marcellas is wondering if he will get George’s vote. Marcellas says that if Janelle does nominate him, he will put her up next week. Danielle trying to fool Marcellas
saying how she doesn’t put up decoys. (Marcellas does not know that James is in a secret alliance with Danielle.)

Janelle and Will are playing cards.
The two of them plus Howie are talking strategy. Janelle says that Danielle is not smarter than she is. Janelle and Will are also flirting with each other. Will keeps looking at Janelle and smiling at her. Will to Janelle: “Get crazy, nominate James!” Janelle asks Howie what he thinks of that. Howie says that James would join Danielle if they did that.

Meanwhile in the HOH room, it appears as though Erika may have done something for Boogie under the covers. We are not sure, but it **appeared** that way.

Danielle tells Marcellas if he gets HOH he has to put Janelle up, but tell her she is safe. Marcellas agrees. She says she is going to play for HOH like it’s her job.(drink make the speech slurred)
Danielle says she has never been disrespectful to either of them (Howie and Janelle). She says she has always been kind and courteous (repeats this). She has only done things that have been game related, but has always been kind to them.
Marcellas: “Can’t say that about them”
Danielle: “I looked at Howie and said, do you think I sat there and clicked my heels twice because he left (Kaysar). You don’t know me at all”
Silence then..
Marcellas on Erika “I can’t believe she is doing that”
Danielle: “I can, she is single. She’s trying to get a vote”
Marcellas “Why him? Have you heard the stories that fall from his lips?”

Janelle, Howie and Will still discuss James. Janelle says maybe they could get Erika to be the 5th member of their alliance. Will says good idea. He says Boogie can convince her to join them. Danielle walks out from the red room and they go silent.

Will asks Howie if he is going to have a steak at 2 a.m. and then asks Danielle the same thing. She snaps at him “Yes, I am, so what!”
Howie finishes eating and joins Janelle and Will in a card game. Janelle wins.
A bit more card playing and general chit chat going on.

Will goes to bed.
Janelle asks Howie what he is doing and he says he is going to go upstairs and see if Boogie and Erika are banging.

Janelle and Marcellas are by the washing machine. Janelle asks Marcellas what Danielle was saying to him tonight. She tells him that Danielle was threatening her earlier tonight.
Marcellas tells Janelle that Danielle has a problem being called the “float herd”.
They laugh that Danielle is trying to lead the herd around.
Marcellas “If you would have gotten rid of Chill Town, we would all be together right now. All the people who didn’t get a chance to play are gone right now”
Janelle asks why they would all care who she gets rid of. Marcellas says that she sends a message to the rest of them that she is going after people who are not going after her.
They go on to discuss this a bit more. Janelle says she will not put Marcellas up tomorrow.
Marcellas tells her the one deal he has is with her to the end. Janelle says she had to get rid of Erika before chill Town, because Erika and Danielle are out to get her.
Marcellas asks if she has the votes to get Erika out, she is up with Boogie in the HOH right now. Marcellas says again that if she puts him up, he will be the one going.
Janelle asks Marcellas if he thinks Will is playing her.
Marcellas says Will wants to win the money and prove he is an AllStar. Janelle says she is going to put up George and see what happens. Marcellas says that is a brilliant move.
Janelle says she wanted to put James up. Marcellas tells her to just put George up and don’t put him on the spot about what to do.
Janelle tells him to let on that they aren’t getting along still.
They leave.

Janelle tells Howie that she is putting George up. She says it is for her own good.
Janelle and Howie say the next HOH is huge and important. Howie has to win it. They discuss what it could possibly be(HOH comp)
Howie says James protected Danielle 100% in the veto competition. It pisses him off.
Howie also tells Janelle that Boogie was pissed when she didn’t want to kiss him.
Janelle “I don’t want to kiss Boogie. I wanted to kiss Will”
Janelle wonders if her boyfriend has broken up with her.
They are in the bathroom talking about Will now. Janelle asks Howie if he thinks Will is playing them.
Howie says yea, a little bit he thinks. Janelle thinks Will is being loyal.
Howie says to a certain point, yes.
James comes into the bathroom. They talk about nominations and who to put up.
They say that the floaters were always going to come after them from day 1.
Janelle to James “James, why can't you understand they were coming after us week five anyway because the numbers of sequester. Why don't you understand?”
Janelle and James argue a little over this with James saying he said that. (ed. No, he didn’t)
They talk about Marcellas and how he was mad because he said he gave the HOH to Janelle so she would get rid of Chill Town.
James about Marcellas “Should have buzzed in Jackass!”
Janelle says that she put up a floater because she didn’t want to be stabbed in the back by them. She knows what they are capable of.
James: the fact that this conversation is still going on at 3:00 in the morning means that you don't trust CT and we shouldn't be in an alliance with them.

Janie: It's not true, I know what is the best thing for us I'm going to nominate CG.

James: Then nominate him!

Janie: I'm going to!
Howie: It's gonna suck if we don't have the votes to take Erika out, because if not we lost.

Janie: yes CG is going up, ok ok fine.

H: We lost

James: We can't have this attitude that if CG goes home we lost. It means we got screwed and we get HOH again and if you want to take out Dani, and then Erika and we finally go after CT

Janie: Yeah, we're so *****

James: You are talking about these votes going against us as betrayal. When your boy Marci is the one that started the revolution to get Diane out. He went against us, screaming at us about moving everyone against us. That was the betrayal that we got mad about. He had been putting a target on our head since day one.

Janie: Marci sucks, he lies excessively.

James: I know he's April.

Howie: I don't like putting George up man, if he goes we're *****.

James: If we don't know how the votes are going to go, why are we in an alliance with Chill Town?
Howie: I agree with you

James: You know we have been semi- taking their word this whole time thinking they will betray us. You know we have to take risks in this game, and I’d feel more comfortable sending Marcellas home than Chicken George. But if she’s not comfortable with that we’re just going to continue to worry.
They continue to argue and debate who to put up.
James says that George does not deserve to be in the All Stars BB house. That he is full of sh!t(George) He can’t stand George and annoys James. It does not seem as if they have solved the issues they have been arguing about between the 3 of them. James seemed angry that Janelle seems to want to protect Marcellas over anyone in her alliance.

Sometime after 3:52 a.m.BBT and 6:34a.m.BBT All houseguests have gone to bed and are asleep.