9:00 AM
Dani had been up for a while by now, then Erika joined her in the BY. Dani is complaining that S6 didn’t want her in their alliance in the beginning, but they want to make a deal now. Boogie is up now too, in kitchen making some breakfast, then he wanders out to the BY. Dani says she has been up since 5:30 because George snores so much! Boogie says “that’s why we call him chicken snores, chicken floors, chicken sores, chicken chores…” They are all laughing.

They talk about the antics last night and Dani making fun of Howie; imitating him and running around in his underwear. Erika said she was cracking up and that Dani is one of her favorite people in the house. Erika tells Dani she hopes they remain friends when this over with. Boogie says “Howie just gets this blank look on his face, like he isn’t sure how to react or doesn't know what to say. Danielle and Will are the only ones that can do that to Howie.” They all talk about the possibility of Howie trying to pull one of his Busto storms in the house, and they say there is no way it will work. They would all jump up, there’s now way Howie would get away with it.

Dani wonders why the grim reaper was pointing at her yesterday. Boogie thinks it was just coincidence and theatrics. Dani says “maybe it was Roddy.”

Erika walks away from them and Dani says to Boogie “do you feel safe keeping Marc in this game?” Boogie: “No.” Dani: “If he goes up and he stays I am concerned for your guys’ safety, Erika is not coming after you.” Boogie: “We really need to have a pow-wow today. I thought she (Erika) was playing me but I think she may have real feelings, but to do that to Janelle, to flip it on her.....” Boogie changes the subject to talking about Mountain Bikes when Erika came back.

Dani mentions that she can’t wait to see George in the DR, she is curious if he is a different person in there. Boogie thinks George is George and he is someone to be taken at face value. Dani says “Erika played him in checkers and he was good!” Erika: “And it takes strategizing to play in checkers.” Boogie says “I’m sure he doesn’t get called on a lot to explain situations (in the DR). There is something odd about this guy that he is so willing to leave this family that he loves so much to work in other cities.”

Just before 10:00 BB announced the veto ceremony will be in 2 hours.

10:00 AM
Dani says “if they do Americas Choice right now I bet Will, Boogie or Chicken George get it. All the previous HG's that have come back have mostly talked to Will, I’m thinking he’s the star of the show.” Erika says “definitely.” Erika and Dani both decide they should get up and put on some make up and get ready for the ceremony.

Outside now, George is doing some laundry and Dani out there. Dani tells him “I’ve been up since 5:30.” George asks her what she was doing up that early. Dani says “just thinking about my family, you don’t get much privacy in here it was nice and quiet. George says “Yep, there’s nothing wrong with that. You like to get up early anyway.” Now Dani is asking him if Janie and Howie approached him about how he would vote. George didn’t say anything. Dani says to him “they want Erika gone don’t they?” George says glancing over at Erika “let’s talk about this another time.”

George says to both Erika and Dani that he is sure he will be put up during the veto ceremony, “he says “Like Dani said this is a numbers game and there aren’t that many of us left to put up.” Dani says she knew this would happen if ‘they’ got HOH again. George says he is prepared for the hot seat. He thinks the S6 are protecting Marc. Erika says it won’t matter who leaves this week, the whole week has been unfair.

11:00 AM
Dani and George are sitting alone outside. Dani says “I just told them I’m a woman of my word and when I make a commitment I follow through.” George: “It still sucks; I’m telling you Will and Boogie are gonna walk away with it…” Dani agrees and says “by the looks of it, they sure are.”

James comes outside now complaining about slop and said it would be nice if they at least got to supplement their diet while on slop. George mentions that his hair is coming back in thicker. Dani asks him if he will dye it again. George says “yea, but I will never bleach it again; it burned the heck out of my head.” James says something about how Kaysar’s hair is thinning out in the back. George: “I saw that….anyways; oh well Jamesy I’m just making the best of it!”

James is still in the BY complaining to Erika, Boogie and George about Janie and Howie celebrating when they win HOH or POV. James said it's not cool; it just makes the others feel bad. Boogie says I don't mind them celebrating as long as it isn't in your face kind of thing. James says but it is in your face and it's not good game playing.

Boogie and Will in HOH now, they are waiting for Janie to wake up to talk to her one more time about putting Marcellas on the block. Boogie says “do you think he can make this happen?” Will says “I told Janie that you and I may disagree but we don’t fight (referring to S6 fights and Janie wanting to put up James).” Boogie says “stay with her all the time. James should be up here in like 5 minutes.” Will: “They were about to put James up.” Boogie says “I know, they are all over the place.”

James is up in HOH now with Boogie and Will. Boogie is saying they need to come up with a fake power to tell the others what the coup will be (make the others think boogie knows what it is). Will tells Boogie: “It’s going to be really stressful on you, you have to be prepared for that.” Boogie is talking about whether he will use it immediately or wait. Will wants to wait so they can hold it over the others heads so the others won’t come after them.

12:00 NOON
Janie is up in HOH now. She asks the guys “why did you wake me up?” Boogie says “we need to know what has been decided.” Janie: “What we decided?” Boogie: “Nominations, who will you put up?” They all start in on her about nominating Marc, that he is threatening all of them and that she’s making 4 people in her alliance mad to keep one dramatic gay guy happy. Boogie says “I just can’t wrap my brain around why you won’t nominate Marc.” James says “Marc is a good player and can win stuff.” Boogie: “This f’ing guy is probably going into the DR saying….” Then we got flames for a minute. Janie says “I don’t want to put him up when he’s not going home.” Then we got flames again!

We’re back again in HOH and Will is saying to Janie “you aren’t putting Marc up cause he’s gonna cry. If I start crying right now will you put him up?” James says “I can’t watch this.” Janie sounding defeated says “I take the blame for everything. I don’t know what to do.” Boogie: “We gotta rattle him, make him cry…” Janie: “But I have to look like the bad guy.” Boogie: “This isn’t the badass bitch I saw on last years season, the one willing to stand up and say stuff…” Janie: “OK OK! I’ll put Marc up.”

Outside Boogie is telling Dani that they convinced Janie to put up Marc.

Back in HOH Janie tells Marc that she is putting him up. She promises that he isn't going home. He isn't happy, he says he doesn't trust Chill T, and he tries to convince Janelle that they can't be trusted. He says “they are lying about me and using you and you are listening to them. The one person who had your back you are nominating.” Janie: “I promise you won't be voted out.” Marc was called to the DR.

Marc leaves HOH to the DR and in comes Will. Janie says “I hate you,” Will: “How did it go?” Janie: “I told him, he just left.” Will: “Yeah he looked pissed.” Janie: “I'm not listening to you; I'm not doing this again.” Will: “its o.k.” Will pulls Janie to him and gives her a big long hug. He tells her she is Chill T’s first priority in the house over Howie and James.

Just before 1:00 BB calls for outside lock down, then we go to Marc in the red room saying to himself ‘hmm…what does one wear on the day of their own execution?”

1:00 PM
The HG’s are on lock down outside. Will and Boogie are trying to come up with a way to let on that Boogie knows what this special power is that will be granted as part of the coup. Will suggests that he (Will) say ‘I asked Boogie what the power is, but he won’t tell me’. Boogie says they will not believe that. Will says “well then maybe I can say I told you NOT to tell me because I don’t want the pressure of knowing.”

The feeds cut for about 30 minutes and we come back to the feeds being focused on Chicken George, and for a moment we thought he was nominated until he said ‘I can’t believe I wasn’t nominated!’ LOL, James of all people is giving George an acting lesson, telling him “you need to act more when you aren't nominated. Last year I got partway up then sat back down stunned when I wasn't nominated at a POV replacement ceremony.”

Erika is consoling an upset Marcellas. He saying all the alpha males are ganging up on the fag.

Boogie is telling Will and Janelle that Danielle in an incredible pickle because she doesn't know who to vote for. Janelle says “you shouldn't tell her who to vote for and just tell her we aren’t going to talk until the live eviction.” Boogie: “I will just tell Danielle that she knows how I have felt about Marcellas from day one, it could mean a lot of things.” Will says “Boogie, if I win something like a hot air balloon ride…can I take Janelle instead of you?” Boogie says “Sure man!” Janelle says she would take Will if she won a luxury prize. Boogie says “me and Howie will sit here and eat a box Oreos.”

Dani gets Erika to walk the yard with her. They are pacing and talking. George is just staring off into space over the fact that he was not nominated, he can’t believe it.

2:00 PM
George heads up to HOH to tell Janie thank you for not nominating him. He says “I know maybe in the future you will need me and I want you to know I'll be there for you, I'll remember.” Janie said, "I'm sorry I didn't tell you I wasn't putting you up, this week is all about avenging Kaysar’s loss. Nominating you was giving them what they wanted, and I don't want that.” George looks sappy and like he will be Janie’s for all eternity….LOL.

George left HOH and Howie entered. He tells BB he wants BB to show him and Janie the Busto rant, “it is the one year anniversary.”

George is so damn happy not to be nominated; he goes outside and belly flops into the pool. Then James and Boogie tell him that Will cried to Janelle over him possibly being nominated, and that’s why she put up Marc instead.

Will says to Boogie: “George is REALLY appreciative, he said to me ‘I just want to let you know, I have you & Boogie's back’. I'm like, ‘Alright. Chicken George, you never have to mention it man’, then he said ‘I'm just so honored to be here’. I told him, ‘Chicken George, we look out for each other, don't worry’. So he's cool!” Boogie says “Now all we need is to convince Marcellas. Danielle said after the veto ceremony, Marcellas said ‘I'm putting those two up! The only reason I'm up here is because of those two’. Should I just do damage control with him?” Will says “Let's get him out!” Boogie: “I didn't like that he was so comfortable with it. I'm almost thinking we should start acting like a dick to him. Because if he's comfortable with it, it's gonna be harder to justify to Janelle why we tossed him.” Will: “Okay.” Boogie: “There may be a way to preserve James in the alliance if she freaks out on us.” Boogie mentions Danielle's threatening remarks she made in the hot tub last night. Will is playing it off as nothing.

3:00 PM
Marc and George are in the bathroom area. Marc asked George straight up for his vote. George says he hasn't committed to anything yet. Marcellas says that Erika was the one to take him out of the first HOH competition. Marc says there is a lot of bullshit going around, but "If you have my back, I'll have yours." George doesn't really say anything other than "okay." George heads back to kitchen. Marc is getting ready to shower.

Wearing a black bikini Erika comes up to George while he is making slop and asks him if she still has his vote. He looks shocked and says "we will talk when no one is around" he looks around. Erika says “there is no one around, Marc is in the shower.” George: “We will sit down later.” As Erika is leaving, George says to the camera ‘they are asking for my vote now...’ Leaving his slop on the counter, he walks out of kitchen saying again to the camera ‘YES! I am still here!’ He goes to get his Fiesta hat, repeating in sing song voice, while pumping his arms high and doing an odd little dance "I'm still heeeere." He went back and threw away his slop without even taking a bite, then goes to the LR and stretches out on the couch for a nap with the sombrero over his eyes. He grins and settles in for a nap.

Erika tells Dani she doesn’t think she has Chicken George’s vote. That he told her he would talk to her about it later, which isn’t a good sign. She figures she has the votes to stay because ‘you know, Chill T won’t vote me out’.

4:00 PM
George is now telling Erika he will vote for to stay, but if it should change he will let ker know. Dani asked George “Why was it they picked Eddie to win on your show?” Chicken G said “America picked him.” Erika: “They only picked him because he was handicapped. That’s why all he did was sleep.” Chicken G: “I'm not going to comment on that.”

Most everyone else is asleep! IMO, naps should NOT be allowed, these are not babies! /rant. ;o)

5:00 PM
Some of the HG’s are awake by now. Janie just got up and is outside on the couch with only Dani, neither of them talks for quite some time. Finally Janelle says “I wonder when we will get our party (half way party).” Dani says “I need wine! We give a great show when we have alcohol, send Boogie in there; he seems to get the alcohol.” Dani says “That’s why Real World is such a success; they get all the alcohol they want.”

After a long moment of silence Janelle got up and went in to make banana bread. Boogie just woke up over on the hammock and is now with Dani on the couch. He says he is concerned that Chicken G is not really aligning with anyone, but he thinks he can convince George to vote with them. Boogie says “No one knows about Chill T and you.”

Will wonders if America’s Choice will even happen. He asks Marc if Marc thinks they are canceling stuff, he says it's supposed to be the most interactive season ever. Howie brings up how BB interacted with the past HG's. When Dani is done she wants sushi and wine. Howie says today is Maggie's birthday, “Happy Birthday Maggie!” Will talks about the half way point of his season and the party BB gave them, he says it was a week where no one was evicted. Howie said their party was the week of Jennifer's HOH tenure and it was also the Busto day. Howie didn't know if the party was a half way party or a party to make everyone happy after the whole hurricane thing.

James and Howie get on to talking about the VH1 Big on ’05 show they were on. Howie says he got in trouble for wanting to take his light saber on the show. None of the other reality stars wanted him to take it on stage. At the last minute they allowed it. They got paid $500 to be on the show, and Howie got $3000 just for carrying the light saber. He moons the yard, saying "People who didn't want me to take the light saber on, kiss my ass!" There is some talk about the reality star calendar and how almost everyone had to be air-brushed, he said “not everyone works out and is thin.”

6:00 PM
Howie tells Janie that “James has gone from floater to jumping ship. I don't like him and Dani in this house, James is hoping Dani puts you and me up and he's standing in the end.” Janie says “Well maybe Chill T will put him and Dani up. We need to get Dani out of here.”

Janie and Will are walking in the BY talking about the mid-season parties they had. Janie says “We had ours the night they backdoored Kaysar.” Will: “Could you hear music?” Janie: “Music?” Will: “Yeah, not only is it mid way for us, but also the crew, in my season they played music inside the walls.” Janie: “Well they played music and we all danced for an hour, then we drank and the fights started…” Will says “there are so many things outside this game I want to talk to you about but I can't.” Janie: “I feel like my whole life is all over the internet.”

Just before 7:00 BB left Pizza, beer and a big CAKE for them to celebrate. The cake has their memory wall photos on it, Will & Janie want to eat the piece with each other's picture on it. Lucky for The Chicken Man, he gets to EAT! BB was playing music for them too, so we got flames for a while.

7:00 PM
When the feeds return, we are in the BY and it looks like a food fight may have taken place. There was food in the swimming pool and some of the HG’s are trying to figure out how they will get it clean. Boogie is hosing down the lawn and BY and BB turned off the music. Erika says “I guess the party is over.” Someone else “So is the pool.”

Marc, Dani and Erika were complaining that the group outside never have to pay for the bad they do. They list examples, the breaking of the chair, damaging of stuff, etc.
Marc says “they never get reprimanded for what they do. No penalty nominations. When children misbehave they have to be taught.” When the music came back on (Superfreak) Marc says “and there you go they get Carte Blanche.”

We had flames between 7: 20 and 8:30 PM!

8:30 PM
We come back to Will and Boogie taking turns jumping off some wood block into the pool. From the sounds of it Will and Janelle were the ones that were in, or started the cake food fight. Janelle, George, Erika and Howie are in the HT, there is no game talk at the time, just lots of fun.

Sounds like Erika gave Boogie a lap dance during or after the food fight. Marc is asking Dani “Why did Erika have to do that? Give him a lap dance?” Dani says “I'm not mad at her. She's a single woman. In BB4, she was in a committed relationship…” Marcellas whispers “Will wants me out.”

9:00 PM
James whispered to Boogie saying vote Marc out on Thursday and crush Howie and Janies spirit. Boogie says “oh yeah, I’m down for it dude.” James tells Boogie that if he gets the power to send Janie home, he should do it. Boogie says “vote out Marc and blame us (Chill Town); that way you can stay close to Janie and Howie.” James tells Boogie: “Don’t let Erika play you.”

Will and Erika are also whispering. Will is telling her that Marcellas is pretty much gone but that she has to convince Janelle that she's going after Chill Town. Will says they need to get rid of Janelle or else she'll keep winning HOH’s. Then Will says “Janelle has no idea that you and I are on the same page.”

James was talking to the camera telling Kaysar not to watch the feeds, to go out and have some fun. James says “Don’t worry about us, we’re okay, go have fun.”

Just before 10:00, Will, Dani, Janie, and Marc are playing Bullshit (card game) in the LR. Erika is watching. They are all having fun...laughing. Dani wins the 1st game. Now they're going to play another game - one that involves sticking a card to your forehead. They sit in the floor so they can't see the cards in the mirrors. Dani keeps laughing...now Marc cackles. The card on their foreheads thing is cracking them up.

10:00 PM
George, James and Howie are talking about the veto competition. James says that Scott Savage had a good time; he just wanted to hang out with people. It seemed like Scott probably wanted to be in the house.

Cards are still the happenings in the LR. Howie saunters in with his underwear on. He declares he is headed to the ‘shack’, then for a shower. Before he heads outside he gets caught up in a card game. Some of the HG’s talk about going to bed. Boogie went to bed at around 9:30.

The card game broke up before 11:00 and Dani headed to bed. Erika and Marc continued to play around with the cards and Will, Janie and Howie went up to HOH to listen to music.

Marc tells Erika that he wished he weren’t going to sequester so he could get back to his normal life. Erika asks "how do you know you are going to sequester?" Marc: "There was a little slip in the DR today. Hey, at least we've all made 30g's."

Up in the HOH, Howie and Janie are talking about selling things on e-bay. Howie says he will sell the bracelet Janie made (in the house) starting at $50. They both agree it will probably sell for that but no more. The next thing you know Janie is playing with it and she breaks it! Will says “Uh oh….the price has dropped internet viewers, $28 now.” Janie says “I'll make another one.”

In HOH they are talking about HG’s, Will says James is the least fun; he’s even worse than Bunky. Howie says “and he stepped it up this year!” Will says “you’re kidding me!” Howie can’t figure out why James has so many fans “because he is a lump on a log?”

11:00 PM
Howie leaves HOH and heads out to the ‘shack’. On his way George is in the kitchen serving up cake, he asks if Howie wants some. Howie says “I’m heading out to the shack; I’ll join you when I’m done.” George says “Okay, you want ice cream with it?”

When Howie gets outside he says "I forgot my bag. Oh well, I'll set up the shack first." He takes the stuff out, and then tilts the box for the camera and says "This is what the jack shack looks like internet viewers. This makes you an All-Star.” He heads back inside and George greets him with "Done already?" Howie: “No, I forgot my baggie.”

Howie was back up in HOH now with cake that he and Janie were sharing, then Janie decided she wanted banana bread, as she heads out she is called to the DR. While Howie is in HOH bathroom, Will peeks into the HOH, but doesn’t see anyone so he closes the door without going in. Howie thought it was Janie; he says “did you do your DR session?” There was no answer.

Now Will is called to the DR, he passes Janie on the way out. He asks her if she will be doing her nails, she yes and tells him to come up when he is done. While Howie is in the shower, Janelle gets ready for Will to return, she goes through quite a lot of grooming for this late night nail party. She puts on deodorant, lip gloss a hat etc.

Howie out of the shower asks Janie what she talked about in the DR. Janie says “I didn’t go to the DR.” Howie: “Didn't they call you to the DR?” Janelle: “Well, kinda….” Will asks “What did you talk about in the DR?” Janelle: “Huh?” Will: “Was it about the shower? That’s what they asked me about.” Janelle: “I can't tell you that. It was about the veto.”

Will, Janie and Howie start Jedi Drilling (meaning studying questions and answers). Will says he thinks “this is good, I think this is really good actually." Will then asks them of it helps and Janie and Howie explain a few examples of how it helps. Will says “something you guys have to understand is that Chill Town has that secret pass.” Janie says "I think it is more for an individual type of thing." Will explains an individual can help a group. That it wasn’t an ‘individual’ margarita party. Will excuses himself Will leaves the room for a bit to get some allergy meds. Janie and Howie are starting their Jedi Drilling (for quiz questions). Howie says: “We're not fooled by it internet fans, don't worry. We know he's in the DR doing his thing (makes hand gesture). We ain't buying it!” Janie: “Well let's just go over basic things.” Howie: “Okay. He's not going to be up here all night right?” Janie: “No. We'll finish up later; we're going to be up all night Howie.”

Will tells Howie and Janie that it is he that holds the coup answer and award. He says he and Boogie went into the DR together and gave the reap/sow Coup answer in the middle of the night. Howie asks details. They discuss the details of going into the DR and guessing. Will says it was written in the "log" that he was the one to give the answer. They discuss possible scenarios of what coup is and how to use it. But Will assures them he has it.

Boogie and James are up now. They were woke up by BB calling people into the DR. After getting a bite to eat, they both head back to bed. James is excited about the LOD making the final 4. Boogie says, "I think we can do it." James says, "I know we can do it. We're all going to have a lot of respect for each other at that point." Boogie changes the subject about how he will be looking forward to making it that far, didn't think he would make it that far initially.

Janelle is telling Will that Marc and Erika wanted her to nominate Chill T when she nominated Diane. Will says he can't vote for James to win in the end because he is a worm and he is no fun. Will says “Jase was right about James.” Will says all James worries about is the pool and he is so concerned that they ruined the pool tonight. Personally Will doesn’t care; he will never get in it. Will tell them that he is glad they Chill T a break. Janelle says she is glad they did too.

Will says he has a feeling he will be kicked out next week. Howie trys to assure Will that he is safe. Will says if James wins HOH he will get put up. They ask him why. Will says because “James is with Danielle.” They discuss scenarios of how Will could be saved. Howie argues why he thinks Erika should be out this week. Howie says if James works with Dani at any time during this game, he won’t vote for him. Will says he has been working with Dani the whole time. All three agree James is an idiot. Will says “if you are a liar and you are fun, then fine, but James doesn’t do anything fun ever!” Will talks about inviting James to do stuff and he never wants to.

1:00 AM
Still up in HOH, Howie says that Dani, Marc and Erika sold out George, they don't invite him to any more group meetings. Will says that Erika should have faked her fall when she fell off the spider. Janelle says she is sick of the floaters. Will says he doesn’t understand how Diane got on All Stars and that Erika and Marc came on the show with the strategy to float. He says Jase, Diane and Ali probably had a weak alliance before the show. Once the show started and they saw there were 6 other floaters, they say holy shit! Will says he likes Dani and that she is a competitor; however Marc is not fun and is coming after us. James is not fun, but is on our team and probably coming after us.

Will suggests they cote James out before Chicken G. He says that they can do it in the F5 that way S6 can tell James that they are going after Chill T. Howie says they can fake out James, “James has done himself in the 2nd year in a row.” Janie tells Will that James thinks they listen to Chill T to much.

Howie says they will test Erika by telling her they are going after Chill T. Will says he will let Janie and Howie know when and if Erika says anything to them (CT). Howie says Chicken G is in his own world. Janie mentions that she forgot to tell Chicken G he wasn't being nominated. Will is laughing about George’s reaction to not being nominated; he says “George is a good man.” Howie says George swears he never told Kaysar he would swear on his kids. Will asks who told them George said that anyway. Will doesn’t think it’s something George would say or do.

Janelle says that after this week BB4 and BB5 will be gone; Will says “we will have gotten out some of America’s Choices.” Will says he likes to be the villain, the cocky arrogant doctor. He says everyone has a role; Howie is the dumb jock, Janie is the buxom blonde, Boogie is the best friend, wacky neighbor…..Janie and Howie say James is a bad actor. Will says sequester is stupid, that he won is season without it, that when he watched it he figures he won it based on what he saw in the DR. Howie says James won’t go for HOH since he thinks no one is after him. Will asks Janie to please say nice things when they are asked about each other.

Will tells Janie and Howie that a small percent of the internet people are mean to him, some have even called his office, that’s why he is so hard on the internet people. Howie and Janie talk about a website that gave them each $500, because they felt bad about them losing to the nerd herd. Will says “Chill Town is for hire, we do bachelorette parties…” he veers off and then says he was sure everyone hated him during his season, he was shocked to find out everyone liked him.

Will asks “So when did Dani go to James to align with each other? Hmmm, I guess we will see on the tapes.” Howie says James is "sinking his ship." Howie says they should tell James that if he doesn't win HOH, Chill T is coming after him and that will ensure he doesn't throw it. Will and Janie both say no, “we better not do that.”

2:00 AM
Will leaves HOH. Janie tells Howie that she thinks Will is more trustworthy than James. They are both cursing James as they turn off the lights and ready for sleep. Just before falling asleep, Howie bolts up "Did you hit me in the back?" Janie sleepily says no. Howie is freaked out! Howie then says "I thought I saw something too. I think I am losing my mind." Janie doesn't comment she seems to have quickly feel back to sleep.

So, is there a ghost in the HOH?