Given there were no signs of life until about 10:30am the morning section of this recap will be short. Erika and Marci are the first up, followed shortly by Boogie. Marci heads off to the DR unsummoned. Erika and Dani are trying to figure out who CG will vote for. Game talk about needing to win the HoH. Discussion of who needs to go, what order, getting Will out so they can pull Boogie into their new alliance.

Joined by Boogie and James, the talk turns to how much they hate Janie winning so much. They are still upset that Janie got to compete in the redo of the HoH. They are plannig Marci's eviction. They want to tell Marci he is going so he flips out and then they think they can get Janie to vote Marci out. They decide not to tell Marci, just vote him out. James whines about Howie and Janie leave him out of the study sessions about the house because they don't want him to win HoH.

They plan to pick a fight with Marci in front of Janie. They spend half a second worrying if Marci has anything he could call them out on and determine the answer is no. Dani says she is not concerned about how the public views her.

CT in the gym working out and studying for the HoH competition. Dani talks to CG in the SR and CG says just let him know. CT talking how they feel pretty sure they won the coup d'etat. Talk in the BY, James, Dani and Erika talk game. Dani says she was surprised she liked James, he seemed so cold and unemotional during his season. The hamsters get sent outside for a LD.

James tells Boogie if Janie makes it past this next week, she will be able to play in the following week's HoH and he and Dani will be nominated. Dani attempts to get Marci all wound up and upset, but he seems to take it all in stride. Marci is then working out with Janie in the gym. Marci tells her that Dani tried to make him mad in the BY. They both laugh and seem to be getting along fine.

Dani and Will talk about sequester and the wrap party. Will doesn't want to go, he didn't enjoy the last one. They talk about how they are both objective in voting. Will says you cannot be objective if you are weak minded, Howie proves the point. Marci and Janie talk about Sequester, Marci says if he goes it is Janie's fault. Erika and Marci talk about someone being to big for their britches. Talk of some power that Boogie won. Marci says it can only be used once. Erika says CT is stupid.

In the BY Howie has been running. Will is lifting weights. Dani and Erika on the red couch and as Howie finishes he comes and sits next to them. Erika asks Dani what is wrong, she says she will tell her when Howie leaves. Howie puts his feet up and relaxes. Dani and Howie talk about movies and the final vote. Neither think they will make it to the final two. Howie says he will vote for whoever plays the best game.

Erika and Dani talk after Howie heads inside. They talk about CG being smarter than he comes off. They talk about Will being no joke and wonder how he got Janie to nominate Marci. More talk about how unfair it was that Janie got to participate in the redo of the HoH. They call Janie a pagent girl. Talk turns to workouts, etc.

James goes to talk to Howie and Janie. Howie confronts James about turning on them. James gets angy, calls them stupid people and rags on Janie for not telling him about her not being able to compete in PoV. He turns on Howie and says all he has done this season is eat ice cream and talk about people. Janie eavesdrops on red room, gets busted by Will. She lies and says she thought it was Marci in there.
James runs to Boogie to report that he got in Howie's face. Boogie loves it. Tells James to sit next to him at the eviction. FH whines again about the redone HoH. James joins them and brags about telling off Janie and Howie. CT talks about giving out peoples phone numbers and the feeds go to flames. Boogie heads to have his fight with Marci. They want a witness... Dani tries to come in but Marci asks her to leave.

Will and Boogie talk. Will says Boog needs to talk to Erika, to get her on their side. For Boog, this isn't a problem. Erika does need to win HOH this week though. George tells them he's thinking about swapping Marcy his slop pass for his vote. George then tells them he'll do whatever they say.

They cook salmon for dinner. Marcy and Boogie, in red room, talk about why they've been enemies. They both feel s6 is the real enemy, and should be gotten out. Marcie agrees to put up Janie and Howie if he gets HOH. He doesn't have a deal with Janelle, he aligned himself with Dani to put out Kaysar. George enters and says Will wants Boogie, who puts him off for a minute. Marcy wonders if Boog promised his vote to Erika. Boog lies and says no then says he doesn't have feelings for her. Marcy says he has votes from Dani and George. Boogie joins everyone in backyard, Marcy stays alone and plays cards.

Big discussion about jerking off (LOL) Boog claims he's done it 40 times on planes! (I had to add that. heheheh)

Will and Janie (on the hammock) discuss the shower. He feels he might have a little trouble when he gets home, but it will be okay. Janie broke up with her boyfriend in the DR on national tv. Boog joins them. Will shifts his weight and Janie falls out. ROFL They discuss Boog's earlier conversation with Marcy. The three of them agree to have an HOH meeting later (so as not to be seen talking more together in the back yard.)

Marcy comes out, sees them all in the hammock, turns around and goes back in.

Will tells Janie what a liar Marcy is, how he will nominate Will and Janie next week. He's trying to con her into voting Marcy out through all of this. She changes the subject to not trusting James, but then Howie turns up and talks about getting HOH this week. Howie tells Will this isn't BB2, he has to win a HOH. Everyone will still hate him if he does. They agree they don't like Marcy. Will likes Erika as a person, but she has to go. Then Will wants to crush Marcy's dreams, and Janie agrees. He tells her he himself is going home next week, she assures him he isn't. The hammock scene breaks up.

Dani says that if James won't vote out Marcy, there will be only 3 members of LOD. She goes in to wake up James (she's drunk) and tell him Game on!

Will and Janie are talking. He gives her a rundown on their fellow houseguests. CT is a bigger target than Howie. James is wormy, he's become a floater. Marcy hates Janie, and is Will's least favorite person. George will throw the comp, put up Janie and James, and they'll vote out James. Both janie and Will reiterate how sad they are.

Will starts in on her again about getting Marcy out "Because I fucking hate him." Janie still wants Erika out.

Up in the HoH room, Will and Boog say that Marcy called them before the show to be an alliance. No one would suspect them. Janie laughs and says s6 had the power, so he went to them.

CT and S6 in the HoH room. Trying to talk Janie into voting out Marcy. Janie asks what if they put out Marcy. Boog says they'd have to be confident Erika would put up Dani. Janie and Howie know how smart and strong Erika is. James slides in again that Erika is after Dani. Janie says they're all agreed to vote out Erika. Not Boog, he wants to discuss it. (You bet he does. LOL) Janie says if Marcy goes, she'll be super pissed and feel betrayed. The battle is on!

Will tells Janie that Boog has been dating Erika. She asks him why they had her put up Marcy. She's getting steadily more pissed, here. She says "You've been playing us all along!" Has she finally understood?

Janie says if Marcy goes, she's gonna feel lied to. James throws back "Well you lied to me." Boog says he had (sorta) sex with Erika before the show, he has control over her, to put up Dani. The fight rages on. Janie yells they MADE her put up Marcy. Now they're gonna vote him out. They've been planning this all along. Howie goes off totally. Telling them to get Erika out. Will tells him no one is scared of him, like Busto was. It's really heated now!

Meanwhile, Boog goes down to tell Erika what's been happening and get her to go to HOH. More fighting in HOH room. Erika is the strongest player, no, give her a pass for a week and she'll throw HOH. Will says Boog has made him a lot of money (boog is gone at this point) and he'll do what Boog wants. They can try to sway Boog all they want. Janie insists Erika is with Dani, CT insists she'll vote her out.

All this time, Dani has been pretty drunk. Now that Erika has left to go upstairs, she tells Marcy she feels Erika is gonna work a deal up there.

Erika meanwhile requests and gets a one on one with Janie. Erika tells her it was Dani who put her up, she Erika is on her own. Janie asks her who she'd put up if she were HOH. Of course, Erika won't say. Erika says all along she's done what the HOH wants, that she's totally on her own in the game. Then she says she would indeed put up Will, and starts crying over Kaysar. Howie, sneakily, is outside the door listening to all this.

Meanwhile, Dani and Marcy are talking (sort of, she's loaded.) She tells him once he's gone, she'll be playing by herself again (quick, break out the violins.) He tries to tell her not to drink anymore in the game. (Good luck with that. LOL)

The boys come back to HOH and the debate rages on. Janie has now sort of made a deal with Erika, that if she stays, she'll put up Dani. Will has nothing against Erika, but hates Marcellas, he says. Erika pipes up and says she'll put up Dani with Will as a pawn. Erika leaves. Janie still doesn't believe her. James finally admits it's better to keep Erika so she'll throw HOH. (And this makes sense how? LOL)

They're trying to tell Janie to go make (another) deal with Erika. She won't do it because of Howie. It gets heated again, Will apologizes to Janie.

Of all things, Erika and Dani have a fake fight in the backyard "You're not my friend" in front of George. He's totally befuddled.

The fight upstairs (the real one) rages on. Boog reminds everyone he has the power. Although none of them know what the power is, LOL.

Erika comes back to HOH, claiming Dani is just as drunk as can be. Then she claims she will put up Dani. Will offers a one week truce. He asks Janie if she's OK. She finally says she wants Dani gone, and they make a deal to get Marcy out. Erika swears on her mom and the deal is done!

Later, Howie tells the kitchen that Will is so good he'll talk him into evicting himself. ROFL

Dani is totally drunk all this time, talking to herself. Telling herself what a great actress she is. Begging for more beer from BB.

Finally, Will and Boogie tell the kitchen crew about the Justin knife incident. Seems they were all drunk as hell. When they got awakened, they thought it was another America's Choice, but Justin just got thrown out.

Ette over and out!