Big Brother Recap 8/16/06

Howie’s new Do and the toss up on Erika or Marcellas heading to the jury pool!

The house was up early today at 8:45. Danni immediately talks with Chicken George. She tells him to vote out who is best for him in the game, Boogie then chimes in saying everyone is voting out Marcellas. Chicken George asked Boogie how he can become a member of Chill Town.

Today is a slop day so all of them are avoiding eating anything.

Howie came out to the back yard with gloves on and said to Will, hey I have a boil on my ass and you need to help me. Will assists him and tells him it is a minor abscess due to shaving told him to throw some alcohol on it 3x per day and rub antibacterial cream on it till the BB doctor is contacted and Howie gets antibiotics. Howie feels better with this news.

Danielle and Boogie discuss the votes. They are worried about James’s and Chicken George’s vote. They don’t want Janelle to have to break a tie.

Will asked Howie if he was stealing his underwear to sell on eBay seems the doctor’s underwear is missing! Howie said he only took one pair.

At noon they got the HOH camera and began taking pictures. This passed some of the really long day. At least people were smiling and joking.

James complains again about slop and Danielle reminds him that he has only been on it for like 4 hours. Chicken George made James a bowl and James said it was awful and dismissed George like a servant James blames the old houseguests for slop, not Danni’s awful dog food tasting slop cakes!

After an extended lockdown the houseguests enter the house to find formal wear clothes for the prom. There is a partition set up so they can change into the clothes. It is going to be a 70’s prom night. Everyone seems pretty happy about the clothes.
They have to wear the clothes on the live show tomorrow night. All seem excited. Chicken George looks like Willy Wonka with his sequined Silver coat and red shirt according to Will.

Later Marcellas tells Danni that Janelle told HIM that Boogie & Will made her put them up she pissed, and Marci says they have 3 votes to keep him and Janelle will break the tie
Danni Says: Janelle, Howie and who? Chicken George??
D: oh

Danni talks to Will and Boogie and finds out Marcellas will be leaving. Danielle wanted to tell him but Will said no he will just pull a fit to let him find out on the live show. Danni agrees. Once they leave the work out room Danielle cuddles in the corner upset about having to surprise Marcellas.

Seems Will and Boogie made a compromise with BB. They houseguests can eat food at 9 pm. They are all pretty happy about that.

Will and Boogie discuss getting rid of Marcellas with Danni and James. James tells them that they have to step it up and get HOH next week. They agree. Danni and James leave and Will said to Boogie even if we don’t’ get HOH next week we are safe, no one is coming after us! They discuss that Boogie will let Will know what the power is and how it works, but indirectly but he can’t tell anyone.

Will and Boogie burn the Jenga game. They set it aflame encased in paper. It took a long time to actually light up and melt away, but they were pretty happy when it finally melted.

Janelle and Will talk about saving Erika. Janelle wants her gone because she will put up Howie and her, Will wants Marcellas gone because he will put up himself and Janelle. Janelle really does not want to save Erika.

Boogie cuts Howie’s hair and goatee to be more 70’s.Then they convinced him to die his hair and mustache. Poor Howie now looks like a left over 40’s gangster! Danni and Erika can’t stop laughing about it.

Danni and James have a conversation later on the hammock. Danni stressed that she really needs Erika to put up Will. No one else will. James does not believe Erika will do anything, which she promised Howie and Janelle that she would put up CT if she won HOH so he knows she is going to throw it. James can’t vote against Howie and Janelle because he said he will lose their jury vote.

After a HOH meeting with Howie, Janelle, Will and Boogie they finally decide to get rid of Marcellas. Boogie planned to start a fight with Marcellas and make him look like the bad guy so he will know why he is leaving.

Howie and Janelle do some Jedi drilling. Something is not sitting right with the Marcellas eviction with Janelle. She can’t see Marcellas putting her and Howie up. She turns to Howie and tells him to vote out Erika.

Howie finally looks in the mirror and realizes that they messed his hair up. He is all upset about his hair. He looks like Bozo he believes.

Shout out by Janelle to Taylor at Joker’s. She think she is super nice!

All houseguests were asleep by 7 am!

Who knows who is going Erika or Marcellas? If Erika stays she will throw the HOH so she does not have to nominate CT. Only after the live show will we know for sure!