9:00 AM
Most everyone is awake and up now. While Dani cooks breakfast, Howie Janie and George are up in HOH. George says “Okay Janie, the whole house wants you out, including James.” He insists that will not happen that he wants to align with Janie and Howie. He says “to take you out like that is unfair and goes against everything I stand for and I won't do that to you. They want me too but I can't do it, but I need something from you and Howie; I remember when you said in the kitchen to me that you need someone to be there for you like Howie is and that is what I want. I want to join up with you guys, I want you to think about it, but you got to let me know quickly.” Then George says “and one other thing, you guys got to promise me you won’t vote out Erika.” They both promise. George says “If this gets out, the whole thing is done.”

Erika is talking to George now and he is telling her not to worry, that he has secured votes for her to stay. She wants to discuss it and he is not willing to discuss it or tell him what he did or is doing. George refuses to tell Erika who he is putting up in James place. He says he is doing the right thing though. Erika is worried about it and trying to change his mind, she is begging him to put up Howie or Janelle. Erika is so pathetic with her begging and telling him what a bad move this is strategically, but George is holding strong. He tells her “just go with this, I got you your votes to stay.”

10:00 AM
While Erika is still up in HOH working on George, Janelle is with Howie and she is crying over what George told her about the house wanting her gone. She is most upset about James. She can’t believe she was thrown under the bus while George has the power. Janie says “do you think Chill T sold me out too?” Howie says “no, no, no….” They want to get Erika out first, then James followed by Dani. Howie wants to confront James, but they decide it is better not to say anything to anyone until after the POV Ceremony.

George was in the SR and he was telling himself over and over ‘I’m doing the right thing here...’ When he heads out and up to take a bath in HOH, guess who is there to follow him? ERIKA! She follows him right into his room again for more begging no doubt. Now George finally says he is putting Will on the block. It ‘seems’ as though he is saying this so that Erika doesn’t run back to tell Dani that he may be putting Dani on the block. Erika tells George he can’t put Will up because then she will go home. Erika says Janelle is in love with Will and that she (Erika) will go home if Will goes up. George says she won't. Erika BEGS some more. They go back and forth with Erika saying she will go home, George saying ‘no you won’t’. Erika tells George that Janie and Howie are with Chill T and will not vote Will out. Erika is now crying and saying “I’m begging you!” George seems frustrated by this and asks her to quit begging him! Dani came up and rang the bell to HOH several times and George asked her to please wait.

Erika tells George she thinks the power that someone holds is to change one of the nominations. She thinks Boogie will use this power, but George maintains that ‘The Doctor’ won’t let him. Erika counters that Boogie will use it whether or not Will wants him to. She tells George that Janie and Howie will say anything to save their asses and that they are using him. George is not budging! She tells him that Janelle wants Will to stay; she will not vote him out. George is firm in his decision, he is almost begging her to quit begging. While Erika harps on what a liar Janelle is, George asks her for about the 5th time if he can go sit in his bath tub now, he says he will think about what she has said, but he has been up all night thinking about this himself and wants to take a bath. She finally left! (This whole thing was stressful; Erika would make good money if she were homeless and had to BEG for money on the street!)

Erika has already found Dani and Boogie and is filling them in. Erika tells them about George’s plans to put Will up. Boogie says he will work on ‘that’. He says he will go to George and ask if they are all good. Erika says “he does not know what the f*** he is doing. If he puts up Will, will I go home?” Boogie says “no.”

Now Will and Boogie are up in HOH. Boogie is a little hot under the collar about Will possibly being put up. George says it was his idea! Then Will says “It’s cool, I told George I don’t mind if he put me up.” Boogie kind of threatens George and says “what happens if you follow Erika out the door?” George says “well, then I follow her out the door.” Boogie laughed. George said “I can not put Janelle up, it isn’t fair.” (George seems so frustrated with all of this and the fact that no one is giving him a much needed break to take a damn bath! Poor guy.)

12:00 NOON POV Ceremony is done!
Feeds were down for about 35 minutes and when they came back it was obvious that James saved himself, but it took a little while to figure out it was Howie was put on the block along with Erika.

Will and Boogie are in the SR talking. Will says that once Howie is gone, he can make better use of Janelle. Now that she knows that James suggested to George he put her up, Will says she will be hell bent on revenge on James. Will says “If Janie were to leave, Howie would be pissed, but if Howie were to leave, Janie would just cling to Chill T.” Boogie says something about how Howie called everyone out at the ceremony. Will says “Howie violated the single biggest rule in reality TV; Alliances are supposed to be kept secret.”

Howie is with George up in HOH. He is saying to George “so you promised not to put me up and here I am.” George says “I couldn’t do that to Janie and there was no one else left.” Howie: “But you promised me.” Feeds switched!

Dani and Janie are in the gym. Janie is sad. Dani tell her “don't ever give up sweetie; this game can change at any time.” Janie says she feels so stupid because she let people talk her into putting Marc up. Dani acknowledged agreement that it was not a smart move, she told Janie not to let people in this game influence her. Dani is making a lot of sense right now and giving her some good advice. Dani says out of everyone she would like to see George’s DR’s, she says you can never tell what he is thinking. Janie laughs and agrees.

James is in the bathroom with Erika. She says “Well I did my best. I guess at least this is second best.” James throws his arms up and says there is no second best.

Now Boogie is with James. James tells him he will not vote against Howie, he says he thinks Boogie wanted Howie on the block. Boogie says he didn't tell George to nominate Howie and that he was surprised too. James says if Will was nominated Will would've stayed anyway, so this is stupid. James says Janelle is now going to be angry at them and Howie is a worthless player anyway. James says he didn't tell George to nominate Janelle but that George told Janelle that he did. James says he can't vote against Howie and Boogie says “you don't need to.” James says he needs to vote for Howie to stay. James says Howie is an idiot (in the game) and Erika could win competitions and should have gone this week. Boogie says next week Janelle will go and if Janelle wins HOH then Erika will go. He asks Boogie if he would consider voting out Erika and Boogie says no.

Eviction is today!!!!!
James told Howie that it looks like he is going home. James told him the only 2 people voting to keep him are James and Janelle. James says “but we’ll see if you are still here at 5:45 today.” Howie says “the biggest scum bagger in the house now is George.” James says “when the Dr. wins this he should cut a check to Janelle, she is the one helping him to win.” Howie asks BB for his suitcase.

Will and Boogie are telling Janelle that they will vote to keep Howie in the game. They make mention of Howie blabbering in the POV ceremony about the alliance between Chill T and S6. Will tells Janelle that Howie is a hot head and if he does leave then they hope James won’t jump over to an alliance with Dani.

In the red room Janie tells Boogie she is ready to win HOH today. Boogie says “you think it's going to be questions about the house?” Janelle “yep.”

Howie walked into kitchen where Will, Janie, George and Boogie are and he whispered to Boogie: “Are you still voting to keep me?” Boogie: “Of course.” Howie: “So our alliance is still tight?” Boogie: “It’s secret.”

Now in the red room Erika and Danielle are very happy and smug about the way things are going. Erika is certain she's staying and says George just made his alliance decision (to them) and isn't a floater anymore. Danielle says the fans must be having fun with this. The internet fans are mean at times, but Dani says she reads every single post they make and laughs and cries and gets mad, but reads them all. She says Survivor fans "got nothin on BB fans, them BB fans stay up all night to see what's going down." Her record of being the only houseguest not nominated on her season hasn't been broken, since everyone on BB7 has officially been on the block now.

1:00 PM
Will just told Dani that James plans to vote out Erika. Dani said “otherwise that will be 2 votes against him in final 2.” Will said that James needs to show his good will in their alliance and told Dani to tell James to vote out Howie just like the rest of the house.

Howie is telling Boogie that James sold Janelle out. Boogie asks him how he knows that. Howie says Chicken George told him that and he said “James, Dani and Erika have bonded together.” Howie says there are things he knows about James that Janelle is not aware of – yet.

2:00 PM
Dani and Erika go to the SR. Dani tells Erika that James is not voting for her to stay. Erika says it doesn't really matter. Dani tells Erika that she wants James to pick a side.
Dani says James told her that if he won HOH he would nominate Howie and Janie. So, Dani says she doesn't get why he (James) is now saying he is worried about jury votes.

Now Dani is in the SR with James and she asks him who he will nominate if he wins HOH. He says Chicken G and Erika, that he wouldn’t have a choice. Dani says ‘ok’ and walks out with James in tow to the kitchen.

Janelle is up in HOH with George. She thanks him for not putting her up, but says she must vote for Howie to stay. George tells her she has to win HOH; the whole house wants to put her up. George says she plays the game hard and study’s a lot to win and he didn’t think it fair to nominate her. He said he was sorry it had to be Howie but “there was no other fruit on the vine.” Janelle asks him if Will and James really told him to put her up and George responded “You are a smart girl, you have to figure that out for yourself.” Janie says she is not mad at him that she understands the position he is in.

Will Chill Town cut Erika?
Will is telling Boogie that he thinks that if they vote out Howie and James votes to keep Howie, then Will will look like the bad guy and Janelle will come after them instead of James like they want. Will feels it would make more sense to cut Erika. Will wants an emergency meeting with Danielle. He is trying to convince Boogie to keep Howie, but Boogie isn’t going for it. Will also wants Janie’s allegiance so she can help them get rid of James.

James told Will and Boogie that he had to vote to save Howie because he will lose Janelle’s allegiance and he will lose Howie in the jury. Boogie and Will said they will lose Janie by voting Howie off, yet James will still be in good with Janelle and that they have to worry about the jury too. Boogie and Will do not want to be the only bad guys; they all have to be the bad guy in voting out Howie (They are mad that James wants to keep his hands clean and have Will and Boogie be the fall guys for taking Howie out).

Janie is now in the gym room with Boogie and Will the talk changes to HOH and who they would nominate; Janie says “Dani and James, Dani goes home.” Boogie and Will agree (even though they just said they want James gone). Janie asks them if Erika is going home and they both say ‘yes’. Janie leaves and Will says we need to get rid of Erika this week. Janie returns and asks them who they told Chicken G to put up. But before they could answer James came in and then Janie left. Now James, Will and Boogie are discussing getting rid of Erika now. James says he needs to vote for Howie to stay to secure his jury vote. Will says he doesn’t want to chance losing Janelle’s trust by voting out Howie. Boogie stands firm on voting out Howie. Will left to get Danielle.

Danielle tells Will and Boogie they absolutely have to vote Howie out. She says “Howie must go.” She agrees that if she, Will, Boogie or James get HOH next week they will put up Chicken G and Erika and try to backdoor Janelle.

So I am sure the producers saw fit to cut the feeds at this very moment of the unknown. Will the revised plan by Will to vote out Erika come to fruition? Or is it so long to the ‘Big Boy’? OR for all we know, there could be a ‘coup’ in the house!

6:00 PM So Long and Farewell ‘Big Boy’!
When the feeds returned shortly after 6:00, we saw a crying Janelle being consoled by James and we see Erika still in the house. Howie was evicted; not only that but Boogie is the new HOH!

James is telling Janelle while she is crying that he has never been in the house without Howie. He asked her if BB asked her to do a good bye message to Howie and she said no. James said they didn’t ask him to do one either. Once James leaves to go to the DR, Janie stays, in bed...crying, sheets pulled up over her head.

Dani is telling Boogie that his HOH room will probably all pimped out in leopard print. Boogie says he really wanted to check with BB to see if George might be able to keep the room one more night since he didn’t have it very long and this whole thing has been so stressful for George. However, Boogie can’t get into the DR to ask them.

Somewhere else Chicken G is muttering “wow! I took out Howie!”

Will, Boogie, Erika and Dani are sitting around the dining room table. Will says that Howie just didn’t act right, he was yelling at the HOH ceremony and he even yelled at the eviction. They are so happy that he didn’t get nominated and then stick around for a week letting his anger build. They are saying that it’s lucky that Howie didn’t get nominated by a woman or else he would have gone off on her. Dani says that he wouldn’t have gone off on her (I’ll co-sign that! LOL). They all talk about how bad that whole scene was with Howie and April last year. They are telling Geo that they are sorry about how How reacted when he got evicted. How just didn’t expect that he would get evicted. He was just ready to go for HOH and then got evicted. He couldn’t have rode the coat tails of his team like last year. Boo is saying that How couldn’t expect to get anything by doing nothing.

The group around the dining room table tell George that they are sorry about how Howie reacted when he got evicted. He was all ready to go for HOH and then got evicted. Boogie says Howie shouldn’t expect to get anything from doing nothing and that riding coat tails in this season will not work.

Boogie walks into the yellow room where Janelle is under the covers. Janie thinking it was James says “James, is that you?” He says “no, it's Mike. Can I talk to you for a minute?” He sits on the bed to talk to her. He's saying how he hated voting out Howie and that it was a difficult decision. He says “For what it is worth, I am really, really sorry about this. Will and I got scared, it was a hard decision.” Janie says “so why was the rest of the house cheering?” Boogie says “Howie rubbed people the wrong way.” Janie is really crying now saying she feels horrible, the whole house was cheering when Howie left and she feels like it is her against the whole house. Janie asks Boogie if James threw HOH and Boogie says “Yes, that’s why I got it.”

When James walks into the yellow room, Boogie left. James asked Janie what Boogie had to say and she avoided answering the question. Janie is sad and says she doesn’t want to be here anymore. Now Will walks in and asks if it's a bad time. James moves to the other bed and Will sits next to her. He asks Janie if she wants him to go away. She weakly says no. Will is apologizing and saying how much he liked Howie and how he was a really funny guy.

Will asks Janie “who is the princess of BB?” Janie says “I don't know.” Will says “yes you do.” Janie: “yeah right.” Will: “All things considered, you're awesome.” Will tells her to take a deep breath and take the night off. Will tells her she's cute all covered up. He asks her if she wants to know why they got rid of Howie. He says first of all that S6 was still 3 strong and second; Howie was going to go off on Chicken G and that you can't have a 6'2" guy go after a grown man and berate him.

Will tells Janie that he is embarrassed to be in the house. It is a new low in his life. He would rather go to sequester and be yelled at by Marc and Howie. He will understand if Janie hates him because he stabbed her in the back. Will is telling Janie that he and Boogie are tight. He says Dani controls Erika and James double dips with everyone. Janie says “Dani thinks she's with everyone too, except for me.” Will: “Take a big breath and relax, I'm going to float this by you; I'm going to suggest Dani and James for the block.” Janie: “What if James gets off?” Will: “Then Dani goes home.” He then apologizes again for Howie and he says he takes full blame for Marc leaving and she can hate him if she wants to. Janie asks him “Does Boogie have a deal with Erika?” Will: “Not at all. He wants her gone.”

7:00 PM
Will is still with Janie and he tells her that Chicken G is really a good guy. Will says George was talking about putting her (Janie) up and that he (Will) offered to go up in her place. (In reality everyone in the house told George to put Janie up except Will). Will says until about 20 minutes before the eviction ceremony, they were not going to get rid of Howie. But when they found out that Howie was going to go off on Chicken G, Boogie said they had to get rid of Howie. Janie says “why were they cheering? Especially Erika? They are cheering, and then they come to me and tell me how sorry they are.” Janie asks Will “Why doesn’t Boogie like me?” Will says that she intimidates Boogie.

James asks Dani “Is he thinking about nominating me and Janelle? Dani: “Who, Boogie? Oh, I don’t know.” James: “I assume that's what's going to happen.” Dani: “I haven't talked about nominations.” Jame: “Will and I keep throwing each other under the bus with Janelle. I don't talk about strategy.” Dani: “Why do you keep doing that?” James: “I don't know.” Dani says “Janelle and Howie never trusted you. What do we need to do to get the two of us to the final two?” James: “We need to do Jedi training.” James rehashes the past few weeks, and the fact that they could have gotten rid of Will if Janelle hadn't started protecting him. James and Dani agree that Janelle is to blame for every eviction thus far. Dani says “I gotta get us to the final two. I have been working so hard for the two of us that I can't let that hard work go to waste.” James: “Those two f’ers have been working hard, too.” Dani: “They have, but, they (Will/Boogie) have screwed a lot of people over. But *we* need to get to the final two. We have to.” James: “Yep, and they f’d over a lot of people. They've lost Marcellas, Janelle, and Howie's votes right now.” Dani: “I don't think they lost Marcellas.” James: “If it's you or me against Boogie in the finals, who would you take?” Dani: “I'm going to take you.” James: “Some people deserve to be here, some don't (implying Howie does not). Howie gave me his word last year, and he put me up. He can eat a dick.”

James wants to confront George about why George thinks James shouldn't get rid of George. Dani confirms that she'll be happy if CG is gone. James talks about CG's "good guy" thing being an act. James thinks CG is just a liar and is stupid. James thinks the people who voted CG for the Nobel Peace Prize "most likely" are morons because Nobel Peace Prizes require smarts.

Janelle and Will
Janie tells Will that Howie took it really bad (being evicted). Will says he took it horrible “you won't find a bigger Howie fan than me; I hung out with him more than anyone else other than you. He was a liability to our alliance, but when you implode it's terrible. It's an All-Star show and that stuff can’t happen.” Will says he didn't like it when Howie would throw his hat and yell at Janie in the HOH room. Janie laughs at this (obviously she isn’t or wasn’t bothered by it).

Will is telling Janie to be careful of James since he is not trustworthy. Will says that Erika and Dani don't like Janie because they are intimidated by her. Janie says that it's a game and she just wins competitions, it's not personal. Will is saying that she looks at the game just like he does - it's not personal. If he gets voted out, he will just tell everyone he will see them soon and leave. Will gets up to check if anyone is listening at the door. He again warns Janie about James, he tells her that James gave Howie his vote so he would get Howie’s jury vote. Jani says I’m so embarrassed.” Will asks why and Janie says “because I got chocolate pie thrown in my face.” Will said “So did I.”

Will is being seemingly genuine with Janie and telling her everyone was really mean to her during HOH. He likes the people here...no one's trying to purposely hurt her....tells her she kick ass on everything. In so many words he says he has no fear of getting kicked out; he just wants to go home. In the context of this game, he's an SOB, but in his real life, he'd like to think he has remarkable qualities. He tells Janie to hold her head high and he really said “you know I'm not a bull shitter, I don't bull shit people." He says he has no chance to win, “I’d lose against Osama Bin Laden.” Besides he doesn’t expect to be a 2 time winner in the game. He is sure that if he were put on the block instead of Howie, Erika would be gone.

Will is working on Janie to get her out of the red room and eat or whatever. She doesn’t want to get up or go out of the room. Will tells her “you don't know your worth, I'm afraid you don't know how unique you are. I want you to realize you're very special.” He told her she's not going anywhere if it's up to him. He says “It’s okay to be upset, your friend left. I would be upset if Boogie left too.” Janie says “Boogie thinks I am the biggest cry baby.” Will says “No he doesn’t, you’re a girl, and you are supposed to cry.”

Will tells Janie he isn’t leaving the room, if she isn’t. They talk a little about the HOH competition and say it was awful. Will is still working on getting Janie out of the room, he says “Let's walk around, and show your face, you don't have anything to be embarrassed about.” Janie says “I've been crying.” Will: “People like you.” Janie: “No they don't.” Will: “Yeah they do.” Jani: “Who likes me?” Will: “The whole house, they like you, they're just scared of you.” Janie: “You like me, and Chicken George...” Will: “No, everybody does. You’re like a little bunny, all soft and cuddly and you have these big fangs and claws that you can pull out when you need to so everyone is afraid that the little bunny is gonna get them.” Janie says “I don't have fangs.” Will: “Yeah you do, big claws and fangs and you’re going to slit their throats with them.” Jani: “No, I just have friends and you guys took them all out.” Will says “Not all of them.” Janie: “Yeah you did, your mean.” Will laughs. Janie says “That’s not nice to do to bunnies.”

LOL, Will tells Janie “24 hours from now Howie will be having his first gay experience with Marc on a beach in Mexico.” Janie reflects and says “Chicken G went thru every single person during the veto ceremony and said how he can't put them up....until he got to Howie.”

8:00 PM
For just a moment we caught Erika and George in the gym room. She says something to him about trusting her more. That had he done what he said and put Will up, she would be gone. She tells George how disappointed she is that Howie would yell at him (George). Then the feeds cut.

Back in the red room Will has left but James is on with Janie now who is crying still! She cries to James “I am so depressed, I will never be happy in here again.” She says she feels sick, like she is going to vomit.

The psychological effects of this game can be severe.
Will is talking to Erika and George and telling about some of his talk with Janelle. He talked about how he lied to her and Howie, he isn’t too pleased with himself. He says “this was a low point in my life, being in this game. Things hurt. I don't want to be HOH, I don't like hurting people. I like being fun and starting a food fight...it's not fun hurting people.” Chicken G says “I suck at it.” Will: “There's a reason why we're all still here, I won't leave pissed.” Erika says “I definitely won't leave pissed.” Will: “I enjoyed getting the check when I won, but I also had the same mental problems everyone else had. Weeks and months went by where I was out of sorts.” Erika says “I was totally detached.” Will: “My main objective is to leave mentally normal. It hurt me to vote Howie out and it hurt him too.” Dani is there too and she says “do you think being at sequester allows you to decompress?” Will: “After BB2, I forgot how to drive, I was afraid to merge into traffic.” Dani says “I lost 20 pounds and couldn't sleep. I would stay up late, most times all night. I couldn’t read and watching TV was hard, I just could not concentrate.” Will: “I couldn’t figure out how to get anywhere in LA, I was literally lost, mentally and physically.” Dani: “As a loser in the game, I felt like I had to explain myself over and over....why I picked Lisa over Amy…” Will: “As someone who was evil, people would come up and say ‘I thought you were an asshole’ and I would say “I am", then people wouldn't want to talk to me after that.”

Back in the red room James was going to leave Janie stops him and says ‘where are you going?' James says that he was almost crying about Howie leaving, they talk about how sickening Erika is and how George backstabbed Howie, when Howie was the only one nice to him. Janie is telling James about her talk with Will (she is being quite chatty with James). James is trying to dig and see what Janie and Will really talked about. He asked her more than once whether or not Will talked to her about anything other then just trying to cheer her up.

Just before 9:00 Boogie got his HOH room. James and Will are trying to work on Janie to get her up there. Boogie isn’t hoping and hollering about it, he is being modest about it and says whoever wants to come up can. Will is begging Janelle to get up; he says he will carry her. (This chick does not want to move or be seen with crying eyes!) James tells her to take off the blanket and get up! She says she needs sun glasses, so Will goes to look for some. He finds them and she heads out.

Up in HOH Boogie is a little confused about some of the things in his HOH room. He says there are pictures of people he doesn’t know and there are things in there that he doesn’t get. LOL, turns out that Boogie got the wrong pictures in his room. Everyone is in HOH and they think the pictures are of Howie’s family.

9:00 PM
Will and Boogie talk quickly in HOH. Will is talking about his conversation with Janie. Boogie asks Will “Does she hate me?” Will says “I feel sorry for her...she feels isolated and like the entire house is out to get her. She doesn't trust James now. I'm a very honest person, not in the game. I told her Howie had to go...he can't be yelling at everyone all the time...he was a liability...told everyone about our alliance...he was an amateur and a rookie. I told her what concerns me is that James is playing her and us. She wants help and friends.” Boogie: “Is there any way we can put...” Will: “I told her to keep an open mind that she may not be going home.” Boogie starts to talk and in comes Danielle!

Now Erika and Danielle are up in HOH with Boogie and Will. Will is talking about Janelle and his talk with her. Dani and Erika are doing there best to interject and bash Janie here and there. Dani keeps saying stuff about why Jani shouldn't be upset “why should she be so upset?” Will says “She's just upset, her friend got kicked out and she's upset.” Dani says she gives Janelle props all the time. Boogie says “It should be a compliment that everyone is against Janelle; she is f’n good at this game...dangerous.” Dani: “Whatever!” Will suggests everyone chill and go downstairs for dinner.

Janie is outside now with Erika and George and Erika says “I’m sorry Howie didn’t know he was leaving and feels so betrayed.” George says “This isn’t a funeral guys!” Janelle isn’t responding to any of it.

Boogie says later to James (in the kitchen) about Janelle “she is acting like a spoiled little brat.” James says “she is.” Now James is talking about Howie and how last year all the HG’s thought for sure an adult version of Howie would appear at some point, but it never happened. He says “we just kind of accepted Howie.”

Right now it’s just Janelle and George talking. He says he knows that he will be on the outside of the groups again and that he's prepared for it. He says “maybe me and you are meant to be at this point. You have to just trust what is going on and not fight it. You think about it.” Janelle says “right…” He says “It's not so bad.” They both laugh – a little. Then George says “Oh well, at least you don’t gotta hear about ‘I’m your beefcake’ anymore. That's just the way he is….” George sighs and Janelle is silent. George finally says “Oh well, take a break tonight, relax.”

Most HG’s are in the kitchen cooking and Erika recounts her goodbye message to Howie saying ‘good bye, I enoyed being a Jedi with you and will miss you talking about my boobies’...flames. Will says “The funniest thing is Marcellus said that Howie was the most annoying person and now that is who he'll have to be with in sequester. Dani, how is you relationship with Marc in here?” Dani: “The golden veto still haunts us and hangs over us. He told me his biggest goal was to get me evicted.” Will: “Probably not the smartest thing for him to have said!” (So it sounds like the good bye messages were done after Howie’s eviction.) Will says “it’s tough to do a good bye message to someone who is already gone.”

10:00 PM The wine has arrived – and lots of it!
Everyone is outside drinking wine, including Janie, who is not looking well. She looks pale and depressed and is not joining in on any conversation. Boogie, Will and Erika want to hot tub, Will asks Janie and she says no. Will talks about the house being quiet and says “Howie was larger than life! He was like having 3 people around and he ate enough for 3 people!”

This is so sad to watch Janelle sitting on the couch alone, smoking and drinking and tears slip down every now and then. She is trying to keep it in and not let anyone see.

James and Dani are in the bug room. Dani asks “who is he nominating?” James says “I don't know.” They're talking about Boogies power. Dani says “It has to expire.” James: “3 evictions.” Dani: “How are you feeling about this game so far?” James: “Sometimes I like myself sometimes I don't.” Danie: “I like you, no matter how much I tell you I hate you (laughter).” James: “Immediately, I was upset about Boogies reaction to Howie, but in reality, in the outside world what Howie did was assault.” Dani: “You guys are still men, personally if any chick did that to me I most likely would have hit them.”

Danielle tells James she expected the S6 to make decisions for themselves; she expected them to play differently. James saying he told Sov 6 they never needed to worry about Danielle ever. Dani says she would have taken any deal Kaysar offered her, but it was never on the table for her. Dani says “It is a game... I told my husband I will see him in 3 weeks and when I got HOH I couldn't do a "safe" nomination. When I came in here I was like I am all ALONE...” James says “Believe me you had me...” Dani: “But I knew you had those 3 also.” Dani says “I can't wait for you to see me DR's you will crack up,” Dani says at the end of the day Howie always made her laugh and it’s too bad he went out the way he did.

Oh lord, Janelle is in the bath room crying again and once again James is there for her telling her if it hadn’t been Howie going it would have been her. James says something I would say if I could; “Janelle I know you can deal with it better than this. You are one of the strongest people I know.” He says “did you feel this way last year when Howie left?” She says no. He asks her “what is so different?” She answers “everything.” Then she makes a slight mention about suicide and James is like “what? That’s f’ing ridiculous!” She says “not over this, something else.”

Will interrupts James and Janelle; he says he is headed to the DR and asked if Janie needs anything. She says “Yeah, a shotgun.” Will says “I have dibs on that.” When Will goes in to the DR, Janie tells James she needs to leave. James says “no you don’t, you are too much a bad ass.” Janie says “seriously, I need to do a voluntary exit.” James doesn’t get it, he wants to know what is wrong with her, and she can’t be this upset about someone being evicted. She is crying and mumbling so hard it is hard to understand. She mumbles how she hates Boogie and Erika.

11:00 PM
Erika and Dani are in another room with a night light acting sad, or they really are sad or drunk, I don’t know...LOL.

Chicken G goes into the bathroom where Janelle is on the couch. Janelle leaves when George comes in, and she says she's going to bed. Will (taking shower) yells to Jan that he'll meet Janelle in HOH. Janelle doesn't go to HOH. She goes to bedroom, where she's being comforted by Dani and Erika. Will comes in to bedroom and invites everyone to go to the HOH room. After Janie declined going to HOH, she said she wants to stay alone. She starts to move her things to Boogie’s old bed and Will says “He has jacked off in there like 20 times.”

Janelle begs Will to vote her out. She says that Chicken G and James are going to and she wants his vote too. She says she does not want to be here anymore. Will says they will rebuild her stronger than ever. Will is doing his best to make her laugh; while she insists that she must leave. What scares me is that she keeps saying she is suicidal and physically ill. Will doesn’t like the sound of that either, he tells her not to say that, it’s not funny.

Finally Will got the subject changed with Janelle and they were talking about the county fair and rides they like. She tells Will she misses her country life style and would like to go back to it, but she doesn’t know if she could really leave her urban surroundings.

Boogie and Erika are in bed in the HOH and Boogie is saying he wished she (Janie) left with that unintelligible jack ass (Howie). Boogie thinks it would be cool to be in a fist fight on TV. Boogie says “I wish Howie still had that dorky moustache. I purposely did his faux hawk dorky. Did you hear what I said when he left today? When the door shut behind him I yelled get a life ‘SUPERBOWL’, that’s what he says when his team wins HOH, and then I threw my hat at him.” Erika says “You got him, ha ha ha. You should have said "Rancho Cucamonga! You live in a basement"...ha ha ha.”

Dani is in the bug room with Will; Janie has gotten up to get something. Dani is telling Will that she usually doesn't cry and she cries all the time in the DR. Dani says that her mom must worry about her since she usually never cries outside of the house. Jani comes back and looks really depressed and terrible. She gets into bed. Will asks if she wants to talk about it and Janie said she doesn't want to. Janelle gets up and heads outside to smoke. Will says to Dani and James “should we keep an eye on her?”

So Janie heads out to smoke and James asks Will (in the big room) what the heck is going on. Wills says that it is an accumulation of a lot of things for Janie. James then asks if Janie is real or faking it. Will looks at James funny and says she is so emotional and it is real. She has so much hitting her at once. For example, she was near the end of the HOH competition, and then someone hits her in the face with a chocolate pie and then all the other HGs cheer when it happened.

Janie came in and took a shower, then headed back outside again. Will came out and Janie said “You know Dani makes me physically ill.” And out comes Dani! Janie finished her cigarette, then got up and left.

Once Janie is gone from the BY, Danielle asks what Boogie's thoughts are, Will says he doesn't know, Boogie's crazy. Will says nominations will probably be Erika and Janelle. Danielle says to make him put up James and Janelle, because James would go after the veto. If James comes off, then Erika goes up and Janelle leaves. Will says he doesn't trust James, and comments that James just wants us to do his dirty work of getting Janelle out, so that he doesn't hurt his jury votes. Danielle agrees, and says James doesn't step up and that Will and Boogie need to pressure him to commit.

Now in the kitchen Janie tells James she really needs to go home. James says "You're the star of the show." Janie: "No, Chicken George is the star." She goes to the bathroom to comb her hair; James follows and says “Chicken G is NOT the star. He voted against Kaysar and got rid of Howie. James laughs and says don't you want to fry the chicken man?” Janelle says “no, absolutely not, why would I want to do that?” James looks momentarily thrown off. She says every body in this game lies to her. James says “it's Big Brother.” He says she wanted to leave last year and look what happened, she almost kicked everyone's ass. She asks him again to send her home. He acts like he won't.

James goes outside with Dani, Will comes inside and goes in the bug room with Janelle. Janelle and Will start playing cards. Janelle seems to be in a somewhat better mood.

1:00 AM
Outside Danielle and James are talking game. Dani says “I think I am going home, I pushed every button, then boom!” James says “last year it was a lot easier cause it was ‘James you win the veto or James you are going home’.” Dani: “I adore Janelle, I’m a huge Janelle fan; she did what she had to do in this game.” James says he is a Janelle fan too, but she is responsible for the entire fall and for Kaysar being evicted, she broke the promise so she could save Will. Dani: “Does she understand that now?” James: “I think she is starting to get it.” Dani says in her blog she wrote that she is completely alone and she can only trust in James. James says “I feel bad for Kaysar in a way because he can see what is happening now and he is the one who convinced them that they can trust me.”

Back to Janie and Will playing cards. She asks him what Danielle was saying outside, he says nothing much, just chatting. Will is beating her in the game, "the worst beat-down in the history of War." He has her laughing a bunch now. He accuses her of cheating (she's playfully flipping through her deck to find the best card), and she says she doesn't cheat. Will eventually wins and says let's not ever play that again.

Will talks about next season, how there will be a new hot blonde next year, and Janelle says this is the last season. Will says no way; this is the best season yet. They'll renew it for sure. Then he claims he is partially producing it. He talks about all the twists and turns this season. They get on the subject of Erika, and Janelle says she can't stand her. Erika makes her physically ill. Will makes a joke about cutting her with a broken mirror; Janelle says she wouldn't cut anyone. He brings up that rumored incident where she supposedly was gonna cut some girl at a club. An awkward silence happens. After a moment, she says she wants to go, and says she will throw POV. She says she doesn't want to be here, James does, send me home, and “I'm willing to sacrifice myself so he can go on.” Will says no way; he's working on a plan that involves her. She lists off several people that she knows will vote her off. He says it will never happen. She insists she has to go. He says “keep it up and you may not even get nominated.”

Janie says to Will “I'm DONE helping you and Boogie.” He says let's talk about 6 figures; she says sarcastically, Gee, you should have talked about that last week. She says she doesn't give a f*** about the money. He asks her to stay just one more week, he didn't take 3 months off of his life to quit now and he has a plan. She says they'll never make it.

Janie is asking Will why they got rid of Howie, she says “he would have done anything I wanted.” Will says Howie wasn't in the plan, he talks too much. She says “how do I know you aren't saying the same thing to Erika?” Will says Boogie is ready to cut Erika, and he's just sleeping with her for street cred. Janie says “I want to go to sequester, make my 30 g’s and float on a floaty thing.”

Outside James shares with Dani that he thinks that Erika signaled to Boogie during the HOH competition and this is why he changed his answer. Dani says that George asked her to promise she would not vote out Erika this week, which gave her a hint that he was after Will. She says she went to Boogie and had him go talk with George. James says he hopes that BB shows all of what went down with Howie, because last year he was edited well and has always been shown as a sweet, loveable, dumb guy and viewers need to see how he really is.

Back in the bug room Janie says to Will: “I am like this because I trusted you. You & Boogie have won all the prizes, I've won nothing, I've done everything you told me to do each week, now send me the f*** home! I’ll make the same money if I go now rather than being kicked out later.” Then she said to give her 10K for helping them out (this is the prize boogie won in the spider web). Will says he can’t give her the money because it’s Boogie’s, so she has to ask him for it. She tells Will to ask Boogie for it.

Will tells Janie that Howie is like a puppy. He takes a lot of care and attention. Jani agrees that Howie is like her puppy, but she loves puppies. Will is explaining that puppies sometimes need to go out to play in the puppy playground when their owner has to go out. The puppies need a lot of work. Janie reminds Will that she has raised puppies and loves them.

2:00 AM
Janie and Will head out to the kitchen. Will is still trying to convince Janie to stay and play with them. Janie grabs some chocolate and Bud Lite out of the fridge. She doesn't want to look outside to see who is there and tells Will that he can look if he wants to know who is out there. Will is STILL trying to get Janie to stay and play. Janie asks why she should stay and help Boogie and Will win and she gets nothing. Will says that they will give her 1/3 of the winnings. Janie asks why she should trust them since they screwed her over the last 2 weeks. She will make a deal with them if they give her the "golden egg". Will doesn't understand why she would want $10,000 if she can get $120,000. Janie asks him if he realizes that everyone else is after her. Will wants to know who? Janie says Dani, James, Erika and Boogie want her out. Will assures her that Boogie doesn't want her out. Janie wants to know how she got stuck in the house with a chicken man and a bunch of vipers. Then Will says “and a fox.” Janie insists that Boogie give her the golden egg in order for her to stay and play, otherwise Will can f*** off.

Now Janie and Will are outside so Janie can smoke. She brings up the $10K again for her working for them. Will apologizes about Howie’s departure again. He says that he genuinely likes Howie. Janie asks if Boogie likes Howie and Will says “maybe not so much.” Will asks if she really wants to go to sequester. Janie says that she doesn't care since it's the same money to her. She will deal for the golden egg and work for them. Will says that he doesn't want an employee, he wants a partner. Janie says that if she goes to sequester, Dani and James will go after Chill T. Janie laughs that it will be a bloodbath. Will again tells her that's why he wants her to stay and play with them. They start talking about sequester and what will happen. Will says that Howie and Marc will yell at him and then it will be over. Dani walks out and they continue talking about sequester and that you still make the same amount of money. Will starts talking about the fact that BB should give the HGs more money for staying in the house and then we get FLAMES!

Once the feeds returned, outside, Dani is telling Janie that she will not agree to vote her out. She expects Janie to keep playing and says that her mom would not want Janie to give up. She wants Janie to not stop playing. She expects Janie to play hard in POV. Janie is trying to get Dani to vote her out if she is on the block. Dani asks if Janie is saying that because she feels alone. Janie says of course! Dani gives her the scenario of coming into the house with no one. Janie replies that she would have preferred that since she would not have been such a big target. Dani repeats that she expects Janie to play hard in the POV.

Danie is getting annoyed because Janie and Will both say they will vote for the Chicken Man if he is at the end. Janie says he has kids and a family. Dani counters “so do I.” Will lists other reasons George would win; such as he was willing to shave his head, go on slop, cleans the house like crazy, and is happy about things like having cake mushed into his head. He even thanked Will for being in his first food fight. Dani says she will never vote for George in the end because she doesn’t know what his strategy is, she can’t tell if he is really playing the game.

It’s almost 3:00 and when the feeds return from a short hiatus, Janie is no longer outside. Will asks Dani who she thinks the nominees should be and she says Janelle and James. Will asks if James will be okay with this and feel safe with them and she says, yes. They then discuss the order everyone needs to go; Dani says Chicken George must go first, she says she doesn't want to be in the final two with him. Will says he wouldn't vote against Dani if she is in the finals and the truth is that whoever Chicken G is in the finals with, Will will give them the money over George.

LOL!! Janie comes back outside and Will says “It’s a shame, I like you both better when you’ve been drinking.” Janie says “Yes, it’s a shame that I like you better when I’ve been drinking too.” Janelle then walks away from them and sits by the pool. Will asks her "hey Janelle aren't you going to hang out with us?" Will stares at her, Janelle doesn't look in their direction and Dani looks pissed. Dani says something about wanting a cigarette, but she is worried her parents would see it. She asks Will if there is anywhere she can go to smoke where it can’t be seen on the feeds.

3:00 AM
After Dani leaves, Will asks Janie what her 5 year plan is. Janie tells him to f*** off. Will is just quiet. Will is telling Janie that he is hurt. Janie says that she doesn't mean it. Will tells Janie that they do joke with each other, but he is sensitive. Janie says she should be mad because Will lied to her and voted her friends out. Will tells her that they wanted her and not her alliance. Will explains that they had to vote out Howie since he went and told everyone that he had the numbers when he was nominated. Howie basically told everyone that you and he were in an alliance with us (Chill T). He couldn't have told Janie that about Howie being evicted that since she would have told Howie. Janie says that she wouldn't have told him. Will is telling her that he didn't want Howie to freak out so he didn't tell Janie.

Janie told Will “you get rid of James, I’m not doing it. I saved boogie in the veto competition, I went after Diane, you didn’t go after Erika like you promised you would to me, you sent home Marcellas and you sent home Howie.” Will: “So what do you want from me? I owe you 8 things.” Janie says “if you nominate me, I will throw the POV competition, I’m not going to say it again, James will come after you.” Will says “would you consider this deal? You stay one week then you come after me.” Janie: “I didn’t want to come after you.” Will: “Do you want to play cards?” Janie: “After I finish this cigarette, sure.” Will: “You know why you want to play cards? Because you love to compete.” Janie: “No it’s because I’m bored.”

They played cards for a short while. Will told Janie not to be paranoid, she’s says she’s not. He tells her not to go all psycho, she says she isn’t. He heads off to bed and she falls asleep on the couch; her first night alone without her beefcake.